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Defined Values Consultants organizes regular online Self-Actualized Leadership Masterclass Webinars. These webinars are conducted to develop the Self-Actualized Leadership Potential of the participants and give them the vision through which they can manifest their latent leadership potential into tangible actions in alignment with the Eternal Principles of Truth and become outstanding change leaders in the domain of their choice, inspire a large number of people; and leave a legacy that future generation would be able to cherish.

The Agenda and Target Audience for Self-Actualized Leadership Development MasterClass is given below. Reserve your seat in one of our upcoming Masterclass webinar and open the door towards development of your latent leadership potential and position.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  1. Know the answer of “Who am I?” and “Why I exist?” questions.
  2. Organized Systems; Individual Family Workplace City State Country and the World
  3. Current Direction of Ecosystem: Dark Age or Golden Age?
  4. Role of Eternal Principles in decision making
  5. Self-Assessment through SFP Index
  6. How Points of View get created?
  7. Obstacles in Absolute Observation

Target Audience: You should attend the Self-Actualized Leadership Development Webinar if any of the following relates with you:

  • You are driven by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to make a positive impact on a grand scale.
  • You are or want to be at the forefront of initiatives that seek to bring about significant and transformative change in various domains whether it's business social environmental or political.
  • You are a seeker of a network of mission-oriented high-conscious change leaders.
  • You are a seeker of Rational Spiritual Development for yourself.

Go through the video below to understand your need for Self-Actualization

The Chief Mentor of Defined Values Consultants during a TV Interview

conducted by PMC Channel, Hyderabad. Mr. Hitesh is responding to several

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), pertaining to Self-Actualized Leadership

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