Defined Values Consultants organizes regular online Self-Actualized Leadership Masterclass and Self-Actualized Leadership Development Program (SALDP) workshops. These Masterclass and workshops are conducted to develop the Self-Actualized Leadership Potential of the participants and give them the vision through which they can manifest their latent leadership potential into tangible actions in alignment with the Eternal Principles of Truth and become outstanding change leaders who can inspire a large number of people; and leave a legacy that future generation would be able to cherish.

The Agenda and Target Audience for Self-Actualization is given below. Reserve your seat in one of our Masterclass and/or Workshops being conducted all across the world.

Self-Actualized Leadership Masterclass

About the Event: These online Masterclasses explain the Vision of Project YugParivartan (Project Grand Change) and how a person can build his/her grand leadership space in the Ecosystem under the guidance of this vision, by evolving the consciousness to Self-Actualization levels.


Masterclass Agenda

1. Context Setting

2. Mission of Human Life and Self-Actualization

4. Systematic Development of Self-Actualized Leadership Potential

5. Organizing Your Mission under the guidance of Project YugParivartan Vision

6. Leadership Role Opportunities after SALDP

7. Q & A with Chief Mentor Hitesh Chandel

8. Closing remarks


Target Audience:

• Self-Actualized Leadership seekers.

• Rational Spirituality Seekers.

• CEOs, Directors and Heads of companies

• Freelance Professionals

• Professional association seekers

Go through the video above to understand your need for Self-Actualization

The Chief Mentor of Defined Values Consultants during a TV Interview

conducted by PMC Channel, Hyderabad. Mr. Hitesh is responding to several

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), pertaining to Self-Actualized Leadership

Seminars and Workshops and also on the vision of Project YugParivartan

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