Article 0.1 - Preface (Rashtradharm - Code of Citizen's Conduct)

Astomaa Sadgamay, Tamsomaa Jyotirgamay
Mrityomaa Amritam Gamay, Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

“From ignorance, lead me to truth; from darkness, lead me to light; from death, lead me to immortality; Aum peace, peace, peace".

The intent behind writing any book is to provide the education to the reader related to the subject being focused in that. There are around 175 million books written till date throughout the world. This number will keep on increasing; as light of truth keep spreading on the human ignorance and keep unearthing those secrets which have never been explored by anyone else earlier. Every book that is written till date or will be written in future is definitely a globally unique book with unique words chosen; even if there may be a lot of overlap on the essence behind the subject chosen. This is a phenomenon which probably will never stop, till the time of Grand Dissolution. All that an author writes in a book is actually nothing but his point of view; the point from which the author is viewing the subject and its truth. It may or may not be near to truth and depends upon the consciousness the author has developed about the truth at the time of writing the book. However, it can be assumed that if a person has written a book on a particular subject; he must have studied the same in-depth from others point of view as well and must also have experienced the same in his life and most probably be a realized knowledge. 

One cannot write about a subject if the neurons of his brain are not having that information stored in them. However, if we notice closely that even then there is always a chance that two authors writing on the same subject may have different opinions on same topics and sometimes may totally be contrary to each other. This inherent error leads an author to write untruth without even being cognizant of the same throughout his life. It also confuses the reader and creates a situation where it becomes difficult to understand what truth is and what is not. This is the reason behind why a person may never realize that whatever he is thinking is complying with the natural law of truth or not; due to the genetically inherited errors of learning the untruth. Most of us are victim of this unrealized ignorance throughout our life and lead the life in a manner which looks truth from our point of view but actually is not a truth. This keeps making us the victim of our ignorance due to unrealized truth and uninspected falsehood.

During the times of ancient civilizations; the numbers of books written were not that high and hence the viewpoints about the truth were not that diverse and there was a widespread consensus on what was true and what was not. Although there are evidences that there were commotions between the people during ancient civilizations as well; however, if one compares the same with the situation that we have today, he can easily realize that the world has become a more chaotic place than ever before. This creates a question as to whether we are growing in the right direction or have we come too far in the direction which is far from truth and leading us to a more chaotic world in the making. It also creates a question for each one of us whether knowingly or unknowingly are we adding to this chaos due to our ignorance about the truth and contributing in making this world an even more chaotic place for our future generations?

The entire chaos in the world today is due to the different point of view of each person about the truth and hence the possibility of agreement on things is reducing day by day. Each person has his own viewpoints about morality, human values, character, behaviour and all good things in life. And if this trend is not stopped even now; the day is not too far when morality, human values and character will become the things of the past; as everyone will feel himself justified in doing whatever he does in his life; without realizing the truth till the end of his life. Is it not the right time to pause for some time and think if a big change is needed?

The intent behind this book is not to create disbelief on one’s point of view and impose my point of view over them; but an attempt to spread light of truth from the point I am viewing the truth. This book intends to explain the reason behind why a particular point of view is created at all. This book is not a learning module which teaches about a new subject; but is an attempt to explain the process of learning itself. It doesn’t bring the two streams of learning (science and spirituality) in opposition to each other; but an attempt to explain that science and spirituality both tries to explain the same truth as per their area of specialization. This book doesn’t try to compare two religions with each other but is an attempt to bring those common human values to forefront that each religion tries to explain to its followers. This book doesn’t prescribe a way of religious practice; but an attempt to explain why a person selects a particular way of worship over others.

This book tries to focus on the development of the consciousness of each citizen of this planet; citing examples of the thought process of many past and present thought leaders of the world including people from scientific community, project management, people management, political leadership, management gurus, spiritual gurus, historians and educationists. This book talks about the commonality of essence of thoughts of highly taught and iconic people who have created a legacy of knowledge for all of us to learn from.

This is not just a book; but a mission, a revolution of thought process which focuses mainly on thinking process itself. This book is an attempt to bring to the forefront all those reasons why our country Bharat was once the mentor of the world. This book is an attempt to bring those reasons to the forefront which explains why this country Bharat was once a Golden Bird. This book is an attempt to dive deep into history and bring those facts in front of the reader so that each one of us can develop our consciousness and contribute in making a peaceful world; as it was at the best of its times. This book is an attempt to repeat the history and develop the consciousness level of each Bhartiya citizen and to empower them to become a Change Agent from the very place they are currently operating from. 

As is popularly known that “The only constant thing in the world is change”; this book is an attempt to become a catalyst to the continuous change process and revive the world to become the most peaceful place in the universe.  This book is first in the series of books that I have planned to write about human consciousness development for people of all countries; which will finally pave the way towards saving this planet dying a slow death due to Global Warming. This book will show the path to the reader to achieve the salvation during the lifetime of the person rather than again getting death in this life due to the illusion created by the nature.

However, as Stephen Covey, a leading management and motivational guru of the western world mentioned that “The Private Victory must precede the Public Victory. You can’t invert that process any more than you can harvest before you plant”. Unless we win over ourselves as the citizens of this wonderful country Bharat; we cannot become the Vishwaguru (mentor of the world).

So, we must demonstrate to the world that Bharat always was and can again become the mentor of the world. This book is also a request to all Bhartiya citizens to join this movement and empower me to lead this country towards leaving a legacy for the entire world to follow. Together we can make this world; best place to live and work in this universe for each of its citizen. With this I start the “CHANGE” process and write my first book “Rashtradharm – Code of Citizen’s Conduct”.

By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

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