Article 0.10 – Needs of a Human Being

When I Asked God for Strength; He Gave Me Difficult Situations to Face

When I Asked God for Brain & Brown; He Gave Me Puzzles in Life to Solve
When I Asked God for Happiness; He Showed Me Some Unhappy People
When I Asked God for Wealth; He Showed Me How to Work Hard
When I Asked God for Favours; He Showed Me Opportunities to Work Hard
When I Asked God for Peace; He Showed Me How to Help Others
God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted; He Gave Me Everything I Needed.

The previous article provided a greater level of detail about the Change Agents selected for all the “Project YugParivartan” executed so far in this Chaturyugi cycle (cycle of four descending and ascending eras).  God also indicated the names of the 3 out of 4 people already selected as Change Agents for the current “Project YugParivartan” to reestablish the highest human values as promised by God in the battlefield of Mahabharatthousands of years ago through Krishna. God revealed that the “Chief Yog Officer” will have to take the lead in the current GRAND CHANGE by mentoring the other three change agents in the run-up to become the Chief Mentor of the world. I was shocked to know that God was asking me to mentor those people who are not only seniors to me in education and age, but also are highly experienced people as far as selfless service to the humanity is concerned. Moreover, all of them have high number of people backing them as their followers, due to which their circle of influence is obviously much higher than the circle of influence of an ordinary unknown person like me.

It pushed me into a dilemma whether I should feel encouraged that God’s mandate for me is to become the mentor of such elite people; or should I give up the mission at the first stage itself by fearing with this revelation? As you must have noticed in the previous article that due to this, I was pushed back from my Transcendental Consciousness in a moment and started running for covers to find “logical” reasons for justifying my stepping back from the “Project YugParivartan”?

If you remember the previous article, God indicated that He wants me to let Acharya Balkrishna, Swami Ramdev and Anna Hazare Ji to know that they should move their focus away from “Jan Lokpal Bill” and “Black Money” issue for which they are striving hard to negotiate with Bhartiya (Indian) Government since quite a while now; and instead utilize their energies towards “Project YugParivartan”. This was indeed such a revelation for which I had no instant answer. All those fears on which I had won over before deciding to document the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” were again appeared and I became conscious of my own financial security although I have put even my employment on stake to develop myself into the transition person to execute the Project YugParivartan (Project GRAND CHANGE). I mentioned at the end of previous article that if you do not see the next article released on my blog in next one month; it would indicate that I have abandoned this initiative. The existence of this article is the testimony of the fact that eventually I am able to tolerate the shock, and my mind and soul are again united to continue the meditation sessions with God.

It was indeed a difficult situation to handle as the names revealed by God are of those people who have millions of people backing them with their mission to make this country Bharat (India) a better place to live and work for its citizens. These people are focused on eradicating corruption from the Bhartiya politics to make the Governance system more effective for common people. But as my mission is to make the planet earth best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen; and this includes people of all countries, religions, faith system and the scientific community as well; I finally concluded that even though the names were indeed big enough to make an ordinary Bhartiya like me to run for covers, the issue of GRAND CHANGE is still more important and hence I started searching for some motivating words from Self Actualized or Self Realized persons to give me a booster dose of confidence so that I won’t leave the most important contribution towards humanity just for the sake of my selfishness. I liked God’s suggestion that He will provide me an exit path as soon as the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen's Conduct is completed.

I was searching through several books and other literature which I have accumulated over a period of time, to get something appropriate for my situation post the last meditation session. After skimming through several books and browsing through the motivating words stored on my laptop, I came across the above quotations from Swami Vivekanand which exactly addressed my temporary lack of motivation. Swami Vivekanand was a realized soul who is credited with raising interfaith awareness and is famous for his inspiring speech at the “Parliament of the World’s Religions” in Chicago in 1893. People in Bharat (India) have celebrated the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand just 11 days back. So, the above quotations is my tribute to him on his 150th Birthday.

The first statement of the above quotations gave me a clue that probably God wants to make me stronger by providing me such a difficult situation. The second statement gave me a clue that He may be developing my intellectual faculty to deal with this difficult scenario. Similarly the third line reminded me that even though I have started this thought revolution for the purpose of providing justice to 840 million people of Bharat(India) who are living below the poverty line and millions more in other countries who are living in similar conditions; then why I was thinking of my security, my family, my concerns, my employment, my career and my prosperity. As God mentioned that He wants me to play the role of Chief Mentor of the world; then probably He may be giving me difficult tasks to do so that I can learn to work harder and harder as the mission moves forward. The fourth and fifth lines from the above quotation were exactly pointing towards the same. The sixth line reminded me that in the first meditation session with God (refer Article 0.2); I have myself told God that I would not be at peace unless I see the decks cleared for the world peace. And the last line of the quotation made me believe that probably God is ignoring what I “want”, in order to provide me a path to achieve what I “need”.  In fact, God Himself mentioned in previous article that He would be focusing the next article on the “needs” of the human beings itself. As I also belong to this precious species called as “humans”, I also felt it to be my “need” to know all my “needs”. I also thought that if God is going to tell the human needs, He will surely have my needs in His mind and I should not worry about the future.

The entire quotation from Swami Vivekanand acted as a savior to reunite my mind and soul so that I could continue my meditation sessions with God to receive further revelations to document “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”. I got a big relief as it is very difficult situation to deal where your mind and soul are not united, especially when you have already tasted the blissful state of having a live connection with God.

Even the following verse of Bhagwat Gita also points towards the same.

“ananyas cintayanto mam, ye janah paryupasate
tesam nityabhiyuktanam, yoga-ksemam vahamy aham”     

- Bhagwat Gita Chapter 9 verse 22

[“But those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form -- to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have.”]

After getting some motivation from the above quotation of Swami Vivekanand and the Bhagwat Gita verse, I am all set to understand from God what the needs of human beings are. I decided that I will not think of quitting again until I complete Volume 0 of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” and will revisit the decision to even take the responsibility of converting this vision into reality, once the complete vision is in front of me and the world. So, with this, my mind and soul are united again and all set to have another power packed session with God. Let us see what He has to tell about needs of the Project called as “Human Life”. After my discussion with God I will provide a brief description about the other three persons selected by God for the current “Project YugParivartan”, so that those people who have no idea about them will be in sync with other people who have witnessed the contribution of these three persons towards the improvement of quality of life of the deprived and downtrodden people so far.

God: I am happy to see you back. I noticed that you were shocked to know the names of other three persons who are selected as Change Agents for the current “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE).

Author: Yes father. The names are big enough for an ordinary Bhartiya like me who has no influence on anyone including his family members, relatives and friends; so it was difficult to digest when you mentioned that I need to mentor such elite people.  I don’t have any experience of politics and was just an ordinary Project Manager in an IT enabled services company before I quit due to the inspirations provided by you. But then, I realized that it was my “need” due to which I came to you to request you to incarnate in me, so I found the return path as difficult as moving ahead. But finally I have decided that I will accept your suggestion and will work at least till the completion of Volume 0 of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”. Please also let me know why you are referring to Part-1 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct as “Volume 0” and not “Volume 1”. I found this quite unusual as generally a multi-part book starts from Volume 1.

God: I know I have put you in a difficult situation by making the return path as difficult as the path to move forward. But don’t worry; it was obvious to have such dilemma as life is not always a bed of roses, especially for those people who have clearly identified their goals and objectives in their lives. I am impressed that your final decision is to move forward instead of stepping back; otherwise all those clues which I have given you since your teenage would have gone waste. Also, I will let you know at an appropriate time during our sessions about the reason of naming part 1 of this book as “Volume” 0 instead of “Volume 1”. Some clues will be given in this session itself.

Author: Ok father. I will park this question for now. But you again mentioned about the clues you have been giving me since last several years. This is making me very curious, but I am ready to wait till an appropriate time as you indicated that you will dedicate one complete session on this. So, please let me know the “needs” of the project called as “human life”, so that I and the reader of the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” can become a better Project Manager of our own lives at least.

God: The “needs” of every human life is same, although the realization of the needs in people differs from person to person. All the disparity that you see in the world and the chaos thereof is nothing but due to the reason that the current world does not provide an environment for everyone to have equal opportunity to realize all their needs; no matter how much the leaders of the world in educational, political and business arena claim about their resolve to create “oneness”. I revealed enough information to initial humans about all the needs of the human beings and clearly set the expectations from the project called as “human life”. I am revealing the same needs in your neural connections now, so that you can meet my expectations at least for your life.

Author: I am very excited to know the same.

God: Ok. Have you heard about Abraham Maslow?

Author: Yes. He was an American psychologist who was best known for his psychological and motivation theory popularly known as “Maslow Hierarchy of needs”. This model is an inspiration for the world especially in the people management and human development area. Actually as I do not have a university degree in management and hence I have not studied it in my formal studies. However, I have read something about him while browsing the internet. There are several useful resources which talk about his motivation theory.

God: Good. I like your curious attitude. Most of the managers and leaders in the world have forgotten this theory although it has a lot of value add to understand how humans can be managed in an effective manner. However, we will not talk about its relevance in business world at this moment and will cover the same in later sessions. For now, let us use this model to understand what a human actually “needs”, as this session is dedicated to understand the human needs only. Like any other project including IT projects; you study the “needs” of that project by capturing the same from the end user or the project sponsor, before planning for the fulfillment of those needs as a service or end product. You may also know that lack of understanding of the project “needs” is the primary cause of the defects encountered later during testing and production use of the product or service targeted to be achieved by that project.

Author: Yes I can understand this. I had direct and indirect responsibility as part of my job role to understand the needs of the end users of the Project that I had to lead or manage. In fact, fortunately I had developed a very careful eye to understand the needs of the end users even though I am not a regular university graduate in management, people management or leadership. This was reflected from the great confidence all my managers and clients had on me in all my previous organizations. I was “handpicked” from amongst the other colleagues and team members for several important assignments especially on recommendation by our clients. But despite this fact, I was “asked to leave” by my previous two organizations even though my performance was completely up-to-the-mark. I am sorry, I am jumping the gun here and diverting from the topic, but can you please enlighten me why that happened?

God: Although I appreciate that education through regular universities and management schools is greatly valuable, but this education is still not inclusive, exclusive and conclusive. Despite the best of the world’s universities developing best of the management graduates, it is a fact witnessed by the entire business world that they are not able to find a lasting solution to recession, poor performance, people engagement and excessive inflation, which becomes detrimental for the life of several human beings on this planet from time to time. The education system of the world is yet to incorporate an important piece of wisdom which has the permanent resolution towards the same. The root cause of all the issues mentioned above is one and only one; that without completing the private victory, the people managers and leadership of the business and political world attempt to win over other human beings. This leads to the ineffectiveness in their decision making process and eventually these issues crop-up again and again in different avatars. Time has come when I have to finally intervene to fix those missing pieces so that the leadership of the world can be corrected and the defects of ineffective education systems of the world be fixed right at the root. I will teach you the path to complete the private victory so that you can become a strong candidate to complete your public victory and leave a legacy of knowledge in the form of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”, which will keep inspiring the budding leaders till the end of this Chaturyugi cycle. I will also let you know why you lost your last two jobs but you need to wait for an appropriate time for the same. For now, just note that it was neither your fault nor your employer’s, but was controlled by me because you were “handpicked” for the “Project YugParivartan” by me even before you took birth in this life.

Author: (listening with surprise)

God: You need not feel low due to lack of educational qualifications. Do you not know that Albert Einstein once challenged the formal education system and stated that the spirit of learning and creative thought were lost in strict rote learning? This is what I told you earlier as well that unless the “Knowledge” gets converted into the “Realization”; the real potential of it cannot be unearthed. This is the reason that I am repeatedly telling you that unless you or the reader of this book practice what you are documenting, the knowledge will not help much. So, keep focusing on “realization” as well and not on the “knowledge” alone.

So let me explain you the human needs through the Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs model. Can you see a diagram below which depicts the original five level Maslow’s model?

Author: Yes father. I have seen such pictures on internet, although unfortunately I could not find any hardcopy book where I can understand the same in detail. All my limited knowledge about this model is on the basis of what I could read through internet. But, frankly speaking I could not make out much from it and in fact at some of the places I found that there were some criticisms about this model from the scientific community that this model lacks scientific evidence and cannot be used as a utopia model to understand human psychology or needs. Maslow’s research was based on the study of several Self Actualized people including the life of one of the greatest scientists of all times, Mr. Albert Einstein. So, please explain it in a manner which can help me “realize” the same. Please explain me the same in your words instead of what I have already read on internet. As you know everything, it would be extremely helpful if you can explain its meaning better than even Mr. Abraham Maslow himself could.

God: Of course. In fact, I will keep this model at the center of the future sessions as well. I will reveal those secrets which are never witnessed by anyone in this Chaturyugi cycle. If I am preparing you to become the Chief Yog Officer or the Chief Mentor, you anyway have to be aware of everyone’s need. Unless you know about the needs of the people, they won’t accept you as a mentor and will not align to the utopia model which I am creating through you. Had this model been understood by the highly educated people earlier, the world would not have reached to such a situation and my intervention would not be required. But as it is a fact that the danger from Global Warming and declining human values is real; I had inspired you to take ownership to re-establish the Vedic “education system” as it was prescribed by me at the start of this Chaturyugi cycle. As soon as people start aligning with my expectations, the Global warming will start receding. It will be a situation of win-win for all human beings as soon as people start adapting to this utopia model. Let me reiterate that no one has to leave their current religion to adopt Rashtradharm – Code of Citizen’s Conduct. So, you have to take care that you will never ask anyone to leave their current religion. Each religion has a lot of wisdom to offer if understood through a Transcendental Consciousness mind.

Author: But God, the above 5 point model that you showed has no mention about Transcendental Needs. You just said that we need Transcendental Consciousness to understand the wisdom in any religion to know the complete truth. So, should we not add the Transcendental Needs in the diagram and make it a 6 level diagram.

God: Yes, of course. In fact, as any knowledge produced by any human being is nothing but his mental map; what Maslow could depict in his original five-level model was due to the realizations of needs he had in his own life. During the latter part of his life; he also started visualizing the Transcendental Needs and added the same in his model and made it six-point model. However, that did not achieve fame due to the fact that very few people are able to realize the Transcendental Needs and hence did not give much value to it. Several other people tried to modify this model to include more intermediate levels; but the original five-level model is what the world accepts mostly. However, the world peace cannot be restored unless the secrets and wisdom in sixth level is unfolded.

Author: Hmm.

God: The sixth level is the zone in which I set up a live connection with any human being and talk to him directly. In fact, the secret of becoming my representative and incarnating me in a human body lies in this zone only. But, for the time being let me give you a brief explanation in my words for the five point model only.  As you are directly talking to me, it is evidence that you have achieved the realization of sixth level of your need that is Transcendental Needs. But you are still very far from understanding it completely. I hope that by the end of the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct, you will have a fair idea of all your needs which are nothing but the expectations I have set for each human being through Vedas.

Author: Hmm.

God: So, let me explain each level in brief. We will elaborate the same in future sessions. I will also let you know the role of other three change agents as well, so that you can mentor them and provide the directions for next phase of changes as part of “Project YugParivartan”.

Level 1 - Physiological Needs:
These are the primary needs, which include the needs for food, water, air and sleep. The human body and the entire system cannot function properly if these needs are not met. If these needs are not fulfilled for any human being, he will not be able to remain healthy and in fact he will eventually die due to starvation. It is due to the sheer callousness on part of the prosperous human beings that there are still several people on this planet who are dying due to non-fulfilment of these needs. These needs are common in all species and any life is not possible without the availability of resources to fulfill these needs. Physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. So, as part of “Project YugParivartan”, you have to ensure that these needs are met for each human being on this planet. Although these needs are common for all species, humans have an additional need of clothing in order to safeguard it from weather. While I started this Chaturyugi cycle, I provided the resources in abundance to fulfill these needs. As soul of Satyug (Golden Age) already told you, the human life did not start in the way Darwin explained. Darwin achieved the realization up to the fifth level of Maslow’s model only and was not able to realize his Transcendental Needs due to which he missed an important part in explaining his theory of evolution.

Level 2 – Safety Needs:
Once the physiological needs are met, there are the needs for safe lifestyle and safe environments. These might include safe housing, financial security, job security, as well as physical, mental, and emotional safety and freedom from any sort of threats. Every human needs to be safe from physical and psychological harm. With their physical needs relatively satisfied, the individual's safety needs take precedence and dominate their behavior. The tough economic environment in the world creates financial insecurity due to the loss of jobs and increase in unemployment numbers. The ineffectiveness in the management and leadership philosophies and lack of understanding of spirituality has finally resulted into proliferation of terrorism around the world which is a threat to human communities. The ineffective decisions taken by rulers of several countries and their self-centered approach have resulted into wide-spread corruption manifested in various forms. The greed of power, excessive consumption of natural resources and struggle for superiority has degraded the world’s environment to a level that everyone’s life is now sitting on an imminent danger caused by the Global Warming. So, please add these needs also in the “Project YugParivartan”. You have to create an environment of safety and security for each human being on this planet. The greed of human beings is such that even the life for other species has become difficult and resulting into extinction of several of those species who contribute in cleaning the environment for human beings. In this way, the humans have become a danger for not only humanity but also to other species.

Level 3 – Love and Belongingness/Social Needs:
A human is an emotional and social animal. He needs support and belongingness with other human beings and hence he strives to fulfill the same by having family, friends and community. It involves the giving and receiving of love and nurturing. He needs love, compassion and support from the community of humans around him. Non-fulfillment of these needs creates an emotional dis-balance in several people which results into depression, short-temperedness, criminal behavior and suicidal tendencies. Hence you must take care of emotional needs of all human beings on this planet as part of the “Project YugParivartan”. Create a culture of love and belongingness of all human beings as one family, so that there is no diversion of some human beings towards taking a path of rivalry, terrorism and a criminal attitude. For this, you need to create an environment where people of all countries can develop a vision to see everyone as part of an extended family; and all disputes based on caste, culture, religion and country etc. are fixed right at the root. As I said, I did not create the country borders when I started this Chaturyugicycle; it is the humanity which has done the same. So, for a utopia model to be a real one, you have to unite the world under a common value system so that the country borders will become symbolic only and do not “divide” people of different countries. Go ahead and implement the concept of “vasudev kutumbakam” (the entire world is one family) prescribed in Vedas.

Level 4 – Esteem Needs
Need for reputation, prestige, power, influence, fame, attention, freedom, independence, recognition, achievement, status and self-confidence comes under this category. A human becomes aware of these needs on sustained fulfillment of the Level 1 to 3 needs. It contains the desire to feel important, strong and significant. A human has an inherent need to display his talents and skills, have self-confidence, and appreciate attention and recognition from others. All humans have a need to feel respected; this includes the need to have self-esteem and self-respect. Esteem presents the typical human desire to be accepted and valued by others. People often engage in a profession or hobby to gain recognition. These activities give the person a sense of contribution or value. Low self-esteem or an inferiority complex may result from imbalances during this level in the hierarchy. People with low self-esteem often need respect from others; they may feel the need to seek fame or glory. However, fame or glory will not help the person to build their self-esteem until they are self-aware and have the respect for the self. Psychological imbalances such as depression can hinder the person from obtaining a higher level of self-esteem or self-respect. Deprivation of these needs may lead to an inferiority complex, weakness, and helplessness.
So, this is another set of requirements of the “Project YugParivartan”. You need to create an environment where these needs can be fulfilled for each human being on this planet. Swami Ramdev has started a mission called as “Bharat Swabhiman Yatra” (a journey to restore the self-esteem of Bharat) to fulfill this level of needs of ordinary Bhartiya people and give them the respect which was due since last several centuries. However, as “Project YugParivartan” mission is for the people of all countries, you need to take great care that you don’t hurt self-esteem of other countries or religions while developing the self-esteem of present day Bharat. Eventually, you have to join all countries into one and hence this becomes all the more important.

Level 5 – Self Actualization needs
If a human becomes aware that even after fulfillment of physiological, safety, love and belongingness and self-esteem needs, there is something which is missing to live a meaningful life, this marks the beginning of realization of self-actualization needs. In this, the curiosity about morality principles becomes a higher need than the image in the society. The need for character building is more emphasized than the need to develop the personality. If a human realizes this level of needs, he becomes extremely creative and lacks all sorts of prejudice. He develops an out-of-the-box attitude and focus on developing his full potential. He is motivated by a feeling of self-fulfillment and develops good ability towards resolving the problems instead of just pointing fingers on others. Very few people in the world achieve this level of need realization and this is the root cause of all the chaos around the world today. You need to make sure that you lay out a clear path for all human beings so that they can actualize themselves in the area of their interest. However, you need to make sure that they are guided by the right human values defined by me.

There are several leaders in political, business and education system who are struggling to fulfill the lower levels of needs and hence are not able to realize this category of needs. This is the root cause of ineffectiveness, inefficiency, corruption and reduced quality of life for almost all human beings on this planet today. Unless a human realizes this level of need, he keeps operating much below his full potential. At this level of need realization, a human takes the ownership of seeking justice for the self and for others. The human achieves enthusiasm, becomes creative, a self-starter, and an entrepreneur, dedicated, accepts and enjoys challenges and becomes highly effective.

Please add this as the requirements of the “Project YugParivartan” and create an environment so that other human beings on the planet can achieve what they want to achieve, which is currently not the case. There are several people in the country and the world who aspire to realize this level of needs, but due to their seniors struggling at the lower levels, their boxed attitude hinders the progress of others. So, I am warning you that you also need to remain selfless so that you yourself won’t become a hindrance in letting people achieve what they want to achieve in their life, including achieving me.

The next level of needs which Maslow did not covered in his original five-level model, is the Transcendental Needs. I will show you another picture where I have created a six level model. I have marked the Levels upside down from the original Maslow model in order to give you the answer why I have suggested you to name the first Volume of Code of Citizen’s Conduct as “Volume 0”. I will let you know the secrets of Level 0 as you have realized the Transcendental Needs. But in order to become my representative, you would “need” to understand the complete path to achieve me. I will let you know about the same step by step. So, here is the picture with Levels 0 to 5 depicting the type of needs of a particular category.

Level 0 – Transcendental Needs
The drive to serve others selflessly, the curiosity to understand one’s Dharma (duty) towards everyone, the need to know the self, the need to know me, the need to understand Absolute Truth of human life and the need to work tirelessly for improving the living conditions of other human beings denotes the realization of Transcendental Needs. It is due to realization of these needs only that you are having meditation sessions with me and then documenting the same as part of Code of Citizen’s Conduct articles, tirelessly. At this level of need realization, a person transcends from the mind consciousness and enters into a fearless, illusion-free, visionary consciousness zone. The wisdom starts achieving its peak, the human becomes extremely creative and the ability to resolve the problems gets developed to a great extent. So, the discussions that you are having with me and the hard work that you are doing by reading several books so that you can give words to the silent revelations that I am having in your neural connections, is the testimony of the fact that you are indeed qualified as one of the strongest candidates for playing the role of GRANDEST CHANGE agent of this Chaturyugi cycle.

Author: (listening patiently)

God:  But before you are given a confirmed position of the “Chief Yog Officer” you have to travel a long distance. As part of Phase-1 of “Project YugParivartan”, you have to keep documenting the theory as part of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. In Phase-2, you need to do the strong practice to realize the highest consciousness. And then, you need to take actions complying with the principles laid out by me and lead the world by example. During the previous session, your mind and soul were again disintegrated and a live connection with me was broken. It was evidence that although you have realized your Transcendental Needs, you still have to work hard to comply with all the principles of human machine operation that I have prescribed from time to time through my several messengers. Just by unveiling of the names of Acharya Balkrishna, Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev; you were pushed back to your Security needs zone, which is Level 4 as per the new labeling done by me in six-level model (Level 0 to Level 5). You really need to work hard before such prominent names would accept you as their mentor. So, are you ready to continue learning and documenting Volume 0; or do you want to quit?

Author: Now that I have reached up to this level, there is no point in going back and get disgraced. This is not even in compliance with my Self Esteem needs; leave apart the Self Actualization and Transcendental Needs. I admit that due to the need of financial security and love and belongingness needs of my family, I was distracted a bit. I was worried how I will ensure the lower levels of needs for myself and my family, if I continue having meditation sessions with you and spend my whole day in searching for the right words as per your revelations and typing the same on my laptop. I had a strong introspection session between my mind and my soul since our last discussion. I realized that although my family’s well-being is my responsibility, I have equal responsibility towards my country and this planet as well. I realized that we would anyways be not able to give a safe planet to our next generations including my own sons when they grow up, if the further decline in value system is not stopped. I also realized that if you have selected me as a medium to pass on this knowledge to the entire world, I must give it a chance and should at least stay till the completion of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I will decide for the Phase-2 of “owning” the implementation of these changes later, based on the realization of further revelations made by you.

God: Good. So, I think this is enough for today’s learning. I will let you know about the relation 
between Private Victory and Public Victory in next session. I will also let you know how this “needs model” is connected with “consciousness levels” and show you how the same world looks different to different individuals and forms a “point of view”. Once you understand the logic behind creation of point of views, you will be able to understand point of views of other human beings and would be able to find solution to fulfill their “needs”. This will make you a true mentor and help you execute the “Project YugParivartan” effectively. Bye for now. See you in next session.

I would not comment too much on today’s meditation session with God; but would like to provide a brief description of the other three change agents suggested by God for the GRAND CHANGE called as “Project YugParivartan”. Although I have not met any of these three personally till now, but almost all Bhartiya (Indians) and several people in other countries have a fair idea about their contributions towards bettering the quality of life of several human beings in one way or the other. As the opinion of today’s Bharat and the world is divided and fragmented considerably, there is no dearth of people who think that these three people are aligned with some non-secular political parties even though Bharat(India) is a secular state. But this is obvious as humans of today are watching the world through a fragmented wisdom as the world is still passing through the peak of Kaliyug (Dark Age).

I went through some of the text available on internet and especially Wikipedia to get some words to document the introduction about these three precious human beings, as I do not have any books in my collection where I could get anything about them. Well, that is not an issue as these three people are yet to make it to the biggest history of mankind in the making. As God suggested their names for the “Project YugParivartan”, several biographers will be writing about them in large volumes in times to come. So, let us see whether the vision being documented as part of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” will see light of the day or not. And a lot depends upon my correct understanding of the needs of all human beings and giving them rational words while documenting the same as the articles of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”. Only the time can tell, as I have not yet fully developed my faculties to see in future. But the process is already started. So, here we go:

The need to introduce these people to the reader is important as God mentioned them as part of His plan for “Project YugParivartan” whose vision is being documented as Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I hope that one day I would meet these three people and let them know what additional responsibility God has planned for them. I am sure that God must have already indicated them their roles and this is the reason why they are working for the betterment of life of poor people of this country since several years. But I am not sure if God had given them this revelation as well that they should move their focus from Satta Parivartan (Change of guard of the country) and Vyavastha Parivartan (change in the systems of the country) to “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE).

Let us take Acharya BalKrishna first; as far as I know, Acharya Ji has researched a lot in reviving the knowledge of Ayurveda (the ancient Bhartiya holistic system of medicine and healing). He has written a number of books and other literature to provide knowledge of Ayurveda to humanity. I have even seen him on a television channel where he does the knowledge sharing of medicinal qualities of herbs and other plants on a regular basis. I also know that he is a strong practitioner of “Ashtang Yog” (we will discuss Ashtang Yog in greater detail later). I would like to know more about him now that God has named him as part of Change Agent Network of current Project YugParivartan.

Moving on to Anna Hazare Ji; he is a veteran soldier of Bhartiya Army (Indian Army) and has done a number of projects in providing solutions to tackle corruption in some parts of the country. He had been a great inspiration behind several common people of Bharat since last 2 years although his efforts to selflessly and tirelessly working for the humanity have been on since several years now.

The third Change Agent is Swami Ramdev. He is the person behind the Yoga revolution around the world. Although Bharat has no dearth of Yogis in current times and past, who have spread this precious wisdom around the world, but no-one has ever succeeded in matching the scale at which Swami Ramdev Ji has taken it now. I think for the purpose of this article this much information is good enough; the reader can browse through the internet for more information on the contribution of these people.

So, thank you very much for being a consistent reader. I hope that through this article, you would have got some glimpse of all your “needs”, even if the realization may differ from person to person. I am sure the remaining articles of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct will provide the reader that path through which all the needs can be “realized”. See you soon with yet another powerful article of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

23rd Jan, 2013

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