Article 0.12 – Why Yoga?

tapasvibhyo dhiko yogi, jnanibhyo pi mato dhikaḥ
karmibhyas cadhiko yogi, tasmad i bhavarjuna 
- Bhagwat Gita, Chapter - 6, Verse 46

The previous article “Points of View” covered in great detail about why the world looks different to different people; although we can easily understand from our “common sense” that God has created one single world for all souls currently in any form of life on this planet. We are passing through such times when even though we think we have progressed a lot in science and knowledge like never before and have enormous number of educational institutes teaching innumerable theories, sciences, philosophies, prophecies, doctrines and what not; but even then we are not able to stop the world from moving towards a slow death due to Global Warming; we are not able to completely root out the causes of inflation, corruption, terrorism, poverty, recession and several vices inflicted in human beings as reported through various communication mediums. It is leading us to a situation where there is no single authority to confirm what is true and what is not. Everyone is viewing the world from a different “point of view” created due to the conditioning of mental map by the effects of unique Education, Environment and Experience of each human being. But the last article gave us a clue that if somehow we all can see the world from the “point of view” of God, then probably it would become easier for us to create win-win situations for all human beings on this planet today, who are currently divided based on caste, creed, religion, language, country and customized interpretation of moral values. This poses an obvious question in front of us about “how” to see the world from “God’s point of view”.

In articles 0.3 to 0.6 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct, which I have documented based on my meditation sessions with the souls of Satyug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age), Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) and finally present era Kaliyug(Dark Age); I was suggested that only “Yoga” is the solution of clearing all this mess. Although I practice Yoga exercises since a while now, but I had no idea how Yoga would come out as the “only” solution to resolve all the problems of the humanity from the root. The souls of earlier eras raised my curiosity to a great level but they did not answer my question and mentioned that only God can satisfy my curious mind. They mentioned that their purpose was just to raise my curiosity level to a great extent, which is a pre-requisite to grasp the detailed answer from God. In articles 0.7 to 0.11, I have started connecting with God in meditation again and after preparing me with some basic concepts, He finally confirmed in previous article 0.11 that He will now unveil the answer of this long standing question that “Why Yoga” is the only solution for saving humanity from the impending dooms day. He pointed that He will be explaining me the path to achieve the private victory so that I can play the role of “Chief Yog Officer” or “Chief Mentor” of the world by hosting His incarnation in me and hence achieve the victory on hearts and souls of other fellow citizen’s on this planet today and guide the humanity out of this Dark Age called as Kaliyug.

As the reader must have understood by now, I have divided each article of Code of Citizen’s Conduct into three parts; part 1, where I set the theme of the article by starting it with a verse or quotation from a Self Actualized or Self Realized person and in part 2, I explain my meditation session with God in a dialogue format, based on the theme established in part 1. Finally, the third part is the conclusion of the article with some summary and the parking thoughts of the learning session and some clue on the theme for the next session with God.

As I mentioned earlier that God makes the revelations in meditation sessions silently and hence it takes me a good amount of effort of reading several other books to give words to those revelations before I can document the same as Code of Citizen’s Conduct articles. After publishing the previous article, I was skimming through some books to find the quotation or verse with which I should start documenting this article which matches with the subject that “Why Yoga” is the only solution to achieve the Private victory and incarnate God in me. Fortunately, I found a book titled “Autobiography of a Yogi” written by Paramhansa Yoganand, where the first page itself pointed me to the above verse, which is nothing but the verse 46 of Chapter 6 of my prime mentor “Bhagwat Gita”. Due to the outstanding search facility provided by the internet search engines, I could easily find several explanations of the above verse from the “points of view” of several other enlightened souls, but I found the explanation by Paramhansa Yoganand more suited to my “need” and hence I am replicating the same here so that we can have a head-start towards getting the answer to the most important question for a soul in her unending journey of lives and deaths. So, here we go:

“The yogi is deemed greater than body-disciplining ascetics, greater even than the followers of the path of wisdom or of the path of action; be thou, O Arjuna, a yogi”

If we see the above verse closely, Krishna is suggesting Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharatto become a yogi; and rating the yogi greater than even the ascetics and people on the path of wisdom or on the path of action. It looked strange to me as to “why yoga” is being suggested by Krishna in such a setting where the two armies are standing in front of each other in the battlefield and the war was about to begin. I also wondered if such a learned person Krishna is suggesting the greatest of all warriors of those times Arjuna, that he should follow the path of yoga and become a yogi; there must definitely be something deeper than what it looks from the surface. There must surely be some secrets which are not only helpful for a warrior of those times but for each human being of this planet as well. Although I am also a practitioner of Ashtang Yoga as you can notice from my signature at the bottom of each article, but I am still not clear “why yoga” is essential to execute “Project YugParivartan” and to incarnate God.

So, let us see if the question “Why Yoga” is answered by God today to my satisfaction so that I can get motivated to play the role of “Chief Yog Officer” myself, instead of waiting for someone to come and create a better world for our next generations. So, here is the discussion thread of my today’s session with God.

God: Good morning. How are you feeling today!

Author: Good morning God. I have been learning from you about the scope of “Project YugParivartan” and “Project Human Life” since several meditation sessions now, but I think today is the day, when my excitement level is highest till date as I am expecting a comprehensive answer from you about “Why Yoga” is the only way to incarnate you in me and see the world from your “point of view”. Although I have read a lot of literature on Yoga and I can guess that Yoga has immense potential, but I am not fully convinced on “Why Yoga” is the only solution to execute the “Project YugParivartan” effectively.

God: I am sure that I will be able to convince you before you end today’s meditation session as I am going to give you that knowledge which I shared with Arjuna through Krishna thousands of years ago. The primary solution behind all previous Project YugParivartan (Project GRAND CHANGE) was yoga only and this one is no exception.

Author: Thanks God. But I have one question here. If yoga is the only solution to all this then what is the reason behind the delay in your incarnation to terminate the Kaliyug (Dark Age) and end the atrocities meted out to several human beings. Also, why no yogi took the ownership to do so till now even though we have no dearth of yogis who acted as major change agents from time to time? Why couldn't they do the YugParivartan? Are there different flavors of Yoga and only a particular type of Yoga is required to do the YugParivartan? I hope you understand my question well, even though I think I am not able to word it properly.

God: Of course I understand. There are only two ways to complete the journey of life and death for a soul; either through Yoga (pronounced as Yogin Hindi and Sanskrit languages), which means reunion with me or through Bhoga(pronounced as Bhog in Hindi and Sanskrit) which means getting punishment of all bad deeds and enjoyment of fruits of all good deeds. Every good deed adds to a positive balance and every bad deed adds to the negative balance in the account of a soul. However, these balances don’t get neutralized and hence both produce results as per the nature of the deeds. Once all the positive and negative balances are withdrawn by a soul, the journey is completed. I have given it as a choice to each soul whether to choose the wisdom of Yoga or the direction of Bhoga.

Author: Although logically I can comprehend what you say, but what if I don’t choose to do my Yoga and continue to live my life doing good deeds so that I can continue accumulating positive credits to my account and enjoy the fruits as the resultant of that positive account? And I think I haven’t got my question answered that if yoga is the only solution to all this mess then why several yogis of Kaliyug were not able to do the YugParivartantill date and incarnated you in them.

God: Although the yoga that other people do is no different from what I am going to reveal to you, but as I am infinite, the yoga brings infinite results as well. Even if the result on individual soul level will be same when one achieves yoga, but the effect on the humanity differs from person to person. It depends on what objective the soul chooses for completion of yoga; which differs from soul to soul and time to time. As you have a deep desire to see the YugParivartan happening, the only way it could be accomplished is by completing your yoga. I have already told you that as soon as you complete documenting the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct, my incarnation will be complete; post which either you or some other yogi who agrees to take up the role of Chief Yog Officer and implement this vision, will be appointed as Project Manager of the “Project YugParivartan”. But you need to keep patience till the completion of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I will progressively answer this question to your complete satisfaction in next few sessions and then I will let you know about the detailed role of the Change Agents selected for this GRAND CHANGE (Project YugParivartan). I will give some glimpse of their role in this session itself.

Author: I don’t have any hurry. I want to know yoga completely and surely will keep patience for my future sessions with you. Please continue with the revelations. If yoga is the only solution then I will surely follow your advice and complete my yoga and incarnate you in me and see the world from your point of view at least once. Please keep unveiling your “point of view”.

God: Ok. In last session you learned about why the world looks different to different people from their “points of view”. Today I will tell you in detail, the reasons behind the creation of a different point of view although every human being is designed by me on the same design framework. I will show you the same on a high level today. You need to be very alert while I do the revelations and also while you document the same as Article 0.12 of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. If you feel that you are not getting enough words to clearly document the same, you can take help from other books and internet resources to give it the words in line with what other realized people have documented from time to time, so that it can satisfy their points of view as well. Still, I am not stopping you from using your own creativity and use text and graphics unique to your understanding. This will ensure that the reader of the book do not think that whatever you are writing is just a copy-paste from what others have already written and you have not “realized” any part of it. Where ever you use thought process of other people, do make it a point to give proper credits to that person.

Author: Sure God. I will take care of it. But again, what will happen if what I write does not match with what other Yogis have documented so far?

God: Don’t worry about that either. This Code of Citizen’s Conduct document is still in draft mode, so before finalizing the same, you can get inputs from several other yogis to fine tune your literature. This will ensure that their point of view is also taken care.

Author: Thanks God. I understand what you mean.

God: So let me begin with the explanation of functioning of the human mind as this is the primary component of human machine through which anything can be learnt. The primary purpose of human mind is to get the signals of knowledge from outside world through various senses of knowledge provided to it and then process that knowledge before instructing the senses of action to complete the action through the organs of action. Let me show you a picture depicting how the Input, Output and Processing of interaction with outside world are controlled by the mind. The five organs of receiving knowledge from the outside world are Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose which are operated by their senses; Hearing (Shabd), Touch (Sparsh), Sight (Roop), Taste (Ras) and Smell (Gandhh) respectively to pass on the signals to the mind. The information about the action taken is also stored in the mind itself, thus forming the mental map of a human being. The senses of perception and action are responsible to sense a particular element only. I am showing you a picture to depict the same.

Author: Hmm. This explains the functioning of mind well. I can clearly see the interaction of a human mind with outside world. But, I have a question here. As per this picture, the mind is at the center of interaction between senses of knowledge and senses of actions, which are composed of the five physical elements of creation. So, is the human mind also composed of these five elements only? Or is it having some different composition?

God: The human mind has 4 dimensions. The three dimensions are created through three different elements called as Budhdhi (Intellect), Mann (Emotions) and Ahamkar (Ego). The fourth dimension Chitt (Mind Stuff) is the record keeper of these three dimensions and is actually a reflection of these three elements only. Each dimension has a specific function, location, features, strengths and weaknesses. Let me show you another picture where I am showing you the three layers/dimensions of mind and then I will explain each of these layers. I will show the fourth dimension later.

The information from outside world is received by the Senses of Knowledge/perception (Gyanendriya) and passed on to Intellect. The Ego is at the outermost layer and hence intercepts the signal first. If the Ego is in control of the mind when the signal is received, it doesn’t allow the signal to move further. This happens in the state of deep sleep when all senses of perception go to sleep state as well. The internal operations of the mind still continue to function. If the person is not sleeping, the Ego allows passing on the signals to Mann (Emotions), albeit with a fair share of distorting the signals due to the basic nature of it. Hence, the signals thus reaching to Mannpresents a slightly different picture of reality. The Mann needs the support from Budhdhi(Intellect) to decide the “action” to be taken on the input signal; however, if the Mann is in a state of high emotions which is its basic nature, the signal gets mixed with emotions as well. Now, the Intellect receives the signal mixed with Ego and Emotions which is a further distorted picture of reality. Based on the quality of signal received, the Budhdhi element decides the best action and creates the mental image of the action. The Budhdhi then passes this mental image to Mann which is the Operator of the human mind for execution of any action. As all the senses of actions are in direct control of the Mann, it sends the “senses of action” to the “organs of action” to finally execute the change or the action. The organs of actions are in direct control of Ahamkar(Ego). But, once the action is decided by the Mann, the Ahamkar is bound to take the action based on the strength of the organs. This is one complete cycle of interaction with the outside world. So, to summarize; the primary function of Budhdhi (Intellect) is to “Generate” the action, the Mann (Emotion) is responsible to “Operate” on the action created mentally by the Intellect and Ahamkar is responsible to “Destruct” the action and hence together they perform the functions of GOD (Generate-Operate-Destruct). The Destruct should not be taken in a negative sense always. In this context, it means that once the action is taken, the action itself no more exists and should be considered as destroyed.

Author: Hmm. I have a question here. As Ego is the one who finally takes the action, does that mean having Ego is a must for a human being? I have heard from various people, that Ego is not a good thing to have and it is the root cause of all the conflicts between human beings. So, isn’t it possible to kill the Ego completely?

God: No, it is not possible to kill the Ego as it is an important element to take actions. However, the only thing that should be targeted is to clean the Ego, so that it doesn’t intercepts with the input signals when the same is passed to the Intellect. The only time when it should intercept the outside world signals is the state of sleep and the state of meditation, so that the body can take enough rest and recharge it during the deep sleep or during meditation.

Author: Oh I see. I can deduce from this discussion that Ego should work under the control of the Emotions; and Emotions should work in control of Intellect, however this seems good if we talk about controlling our own mind. But we do not have control of other people’s mind as it resides in a different body. So, even if we control our mind how would we be able to create win-win situations with other people whose mind we cannot control. Please put some more light on controlling the Ego of others.

God: This is exactly the relation between Private Victory and Public Victory. If a person can control his Ego and Emotions completely, his Private Victory is completed and hence his effectiveness on other people starts increasing, thereby controlling the Ego of other people as well. So, this infers that in order to win over the Ego of other human beings, the only solution is to control your own Ego.

Author: One more question. If Intellect is the final authority to take decisions, then why the leaders of the world are not able to take decisions which can create win-win solutions for all people of the world. What is the reason that the minds of highly intellectual people of the world are not able to save the planet dying a slow death and save the humanity which is reeling under extremes of poverty, inflation, recession, terrorism etc?

God: This is exactly why I am having these revelations. The Mind is a proxy Generator-Operator-Destructor (GOD) of human actions. Unless the real owner of the human machine, which is nothing but “the soul”, is awakened and takes control of the Mind, the human machine continues to work under the influence of illusion (Lack of correct picture of reality). The right sequence of action execution is as follows: the Ego should be in control of Emotions, the Emotions should be in control of Intellect, the Intellect should be in control of Soul and the Soul should be in control of me (God). Unless this chain of commands is followed, the human actions will keep destroying the planet and the humanity.

Author: Oh, this is an outstanding revelation. This means that whatever problem we are not able to solve, is due to our own Ego, Emotions and Intellect only. Again, I am feeling that why couldn’t I understand such simple logic till date and lived my life so far viewing the world from the wall of my own Ego. So, can you also let me know how to control my Ego as I am sure that as soon as I come out of this deep meditation state, my Ego will start coming back although I feel that at this moment it is busy intercepting the signals from the outside world and is not interfering with my learning of your “Point of View”.

God: This is exactly the reason “why yoga” is the only solution to control the Ego completely. You have completed first stage of your Yoga where your mind and soul are meditating on me in unison, but the impressions of your actions are still there on the fourth dimension of your mind which is called as Chitt (Mental Stuff) and hence your Samadhi is the Samprajnat Samadhi or Self Realization only. The other names for this Samadhi are Savikalp Samadhi or Sabeej Samadhi. The Vrittis (psycho-physical propensities) still engrained on your Chitt(Mental Stuff) will keep showing you a world which is slightly distorted. The Ego will not be completely in the control of your soul unless you achieve the Asamprajnat Samadhi or God realization. The other synonyms of Asamprajnat Samadhiare Nirvikalp Samadhi or Nirbeej Samadhi. In fact, the definition of Yoga itself is removal of all Vrittisof the Mind Stuff.

Sage Patanjali defines Yoga as “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha” which means “Yoga is the neutralization of the vortices of feeling”.

You can go through Patanjali Yogshashtra to know the finer details of this very important document of humanity; which again is not a book of Hinduism and was written even before any religion came into existence. Patanjali explained the “process” of Yoga in great detail and covers the “how” part of the yoga. The purpose of the Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0 is to focus on “Why Yoga” and not on the “How Yoga” part of it. My purpose to reveal this knowledge in your mind and soul is to let the humanity know that Yoga is the only solution of reversing the Global Warming and saving it from the impending disaster and resolving all conflicts between human beings. This is the eternal path specified by me to the initial humans, who happen to be the forefathers of all the human beings existing on this planet today regardless of any religion, caste or country. The purpose is to let the world know of the working principles of their human existence and show them the correct spirituality through which everyone can incarnate me in them and hence live a life with the true picture of reality, instead of living in an illusion. The purpose is to create a utopia theory, so that the wisdom which is currently fragmented can be united at one place. In fact the literal meaning of yoga is “integration”, “oneness”, “summation”, “submission”, “unity” and “utopia”. I am revealing the source code of everything and this document will act as guidance for understanding the truth of all 175 million books written till date in this Chaturyugi cycle (four eras of creation, sustenance and destruction).

Author: Hmm. Thanks God that you have chosen me for this important work. I am feeling that the more you are telling me about myself, the more curious I am becoming. Please let me know about the fourth dimension that is Chitt (Mind Stuff), so that I can learn the exact nature of these Vrittis(psycho-physical propensities) and begin my journey of next phase of Yoga to unite with you and incarnate you in me.

God: Sure. So, let me show you the internal working of human mind with another picture. Here, I have split the four dimensions of mind to show you another view of the functioning of the same. It would help you visualize the working in a better manner and to also understand the fourth dimension “Chitt”.

Author: Wow. This is really great. I think it gives a much better view than the picture that you showed earlier. Can I ask you one question? You have represented everything with circles, ellipses, arrows and numbers; so can you tell me are these the real shape of the various organs, senses and the layers of mind?

God: No. This is just shown for illustration purpose only. The various senses and the dimensions of mind are shapeless, but the functioning of the mind is such that it cannot understand something unless it creates an image inside it. You must have heard a proverb that a picture speaks a thousand words. This is the reason why I am showing you the pictures, so that you can understand the Absolute Truth with as minimum words as possible. Similarly, when you document the silent revelations of these meditation sessions, use as many pictures as you can to let the other human beings understand the concept clearly.

Author: Hmm. I see. Please continue.

God: Picture 30 also shows the fourth dimension of the mind, which is used to store the configuration of the other three dimensions. I have marked Intellect as number 2, Emotions as number 3 and Ego as number 4. You must be wondering why I have started with number 2 and not 1. I will let you know the reason once you understand this much. I have not numbered Chitt (Mind Stuff) as such because it is nothing but the combination of the other three seen together as one unit and hence is not a separate element. If you notice closely, the Chitt is shown having some small dots with some of them having color of the Ego, some having the color of Emotions and some with the color of Intellect. This is shown to depict that Chitt is formed by the Sanskars (impressions) of the other three dimensions only. I will show you some more pictures which will clarify how the impressions are created in Chitt. The Yoga is said to be achieved if these impressions are neutralized from the Chitt completely and hence my incarnation in that soul becomes a reality.

Author: Understood. Please continue.

God: Let me now tell you how the three elements Emotions, Intellect and Ego are nourished and the impressions of the same are documented in the Mental Map (Chitt). The next few pictures will relate the diagrams that I showed you during the session of Article 0.7 with the cross-section diagram of mind that I showed you today. Can you see the picture now?

Author: Yes Father.

God: The Intellect is nourished by Education; Emotions are nourished by the Environment and Ego is created by the impressions of the Experience a person has in his life. These three together creates the Knowledge which is stored in the Mind Stuff. Now let me show you another picture which depicts the working principle of mind with the Theory->Practice->Actions->Realization model that I showed you earlier.

In order to realize a subject, a human understands the theory through the Intellect; then practices that theory by putting Emotions into it and finally takes actions through the strength of the Ego. The realizations are then stored in the Chitt (Mind Stuff)

Author: Hmm.

God: Now, let me show you another version of the “Difference in point of view” picture that I showed you in the session of article 0.7. It depicts that the difference in point of view of two people is due to the different configuration of Intellect, Emotions and Ego of the two individuals at the time of interaction. The two minds create a different image of reality and hence acceptance of one of them as truth; becomes difficult. Most of the times, the final decision is taken based on the position of the person instead of real facts and wisdom. This implies that higher the position of a person, the higher is the criticality to know about me. If the person on higher position has lower consciousness than the people on lower positions, it results into a very ineffective decision.

God: Let me now relate the inner working of the human mind with the modified Maslow model that I showed you in the last session. The Ego dimension of Mind is nothing but the Body Consciousness; Emotions part is the Heart consciousness of Mind and Intellect part is the location from where Mind of the human being actualize itself. This is the boundary of human mind and it cannot go above this alone unless it merges with the soul. The Yoga (merger) of Mind and Soul is called as Self Realization or achievement of Transcendental Consciousness. I hope you would understand this easily now, as you have already achieved this.

Author: Yes father. The pictures are really speaking thousand words. I am able to relate the pictures shown by you in previous sessions with the pictures of cross-section diagram of mind. But what about the soul, I just realized after seeing this picture that you have not mentioned the functioning of the soul in any of the pictures shown today.

God: I was coming to that only. I wanted to cover the functioning of the mind from several angles before showing you how the Soul and Supreme Soul i.e. me, fits into the picture. The picture shown below depicts the entire design framework on which I have designed the human beings regardless of which caste, country, religion or language, humans have divided themselves. This is a testimony of the fact that I am one and only one, there are no two Gods and every human being is my creation only and there is only one unified way to achieve me.

Author: Hmm. This is exactly what I am looking for. Then what is the reason of so many religious paths, with each one saying that their path is better than the others?

God: We will cover that in a future session dedicated to the same. So, let me show you the working of the human design framework. Initially the soul is under the complete control of Ego (Darkness) when the conception takes place and she remains dependent on the mother’s body for fulfilment of every need and cannot continue the human life if the mother’s body is not nourished properly. I will let you know of the process of Birth, Death, Re-incarnation and Liberation in a dedicated session in future. For now, let me explain some components of the picture. You can read the same in detail from several books available on this subject written by several realized yogis from time to time.

There are eight management systems inside a human machine, namely; Endocrine System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Skeleton System, Digestive System, Reproductory System and Excretory system. There are eight centeres from which these system derive their energies. These centers are called as “Chakra” and are shown in the rightmost column of the picture. The Chakra(center or wheel) is numbered from 1 to 8. The Chakra Number 1 controls the Earth element of the human machine which is marked as element number 9 and is responsible to manage the Excretory System; Chakra number 2 controls the Water element (element number 8) and is responsible for managing Reproductory System. Similarly, Chakra number 3, 4 and 5 correspond to element Fire (number 7), Air (number 6) and Space (number 5) elements respectively and control the Digestive, Circulatory and Repiratory Systems respectively.
The element number 4 is Ego (Ahamkaar), number 3 is Emotions (Mann) and number 2 is Intellect (Budhdhi). The soul element is numbered as 1 and Supreme Soul i.e. myself is numbered as 0. I will let you know the reason behind naming me (GOD) as 0 and you (Soul) as 1. The Yoga is the merger of 0 and 1.

Author: (still gazing at the Picture 35)

God: Now let me show you three more pictures derived from the Picture 35 to denote the different states of realizations. The first picture explains about the positionining of soul at the time of birth and before the Self Realization (Kundalini Awakening) takes place. The second picture explains the process of “Self Realization” and the third picture depicts the positioning of soul at “God Realization” state or when a soul becomes a representation of me and can be considered as my human incarnation. I have marked the process description in the picture itself. Please read the description in the sequence specified by the numbers. If you have any specific question regarding any picture, you can ask me the same. So, here we go.

God: Do you have any questions on the picture 36?

Author: No God. I am able to understand it with the labels that you have put.

God: Ok. So, here goes the Picture 37 depicting the Self Realization state, where the Kundalini(soul element) takes its actual seat on AjnaChakra after awakening. Again, read the labels in sequence only (bottom to top).

God: Any questions on Picture 37?

Author: No God. I think as I have realized my soul up to this stage, I am able to easily comprehend it. Probably I will ask questions after you show the next picture.

God: So, here is the picture which depicts the Yoga consciousness and the state of human soul when I incarnate in a human being; or more precisely when the soul elevates her to my consciousness.

Author: Awesome pictures. I don’t have words to express my feelings. This is amazing. Today I have come to know that why I was having revelations these days and why I am focused towards completing the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I don’t have any questions even after seeing this picture. Although I have not achieved this state of consciousness, but I am feeling that I am not very far from it. Now I realize why I asked for a change of the scale of a YugParivartan(Change of an Era).

God: Yes, it is due to proximity of your soul to me only. However, don’t get overwhelmed by this revelation. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Although your soul and myself have come in close proximity but it takes several years to complete this final lap. It is not that easy. I have just explained you the answer of “Why Yoga” at a very high level. There is a lot more which you need to understand otherwise you will become a cause of further fragmentation of wisdom. Remember, every enlightened soul has a task to do as soon as they are empowered by me. So, you will not be liberated unless you complete your task and lay a strong foundation for “Project YugParivartan”. The answer to “Why Yoga” is not that short and takes several lifetimes to understand completely. So, I will again urge you to keep patience.

Author: Oh. I am sorry God. The glimpse of this picture was such great that I felt for few moments that I have achieved you and your incarnation in me is completed. I was distracted a bit from the needs of “Project YugParivartan”, but I think I can come out of surprises very easily now. So, let’s come back to the topic. Please let me know if there is more to share in today’s session or should we continue further in next session.

God: There are still few more pictures to show you before we can park it at a logical end. I am now showing you the relation between the Yoga consciousness and the modified Maslow Model so that you can clearly understand that after the Private Victory you have to work as a Chief Mentor and share this knowledge to the world as well and win over their hearts and souls to complete your Public victory.

God: I think the Picture 39 must be pretty straight forward to understand now as it is just the summary of what you have learnt today. Once you achieve the Yoga consciousness, you can easily begin the journey of Public Victory and can become the most effective person of the planet ever in this Chaturyugi cycle. In future articles, I will let you know the path and the principles to achieve the Yoga consciousness.

Author: Hmm.

God: As we have discussed in the session of Article 0.10 about the “needs” of all human beings, let me give you a glimpse of the need of the four dimensions of the human mind and the soul in a similar fashion. Unless the needs of all the four dimensions are fulfilled, the Yoga of a person cannot be completed.

Author: Sure God. I am curious to know the same. Please let me know what the needs are.

God: The need of the Ahamkaar (Ego or Body consciousness) is Shakti (Strength), the need of the Mann (Emotions or Heart consciousness) is Bhakti (Devotion), the need of the Budhdhi (Intellect or Mind consciousness) is Yukti (Wisdom) and the need of the Atma (Soul Consciousness) is Mukti(Liberation) from the Chitt Vrittis (Mind Stuff or psycho-physical propensities). Picture 40 depicts the same.

Author: This sounds very rhythmical; Shakti, Bhakti, Yukti and Mukti. So, does it mean that we should nourish these four dimensions to achieve the Private victory?

God: Yes. Now let me show you the Chitt Vrittis in different settings. Here I have shown the Chitt Vrittisenveloping me (God) from the Soul. It is due to these Chitt Vrittis (psycho-physical propensities) that the soul is not able to see me (God) clearly, when it is not awakened. However, after the Kundalini awakens, the soul can start having one-on-one conversation with me just like you are having with me. But the soul should not quit at this and should continue removing the remaining Chitt Vrittis in order to achieve me. Once all the Chitt Vrittis are removed, the Yoga of the soul with me is complete and Asamprajnat Samadhi is achieved and the soul is completely liberated.

 Author: Good. This makes it clearer.

God: Now, before we end today’s session, let me put all the things that we discussed today in one single picture and also show you how my mental map (Vedas) are related with the revelations that I made till date to you.

Author: It is really overwhelming and awesome. I think today’s session was very fruitful and I am feeling a sense of satisfaction as the long standing question that “Why Yoga” is the only solution to execute “Project YugParivartan” is answered to a great extent today.

God: Yes. However, as I said it is not completed yet. The remaining sessions of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct will explain the answer in greater detail. Let me give you a glimpse of the role of the Change Agents selected for this Project YugParivartan post which you can open your eyes and close this meditation session.

Author: Thanks God, now I realize why you mentioned that the Chief Yog Officer is the only missing piece in the Project YugParivartan. I am enthusiastic and curious to know the further revelations as well. I will go through these pictures several times and try to make their impressions permanent in my mental map. I hope that way they will keep fighting with my remaining Chitt Vrittis (psycho-physical propensities) and eventually help removing the same from my Mental Map, so that I can become an effective Chief Mentor.

God: Sure. Bye for now. In next session I will explain the ten elements of all creations, that I introduced today, in greater detail and present those concepts through which you will be able to understand everything existing in the universe clearly. If you get time, keep reading Bhagwat Gita and Patanjali Yogsutrasin order to get the words to document Code of Citizen’s Conduct Articles. I know you have to really work very hard to get the appropriate words to document the revelations but this is the only way through which you can explain the revelations to other human beings. If you continue working in this mode, I am sure the “stretch zone” that you are in, will become a “comfort zone” for you one day. Bye for now.
So, finally the curtains are raised and God gave me a very exhaustive coaching session on the long standing question of “Why Yoga”. There is an interesting story behind choosing the name of this Article as “Why Yoga”. While I was working as a Project Manager with my previous employer, one of my job responsibilities was to keep my direct reports motivated and engaged. As Stephen Covey’s training module mentioned; when we learn with the intent of teaching, the learning becomes deeper. Also, when we teach others what we have learnt, it also acts as further deeper learning of the concept as you also come to know about the “point of view” of other people about what you have learnt. In order to practice this, I used to give one hour training session of effectiveness principles to my team mates every week, to which some of them initially reacted with resistance. Also, in most of the sessions, I used to tell my team members that they should practice Yoga in order to become more effective by the day. One of the team-members probably annoyed by my repeated relating of Yoga with personal effectiveness; once unwittingly gave me this question; “Why Yoga?” I don’t know what his intentions were behind that question, but I really thanked him to give me this question. Even though I was playing the role of the teacher in those knowledge sharing sessions, but I always consider myself as a student of life and hence everyone around me as my teachers. So, I really thanked him to teach me about this important question. I promised him that I will make his question, one of the most famous questions in the world one day and will let the world know “Why Yoga” is the only solution to make human beings effective decision makers.

It is a fact that when you take up the journey in the right direction, it looks that everyone around you is helping you in one way or the other. Even the criticisms start looking as if the other person is sent by God to help you. I decided that day that I will name one of the articles of my first book as “Why Yoga”. I want this question to reach the entire world so that I can give people comprehensive answer after my discussions with God. The problem of today’s world is not the lack of answers; but the real problem is lack of right “questions”. “Why Yoga” is one of those most important questions which everyone should ask himself as this is the question which can lead us to the answer of other important questions “Who am I?”, “Why I have got this human life?”, “What is my real destiny?”, “Who is God?”, “What is my relation with Him?” and “What is my role in this entire creation of God?”. Without these questions in our life, the life cannot become meaningful and will be wasted in unnecessary pursuits of material enjoyments, which are nothing but illusion created by the element numbers 2 to 9. Let us see what God has to say about these 10 elements of all creations in next session. See you soon.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya citizen and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

11th Feb, 2013

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