Article 0.13 – Ten Elements of All Creation

bhumir apo 'nalo vayuh kham mano buddhir eva ca
ahankara itiyam me bhinna prakritir ashtadha
apareyam itas tv anyam prakritim viddhi me param

The above lines are verses 4 and 5 of Chapter 7 of Bhagwat Gita where God is unveiling the composition of this universe to Arjuna through Krishna. The literal meaning of the above verses is as follows:

“Earth, water, fire, air, space (ether), mind, intelligence and false ego -- all together these eight constitute my separated material energies. Besides these, O mighty-armed Arjuna, there is another, superior energy of Mine, which comprises the living entities who are exploiting the resources of this material, inferior nature.”

In the run-up to create a Utopia theory of all creation, it is important to understand which all primary elements were utilized to create everything in this universe; which includes understanding of not only the materials used, but also the elements with which the “Creator” and “Observer” is formed. In my previous meditation session with God, He explained in great detail, how a human mind functions and processes information. God introduced us to 8 primary elements through which our senses of perception, our body, the mind and the entire human machine is created. After explaining the detailed functioning of Mind; God explained the Soul (Observer) and Himself (Creator) as well. However, as He wanted to discuss each element of creation in greater detail, He kept a complete session dedicated to explain the properties of these ten elements of all creation. I selected the above two verses of Bhagwat Gita to begin this Article to set the basic premise behind my discussion with God today, as they match perfectly well with the theme of today’s article.


God: Hello. How are you doing today! I am sure that you have must have gone through the previous article several times before coming for this meditation session. So, do you have any questions on the arrangement of the ten elements in the human machine as I showed you through pictures in the last session?

Author: Good Morning God. Yes, I have gone through the article several times and believe that the impressions of the pictures of previous session are engrossed as deep knowledge in my neural connections. After the last session, I had a deep sense of satisfaction, as the long standing question that “Why Yoga” is the only solution to change the world and execute “Project YugParivartan” is answered by you to a great extent. However, as you said that there is still lot to learn about it; I am well prepared to have those revelations from you.

God: Good. In last article, my focus was to show you why yoga is the only solution towards incarnating me in you. However, such a large topic cannot be completed in just few words. So, as I said, we will move progressively to cover all important topics which are required to provide the evidences of my Kalki Avtar (incarnation of Dark Age, Kaliyug) taking place. As I told you many times; I am infinite and hence you will not be able to write about me completely in a finite book. The intent of the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct is to give those directions and pointers to the citizens of this planet in the minimum possible words in a manner that all the prevailing theories of creation of the world can be understood and essence of Absolute Truth (Vedas) be brought back to the collective human consciousness. For this purpose, today I am going to let you know about the Dharma (qualities and properties) of the ten elements through which everything in the universe is created. If people understand the Dharma of these ten elements, it would become easier for them to derive the right Dharma (duties and actions) that I expect from them.

Author:  Hmm. Please let me know the detailed description of ten elements through which you have created this entire universe.

God: Before telling the same, let me clarify few things to you. As I have no beginning and no end; from the context of me, there is no creation and there is no destruction. Everything in the universe is me only; there is nothing that I have brought from any outside world and there is nothing that goes out of this universe. So, although you must have heard of a saying that “The only constant thing in the universe is CHANGE”; from my point of view there is no change as I am at the neutral point. Everything that is changing in the world is changing from the point of view of the Observer (soul) viewing the Absolute Truth. For this reason, I first explained you the functioning of human mind, which is the primary observer of truth and delusion of this universe. It is important to understand the “observer” of a particular “observed” thing in order to understand the properties of the object completely. So, if you understand my Tatvagyan (real essence), you will also realize, that there is nothing changing in the universe. The sum total of everything in the universe is zero. The entire energy through which the universe is created is also zero from my “point of view” and this is the reason why I have selected number 0 to denote the Absolute Truth.

Author: Hmm. Now I understand your reserving number 0 for yourself. I have also heard from scientific community that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another.

God: Exactly. However, in order to explain you the elements, it is important that I will explain it in the terminologies in which you can understand the same. If I explain it in my terminology, you will not be able to comprehend it at all, as the senses that are provided to you to understand anything including the Mann, Budhdhi, Ahankar (Emotions, Intellect and Ego) have their built in limitations.

Author: If that is the case, then how would I see the world from your point of view? Will that not lead us back to square one? And as there is always a translation error when a person gives words to his thoughts, I suspect that when I document these revelations, it may lead to translation errors again. Isn’t it?

God: In principle, yes. But there are ways to understand the things correctly even if there are some translation errors. I can be known completely only through extra-sensory perception which you people named as “sixth sense”. So, the concepts that I will be revealing today will require usage of sixth sense extensively. I will also let you know the summary of those pramaans (evidences) which your mind utilizes in order to make judgements about anything.

Author: I am curious to know about the evidences. This will help me explain the things to people properly when a question is asked from me. I am not sure at this stage whether I will be able to give answers to all the questions, but I am hoping that even if I may still be far from achieving you and incarnating you in me; the Transcendental Consciousness that I have achieved with your grace, can help me answer several questions of other human beings.

God: So, recall the input-processing-output picture of the mind’s functioning that I showed you in the last session. The inputs are taken from outside world through the senses of knowledge; and actions are taken by the senses of action. I have also told you that the action is decided by the mind using the three compositions of it, Intellect, Emotions and Ego. All three of these are important and perform a specific function in the “Processing” of the information. The Intellect generates the action, the Emotions operate upon the action and finally the Ego takes the action and destroys its existence. So, let us see which all evidences are considered by Mind to process the information and make judgment about any object or subject.

Author: Hmm.

God: When you learn about anything, there are three entities that participate in the same; the Observed ( Prameya), the Observer (Pramaata), the Observation (Prama). If the true knowledge is ascertained, then it is called as Prama; and if the false knowledge is ascertained, it is called as Aprama. There are several evidences called as “Pramaan”, which are utilized to gain the true knowledge. This is true to understand everything in this universe.

Author: Hmm. So, what are those evidences?

God: You will find different schools of thoughts utilizing a different number of evidences (pramaan). They are all true from their point of view and hence there is no point in countering the same. For the purpose of your understanding, you can consider following four as the primary evidences as documented in the Nyaya Shashtra (one of the six philosophies of Vedic literature). Other evidences can be derived from these four. I will keep a dedicated session with you on how the human mind utilizes these evidences to understand any knowledge. The essence of Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0 can be understood by utilizing these evidences and hence you must word it in a manner that it contains a great deal of evidences from the following categories. If it falls short of evidences, people will find it difficult to accept this as the Utopia theory. So, include the point of views of as many learned and wise people as possible to word these revelations. Here is a brief summary of primary evidences.

1.  Pratyaksh Pramaan(Direct Cognizance): This evidence means the knowledge received by the mind by the direct contact of the five senses of perception with their object.
2.  Anumaan Pramaan(Inference): It literally means, “knowing after”. When two things are seen as together through the direct cognizance at certain instance of time; on a different occasion, one of them can be inferred if the other is present. For eg. there can’t be smoke without a fire and hence whenever the smoke is seen, it can be inferred that there is a fire as well.
3.  Upmana Pramaan(Analogy): When the knowledge is established by comparing a new object with its similarity with the knowledge of another object whose information is stored in mind; this kind of understanding is called as Upmana Pramaan.
4.  Shabd Pramaan(Word or testimony): Word of a reliable person or a designated authority or the Vedas and other time tested literature documented by wise people.

Author: (listening silently)

God: Let me first show you the raw material with which the entire universe including you and me are made from. The material world is created with the primordial matter (Apara Prakriti) which is my separated energy. The observer of this material world, i.e. your soul, is made from my conscious element (Para Prakriti) which is my superior energy. I am showing you a picture to depict my both forms of energies. The conscious element is the father of all living beings in the universe and provides the seed; and the Primordial Matter is the mother nature of all beings. The Material energy has three qualities (Triguni Prakriti) as Sattvaguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna. I will explain you the three qualities after summarizing the other parts of the picture. The causal elements are changeless and the material elements are ever changing. So, any change that you see in the world is manifested due to the change in the nature’s elements only. The Absolute Cause i.e. me and the soul (Marginal Energy) never changes.

It is the tri-quality nature which creates an envelope between a soul and me when a soul is in any life form. So, please note that the GRANDEST CHANGE of this Chaturyugi cycle (Project YugParivartan) will be nothing but a change in composition of tri-quality natural elements of each observer (soul) only. I will now tell you the properties of each element in detail. Once you understand the functioning of each element clearly, it would be easier for you to create a guidance document for the entire humanity for their liberation and saving this planet dying a slow death due to the reasons of corruption, poverty, recession, ineffective management and leadership, terrorism, crimes, pollution and almost every vice that the world is passing through these days. Do you have any question on this picture?

Author: I think it is too early for me to ask any question. Please proceed.

God: Ok. Please interrupt me whenever you have any question. The concepts that I am explaining you today are very important for further learning and hence you must pay a great attention to the same. So, as I said, the Primordial Matter has three qualities which are also called as “triguni maya” (The three states of illusion). Here is the brief description of the three:

Sattvaguna: It literally means Purity and Knowledge. These are its basic properties. It is the most subtle of the three basic subtle components. It is the nearest component to the divinity. It is manifested through happiness, contentment, virtues like patience, perseverance, forgiveness, spiritual yearnings, etc. This is the component which forms the “Intellect” of a human being. There is a lot of text available on these three qualities of nature and hence I would want you to just use a summary description here. You and the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct can go through the various scriptures to understand this in greater detail. Let’s move on to second quality of primordial matter, i.e. Tamoguna. I am explaining Tamogunafirst, although the next to Sattvagunais shown as Rajoguna in the picture.

Tamoguna: Its qualities are inertia, ignorance, absence of knowledge, laziness. You can also consider Tamoguna as a lack of Sattvaguna. Tamoguna has no virtues and is the root cause of all the chaos of the world. In order to balance my neutral nature, it was important to create the negativity in equal proportions when the positivity was created. Hence, Tamogunais also important in the overall configuration of this universe and is created by me only. Although it seems a negative trait at this moment, but I will explain its significance as you proceed with the revelations by me.

Rajoguna: The basic features of Rajoguna are Action and Passion.  It is this component of primordial matter which brings any change. It provides the fuel to all creation by the Sattvagunaand Tamaguna components; without this, no action in the universe can take place. This is the primary element of my material energy through which I create everything, including the various Demi-Gods, Humans, Animals and other species, the heaven and the hell.

Author: Yes, I have heard about such things in Bhagwat Gita and various other books of wisdom, so I think I can understand something about it. Now, I am enthusiastic to know how these three components of primordial matter and the consciousness elements worked together to create everything and reflected as the objects and subjects which we “Observe” in the world.

God: Let me now tell you about the element number 0 i.e Myself. I am omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, all pervading, timeless being and everything that you can see in the world is me only. You, your family members, your colleagues, your countrymen and the fellow citizen’s on this planet are nothing but me only. There is nothing in this universe which is not in me including the “nothing” itself. So, in my eyes, there is no creation and no destruction. It is only the sustenance of me, which also works in a self-sustained mode and hence actually there is nothing “changing” in the universe. You all are inside me and I am inside all of you. I am the biggest of all elements and I am the minutest of all, at the same time. I am the smallest mathematical number 0 and I am the largest mathematical number up to infinity, and sum total of all positive and negative numbers. Let me now explain the creation process from the point from which you can understand the same. Here is the logic of the entire creation process that humans can perceive. The entire universe has three broad functions only, Generate-Operate-Destroy (GOD). Let me show you a picture depicting the three functions.

As you can see in Picture 45; I have shown the state of my Para Prakriti(Consciousness) and the Apara Prakriti(Separated Material Energy) before any creation actually took place. You can see me as Absolute zero on left side and the three functions Generate, Operate and Destroy shown in the middle of the picture. These relate to Sattvaguna, Rajoguna and Tamogunaqualities of the primordial matter respectively, which are shown on the right side of the picture. If you notice closely, I have marked all elements as zero at this stage, in order to let you know that even if the functions and the three qualities of my separated energies are shown outside the Absolute zero; it is still contained in me. I hope you understand this much.

Author: Yes father, I am able to visualize what you are saying.

God: I have shown the souls marked as element number 1; as they are nothing but part of my superior energy only. It is no different from my consciousness and is the manifestation of the same as Marginal Energy. All the souls are contained in me as well, as you can yourself depict from the picture.

Author: Hmm. I think this is the reason why all religions profess that we are within God.

God: You are right. And in fact, the reverse is true as well. You all are within me and I am within all of you too. So, let me show you the creation of element number 2. My Generate function worked on the Sattvaguna of Primordial matter and the element number 2, i.e. Mahat Budhdhior “Intellect” was manifested. I am showing you picture 46 to depict the same. Any question on this?

Author: No God. I think my own “Intellect” is able to understand its “source” very well. You were right in saying that a picture speaks a thousand words; so I think the effectiveness of these pictures are truly being manifested as I am able to draw the same as part of Code of Citizen’s Conduct articles with a glaring ease.

God: Good. So, let me show you the next element; element number 3, i.e. Ego. Ego is nothing but the manifestation of my Destroy function. Where there is Ego, there is no intellect and when the Ego is kept in control; the real intellect starts manifesting. Intellect and Ego is nothing but equal and opposite forces of the material world. You will be surprised to know that it is the Intellect which is the “source” of Ego element. Let me show you a picture to depict the same.

The Element number 3 Ego is created when my Destroy function worked on the Tamogunaquality of material energy and utilizes the Intellect (Mahat Budhdhi) element’s “Generate” function.

Author: Oops. Now, I am slightly confused. If Intellect is the cause of Ego, then Intellect should also be taken as a negative quality. Isn’t it?

God: No, this is the catch. As soon as my superior energy worked on my material energy to create Intellect (positive energy), it became important to create the Ego (negative energy) to balance my zeroness and hence the Intellect was bound to create the Ego, which is nothing but the absence of Intellect.

Author: Oh I see.

God: Now, it was time to manifest my “Operate” function which gives fuel to both the Intellect and the Ego and vice versa. In fact as I said earlier, in real essence there is nothing that is created or destroyed including the Intellect and Ego; however, from the “point of view” of the “Observer”, any creation or destruction that is observed or performed by someone is nothing but the manifestation of my Operate function only. Let me show you the creation of Element Number 4, i.e. the raw material of Mind (Mann or Emotions), which is created when my Operate function worked on the Ego (Ahamkaar) using the Rajoguna quality of primordial matter. The new element Mannis nothing but the combination of 5 Tanmatra(5 subtle elements) only. I will show you another picture where I will depict the Element number 4 in expanded form. 

God: Do you have any question on the Picture 48, or should I show you the expanded view of the Mann(Emotions) as 5 subtle elements?

Author: It is pretty clear to me. Please show me the expanded view.

God: Although the primary function of Intellect (Budhdhi) is to “Generate”, the Ego (Ahamkaar) is to “Destroy” and the Emotion is to “Operate”; all of these can perform the functions of each other as well. The Intellect can Destroy as well as Operate; the Ego can Create as well as Operate and finally even the Emotions can Create and Destroy. So, overall the material energy will remain the manifestation of delusion only and the Soul (Marginal Energy) is given the role to come out of this delusion and realize itself and me. I will show you the detailed process of Birth, Death, Reincarnation and Liberation in upcoming sessions. For now, just note that every creation of something is a destruction of something opposite to it and vice versa. So, whenever a Generation happens, an equal and opposite Destruction works in tandem and this process of change can be considered as an Operation; and hence the G-O-D function executes simultaneously to keep my zeroness intact. For example: When a person learns something, his intellect is enhanced (created) and the ignorance (ego) is destroyed and the process of learning is the operate function. Similarly, if a building is “destroyed”, it results into “creation” of debris and the change process of converting the building to debris is an operate process.

These three elements of nature are very closely bound to each other and keep trying to overpower each other.

Author: Oh, logically I understand what you mean. But isn’t it a dangerous situation for humanity. If we go by this logic, the humans will get confused as to what should they create and what should they destruct.

God: It is not difficult to ascertain. They have to destroy their vices and they must create virtues in them.

Author: But this is the biggest problem of today’ world. People are not able to recognize clearly what the moral values are and whether their actions are creating virtues or vices. I think I need more explanation on this.

God: This is the reason why I am having meditation sessions with you. I will explain you the right virtues that I had set up for all human beings. The last few sessions and the upcoming few are focused on giving you some basic concepts and terminologies. Once that is done, I will explain you about the role of the primary Change Agents of the current Project YugParivartan which I mentioned during the meditation session of Article 0.9 – Change Agent Network. I will also let you know the role that all other human beings who want to participate in this GRANDEST CHANGE ever of this Chaturyugi Cycle (Four Eras of Descending and Ascending Collective Human Consciousness) can play in order to elevate the collective human consciousness to Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) levels.

Now, let me show you the expanded view of the Mann(Emotions) having the five subtle elements as its composition. As you can see in picture 49; the five subtle elements are Shabd(Sound or Word), Sparsh (Touch), Roop (Sight, or form), Rasa (Taste) and Gandha (Smell). I have not given them any numbers as these are nothing but the expansion of the Element number 4 only. 

God: Any question on this?

Author: No God. I think this is well explained. There is a lot of text available on the 5 subtle elements as part of Vedic literature; so I have a pretty good idea of the same. However, the picture just shown is a good representation of the five subtle elements and really helpful to confirm my learning.

God: Ok. So, let’s move on to the five Gross elements manifested from these five subtle elements. I am again showing you a picture to depict the same. The AkashTatva(Space or Ether) is the manifestation of Shabd(Sound or Word) Tanmatra (Subtle Element). Similarly, Vayu (Air), Agni or Tejas (Fire), Jal (Water) and Prithvi (Earth) are manifestation of Sparsh (Touch), Roop (form),  Rasa(Taste) and Gandha (Smell) Tanmatra respectively.

Author: Thanks God. This looks really great.

God: So, these are the basic ten elements through which everything in the universe is manifested. Each of these has only three functions to perform Generate-Operate-Destroy. The Space elements, Air element and even Fire, Water and Earth elements have built in feature to execute the above mentioned functions. These elements are so engrained in each other that it is not possible to separate them. The Earth element is the most grossly manifested element followed by Water, Fire, Air and Space elements in increasing level of subtleness.

Author: I have been hearing about these five gross elements of creation and the five senses, God, soul etc. since my childhood, however, I never gave them a deep thought to visualize that how important it is to understand the working of these elements in order to achieve the victory over my own ignorance. Now that you are revealing these in front of me in a different way, I am feeling that I have wasted so much time of my life being ignorant about these elements. I think if these are the basic components of all creation in the universe; the knowledge of the working of these elements can resolve all problems of human life ranging from most gross to most subtle issues. I am assuming that if these elements are the only constituents of all creation; even the problems and their solutions would have the same composition.

God: This is the reason why knowledge of these elements and their functioning was provided to all human beings through the Gurukul Education system till Mahabharat war of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). The Vedas, especially the Rigveda; documents the Dharma (Values, Qualities, Duties, Functioning) of these elements in great detail. You can go through the Vedas after completing the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct and decipher much greater details to expand your knowledge. In fact, I would recommend that you re-write all the Vedas in light of concepts and terminologies that I am introducing in this book. Also, if you get time, I would suggest re-writing Bhagwat Gita for IT Generation so that its importance can be understood by the humanity in as simple terms as possible. As I mentioned earlier as well, the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct is nothing but the consciousness of Rigveda being revealed in a new Avatar. Anyway, now let me show you how these ten elements form your “outside world” Macrocosm. Picture 51 shows the arrangement of elements with “Consciousness” (Element number 0) enclosing every other element within itself. 

Author: It is indeed a beautiful picture. However, I have just noticed that Element Number 1 doesn’t have its own space and is shown as part of the outermost circle. 

God: Yes, it is to show that the Marginal Energy (Soul) is nothing but the direct manifestation of my consciousness.

Author: Oh I see, what you mean. For a moment I thought that it was an error in the picture.

God: I am happy that you are observing these pictures with greater concentration and are not missing even the minutest details of it. Let me now show you the arrangement of these ten elements in your inner world (Microcosm). The Picture 52 depicts the same:

Author: Hmm. I can notice that all the elements are arranged in exactly opposite manner than what was shown as Macrocosm.

God: Yes. In outer world the grossest element looks the smallest in size and so on; in the inner world, the most gross reflects as the biggest one. The 2/3rd of the Earth’s surface is Water, although it is a planet “Earth” and not a planet “Water”. The Air, even being more subtle than Earth and Water, has more surface area covered and so on. In the inner world, the surface area covered by Earth element (Body) is the highest and I being the subtlest element sit at the innermost layer. Here also, the soul (Element number 1) is shown as nearest to the Element Number 0. Now, let me show you both the Inner and Outer World and the Observer in a single picture. Here is the Picture number 53 depicting the same.

God: Any question on the above pictures or should we move on to the next concept?

Author: Well, I think most of the things are pretty clear here, however, I have one observation. The soul and Absolute zero is shown as close to each other which means they are in the state of Yoga. However, if this is the way these are arranged, then what is the need of Yoga at all. I mean, is this a fixed configuration of our outer and inner world or this keeps on changing.

God: It is indeed a good catch. It is not the way in which every soul has the elements arranged when it takes any life including the human life. The arrangement shown above is the one in which the Elements should be aligned by the Observer in order to achieve salvation and take the journey of lives and deaths to its logical conclusion by completing Yoga with me. Unless this is done, the soul keeps moving from one life to another in search for the Absolute Truth. We will discuss this process in greater detail in next few sessions.

Author: Ok.

God: Now, let me show you how the subtle and gross elements interact with each other. The Picture 54 shown now on your mental map explains the interaction of the Microcosmic world with the Macrocosmic world of an Observer.

The five Tanmatras (subtle elements) use the senses of Knowledge and Actions to perform this interaction. For e.g. The Shabd Tanmatra (Sound) uses its sense of Hearing to get the information about the sound from the outside world; and transfers the sound to the outside world by means of its sense of action i.e. Speaking. I have marked the senses of knowledge and senses of action for each Tanmatra-Sthul Tatva (Subtle Element-Gross Element) interaction in Picture 54. You can ask me any question if you have on the displayed picture.

Author: No father. I don’t have any question. The picture is good enough to explain the functioning of these senses. However, again, probably I may be jumping the gun here, but the soul and Absolute Truth element (Elements 0 and 1) are not shown in the picture.

God: Yes. This picture only covers the interaction between senses, subtle and gross elements. Their relation with consciousness elements will be explained in future sessions. Although there is one-to-one connection and interaction shown between the subtle elements and its corresponding gross element, however, there is actually a different composition of raw material of a particular gross element. Let me show you the detailed composition of Gross Elements and their raw material, through a picture again. Here we go; the picture 55 shows that combination.

Author: Can you explain it a little bit more as I am not very clear about what the picture is actually trying to show.

God: Sure. So, let’s begin with the topmost object and its respective subject. The subject of Sound is manifested through the object called as Space or Ether, but even the Air (Vayu) object can be sensed through Sound in addition to its primary subtle element Touch (Sparsh). Similarly, the Fire (Agni) element can be sensed with Sound and Touch in addition to its primary subtle element Form (Roop). The Water element can be sensed with Sound, Touch, Form and Taste and finally the Earth (Prithvi) element can be sensed by Sound, Touch, Form and Taste in addition to Smell (Gandha).

Author: I think it clarifies it to some extent, but I still need more explanation to it. I think we can sense Water element by Smell as well. There are several liquids which can be sensed by smelling them like, Alcohol, Stagnating Water and Perfumes etc. So, isn’t this explanation flawed? Please don’t take this otherwise, but what I am asking is based on my past experience only.

God: Don’t be afraid of asking any question. No question is bad if asked with true intentions. The example of alcohol etc. having a smell is really well chosen. If any liquid has any smell, it shows the presence of Earth element in it. The pure Water element has no smell. Similarly, the pure Air has no smell, taste or form; pure Ether or Space has no Smell, Taste, Form and it cannot be touched. I hope you understand this now.

Author: Hmm. Now, I understand. This really makes it very interesting to know.

God: So, we are now at the last concept for today’s session where I am showing you another picture to summarize what you have learnt today. Overall, the three basic subtle elements of my Material Energy (Apara Prakriti) are the ones which are observed by my Conscious element (Para Prakriti). Hence in its purest form, the soul element (Element number 1) is nothing but an Observer to whom the eight elements of material energy manifests themselves in various ways. When a human realizes the true nature of these elements, he starts complying with the natural law of truth and begin his journey towards the Absolute Truth and can detach himself from the delusion created by the material world. This is the whole purpose of getting a human life. This facility to experience the Absolute Truth is not available to any species other than a human being including the Demigods (Devtas).

Author: Hmm. I can now understand how important it is for a human being to complete his Yoga as soon as possible. It is ironical that world has started foraying into “Virtual Reality” zone; while they forget that most of them are actually living in a “Real Delusion”. I am just wondering why all this is not taught in all formal education systems of the world. What is the reason behind it?

God: The only reason is the fragmentation in the wisdom between various belief and faith system. Unless the world agrees to the common value system of Vedas, it is not possible to develop an ideal community which can see the world from my point of view. The Code of Citizen’s Conduct is my attempt to unite the world under a common value system of highest order which I had prescribed for all human beings through Vedas, my Mental Map at the beginning of creation.

Author: I will try my level best to restore these values and execute the “Project YugParivartan” to elevate the collective human consciousness; as soon as I realize the Element number 0 of me.

God: Bye for now, I am displaying the Picture 56 on your mental map; you can keep “Observing” this for some time before you start documenting the Article 0.13. In the next session, I will explain you the process of Death and Birth of a Human being.

Well, I really took a lot of time gazing through the last picture as suggested by God. It explains in great detail about our inner and outer world. The hope of seeing the fulfillment of my wish to see a new world-order based on the highest human value system of Vedas, is increasing after each revelation session with God. As I said elsewhere in this book that I consider myself as a student of human life and hence while learning something, I keep all the channels of understanding the truth, open. In my opinion, each book of any religion has a lot of value add for human life and the world must unite on a single platform and come up with a utopia education system of spirituality, so that each human on this planet can develop their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual faculty and achieve their Yoga consciousness and incarnate God in themselves. I hope I would see that day coming alive during my lifetime; otherwise I would need to start afresh in the next one because I have decided not to take salvation unless I see the collective human consciousness moving back in the direction of Satyug (Golden Age).

I have been sharing the articles of Code of Citizen’s Conduct on the social media platform as soon as I complete writing a new article. I am doing this in order to gain more insight about the Absolute Truth from the point of views of several other people, in order to accommodate the same in the Utopia theory of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. Mostly, I receive positive response from people of all faith; however, I would like to share some constructive feedback received from people of a particular faith system. Some of them have suspected this initiative as a veiled attempt to promote the Eastern Mysticism which is part of Hinduism. I consider each feedback as an outside help by God to refine the theory of this book and hence being true to myself I am sharing the same in front of all of you.

I also want to make it clear that we should be open towards understanding the good things of all faith systems and give proper hearing to them so as to remain out-of-the-box and free from the pride and prejudice. The pride and prejudice are one of the primary roadblocks in our journey towards God and hence it makes sense not to criticize any religion even if one’s religion has higher wisdom than the others. I do not want to comment on any religious faith system in this book, but just want to mention that as I have taken birth in this life in Hindu family, it is obvious that people may think that it is a veiled attempt to glorify Hinduism; but the fact of the matter is that I am trying to bring the wisdom of Vedas in as simple manner as possible in front of people of all countries; as Vedas was the only value system and education system till the end of Mahabharat battle (the dreaded World War of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age of humanity)). I really wonder if Vedic Wisdom is a property of Hinduism only or is a gift by God for the entire humanity. It is hard to believe that people of a particular faith system are created by a different God with a different procedure and a different set of elements than the humans of other faiths.

The intent of this book is to inject the consciousness of Vedas into the collective human consciousness, which was declined substantially after the Mahabharat war; so that people of all religions and faith systems will get the tools to understand the real essence of their own religion as well. I do believe that every religion was founded with a pure intention of helping the human communities to achieve salvation; it is only due to the absence of Transcendental Consciousness mentors in several communities, due to which the real essence of Absolute Truth is lost in almost all of them; although each religion claims that it is the only definition of Truth. Due to this disagreement, the decision making faculty of human beings is declining on a very rapid pace resulting into poverty, corruption, inflation, recession, terrorism and other sorts of conflicts between the human beings. The Global Warming has the potential to destroy all human beings no matter which religious system one belongs to. So, it becomes imperative that we all must agree to a Utopia theory of Absolute Truth as soon as possible. As I mentioned earlier as well, that no-one has to leave their current religious practice in order to correct their actions as per the natural law of Absolute Truth and can still adopt the Code of Citizen’s Conduct in their life. Each religion should introspect at this stage and do brainstorming to weed out all the false customs and traditions which are detrimental to the health of this planet. Let us all contribute in developing the world into a united country.

I hope that after learning my role in this GRAND CHANGE called as Project YugParivartan, I will be able to incarnate God in me and will become that messenger to terminate Kaliyug (Dark Age) whom Nostradamus predicted and also that person which is mentioned as a savior of humanity in several scriptures of almost all religions. I am not sure at this stage if I am that person or someone else is taking an Avatar (incarnation) to resolve the conflicts of the world and act as Chief Integration Officer; so, I will continue my sessions with God to get more revelations and leave it on the reader to testify the doctrine of this book in their hearts and soul and decide whether they will vote for my election as Chief Yog Officer of the world or not. Bye for now. See you in next session where I will discuss with God, the process of Death and Birth.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya Citizen and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner


You can Download PDF version of Code of Citizen's Conduct from the above link

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