Article 0.14 – Destiny of a soul

Sow a thought, reap an action;
Sow an action, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap a destiny.

The above lines are quoted by Mr. Samuel Smiles, who was a Scottish author and reformer during the nineteenth century. Stephen Covey started his “7 habits of Highly Effective People” courseware with the above intriguing thoughts from Samuel Smiles and considered the same as the foundation stone of his own work. The essence of the above lines is not difficult to comprehend and can even be understood by a casual reader of this book; however for the purpose of setting up the tone for this article, let me present my understanding of the above quotes in my words.

It says that if you sow a thought deep into your heart, then only it will result into some action; otherwise as you can yourself witness that a human mind is nothing but a cloud of thoughts passing through it; most of which never result into any action. It is difficult to get rid of the stream of thoughts unless we really master the art of controlling our mind. The second line suggests that if an action is repeatedly taken, it results into a habit. This reminds me of a quote from Charles C. Noble; an American scientist who invented Noble Blade used to cut weed root beneath the soil surface without turning over the soil. His quote was “First we make our habit, then our habits make us”. We all have one or more habits which we consciously or sub-consciously develop over a period of time and it is these habits which make our personality.

The intent of Stephen Covey naming his course-ware as “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was to let the training participants know about those common habits which he observed in the behaviour of those highly effective people, whom he selected as part of his case study. Although there can be more than seven habits that a highly effective person possess, however, for the purpose of packaging it for a systematic coaching, he used the primary 7 Habits that he witnessed during his research.

We can also notice through some introspection that even our habits keep changing and a human keeps cultivating new habits throughout his lifetime. However, only those habits that we really cultivate for long really become part of our character and become harder to change. I really wondered why Stephen did not name his course-ware and the book as “7 characters of highly effective people” instead of “7 habits of Highly Effective People”; as we can notice that it is our character which is difficult to change. Why shouldn’t we sow the thoughts of effectiveness principles deep enough to make them part of our character and not just the habits? Stephen tried to cover this “need” in the 7th Habit which is nothing but “Sharpen the saw”. He indicated that a human should continue upgrading himself till the time of death and keep sharpening himself; otherwise the effectiveness may start getting declined over a period of time. This was really a very valuable addition by him. However, unless we keep upgrading ourselves till the point of view of God and take focussed and guided efforts to incarnate Him in us, we stay far from achieving our full potential throughout our human life. Stephen introduced the eighth habit of effectiveness “From Effectiveness to Greatness”; several years after initially postulating the 7 habits philosophy. But this also addresses the issue of becoming a great human being and do not address the process of incarnating God in our human machine.

There are several examples of highly effective human beings on this planet today, who have become ineffective off late, although the positions on which they are currently operating from were attained by cultivating the “habit” of following the effectiveness principles in their lives. So, it is important to understand what really has happened due to which the people who were once very effective leaders have now become corrupt, ineffective, inefficient, immoral, greedy and immature to hold even the positions they are currently operating from; forget about the promotions to the next higher roles. Moreover, the irony of the situation is such that even these ineffective people get promoted to higher roles; sometimes the roles which are higher enough to head an organization, a state or even a country. This reinforces the need of injecting the consciousness of Vedas into the collective human consciousness of current times by directly deriving it from the God’s Mind.

We have several great human beings who have time and again brought-in several valuable changes in the collective human consciousness. However, the scale of the changes that I am targeting is of the order of very high magnitude and hence I realized that even after becoming a highly effective person or a “great” person, it would not be possible to become the Project Manager of “Project YugParivartan” (GRANDEST CHANGE of current cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction). The only possibility to enable such grand change is by submitting my “independent will” to the “will” of God so as to give Him an opportunity to complete His Kalki Avtar (last incarnation of God in this cycle). For this purpose, I have been meditating on God to get revelations about the process of incarnation and documenting the same as part of articles of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I have been sharing this extensively through social media although I have been suggested by several well-wishers not to share something of such high commercial value as free of cost to anyone. But I felt it to be important to give an opportunity to each soul in human body to incarnate God in their souls, so that the most able soul will get the honour of incarnating God in it. I, on my part, will also continue to practice the principles suggested by God and will remain one of the candidates to complete the Kalki Avtar.

I was just wondering that if a “habit” is more volatile than a “character”, why shouldn’t I develop a training called as “7 characters of Highly Effective people” or something similar; and make sure that the people, who become highly effective, remain highly effective till the time of their departure from the current human body in the possession of their souls. For this reason, I have decided to ask God to let me know of those 7 characters of a human being which can ensure the effectiveness of the people not only during their lifetime but even after their death. I may not be alive when the future generations of humanity would be using the Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0 as the mirror to see the true image of their own thoughts, actions, habits and characters and hence the destiny; so it is important that I document the same in those words which can inspire the reader, every time they pick this book from their precious bookshelves. I know that being a finite book, this may not address the solution to all human problems directly, but I will try my level best that it at least documents the root cause of all the problems, so that the solution to every problem can certainly be derived.

Coming to the final line of the Samuel’s quotation above; it is our character which defines our destiny. It essentially means that whatever result or destiny we get in our life is due to our own character only, which is created by none other than but our own thoughts. So, in order to understand the right thoughts which can take us to right destiny; the first question that we should ask ourselves is “What is the right destiny of our souls?”

The intent of today’s session with God is to understand what is the right destiny of each human being, so that we can start aligning our thoughts, actions, habits and characters in compliance with the working principle of the human machine; the principles which are specified by no other than but our own Creator. Let us see what he has to say about the same. Here we go.


God: So, how was the previous session where I introduced the properties of ten elements through which the entire universe is composed off? Did you find it enlightening or was it just something which you were already aware off?

Author: Good evening God. It was indeed enlightening. Although I had a good idea of these elements through Bhagwat Gita; but I was not able to envision it in a manner as you depicted the same. You mentioned in previous session to gaze through the last picture for some time. I did the same as per your instructions and realized that a soul in a human machine is nothing more than an observer of the internal and external elements of the creation and hence it becomes necessary to correct the configuration of these elements in our inner world and achieve the private victory, so that we can provide valuable contribution in creating an ideal configuration of these elements in our outer world.

God: Exactly. Today, I will tell you about the right destiny where all souls have to reach one day.  I will continue sowing the right thoughts in your mind so that you can become an effective transition person for the GRANDEST CHANGE of this ChaturyugiCycle (four era cycle of descending and ascending collective human consciousness).

Author: Please go ahead. I am becoming more and more curious and my confidence to host your incarnation in my soul is increasing on a daily basis. I am going through a lot of literature these days to give words to the revelations made by you. I also feel as if the consciousness of Krishna and Maharishi Ved Vyas (author of Bhagwat Gita) are coming for my help to point me to the right literature so that I can give effective words to the revelations made by you.

God: You are right. As you have started submitting your element number 1 to your element number 0, it is obvious to get such intuitions. The element number 0 of every human being knows the Absolute Truth, in fact as the element number 0 is Absolute Truth itself; it can easily search for the words which are truthful and discard those which are not truthful. Keep submitting your element number 1 to element number 0 and one day the Element number 0 will take fulltime control of the rest of nine elements and my incarnation in you will be complete.

Author: I am waiting for that.

God: In fact, you alone are not waiting for the same. Several human beings on this planet are now waiting for my Kalki Avtar (final incarnation of God in this Chaturyugicycle), which several enlightened souls have predicted from time to time since several millenniums now. The Chief Yog Officer will be my Kalki Avtar and till now you have been one of the strongest candidates for the same. However, as I said, you need to keep this open in front of the world and give an opportunity to other human beings also to apply for the position.

Author: I am very clear on this God. I clearly understand even from my Element number 1 itself that I need to be fair to all human beings and share these revelations to everyone, so that the right deserving person gets the honour to host your incarnation. The day I find a person who can own this GRAND CHANGE, I will hand-over the task of re-integrating the world to him and will accept him/her as my own mentor. Till then, I am ready to work as a Chief Mentor on a step-up role.

God: That’s a good spirit. So, let me just summarize what all I am going to reveal in today’s meditation session. I will explain you the process of death, birth, re-incarnation and liberation of a human being. I will concentrate more on human life, as this is the only species through which the liberation can be achieved. As I have told you during the last session, that in real essence, there is nothing which is created in the universe and nothing is destroyed and hence there is no beginning and there is no end. The soul never gets created, nor it can ever be destroyed and hence it is a continuous journey of soul and is actually timeless. So, whatever, I tell you would be in context to the current Chaturyugi cycle only.

Author: I am anyway concerned about the scope and vision of current Project YugParivartan only. So, even if you don’t reveal me the entire history of creation, sustenance and destruction, it is fine with me.

God: So, let’s begin with the process of human birth. I am showing you a picture depicting how the elements of male and female human bodies unite with each other in order to give a new human life to a soul.

Author: Ok. Please go ahead.

God: As you can see in Picture 57, the human male elements unite with their counterpart in the human female through the process that is already known to the world. The Male and Female both have half seed of the new human being within them and when both halves unite, a new seed for creation of human body is formed due to this union. 

God: I am showing you a similar picture where I have shown the union of half seeds from human male and female. The half seeds contain the genetic code of the bodies of the parents. This genetic code is nothing but the properties of element number 2 to 9 of the parent’s body. Although the basic elements remain same for the entire creation; these elements combine together in permutations and combinations of such a magnitude that even several supercomputers together cannot calculate all the configurations. This is the reason that your mother nature is able to create enormous variety of species and a varied configuration of individuals even in the same species, including humans. Please see Picture 58 and let me know if you have any questions on this.

Author: Yes, I have a question. The circles which you are representing as half seeds, have all the elements including element number 0, but the soul element, i.e. element number 1 is missing in the same. What is the reason for that?

God: It is to depict that up to this stage, the soul is not injected in the seed and hence the life has not yet begun. The presence of element number 0 is to denote that it is me who takes care of uniting the half seeds. Now, based on the configuration of the elements number 2 to 9 from both the parents, I inject a soul who is in waiting list and whose past karmic signature (pending fruits of actions) matches with the configuration of the combination of the elements of both the parents. This is done to provide an environment where the soul can get the fruits of its good and bad deeds of all past lives.

Author: Hmm. But sometimes we have noticed that more than one conception happens at the same time and even though you say that the configuration of the new soul is matched with the configuration of the elements of the parents; almost all such babies get a different luck, features and destiny. My question is, why more than one conception takes place and why such siblings have different luck although they are being conceived at the same time.

God: No two half seeds from the male and female are exactly same. There will definitely be striking similarities in the configuration, but as I said the variety produced by your mother nature’s elements is such high that no two human beings ever created by her have exactly the same configuration. The multiple conceptions are also a result of a complex calculation to give a chance to multiple souls whose turn to get the new life has finally come.

Author: So, how much time a soul has to wait to get a new life after the death in the previous life?

God: There is no set duration. For soul, it anyway doesn’t matter because when it leaves a body, it goes into a timelessness zone and hence the waiting period is not actually the waiting period from the context of the soul. Let me show you how I inject the soul as an actual seed to give life to the physical seed created by the union of the half seeds of mother and father. I am displaying picture 59 on your mental map to depict the same. I have also marked some labels which you can read as per the sequence numbers.

God: Any question on this?

Author: Yes father. Refer to label 3 and 4 of the picture, it shows two types of souls; souls marked as un-liberated souls and the souls with free will. Why is it so?

God: Good question. I will explain this in detail later in this session. For now, just note that the free souls are those which are liberated from their earlier human life after self-realization, but before God realization. The un-liberated souls are those which are yet to achieve the liberation from the illusion created by element number 2 to 9. I will explain this in detail too.

Author: Ok. I am parking this question for now. Please move ahead.

God: So, once the seed is fertilized and a soul is given a new human life; the elements number 2 to 9 start getting nourished by the elements of mother’s body. After a period of 9 months all organs of the baby human gets developed and the baby detaches herself from the mother’s body and takes birth. You know the rest of the things related to baby’s birth and hence I will not cover that here. However, I will surely focus on the consciousness development part of it. Any questions on the picture number 60 where I have depicted the development of human machine inside the mother’s body?  Once again, read the labels as per the sequence numbers marked there.

Author: No God. I found it pretty straight forward and have no question.

God: Ok. So, lets come to some serious stuff requiring more attention. The picture 61 that I am now displaying on your mental map, depicts, how the consciousness of the new born baby develops progressively. I have marked the picture with numbered labels again. You can read them sequentially from bottom to top to undestand how the consciousness develops, in accordance with the modified Maslow’s model. See the picture carefully for some time and let me know if you have any clarifications required.

Author: Wow. It is indeed extremely valuable information.

God: Now, let me quickly show you the relation of each of the ten elements with the modified Maslow model, so that you can visualize which element affects which level of human needs and consciousness. Here is picture number 62 on your mental map. I hope the picture itself will give you the real essence of it and I do not need to explain it more.

Author: Yes father. Now that you have already provided me most of the concepts, it is becoming easier and easier to understand the essence from these self-explanatory pictures. I will add more questions later based on the feedback received from the readers of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. For now, you can proceed with further coaching.

God: Sure. As the Code of Citizen’s Conduct is in draft mode as of now, you can keep it open for revision and accommodate as many point of views of people as possible, so as to develop this into a truly utopia model. Now, let us proceed with understanding how the elements are controlled in the human machine. The three subtle elements (elements 2 to 4) and the two consciousness elements (elements 0 and 1) takes control of the human machine from time to time based on the realizations of the observer (element number 1). Let me show you the impact of the controller elements on the overall human machine and the liberation of the soul element. Picture 63 provides a quick glance of the same. 

Author: Hmm. This is a nice picture; however I think I need more elaboration on this.

God: Sure, the rest of the session is dedicated to show you the same controllers with detailed explanation. I will show you several pictures of these controllers so that you would have no doubt remaining, related to the knowledge of these controllers. The next picture shows the eight energy centres (8 Yoga Chakras), the ten elements and the Maslow model all in a single view. I have labelled which all controllers are in “command” of the human machine on what level of realizations. Here is picture 64 on your mental map. The eight systems of human machine which I introduced during the session of “Article 0.12 – Why yoga?”; are also displayed again.  

Author: Really amazing. I think you have shown me sufficient pictures to depict the relation between Maslow model and Yoga. The answer that “Why Yoga” is the only solution to achieve the Private Victory is explained in really great detail. I hope each reader of the Code of Citizen’s Conduct would find these pictures very valuable to develop the strong foundation for achieving their full potential.

God: Hmm. It is fine if they don’t have the realization in one go. As this book is being written with a very high level of consciousness (discussion between element number 0 and 1); the reader should not expect complete realization of truth in one go. Based on the configuration of the various elements in their human machine, it may take several reads of this book to get to the essence of the same. They should keep reading it again and again, unless all the pictures shown in this book becomes part of their mental map.

Author: Hmm. Agreed.

God: Let us now discuss the various behaviours exhibited by the human machine when a particular controller is in command of the same. Let me begin with explaining the worst of all the five controllers; Ego (Ahamkaar); which is nothing but the manifestation of Tamoguna(the Ignorance and Darkness quality of the tri-quality nature). The picture 65 lists some of the behavioural traits of a human being when he is predominantly controlled by the Tamoguna. Let me know if you have any question on this. 

Author: I have one question on this. The list shows several properties of Tamoguna which seems obvious to me. However, can there be some exceptions to it as well. For example, you have mentioned the tendency of consuming alcohol as an effect due to Tamogunaand if I understood it correctly, all the features that you have listed here are vices, and there is no virtue shown here. But I have seen several people who consume alcohol and they are not only good human beings, but are intelligent as well. So, how would this fit into the overall personality and character of a person. Additionally, there are several studies by medical fraternity, that alcohol consumption is even good for health if taken regularly in a limited quantity.

God: This is a great misconception. Every element, through which the entire universe is made, is bound to their properties. The compounds and mixtures which are produced by the combinations of these elements in various proportions also inherit the properties of the primary elements. Alcohol by its very nature destroys those neural connections of the human brain which were activated on an earlier occasion by knowledge. It attacks the healthy neural connections and the information that is stored in those neural connections, becomes difficult to retrieve. Prolonged consumption of alcohol results into complete loss of information stored in those neural connections. The quality of decision making process is definitely affected by the consumption of alcohol and hence it should be avoided; if someone really owns his development. However, it can be used in rare cases as a medicine, especially in high altitudes where the temperatures are beyond the tolerance levels of a human machine. But regardless of that, the basic nature of Tamogun products would never change; even if they are taken in low quantities and under special circumstances. There are several substances available which can help people to stay comfortably even in high altitudes. The knowledge of the same is mostly lost from the collective human consciousness during Kaliyug (current Dark Age or Iron Age). This can be researched by the research scholars of Vedas, especially Ayurveda and Atharvaveda and can be brought back to the collective human consciousness.

Author: Oh I see. I also used to have alcohol in parties and get-together since several years. Although I have quit drinking due to some inner inspirations, may be the inspirations of my soul or you; but does that mean a lot of knowledge from my neural connections has already been lost and I cannot recover the same even though I have stopped drinking now.

God: The effect of the same can only be neutralized by the prolonged practice of all eight limbs of Yoga, which is called as Ashtang Yoga (eight-fold path of Yoga), which you are already practicing. I will explain the details about the Ashtang Yoga in a future session for the reader of the Code of Citizen’s Conduct.

Author: One more question. I have seen people going out of control and behaving very badly when they are under the influence of alcohol, but they become normal once the effect of alcohol subsides and hence it is difficult for me to digest that it leaves a permanent mark in the neural connections and its harmful effects can only be reversed by the strong practice of Yoga only. Also, wouldn’t it lead us to another issue? I mean, if the effect can be reversed by Yoga, people may think that they should continue consuming alcohol and doing strong yoga practice at the same time.

God: This is not possible. This way they are neutralizing the effect of Yoga also. They will not make any progress in their Yoga with me and will still remain in an illusion. Let us now move on to the second quality of nature; Rajoguna (passion and emotional mind). The properties of emotional mind or Rajogunaare depicted in picture 66. The manifestation of human behaviour when Rajoguna is in predominant control of a human machine; is listed in the picture.

Author: Hmm.

God: Any question on the effect of Rajoguna?

Author: No God. The list is exhaustive enough to understand the same.

God: Let me now show you the picture depicting the human behaviour when the Sattvaguna is in control of the human machine. The Sattvaguna is much better in terms of character and values than the Tamoguna and Rajogunacontrollers; and is nearer to Self-Actualization and Self Realization consciousness. Here is picture 67 listing the behavioural traits of Sattvaguna.

God: Any question on this?

Author: Umm. Not as such. I am just curious to know the effect of other two controllers. Once I know all of them, I will think of questions if something is not clear.

God: Ok. Now I am showing picture 68 on your mental map. It depicts the human behaviour when the soul realizes itself and takes the command of the human machine in which it is residing. Soul is actually the real owner of the human machine as long as it is in a human form, but due to the illusion created by nature, the other three controllers (elements 2 to 4) takes the control of the body and soul as well. As long as soul is sleeping, it remains a victim of ignorance and hence a human cannot work truly towards achieving his full potential. However, as you can notice in the picture 68, there are still some Chitt Vrittis (psycho-physical propensities) and hence the soul, time and again fell into the trap of the illusion created by the tri-quality nature. But, this is still a very valuable state and the soul must keep submitting itself to my will, that is element number 0 and keep a live connection to minimize the effects of residual psycho-physical propensities. If the soul ignores me and misuses the “independent will” achieved, then there are always a chance that it falls into the trap of Sattvik Ahamkar (in control of Element number 2) and may even go further down in the control of element number 3 and 4 again.

Author: Thanks God. I think I have achieved consciousness up to this level and can relate to it. However, the fact that the soul still has chances to drop back into the trap of the tri-quality nature is an eye opener. I really need to keep myself aware of this so as to not fell in illusion again.

God: Yes, you must practice the Ashtang Yoga process continuously and work as per the principles laid out by me. As I said, you are one of the prime candidates to host my incarnation and hence you have a higher responsibility towards the humanity. You must keep this in mind that every wrong act from you has the potential to create an Andhparampara (a false custom); the general public always try to imitate what their mentor or leader do. This will again result into fragmentation of wisdom.

Author: Sure God. I will do my level best to remain in live connection with you.

God: Now, let me show you the final controller of the human machine, which actually is the real owner of all the souls and material things in the universe, and that is your element number 0 (God). Generally I allow the souls to remain the controller of the human machines they are installed into, however, at times, I used to incarnate in one or more souls to act as the Change Agent of the GRAND CHANGES required by the collective human consciousness. As your element number 1 has achieved the control of your human machine, you are able to give control to me in a stretched zone. If you continue practicing the high values and the principles of working of this human machine, the stretched zone will become the comfort zone and your dream to see the Project YugParivartan seeing the light of the day, will start getting realized.

Author: Yes God. As I understand that the need is mine, I would surely like to be the change that I want to see.

God: Yes, and if other human beings also realize that Project YugParivartan is their need as well, they will anyway start aligning with you and one day each human being will move out of this Dark Age completely and enter into ascending Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). As I have said, I have marked year 2025 AD (12 years from now) as the last year for Kaliyug (Dark Age), so you need to begin taking corrective actions as soon as possible, otherwise the tri-quality nature would need to do a forced balancing on her own. 

God: Any question on Picture 69?

Author: Well, I feel that at this moment the control of my human machine is in the hands of my element number 0 and hence there is no question of having any question at this moment. I think my mind and soul are completely silent. I am not able to make out whether the words of this paragraph are from my element number 1 or element number 0. They both look same to me. I know once I come out of the meditation session, I will again be back to element number 1. I think today I would as well need your help in documenting today’s conversation, in addition to the revelations that you are making now.

God: You don’t need to go anywhere. You will get enough material for today’s topic from Bhagwat Gita itself. Bhagwat Gita is nothing but the revelations that I made to Arjuna through Krishna thousands of years back, but as I am eternal, the same words hold good even today.

Author: Hmm. But can’t the same words be utilized today to solve all the issues of humanity. I mean, if Bhagwat Gita anyway has all the knowledge that you are revealing to me today, what is the need of Code of Citizen’s Conduct at all and why not Bhagwat Gita itself be used directly to do the YugParivartan (GRAND CHANGE) again. Also, as I am again getting a question, does that mean that I am pushed back to element number 1 again?

God: You are right. I want you to stay at element number 1 for now and have right questions till you complete documenting the Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0; otherwise you will stop asking questions due to which the remaining articles will become non-interactive. So, coming back to your question; of course Bhagwat Gita can still resolve all the issues of today, but the wisdom of it must be presented in a new Avatar so that even the people of other countries can understand the same from their point of view as well. Even Bhagwat Gita itself is nothing but the realized knowledge of Vedas by Krishna and Maharishi Ved Vyas. It is not that humanity did not have this knowledge till the conversation between Arjuna and Krishna came into existence. Krishna studied Vedas from his Guru (mentor) Sandeepan Muni, before he could find words to explain the Vedas in simple form to Arjuna as Bhagwat Gita. If you understand the design of the human machine properly, it is not possible for any human being, including my incarnations, to become learned of Vedas without going through a formal process of education.

Author: So, does that mean that Krishna was not actually an incarnation and was just a learned of Vedas.

God: No. I am not trying to say that. Krishna was indeed my direct intervention and in fact, he was my biggest direct incarnation in this Chaturyugi cycle. But, even if it is so, I do not override the rules of element number 2 to 9 and manifest myself as a human being with the composition of ten elements. These ten elements continue to work as per their nature, but in my incarnations, the element number 0 mostly operates the rest of the nine elements and directs the hosting soul to achieve the essence of Vedas. This is done to lead the humanity by example and point them back to Vedas, which is nothing but the realization of their element number 1 and 0.

Author: Hmm. I think I can partially understand this, but I will wait for rest of the sessions of Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0 as I am assuming that once everything is revealed, I will be better equipped to understand this.

God: So, as we are moving toward the end of this session, let me show you some more pictures which address the primary purpose for which the groundwork is completed till this stage of the article; “The Destiny of a Soul”. As you have very well ascertained; the destiny of a soul depends on the character of the tri-quality nature of the soul in human body. Unless the soul achieves final liberation from the cycles of death and birth or at least achieves the free will by realizing itself; it keeps getting new life. I am showing you picture 70 to broadly classify the next life (body) that a soul gets based on the characters engrossed on the Chitt(Mind Stuff). The picture 70 covers the destiny of a soul if it is pre-dominantly under the control of element number 2, 3 or 4).

Author: Well. I am able to understand the same as the logic seems quite obvious. However, can you also explain the term “Demi-God”? I am actually not able to visualize what a Demi-God is; although I have read a lot about them in Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita, Ramayanaand several other scriptures. In fact, some of the religions don’t recognize the concept of Demi-God at all and they say that God is one and only one and hence those religions in which people worship Demi-Gods are false religions.

God: Well, I will explain you the concept of Demi-God in the next session, where I will let you know about the two streams of study, i.e. Science and Spirituality. The next session will cover some of the scientific philosophies and will explain them in the context of consciousness of a human being. The Demi-Gods and the heaven and hell will also be explained.

Author: Oh I see. I have become curious enough for the next session with the shear mentioning of relating science with spirituality. I really want to understand the spirituality in a scientific way and at the same time I want to know the soul of science as well.

God: Well, wait for the next session. For now, let me show you the destiny that a soul gets after Self Realization and God Realization. The picture 71 shown now addresses the same. You can go through the labels sequentially and let me know of the questions.

Author: Wow. It is a good picture indeed. I would love to see myself in complete control of element 0 and realize you. The more pictures you show, the more curious I am becoming. As I started my career as a software programmer, I am very happy to see my own source code in front of me, so that I can fix the defects and live my life free from illusion completely. Again, I regret that I wasted 35 precious years of my life in living with illusion.

God: Don’t worry. Let me give you a motivating quote from a famous author Dan Zadra, who has authored several books for inspiring the human beings.

He said:

“No one can go back and make a brand-new start, my friend; but anyone can start from here and make a brand-new end.”

So, if you are motivated enough to make a brand new end; an end which every soul has to reach one day; then you should not waste time in regretting and instead take right steps towards achieving the final destiny. Let me summarize everything that I have explained today, through a picture again. See the picture 72, where I have depicted the real purpose of human life which is given to you. Salvation and Liberation cannot be achieved in any other life form. So, a human should not waste this precious chance and should work towards achieving the final destiny as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more difficult it becomes to come out of the illusion. The Maya (illusion) of my separated material energy is as powerful as my animate energy.

Author: There is no point delaying my liberation further. I have realized my highest level of needs and hence I would surely do all conscious efforts to clean myself completely.

God: Keep up the good spirit. Now, let me again show you the five controllers of human machine in a single picture, so that you can keep this as a ready reference in your mental map to introspect whenever you notice element number 2, 3 or 4 taking control of your element number 1. You can ask the question which I have labelled as the title of the picture, every time you feel the need of understanding your own behaviour.

God: Now here is the final picture of today’s session, where I have related these five controllers with the modified Maslow model in another way. This picture will help you derive the design of new world order that you or the CYO (Chief Yog Officer) needs to create for “Project YugParivartan”. So, I am leaving for now. Go ahead and document the “Article 0.14 – Destiny of a Soul” in as effective words as possible for you at this stage. Don’t forget to read it several times after composing the same. See it from all possible viewpoints and refine it to an extent that everyone can eventually understand the essence of it. As I said earlier, the next session would bring the two streams of study “Science and Spirituality” at one place, where I will tell you the importance of both in improving the quality of human life for everyone. Bye for now. 


So, a lot of ground is covered in today’s session and several pictures were shown on my mental map by God. I hope I have designed the same exactly in the manner as shown by God, however, I accept that being a finite soul, there would definitely be a scope of some inefficiency in depicting the same. The reader of the Code of Citizen’s Conduct articles are encouraged to provide the feedback to refine the same completely, before the draft Code of Citizen’s Conduct will be published as a guidance document for people of all countries to align their thoughts, actions, habits and characters as per the will of God, so that each soul on this planet today can achieve their final destiny in this life itself. As you can notice from today’s session that to achieve the liberation, a soul need not leave the current human body in its possession and it is very much possible to live a life free of all ignorance from this point onwards, even if no conscious efforts are done till date by a soul in human form. At least I am motivated enough to host the Kalki incarnation (final incarnation of this Chaturyugi cycle) of God in me. I invite all souls of the planet to have a “healthy” competition and try if they can become the host and play the role of Chief Yog Officer.

By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiya citizen and an Ashtang Yog practitioner
27th Feb, 2013

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