Article 0.15 – Science and Spirituality

Science without religion is lame.
Religion without science is blind.

The above lines are taken from an article by German born US scientist; Albert Einstein where he expressed his views on the relation of science and religion. I hope the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct must be cognizant of world’s one of the most popular scientist in the collective human consciousness of the present day humanity. He was named as “Person of the Century” by TIME magazine for the 20thcentury AD and has several useful inventions and discoveries attributed to his name. The reason why I mentioned that Einstein is the greatest of all scientists in the collective human consciousness of today’s world and not the greatest of all scientists of all times; is due to the fact that the collective human consciousness keeps on changing over a period of time; and hence we cannot conclusively say that what Einstein perceived through his senses was brought to collective human consciousness for the first time in this Chaturyugi cycle. There is a high possibility that the people of high consciousness eras Satyug(Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age) and Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) were already clear about the principles of physical world since beginning.

I hope that the reader would have developed a good understanding of how a human machine is structured materially and spiritually and how we perceive the world outside and inside of ourselves. A scientist’s discoveries and inventions only explain the working principles of material universe, which is created by the element number 5 to 9 (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) and hence we must understand the working principles of the remaining five elements 0 to 4, by knocking the door of religions, in order to complete our private victory over the illusion created by the nature.

During the times of Einstein, the word “spirituality” might not have gained prominence and this could be the reason behind him mentioning the word “religion” to denote the study of moral values and ethics. The two words “religion” and “spirituality” seem to have overlapping meaning and are used in place of each other with relative ease. However, there is actually a vast difference between the essences of these, if someone enters deep into it. In my opinion, every religion or faith system is an attempt by a particular community of human beings to understand their spiritual existence as per the doctrines of their founders and subsequent leaders and mentors. However, as none of the religions of today has succeeded in establishing world peace in Kaliyug (Dark Age); it is high time that the leaders and mentors of each religion or faith system must do introspection to understand the cause behind the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies of the same. Many religions try to convert people into their doctrines by any which ways, just to add to the number of followers to their belief system. However, almost all of these have failed to bring peace and enlightenment into the life of followers of their own religions, what to say about establishing peace and harmony with people of other religions.

There was a widespread confusion and controversies around the message that Einstein wanted to convey through the above quotation. As obvious, due to the fame and contributions by Einstein, people during those times were interested in knowing his religious views, as it is an obvious tendency that general public would become interested in knowing all aspects of the lives of thought leaders and their role models. I found several interpretations of above quotation from Einstein when I was researching for an appropriate quotation to begin the Article 0.15 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I found some people have termed Einstein as a religious person due to his above quotation and some considered him as an atheist. Few people, who wanted to remain neutral, concluded that the real essence of a person’s quotation can be best explained by him only and hence as Einstein is no more with us in this material world, we cannot conclusively say what Einstein wanted to convey through the above quote. Let me also do some guess work here and try to explain it from my understanding of Einstein’s thought process behind his above quotation.

As per me, what Einstein wanted to convey through the above quotation is that the scientific inventions must be applied to human life with the backing of high moral values otherwise the very same inventions become counter-productive instead of improving the quality of human life and hence become lame. Similarly, any religious practice, which doesn’t have any scientific background, results into a blind faith and hence again results into degradation of quality of human life and the planet earth. I truly agree with Einstein that any religion devoid of logical explanations of its theory and values should not be accepted by the people just because of blind faith and hence it is high time when people of all countries and all religions should revalidate their belief system and religious customs for the betterment of their own community as well as to contribute towards maintaining a peaceful and resourceful planet on which all of us have equal right. But as several religions and faith system believe that God is something which cannot be understood by logic and intellect; and hence providing scientific evidences to prove the truth of their religion is not appreciated. Until that happens, it is difficult to build a consensus between scientific community and representatives of religions and faith systems.

I sincerely feel that time has come when religions and sciences must synergize together to bring the best of both worlds for the betterment of mankind in particular and all species in general, thereby creating a win-win situation for each citizen of this planet co-existing with us during our current lifetimes. This synergy will enable us to direct our efforts in right direction so as to achieve the right destiny during this lifetime itself. Even if we don’t get the final liberation during this lifetime, each soul should still make some conscious progress towards the right goal by working towards maintaining a resourceful planet for our future generations and future incarnations.

We all can understand from our common sense that Science and Spirituality are two branches of study through which anything in the universe can be learnt; we cannot override the importance of one over the other and hence instead of debating whether science is supreme or spirituality is the only thing, let us listen to the creator of both what He has to say about the science and spirituality given to us by Him. 


Author: Good morning God. You mentioned in last meeting that you will be explaining the relation between science and spirituality in today’s session, so I have tried to read some of the scientific theories so as to refresh my memory, as it has been long since I am away from my studies on science. I studied the same during my school years and mostly accepted the same as truth without much enquiry. I think at that time my mind was not developed enough to ask my teachers about the spirituality of scientific theories and the science behind the spirituality. But off-late I have developed a great curiosity about knowing both the streams from someone who is expert in both of them. As you know, traditionally, the scientific community often countered any claim when someone talked about God and similarly the religious communities often cut short the logical and intellectual questions of curious minds, by saying that God is not something which can be understood through logic. So, this has led to both the important streams of studies standing in opposition of each other, instead of synergizing and bringing best of both worlds for improving the quality of life for human beings.

God: Yes, I am truly cognizant of this problem and I know that unless the science and spirituality work together for the betterment of humanity, the Global Warming trend cannot be contained. However, you must have noticed that these days, people have already started talking about the scientific phenomenon behind the spirituality of human beings and also several people from scientific community getting interested in knowing the consciousness and even searching for the God particle.

Author: Yes, I have heard that several preachers have started explaining their faith system in the logical and scientific manner. But I don’t think any of these have succeeded in incarnating you in their soul and bring justice to large number of people who are devoid of even the basic needs for survival. Moreover, I have noticed that scientific community is spending billions of dollars in searching for the God particle and setting up their base on other planets, instead of utilizing the same money and resources to bring peace and prosperity to the people of this planet. They keep trying to establish relations with the extra-terrestrial beings, grossly neglecting to build the relationship with the people of their own planet.

God: Exactly, this is why science needs direction of spirituality and hence is lame without the same. Due to the lack of spiritual wisdom, the scientific community is wasting a lot of resources of this planet in the endeavours which are adding no value and usefulness to the humans of this planet. They simply do not understand that the sole purpose of any scientific invention should be to serve the human communities at large and not for the satisfaction of curiosity and desires of few individual scientists and governments. The same exorbitant money which is being spent in this way could have been invested in the development of several thousands of downtrodden and needy people of the world, thereby adding more value to even their own lives, rather than just satisfying the passion and curiosity of few rich human beings. These are some of the signals for me to intervene and incarnate in a human being to teach the scientific community a better way to satisfy their curiosity and add value to their own lives as well. I generally do not intervene with what human beings do as per the “independent will” provided to them by myself, however, as I am the owner of both science and spirituality, I have set designated points in which my incarnation takes place to re-establish the high human values for the guidance of collective human consciousness. This is the reason why I inspired you to come to me and hand over your independent will to me, so that I can guide you to host my incarnation and save the humanity from going into a wrong direction.

Author: Hmm.

God: I will now let the world know that the God’s particle can easily be found by the practice of Ashtang Yogaas documented by Patanjali Rishi based on his realization of Vedas. Hence spending such precious resources for satisfying human greed is no more required. I will cover this in detail in today’s session and will explain the science and spirituality of your existence. Do you have any question or should I begin today’s topic?

Author: Well, I do have a question. I can understand from your description that science without religion is lame, but what about the other part of Einstein quotation with which I will begin the article 0.15 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. He mentioned that religion without science is blind. Although I can understand what he meant, but I need some more explanation of the same.

God: Yes. He has rightly said so. Any religion, which cannot satisfy the scientific reasoning, will find it difficult to be accepted by learned people including scientific community. If any religion lacks wisdom which cannot satisfy the viewpoint of intellectuals, then that religion must introspect to find whether they are missing something in their religious books or whether they are able to understand the real essence of their own religion or not. I will tell you ten rules to attain Yoga with me, without which no religion can be called as a true religion, no matter how large the following of that religion is. These ten rules are the only way to achieve me and any faith system which do not have these ten rules built into their religion in some form, can never become a utopia religion. Time has come when everyone on this planet should introspect on the Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0 and use this as a benchmark to revalidate their religious beliefs and customs. The Code of Citizen’s Conduct is nothing but the source code on the basis of which I have designed the human beings and all other species, including the demi-Gods, ghosts, devils and Satan. I will give you some glimpse of the demi-Gods today to the extent which is necessary for you to understand how to execute the “Project YugParivartan”.

Author: Oh. I am excited to know all these. I have one more question. Scientific community believes that Einstein has used more portion of his brain than average human beings in this world and hence they have preserved his brain to study that phenomenon. So, is it true that he has used his brain more than any human being born on this planet ever?

God: Not at all. Although the answer to this question is anyway part of today’s session and you will get to know in detail about it by the end of this session, however, let me give you a quick answer for now. A Yogi uses a larger part of his brain than any scientist because the neural connections of his brain where the spiritual knowledge is stored; gets activated by the practice of Ashtang Yoga, which otherwise remain in dormant form. So, the revelations through which I am activating the neural connections of your brain have resulted into activation of much higher percentage of your brain than Albert Einstein or any other scientist. The fact that you are able to precisely document the revelations in effective words is the testimony that you have developed higher reasoning ability than even Einstein or Newton. This is the reason that you have developed knowledge about science as well as the spirituality. And to prove it further, the reader of this article can notice that several new neural connection of his brain will get activated by the end of this article, giving him confidence that the consciousness with which you are documenting Code of Citizen’s Conduct articles has the potential to remove all the darkness through which the world is passing through these days. So, for you, the religion that you are following is not blind and the sciences that you are using to document and publishing the articles are not lame. Although Einstein's consciousness lifted the collective human consciousness to a great extent, the effectiveness that you will leave on the world will be of much higher proportions. In fact, as I mentioned that Code of Citizen’s Conduct is an outcome of the synergy between several people of scientific and spiritual world; it will prove itself to be most effective book of all times during this Chaturyugi cycle. So, let’s begin today’s session.

Author: Please go ahead.

God: As I told you in the previous session that the destiny of a person is decided by his own thoughts, actions, habits and characters and hence to achieve the right destiny, a person must enquire the right principles of human machine operation and then install the right thoughts in his neural connections. The reason behind people not working towards achieving their right destiny is due to the fact that the right thoughts are not imbibed through the education system of today’s world during schooling and university education. Also, once the person enters into his professional career, he again witnesses a low value system being part of the culture. I will come to this topic when I will explain your role as the CYO of “Project YugParivartan” to improve the potential of all corporate organizations of the world. For now, let me explain you how a soul is separated from me when it takes a human body.

Author: (listening with attention)

God: When a soul takes a human body, it is separated from me through five sheaths or coverings. These sheaths are important for a soul to stay into a human body. A human can achieve the Self Realization and God realization by practicing the right principles to nourish these sheaths and fix all the defects which he could not fix in the previous human lives. All other species also have these sheaths in different proportions, however, they do not have the facility to fix the defects in these sheaths and hence the soul remains imprisoned in those bodies. Only a soul in the human machine has this feature to attain final liberation. I am showing you a picture to depict the five sheaths on your mental map. I have labelled the names of these sheaths in Sanskrit and English languages. The names of the sheaths in the sequence from soul to God is Annamaya Kosh (Food Sheath), Pranmaya Kosh (Vital Energy Sheath), Manomaya Kosh (Mental Sheath or Emotional Mind sheath), Vigyanmaya Kosh(Intellect Sheath) and Anandmaya Kosh(Bliss or wisdom sheath). Go through the picture 75 for some time after which I will explain the functioning of each sheath one by one.

Author: Amazing picture. I am just wondering that I was living with these sheaths since several years in this life and never thought about the same.

God: Let me explain them briefly here. For more details, you can go through several literatures available on this topic. I have marked the sheaths as S1 to S5 in the picture.

Annamaya Kosh (Food Sheath)

This is the first sheath (S1) with which a soul identifies itself on getting the human body. The gross body of human beings is made from this sheath. This sheath comprises of skin, muscles and bones. This sheath is nourished by the food you eat and hence its proper nourishment results into a healthy body. It is primarily composed of the elements number 7, 8 and 9 (Earth, Water and Fire). When you intake element number 8 and 9 (food and water), the element number 7 (fire) converts them into physical energy by the process called as digestion.

Pranmaya Kosh (Vital Energy Sheath)

This is the second layer (S2) to which the soul identifies itself after taking birth. The first cry or breath of the child after birth marks the beginning of consciousness about this sheath. This sheath has high mobility and travels through the entire human body to nourish the same. It is the medium between the senses of action and the organs of action. The Pranmaya Koshhas 10 parts (5 primary and 5 secondary) as per the specific functions of those parts. It is subtler than Annamaya Koshand is created and nourished by element number 6 (Air). The ten parts and their functions are as follows:

Primary Parts

1. Prana: Its function is to supply the oxygen to the human body. Its energy flows from the nostrils to the level of the heart. So, essentially it operates the breathing function of a human machine.

2. Apana: Apana is responsible for the elimination of the wastes from human machine. It influences the lower part of the body from the navel to the feet. 

3. Udana: This is responsible for energy flow from heart to the head and brain. This carries the Kundalini Shakti (consciousness).

4. Samaan: It distributes the energy of nutrition throughout the body after digestion.

5. Vyana: This flows through the nerve channels of human body and is needed to develop the strength to sit for long meditation sessions.

Secondary Parts

6. Naaga: It operates the burping and vomiting function in the human machine and prevents the formation of gas in the digestive system.

7. Kurma: Its primary function is the blinking of eyes. It protects the eyes from penetration of dust and other foreign materials. It works only in waking state and become inactive when you sleep.

8. Devdatta: It operates the yawning function in human machine.

9. Krikala: Its function is to clear the blockages in the respiratory system by sneezing.

10. Dhananjaya: Its primary function is the pumping of heart by opening and closing the heart valves.

Any question on these two sheaths?

Author: Not as such. I am impressed by this revelation. This has given me a lot of food for introspection. But I think it would take me sometime to remember all these names.

God: Ok. Let’s move on to the sheath number 3.

Manomaya Kosh (Mental Sheath)

The third sheath (S3) is the mental sheath which is a covering of thoughts and emotions. A healthy Pranmaya Kosh helps develop this sheath to a great extent. It is more subtle than the sheaths S1 and S2. The soul starts associating itself with this sheath in few months after the birth when the child starts playing with toys. The primary purpose of this is to instruct the senses of actions to take required actions through the sheaths S1 and S2.

Vigyanmaya Kosh (Intellect Sheath)

The soul identifies itself with this sheath (S4) as soon as it starts the process of learning through the conscious mind. The development of this sheath increases the intellectual capability of a human being. As it is more nearer to me, the soul becomes curious when its light reaches to this sheath. The control on the emotions increases as this sheath is nourished. As obvious, the sheath S4 is more subtle than the sheaths S1 to S3. The logical faculty of a human being increases when this sheath is nourished. It is this sheath which controls the senses of knowledge.

Anandmaya Kosh (Bliss or Wisdom sheath)

This is the last sheath between a soul and me. When the soul become cognizant of this sheath, it becomes extremely peaceful and lives in the joy for which everyone longs for. This sheath is the last covering between you and me. It is this sheath through which I reveal the knowledge of truth to the soul. Unless a soul associates itself with this sheath, the Self Realization cannot be experienced. Also, as you have completed your self-realization, you are able to stay connected with this sheath almost throughout the day and night. It is the most subtle of the sheaths and is one step above the Intellect. It is this sheath which was experienced by all prophets, seers and founders of all religions. However, if a person doesn’t have Vedic wisdom, his soul does not try to transcend even this sheath and reach the right destiny. Very few souls were able to transcend this sheath during Kaliyug (current Dark Age) and achieve final liberation. But now, the time has come when the correct path of achieving the liberation will be brought forward in front of the world through my incarnation. The fragmentation of wisdom happens when a self-realized soul doesn’t get right Vedic wisdom to understand its Dharma (duty). Time has come when all the fragmented wisdom will be integrated into one Utopia theory through Code of Citizen’s Conduct revelations.

Do you have any questions?

Author: Not as such. I think I can understand this. However, I am just curious for that day’s session when  the revelations about scope of Project YugParivartan (Grand Praradigm Shift) will be complete. I hope by the end of the same, all secrets of the incarnations will be unveiled.

God: Yes. I will not take too many sessions now and will bring it towards conclusion very soon. In fact, in the next session itself I will give evidences of my current Avatar, “Kalki”. It may be through your soul or through any of the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct, whosoever submits his independent will to my will and play the role of Chief Yog Officer.

Author: Sure father. In fact I will also try my level best to convert the vision into reality and try to play the role of Chief Yog Officer myself.

God: Good. Now recall the five controllers of human machine that I introduced during the previous session. I am showing you a picture where I have depicted the relation between the five controllers and the five sheaths that I have shown today. As mentioned earlier that a human has four dimensions of existence; Body, Heart, Mind and Soul; so, let me show you which dimension of human needs get nourished by which of the sheaths. As the CYO will own the fulfilment of needs of all human beings on this planet; it is important that you document the relation between the human needs with as many concepts documented in Vedas as possible. Followers of other religions than Vedic Wisdom, including the various communities of Hindu religion can introspect on their own religious books and doctrines to see if a similar concept is mentioned there or not. If it is not found there, they can add this to their learning in addition to what they study through their own books of wisdom. Here is picture 76 on your mental map.

God: As you can see in the picture that initially the soul energy lies at the bottom of the human machine in Mooladhar Chakra. Its light has to pierce through various sheaths in order to meet with my light which is at the top of the machine. The first sheath S1 which is composed of Tamogun (Ego) acts as first and primary hindrance. If the defects of Tamogun are not fixed, the human remains inert and displays the character of Tamsik nature as explained to you in previous session. Similarly, the sheaths S2 and S3 are the manifestation of Rajogun Controller and fulfils the needs of the Heart dimension of human existence. The sheath S4, which is nourished by Sattvagunfulfils the needs of the Mind dimension. If the light of soul reaches to Sattvagun, the person develops high intellect and hence can lead a more effective life. Finally, the sheath S5 connects you with me (Element number 0 and 1). The consciousness about this sheath actually makes a person Vidvaan (learned and a knower of Vedas). Unless the soul fulfils its needs, its liberation from the effects of Tamoguna, Rajoguna and Sattvaguna is not possible. But in order to incarnate me in you and attain the full potential and effectiveness in decision making, your soul must transcend this sheath as well and achieve the permanent bliss and liberation (Sat-Chitt-Anand). This is the most difficult step and cannot be attained without the realization of Vedas.

Author: (listening silently).

God: The sheath number S1 constitutes your Sthool Shareer (Gross Body), the sheaths S2 and S3 together are called as Sooksham Shareer (Subtle Body) and sheath S5 is called as Kaaran Shareer(Causal Body). When the soul leaves a body at death, it takes the Causal Body with it, which is nothing but the realization of level of truth. When a soul enters in a new body; the results of the actions of the previous lives given to the soul starts getting manifested in the form of punishment and rewards. These results are called as Sanchit Karm(carried forward balance of previous lives). So, anything that happens in the life of any human being is nothing but the manifestation of the results of his own deeds. And anything that human does during current lifetime also gets added to this carried forward balance and is called as Kriyamana Karma. The results from the Sanchit Karma which become ripe and ready to be provided to the soul in the current life are called as Prarabdha Karma. You also have to bear all the results of your past lives even if you are targeting to become the Chief Yog Officer or a transition person. Unless you complete your Yoga with me, you will also not be completely liberated. Here is picture 77 on your mental map to depict the Causal, Subtle and Gross bodies. 

God: Let me now quickly show you how the five sheaths fulfil the needs of human beings as per the Maslow Model of motivation. Here is picture 78 on your mental map. Each sheath is responsible for the fulfilment of a particular level of needs of the human being.

God: Let me also show you a similar picture which relates the various sheaths with the modified Maslow model. It is similar to the picture 78, but relates the sheaths with the modified Maslow model where the needs are shown as consciousness levels. Refer to Picture 79 on your mental map.

God: So, now that I have shown you most of the concepts which are required to achieve your private victory (the victory over one’s own ignorance and ego), let me know if you have any question related to what I have revealed today.

Author: I think I could relate to all that you have shown and it is also a great revelation in terms of value. I am realizing how much time I have wasted in not living with the working principles of this human machine so far. But I also feel honoured that you are revealing all this to me in a very easy to understand and effective manner. I really feel there is a dearth of true mentors in the world today who can explain such advance concepts of learning about ourselves with such ease. Especially, the pictures that you are showing me are reminding me of Arjuna to which Krishna showed the Vishwaroop (direct cognizance of Almighty God in a body with form). It is a matter of great honour that you have selected me for such elaborated revelations. I can’t compare myself with any human being and I know that I have done a lot of sins during my current life as well, so I am amazed and curious to know whether you have arbitrarily selected me from amongst the 7 billion people on the planet today, or is it due to my own Karmic signature (Sanchit and Prarabdha Karma) of past lives due to which I am getting these revelations. I think only you can reply to this. Please let me know who I was in my previous life, I am extremely curious to know this.

God: I will give you several hints so that you can yourself understand who you were in your past life, but you will not get all the memories of the same. It is due to your own unfulfilled wish that you are getting these revelations. So, keep thinking, you will get an answer on your own. As it is something which is beyond logic, you have to internally realize the same.

Author: Not an issue. I will go through all the revelations several times after completing the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. Although I am the author of this book myself, but I still feel that this will surely act as guidance to even me and help me stick to the Code of Conduct that is expected by you from me.

God: Good. I know you would need to read your own authored book several times due to the reason that it is the outcome of a very high level of consciousness and is a discussion between element number 0 and 1 and hence whenever you feel that the control of your human machine is predominantly moving to element number 2, 3 or 4, you can come back to it and ride the Yoga consciousness again. Now, let me tell you the various processes through which these sheaths can be nourished. Without following these processes, it is not possible to incarnate me in you. This process is very well documented by Patanjali Rishi in his Yoga Philosophy known as “Yogadarshan”. Patanjali articulated his research work on Vedas in very simple verses, which can take a practitioner to the desired goal through regular practice of Ashtang Yoga. If you decide to write a commentary on Patanjali Yogadarshanafter attaining Asampragyat Samadhi, please make sure to relate the same with the Vedas as much as possible; in addition to the references from the contemporary teachings.

Author: Sure God, I will take care of it.

God: So, here we go. The Ashtang Yogais an eight fold process and should be understood in totality else all the sheaths explained above will not be nourished properly and the liberation of your soul from the illusion created by the nature will not be possible. The eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga are Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Pranayaam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyaan and Samadhi. I am only giving you a short description here because the purpose of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct is not to rewrite everything which is already documented in several other books. Instead you should focus on introducing all important concepts at one place and let the reader do the self-study of all references mentioned here in order to understand the Code of Conduct specified by me. I will only reveal that critical information to you, which will ensure that you or the Chief Yog Officer can provide enough evidence of my incarnation as Kalki Avtar.

Author: I am interested in the vision of “Project YugParivartan” only as I know there is no dearth of Yoga teachers who are learned and expert in the same and there is no shortage of literature on Vedas and their ease of availability due to the advancement in technology. But I am not sure how many people have realized their real Dharma (values, duties and righteousness) as such.

God: Don’t worry, time has come when several souls will realize the same. Whenever I incarnate in  a human being, I send several Demi-Gods and souls with independent will to take positions before my arrival. The same is true for every “Project YugParivartan”; and current YugParivartan is not an exception. So, here is the brief description of Ashtang Yoga, which is the practice part of Vedas. I have selected Swami Ramdev as the Change Agent in this GRAND CHANGE process for dissemination of this knowledge to masses. I will let you know the detailed role of Acharya Balkrishna, Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev, along with the role of Chief Yog Officer, in the subsequent sessions. For now, let me show you a picture to explain which stage of Ashtang Yoga fixes defects of which human dimension. See the picture 80 now displayed on your mental map.

Author: It is indeed a nice picture again.

God: Yam, Niyam and Aasan are required to fix the defects of sheath S1 which is nothing but the human Ego (Body consciousness). Nourishing this sheath fixes the defects of the Body dimension and hence is more related to the food consumed by the human being. The Annamaya Kosh is nourished by eating the food which is composed of Sattvagunproperties of Earth and Water elements (Elements 9 and 8 respectively). The Fire element (Element number 7) acts on the food taken and digests the same. The Ego of a person is clarified through the Yam and Niyam principles of Ashtang Yoga. The Aasan strengthens the body and prepares the human machine for higher stages of Yoga. Pranayaam (Yogic breathing) regulates the flow of vital energy to the entire body. It helps in silencing the emotional mind and hence controlling the defects of Rajoguna nature of the human machine; without which it is not possible to sit for long meditation sessions. Regulation of Vital Energy in human machine fulfils the needs of Love and Belongingness with other human beings. The next step Pratyahaar is the process of withdrawal of senses from their subjects. At this stage the human machine becomes ready for the meditation. This state of consciousness helps a person become an emotionally strong individual and hence fulfils his needs of Self Esteem. Next stage “Dhaarna” is where the human finds the goal of his life. It is this goal which gets fulfilled if the meditation practice is continued for a prolonged period. Any wish with which a human sits for regular and prolonged meditation gets fulfilled at an opportune time. Many a people choose a wish to ask something from a Demi-God who are also bound by the laws of nature to fulfil that desire of the practitioner if the proper process is followed. However, this is again an illusion with which a practitioner should keep himself free. Nothing other than liberation should be sought unless there are some mystical powers required for the betterment of humanity. Now, with this Dhaarna (Goal, Wish or the object of meditation), a practitioner is prepared to sit for meditation session which is the 7th stage of Ashtang Yoga. When you sit for meditation, you are actually following 7th stage of Ashtang Yoga. In a deep state of meditation, when you take a dip in 8thstage of Ashtang Yoga i.e. Samadhi, I reveal all this information on the basis of which you are documenting articles of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. At this stage, I am bound to reveal the knowledge in the neural connections of the practitioner based on the goal that he had set up during the Dhaarna stage. As you have set the wish of “Project YugParivartan” during the Dhaarnastage, it is your right to get the true revelations during Samadhi and the vision to terminate the Dark Age (Kaliyug).

Author: Thanks God for this assurance. Also, can you explain the Yam and Niyam in detail? Although I have read several commentaries on the same as written by other enlightened beings, but I want to listen it from you so that I can get one more perspective before documenting the same as part of Article 0.15 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct.

God: Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct aims to incarnate the Rigveda consciousness in it in a manner that people of all countries can understand the essence of the same from their point of views. The Volume 1 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct will focus on how to apply Yamand Niyam to clear the Ego completely. Unless a person practices Yamand Niyam in his life, the Ego cannot be completely cleaned and a person cannot incarnate me in him. So, after completing Volume 0, meditate on your elements number 2 to 9 to understand how to apply Yam and Niyam in your day to day life. You should document the Volume 1 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct based on the revelations made by your other elements. I will not be there with you while you talk to your other elements as my job will be complete by the end of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct.

Author: It is fine with me God. Once the entire utopia theory is revealed by you in my neural connections, I would do my level best to practice the same in my life and start taking actions as per the principles of operation of human machine and start executing “Project YugParivartan” with as little defects as possible for me.

God: Good, so let me explain Yamand Niyam to you in brief. The Yam is nothing but the principles that must be followed by a human being while interacting with the outside world to improve his Public Victory. Now that you understand the concept of Ten Elements of All creation, please note that Public victory is nothing but developing a bond and trust with other human beings who are created with the same elements with which you are created. I will now explain each of these principles one by one, but before that, let me show you the pictorial representation of the same on your mental map. Please see the picture number 81 now. 

God: Here is the brief description of five Yams shown in the Picture 81.

Ahimsa (a principle of non-violence): All human beings regardless of their caste, creed and religion are created by the same ten elements with which everything is created. This principle states that while dealing with the external world, a person must practice Ahimsa, as everyone in the universe is part of the same creation and hence doing violence to them is like doing violence with yourself. They may be in a different consciousness zone than yours and may need your help to know the higher levels of truth and hence you should always try to forgive them. The non-violence should be practiced in thought, words and deed. If a person becomes non-violent in dealing with people, he can win several hearts.

Satya (observation of truth): As per this principle, a person must find the truth of everything that he observes, before reacting on situations. This ensures that an action is taken after looking at it from all angles; otherwise it results into repentance later. Practice of Satya is also important to clear the delusion created by the impurities of nature. This is the reason why Vedas should be part of formal education system of the world. Without understanding Vedas, a human remains far from truth. Vedas aligns a person to the Absolute Truth and hence must be studied thoroughly.

Asteya (non-covetousness): Material possessions are just the means of living only and not the life itself; and hence these should be earned with the path of righteousness only. This principle specifies that a person should not even think of possessing or acquiring something which is not rightfully earned by him. It is a principle of non-stealing and non-competing. A person must perform his duties as specified in Vedas.

Brahamcharya (abstinence and celibacy): The observance of this principle ensures that the vital sexual energy can be utilized by the body to provide it the strength needed to attain higher states of consciousness. This also ensures that no thoughts of sense gratification detract the practitioner from the ultimate goal to achieve the highest state of consciousness that a human can achieve. It also ensures that while interacting with people of opposite sex; a person will remain pure in thought, words and action.

Aparigraha (non-possessiveness and non-hoarding): A human is not the rightful owner of material possessions more than what is required by the body’s sustenance. Unless this principle is followed, proper justice to down-trodden people cannot reach. So, it is important that a practitioner only keeps that much which is his “need” and not his “greed”.

God: I know you must be having several questions on the above principles, but I would request you to hold on to the same as it will take an entire book to explain the same in detail. The Volume 1 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct would be dedicated to these principles only. These principles are to be practiced by everyone in the world and if any religion or faith system doesn’t have these principles as part of their doctrines, then those faith systems are far from clearing the Ego (Element number 3) which is the most important issue that any religion must address. Anyway, the purpose of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct is to synergize with all religions and sciences and give them a benchmark utopian theory to revalidate their own theories, so as to fix the missing pieces in their interpretation of truth. So, all religions and faith systems should go back to their rule books and see if these ten principles are part of their doctrines or not. Unless this is done, the final liberation from the birth and death cycles; in which a soul gets trapped due to the delusion created by my material energy; will not be achieved.

Author: (listening carefully)

God: So, moving on to the next five principles which a practitioner must observe while dealing with the internal elements of his microcosm; post which I will explain you some of the scientific theories of your existence as established by some prominent scientists like Newton and Einstein.

I am now showing you the picture number 82 on your mental map, where the five Niyams (Self-Disciple principles) are explained. 

Shaucha (cleanliness of body and mind): This principle states that a practitioner must keep himself neat, tidy and clean. He should eat clean Satvik food (food with Sattvaguna, mainly vegetarian food) only. The cleanliness of mind means keeping oneself in the company of pious people and good thoughts so that the mind can also remain clean of vices.

Santosh (contentment): It states that a person should be contended with what he obtains after following his duties. He should not be attached to the fruits of the action and hence should be satisfied with what he gets as the results of his actions. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that one should not perform his worldly duties even if he has more than what he needs. A person must continue sharpening his saw and keep practicing all the principles even after achieving Self Realization consciousness.

Tapas (austerity, hard-work): It includes observances to attain the mental peace and control, so as to remain focussed on any work. The hardship received during the journey should be viewed as the signal of progress. A human must work with full dedication on his worldly duties related to his family, workplace, country and the world.

Swadhyaya (Introspection): A person must introspect regularly and keep aligning his thoughts, words and actions to the truth of Vedas. Other religious books of all religions and faith systems can also be read in addition to Vedas, as these books are also the outcome of mental maps of realized souls. This principle can also be utilized to evaluate whether you are adhering to the other rules of Ashtang Yoga or not and acts as a Quality Control measure. If a defect is found, it should be fixed as soon as it is detected.

Ishwarpranidhana (surrender to God): Maintaining the connection with me by surrendering the soul and the independent will to my will. One way of practicing this principle is by repeating the thought in mind that everything is of the God, from the God, by the God and hence must be submitted back to the God. All actions should be done in accordance to the highest working principles of human machine, but still surrendering the outcome of those actions to me. A human has no control on the results of the actions; this is my job to reflect back as per the adherence of the rules of conduct specified by me.

Author: (carefully listening)

God: So, these are ten principles without which there can’t be any progress in spiritual development of a human being. These are the principles of effectiveness from me and never change anytime from the creation till the grand dissolution. So, keep practicing these principles and you will surely be able to incarnate me in your soul and execute the “Project YugParivartan”. Let’s quickly cover the remaining stages of Ashtang Yoga practice and then we will close this session with the explanation of process of Heaven, Hell, Demi-Gods and Satan, after explaining the spirituality of scientific theories.

Author: Ok. Please proceed.

God: Let me now explain the relation between the science and spirituality of human existence. To begin with, let me ask you what you understand by the term science.

Author: Well, I think, it is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Also, the science refers to the body of reliable knowledge itself, of the type that can be logically and rationally explained. This is what I read on Wikipedia. Although I know that there can be several other definitions of science, but I consider this as authentic, as it is defined on Wikipedia.

God: Let’s go by this definition only. As per this definition also, the science is that knowledge which can be logically and rationally explained. I hope whatever I revealed to you till date is logical and is also rationally worded. Do you have any doubt about it?

Author: As far as I am concerned, I do not have any doubt about the same as I am getting these revelations first hand from you. But I am not sure if this will be able to satisfy the curious minds of those human beings who are called as scientists. So, give me some text or show me some pictures through which I can satisfy the appetite of scientific community as well. I do not want Rashtradharm – Code of Citizen’s Conduct to be considered as a religion which is blind due to the lack of scientific evidences.

God: The science and spirituality are both created by me only. So, don’t worry, I will explain you the same in a manner that the scientific community created by me can also understand the logic and rationality of this book as per their point of view. The scientific community do not know this fact that each scientist who had established a principle of material world (principles of working of element number 5 to 9) was able to do this due to power of Yoga only. All of them were Yogis who unknowingly followed all eight stages of Ashtang Yoga while working on postulating their theories and principles. These principles were always there and were already documented in Vedas; but were lost from the collective human consciousness during the Kaliyug(Dark Age). All these principles were known to several people of Satyug, Treta Yug and even Dwapar Yug. After the battle of Mahabharata and subsequent mass flooding of earth due to rising sea level and incessant rains, the essence of Vedas was lost from collective human consciousness. A "principle", by its very definition is something which is timeless and is a self-evident natural law. What the scientists did during Kaliyug is to re-establish those principles in collective human consciousness through their research and discoveries. The Kaliyugwill start receding as soon as Vedic wisdom is again re-established in the collective human consciousness.

Author: Can I know how a scientist be considered as a Yogi?

God: Scientists are those Yogis who have “subconsciously” followed all principles of Yoga during their research work. Let me explain you the phenomenon now. I have shown Picture 83 on your mental map to depict the same. Please observe the same, read the labels and then I will explain you the details.

Author: Done. Please proceed.

God: Ok. When a scientist sets his mind on a particular principle that he wants to establish/discover or research, he sub-consciously starts following the principles of Yoga. For a prolonged period the scientist observes Ahimsa (non-violence) so that his concentration from the subject is not affected. He remains truthful to the study being performed even if the preliminary steps fail. He anyways has no reason to say untruth because the scientific principle that he wants to establish, cannot be established by stating false theory at all. This way he follows the principle of Truth (Satya). Similarly, the principles of Astaya(non-stealing) and Aparigraha are followed and the scientist remains confined to accumulate the things as per his “needs” to do the experiments and hence “greed” is kept under control. A scientist stays away from sexual contact during the research work and hence preserves his sexual energies; thereby following the principle of Brahamcharya (celibacy) for a long time. In the similar lines, the self-disciplining principles of cleanliness of body and mind, contentment, hard-work, introspection and strong belief of achieving the target makes him indirectly follow the principles of Niyams of Ashtang Yoga. As he sits for long duration in a steady posture he masters the third stage of Ashtang Yoga; i.e. Aasan and hence his body is prepared for higher stages of Yoga. The next stage Pranayama is achieved as the breath of the scientist gets controlled due to the focus on the subject being researched. This enables him to achieve the final three stages Dhaarna, Dhyaan and Samadhi(concentration, meditation and oneness with the object of meditation). At this stage, I reveal the theory of the principle under observation, in his neural connections.

Author: Outstanding. I am impressed. So, this means every scientist who discovers a working principle of material world, is also a Yogi. Wow, I think this explains the science of Yoga very well. I am sure that when I document the article based on this revelation, it would surely be able to satisfy the “logical” and “rational” mind of those people who do not believe in spirituality.

God: Sure. Let me show you the spirituality of some of the scientific theories now. Let us begin with Newton’s third law of motion. You can explain the spirituality of all scientific laws of material world in a separate book with title “Science and Spirituality”.

Author: Sure God. Your wish is my command.

God: Thanks. Go through the Picture 84 and then I will explain it to you. 

God: I have already told you how the knowledge of the outside world is received by the mind, in the session of Article 0.12. Now, let me show you the same in context with the five sheaths that envelops a soul from me. As I mentioned earlier that these five sheaths are nothing but the Gross Body (Sthool Shareer) which is operated by the Subtle Body (Sooksham Shareer); any action taken by this arrangement gets recorded on the mind stuff called as Chitt. Each such record creates psycho-physical propensities as I explained in the previous session. These propensities are nothing but the fruits of the actions taken by the soul when it is in a human body. In all other species, actions are not recorded, and only the fruits of the actions done during human life are provided to the soul. If any action is initiated when the person is in Yoga consciousness, the Chitt Vrittis (vortices of feeling) cease to make any impact. If a soul leaves in that state of consciousness at the time of death, it need not take rebirth. This only happens when the soul transcends all the sheaths and gets merged with me.

Author: Oh I see. This means that even if a person achieves the Transcendental Consciousness, the liberation won’t take place, unless the merger with you is complete.

God: Yes. But if a soul leaves a human body while in Transcendental Consciousness; it can take birth on its own will. Although, these souls do not remember the past lives, but their Kundalini Shakti (Soul) automatically gets awakened in the next life without strictly observing the Yoga practices.

Author: Oh, now I can relate why my Kundalinigot awakened even without doing anything consciously to do that. It means I achieved my Sampragyat Samadhi (Self Realization) in my previous life also.

God: Exactly.

Author: So, can you tell me who I was in my previous life?

God: Wait for the right moment. You will know it yourself by the end of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. The souls with free-will keep taking rebirth as per their choice, to uplift the consciousness of people in a particular human community. As soon as a soul comes in contact with my material energy in human body, it forgets the past lives. If it doesn’t get associated with a Vedic mentor, it results into creation of a new religion or a faith system without connecting it to Vedic wisdom. However, each such faith system still has a lot of wisdom and if explained by a Transcendental Consciousness mentor, can add a lot of value-add to the development of that community. However, if there is a lack of Transcendental Consciousness preachers in that community, the same revelations are interpreted in a manner by the followers that it starts becoming counter-productive for the humanity over a period of time and results into spiritual defects. All such religions were founded with the sole purpose of elevating the downtrodden people and establishing the value system, so that the community where these religions originated can live in peace and harmony. Now, the Chief Yog Officer has to reunite all the people on this planet under one value system without forcing the people to completely leave their own religions. All people of this planet are created by me only and hence all have their birth right over the wisdom of Vedas. Now that the peak of Kaliyug has arrived, it is time when the world will start moving towards Vedic way of living.

Author: Hmm.

God: Ok. Let’s move on. Do you remember the quotation with which you started the previous session?

Author: Yes father.

God: Yes. So, let me show you how the thought process of a soul in a human body results into its destiny and how it can be represented through the five sheaths model. This will help the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct to become curious for those thoughts which can lead them to their right destiny. Here we go; Picture 85 is there on your mental map now.

God: Go through the labels as per the sequence number and let me know if you have any question on this.

Author: No God. I don’t have any question as it is quite clear.

God: Now, let me explain the Albert Einstein’s most popular scientic discovery of physical world; E=m x c x c. As I mentioned above, Enistein was also a Yogi who followed all principles of Ashtang Yoga to a great extent during his research and hence I had no reason to not enable those neural connections of his brain where the information about that formula was stored. Although this principle of physics was known to several people during Satyug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age) and Dwapar Yug(Bronze Age) of humanity; it got lost from collective human consciousness during the Kaliyug (current era of Darkness). I will now show you how the same principle applies to the effectiveness of a thought, which results into an effective action, which results into the habit of effectiveness and then to the character of effectiveness; which finally decides the right destiny of a soul. Refer to Picture 86 displayed on your mental map. Read the labels as per the sequence numbers as always.

Author: Hmm, quite elaborate. What I can make out from this picture is that if the centre of mass that is my mind is in Ego consciousness, the decision will be least effective. If I take my centre of mass to my heart and take the decision from Heart consciousness, the decision will be better than if it is taken through the Ego. If my mind is in Intellect consciousness, the decision is higher than Ego as well as Emotions. And I think at this stage, the mind actualizes itself and achieves its full potential. Isn’t it?

God: Yes. After the Self-Actualization of mind, it starts realizing the presence of two sources of light in the human machine; the light of your element number 0 and 1 in equal proportions. But if the mind doesn’t submit to the soul after this stage, it starts thinking that whatever it has established is its own achievement; and hence the Ego and Emotions consciousness will start attracting it towards them again. Self-Actualization is the limit of physical and material world and hence scientists cannot go beyond that. If they want to explore further, they must awaken their Kundalini(Soul) and submit it back to me for final liberation and achievement of full wisdom and vision. This cannot happen without the conscious efforts to learn Yoga from a realized mentor to get the further knowledge. If the contributions by the Self Actualized mind are not in control of a Transcendental Consciousness mentor; there are high chances that the Self-Actualized person attains high ego of Intellect, which can become harmful for the humanity by causing dis-balance in the element number 5 to 9 of the Macrocosm. My Material Energy (Apara Prakriti) then balances the same through Earthquakes, floods, incessant rains, tsunamis and declining in quality of human life. There are several scientific inventions which are adding to the Global Warming because they are not in control of Transcendental Consciousness people and similarly there are several religious customs in almost all religion and faith systems of today’s world, which are adding to the Global Warming due to the lack of Transcendental Consciousness mentors in almost all of them.

The Global Warming is nothing but the manifestation of Einstein’s quotation that “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind”. It is the lame scientific inventions and the blind religious practices which are taking all of you slowly towards the doomsday scenario.

Author: I agree with you completely. I have now realized that both science and religion must work in perfect harmony, otherwise both become harmful for the people at large and drift away from the very purpose for which both should work.

God: Ok. So I have two more topics left for today; one is to explain the concept of four Quotients through which the potential of a person is decided; and the concept of demi-Gods (Devtas), Satan (Shaitan, Rakshash etc) and the Heaven and Hell, post which we can close this session. Also, please let me know if you want to cover both of these or want me to split this between two sessions?

Author: God. I think the amount of material that you have revealed in today’s session is too huge and the article based on today’s session would become very long when I will document the same. So, I think let’s cover the concept of Quotients in this session and include the remaining ones in next session.

God: I have no issues. So, let me display the final picture of today’s session on your mental map. These are four Quotients (measures) which decide the potential energy and hence the effectiveness of a person’s life. These are PQ (Physical Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). Please see Picture number 87 on your mental map now.

Author: Hmm. This is good. Can you also provide one liner definitions of these quotients so that I can document the same as part of the Article 0.15 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct?

God: Sure. Here we go.

Body Quotient (BQ): Understanding of actual needs of your body and control on the “wants”.

Emotional Quotient (EQ): Feelings for Self & others and ability to tackle adverse situations

Intelligence Quotient (IQ): Enhancement of Problem solving Logic & Memory retrieval

Spiritual Quotient (SQ): Unfolding of deeper levels of Self by practising Selflessness.

Author: Thanks God. Like always, today’s session was also very fruitful and helped me understand myself better.

God: Now that I have told you all important concepts of your existence, time has come when I will start revealing the vision and blueprint of “Project YugParivartan” (GRAND CHANGE) in your neural connections, so that you can realize that verse of Bhagwat Gita with which you started Article 0.2 – Need for Change. The Dharma Ki Sthapana(re-establishment of highest virtues) will begin from next session onwards. I will also let you know the logic behind my incarnations during previous “Project  YugParivartan” (Change in an Era as per the Chaturyugi Cycle system of collective human consciousness). So, I urge you to start the next article again with the same verses of Bhagwat Gita for the third time. Go ahead and document the Article 0.15 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct with the best of your Quotients and seek feedback from other learned people from science and spiritual background to help you refine the content, so as to accommodate the thought process of those people who also have achieved higher levels of consciousness. You will require the support of several such people and hence you must synergize with them before you launch “Project YugParivartan” in its full steam. Bye for now. See you in next session very soon.

Author: Bye father.


The length of today’s article has grown to a large size, so I would not make it longer with the big footnote and would just include one more quotation from Einstein’s book “The Expanded Quotable Einstein” published by Princeton University Press.

“I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know his thoughts. The rest are details.”

It is unfortunate that we do not have Einstein with us today, otherwise he would have got several people in Bharat (India) replying to his above doubts with glaring clarity. I won’t claim that whatever I say is truth and what other’s perceive from their point of view is not truth; but I hope today’s article could have satisfied the curiosity of the great scientist Albert Einstein to his soul’s content, if Code of Citizen’s Conduct was documented during his lifetime. Not an issue, as he did not completed his Yoga during that lifetime; he would definitely have returned back to human life as a Budhdhist monk or a seer in Haridwar or Rishikesh in Bharat (India). It is equally possible that he would have re-incarnated at a place near to his earlier hometown, as a scientist, unveiling yet another phenomenon of material world. Whatsoever life he would have got, it is a true fact that his contributions were very valuable to the mankind.

In the next session, God will explain me the Chaturyugicycle and the concept of Demi-Gods, Heaven, Hell and His incarnations (direct interventions). I hope I would also get some clues on my past lives of human incarnations and my relation with all previous “Project YugParivartan” due to which I am getting all these revelations. Thanks.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya citizen and an Ashtang Yoga practitioner

8thMar, 2013

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