Article 0.16 – Chaturyugi Cycle

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Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharata,
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya, Tadatmaanam Srujaamyaham,
Paritranaaye Saadhunaam, Vinashaaye Ch Dushkritaam,
Dharma Sansthapanarthaya, Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge.
"Whenever and wherever there is a decline in Dharma (righteousness/values) and pre-dominance of unrighteousness, I manifest myself in the form of a human being. To protect the virtuous; to destroy or cleanse the wicked and to re-establish Dharma (values), I manifest myself, through the ages."
This is the third time when I am starting an article of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct with the above verses of Bhagwat Gita. “Article 0.2 – Need for Change” and “Article 0.9 – Change Agent Network” began with the same verses, pointing to a deeper meaning every time they are repeated. Let me recap the reason behind using these verses so far in the book. In Article 0.2, I challenged God, stating these verses, to remind Him that the world is passing through a situation where He must incarnate to fulfil His promise and bring justice to millions of down-trodden people, who have been kept under-privileged due to the ineffectiveness of the intellectual faculties of those human beings who are given the privilege and responsibility to create an environment of living a dignified life for each citizen of this planet. However, instead of giving me any straight answers, He challenged me back that why I am not proposing my name to become that Change Agent and host His incarnation in my soul.
This led me to a series of meditation sessions with the souls of past eras to understand how they were able to execute the Project YugParivartan (Project GRAND CHANGE) during their times; and finally near the end of Article 0.6, I repeated these verses due to the assurance by God that He indeed will incarnate now in a human being and fulfil my wish. The Article 0.9 also began with the same verses and God gave me a glimpse of Change Agents selected by Him to eventually bring Kaliyug (Dark Age) to its logical conclusion. God revealed detailed information about how He reveals wisdom of Vedas for re-establishing highest order value system in human communities near the end of a particular Yuga (Era). He mentioned that He has already sent three Yogis (Acharya Balkrishna, Swami Ramdev and Anna Hazare) to take positions before He will finally incarnate as Chief Yog Officer and set the things on course correction. In the later sessions, He started revealing that “Why Yoga” is the only solution to clear this mess and why only Yogis(a realized soul) can do YugParivartan(GRAND CHANGES). He further elaborated on other important concepts related to Yoga and asked me to keep documenting the silent revelations of meditation sessions using the words as per best to my knowledge and skills.
Although, for Articles 0.2 and 0.9, I selected the above verses due to my own need to realize them; however, in previous article, God Himself instructed me to again use the same verses to begin the article for today’s session. I hope the purpose behind that would be to give me more evidences of His incarnation to terminate Kaliyug (Dark Age), so that I can come further close to realize these verses. The situation of today’s world is such that there is no single authority of a realized soul of Vedas who can take responsibility to bring peace and happiness to each citizen of this planet and hence it is important that a person with highest wisdom of taking decisions should be appointed as the Chief Mentor of the world to take effective decisions for reshaping the future of the entire world. So, it is important to understand how the decision making faculty and vision of a human being be enhanced to see the world’s problems with God’s point of view. With this reason, I agreed with God to continue documenting the vision of Project YugParivartan, so that the souls in human body can start implementing the same as soon as possible and we become witness to the greatest paradigm shift in the thought process of collective human consciousness ever in the current Chaturyugicycle (a cycle of four eras of descending and ascending collective human consciousness). Although God has touched about the subject of Chaturyugi cycle in the session of Article 0.8 – God’s mental map, however today is the day when He will be providing serious evidences of His incarnation by explaining the Chaturyugi cycle in greater detail.
Several people have become curious now to witness the most needed incarnation of God in a human being, so I am hoping to get as many evidences as possible in today’s session with God to convince the reader that Kalki Avtar (last incarnation of God in this cycle for Project YugParivartan) is really being manifested. So, let’s see how the events unfold in the session today.
God: Hi Hitesh, how are you! So, how are you feeling after understanding the science and spirituality of your existence?
Author: I am really impressed and feeling more energetic than ever after understanding the application of Einstein’s equation of energy to enhance the consciousness of human beings. The Einstein’s equation that you showed in last session was really mind-blowing and kept me thinking about the same even after documenting the revelations as Article 0.15 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I am very excited to develop all my quotients (PQ, EQ, IQ and SQ) as per your instructions now, as my formal education system never taught me so. I noticed that the emphasis of today’s education system is just to make people learn by rote and make money; so the focus is entirely shifted to the development of intellectual faculty of the students without fixing the issues of emotional mind and the ego. There seems to be no focus on fixing the defects of the soul at all, as the subject is restricted to spiritual missions, religious communities and voluntary self-study only.
God: Don’t worry. As my incarnation is not too far now, these issues will be taken care and fixed right at the root. Without making a person emotionally strong, he cannot be made intelligent because intelligence works well only when the emotions are kept silent and ego is cleaned; otherwise as I showed you in the session of Article 0.12 that the input signals received by the senses of knowledge are distorted by Emotions and Ego and the person cannot see the clear picture of the reality. This makes him intelligent in only those situations where his emotions are silent and makes him corrupt and ineffective when there is an agitation of Emotional Mind (Mann). Anyway, the issue of today’s world is even bigger than that. Due to the lack of wisdom of Vedas, even the intellect is going out of control even if one masters the art of controlling the Emotions.
Author: Hmm.
God: The intellect can decide what is logically correct, but it cannot have the true vision of truth unless the intellect is in control of wisdom; which can even see beyond the logical explanation of something. This is the reason why Yoga is important to develop the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) of human beings. However, due to the fragmentation of wisdom under various religions, it is difficult to implement this in the formal education system for all human beings unless a Utopia theory is able to explain the “logic” behind the subject which is above the “logic” itself. This is the reason I am revealing the Utopia theory of Truth in your neural connections which almost all educated people of all religions, faith systems, scientific community and heads of businesses and countries can accept and start implementing in all the four pillars of humanity; Education System, Political System, Business System and the Service System in their area of influence. This will ensure a win-win situation for all human beings on this planet and save it from major disasters waiting to unfold due to Global Warming. All human beings irrespective of any background will now start moving back to Vedas (wisdom) as soon as they agree to the truth of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. There would definitely be some early birds who will understand the same faster, however, do not feel overburdened by thinking that how would you coach all 7 billion people at once. The alignment of a soul with my point of view, which I am revealing through you in this book, will only happen when the soul becomes curious.
Author: Ok. So, what will happen to other people who do not accept this book as Utopia theory of Truth?
God: As I said, everyone will accept this book as Utopia theory as soon as they develop the curiosity to know the truth. No one can deny the facts mentioned in Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct not only because of the “intent” but also due to the “content”. You have already made several people curious to read the next articles of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. As soon as you complete writing the book, they will start aligning with you to convert the vision into reality and hence play their part in the GRANDEST CHANGE of this Chaturyugi cycle. If you remember the story of Ramayanaand Mahabharata, my previous incarnations Rama and Krishna also involved several people with them in order to save the humanity from declining human values during their times; and hence you should also start involving those who accept the evidences of my current incarnation as Kalki Avtar that I am revealing in the session today. Each human being has a role to play and hence several people will get aligned with you to become part of the GRANDEST event ever recorded in the history of mankind.
Author: Hmm. I don’t know about others, but even though I am myself writing these revelations, I feel that at least I am becoming more and more curious when I read the articles after publishing the same. I keep feeling amazed to read my Code of Conduct as a citizen of this planet and sometimes I do not believe that these are being written by me. What could be the reason of that? I mean, how it can happen that the author of a book himself feels surprised, amazed and curious to read his own book several times, even though it is the outcome of his own mind.
God: Well. The reason behind this is the variation in your consciousness throughout the day. When you meditate on me, you get the revelations from your element number 0 to your element number 1. When you write an article based on those revelations, your consciousness lie somewhere between element number 0 and 2. So, while writing, you may not feel amazed as your point of view at that time is closer to the point of view from which this book is being written. However, when you go back to your daily shores, the consciousness slightly declines and the controller of your human machine changes hand from Soul to Intellect or Emotions and sometimes even Ego. In those consciousness states you feel as if someone else has written the articles. So, to make it permanent and keep the control with elements number 0, 1 or 2; you need to keep practicing the principles of all eight stages of AshtangYoga that I introduced in previous session. You need to keep yourself outside the clutches of my Material Energy and witness everything happening as a spectator. As I mentioned earlier, the illusion created by my Material Energy is as strong as my Conscious Energy.
Author: Hmm. I can understand from previous sessions that we all are living in illusion. But then why did you create everything at first place; and if everything is illusion why do we see and feel the things? I can understand that a practitioner stays away from this illusion when he is in a state of meditation, but then how can me or the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct understand logically, that everything is an illusion? Can you explain it through some of the scientific principles as well because I am sure if my point of view is changing throughout the day, then the reader’s point of view will also be changing? I suspect that the impact of this book will be short-lived on the reader and he will not be able to convert the thoughts into action; and hence the entire purpose of documenting the book will be lost.
God: Ok. So, let me explain the logic scientifically using Newton’s law. Newton’s third law of motion suggests that for “Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. However, as I said that if you see it from my point of view, then there is nothing which is changing and hence there is no action and consequently there is no reaction as well. Everything in the universe follows the principle of relativity. I am “everything”, as there is “nothing” that I brought from any outside universe. So, from my point of view, there is nothing created, destroyed and hence there is nothing which can be sustained. So, overall there is nothing in the universe, but still there is everything in the universe. All good and bad things are within this universe and you as an observer in a human machine have to finally submit your soul to me in order to see the world in this manner from my point of view. It is only the yoga of your soul with me which can make you understand this.
Author: Hmm.
God: Overall whatever reaction you see in the world is due to the actions taken by you. The world configures itself as per your “point of view”. So, if you see that the world of today has become corrupt, polluted or unjustly and nothing much can be changed about it, then it is just because you have not seen it completely from my point of view. If you see it from my point of view, you will automatically get the realization that you are already given everything by me which is required to do the changes that you want to see in the world. Unless you, as the citizen of this planet, do not live as per the principles specified by me in Vedas, you will not be able to configure the world to come out of Kaliyug (Dark Age). This is why I said that if you want to see the change, then just change yourself and be the change for the entire humanity. Your private victory itself is your public victory. The more you realize your potential, the better your impact on other human beings would be.
Author: After so many revelation sessions, I have started realizing the same; however, as my consciousness still keeps changing during the day, I am really not able to see it the same way throughout the day. But, I am sure once you explain the entire logic of creation, sustenance and dissolution; I would surely develop a habit of taking decisions in my life from your point of view.
God: Hmm. I know that the root cause of your illusion is also me; hence I would surely show you the path through which you can break this illusion for not only you, but for your entire fellow citizens of this planet. Anyway, let me continue with some more scientific theories. Consider Newton’s first law of motion which states that; “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” Going by this principle, unless a force of high consciousness is provided to a person’s mind, it will tend to move in a state of motion in which it has always been moving. For a paradigm shift of a human mind, a Guru or a mentor acts as that external force, however, due to the dearth of Transcendental Consciousness mentors in almost all religions, political establishments and the business world today; the leaders have no choice but to get corrupted over a period of time. The repeated reading of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct will act as that external force which can be utilized to direct the mind in the direction towards me and remain focussed towards the right destiny. Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct will become the central point of consciousness of the entire world now, and will keep attracting souls in human body till the end of this Chaturyugi cycle.
Author: Hmm. I got it. Can you also explain a bit more about Einstein’s E=m x c x c equation that you showed in last session as I feel that people may need more explanation about the same?
God: Well, I will cover it shortly here; you can elaborate this more when you write a book dedicated to science behind the spiritual customs and spirituality behind the scientific theories. For now, just understand it this way. The sum total of everything in the universe is zero, which is nothing but me. The energy of the universe is thus zero and hence it means there is no energy in this universe. If there is no energy in the universe, then there is no matter as well and eventually, it means there is no consciousness in the universe. As per the theory of relativity, everything that seems to be changing in the universe is in relation to something. Also, you must have heard the proverb that “The only constant thing in the universe is change”. However, if you read it more closely you will find that if the change is a constant, it means there is no change at all. So, even if you are thinking to do the GRANDEST CHANGE of this Chaturyugi cycle, there is nothing which will actually change in the universe. So, the only thing that you need to understand is to change your point of view to my point of view to see that there is actually nothing changing. This can only happen if you complete your Yoga with me. I am now showing picture 88 on your mental map to depict the Einstein’s equation of energy and the three entities Observer (you), Observed (me) and the Observation medium (my Material Energy). Read the labels sequentially.
Author: Hmm.
God: Every “reaction” is in relation of some action. Every effect is due to some cause; and hence if you want to bring Absolute Effect in your life, you need to learn and work for Absolute Cause (God) only.
Author: I think I am prepared now to work for the Absolute Cause, as I want to see the Absolute Effect coming in my life. Please continue.
God: So, let us move to the theme of today’s discussion and explain you the logic behind the Demi-Gods; a concept that we were not able to cover during previous session and postponed it for today’s session as per your request.
Author: (curiously listening)
God: Let me show you a picture depicting the primary four Devtas (Demi-Gods). Observe picture 89 on your mental map and then I will explain it to you. Read the labels as per the sequence numbers.
Author: Hmm. Done.
God: The demi-Gods stay in the outer space, which is outside the bounds of the human beings. These demi-Gods have their own world and are created for taking care of several tasks of managing the universe as delegated by me. These are also created with the same ten elements with which you are created; however, they are structured in quite a different manner than humans. Explaining everything related to demi-Gods is not in the scope of Project YugParivartan; hence I will let you know about only those demi-Gods which are essential for you to understand the scope and logic of Project YugParivartan. As everything in the world is me, the demi-Gods are also the manifestation of me only. In the purest form, I am all-pervading Nirguna Vishnu (quality-less Absolute Truth). The demi-God Brahma is the manifestation of Nirguna Vishnu and the pure Sattvaguna. Brahma is the demi-God of Knowledge. It is Brahma through which the entire knowledge of Vedas is passed on to the first human beings of every Chaturyugicycle and he is responsible for creating the entire humanity and other species and is really the manifestation of my Generatorfunction.
Author: (curiously listening)
God: Similarly, Shiva is pure Tamoguna (Ego) and is responsible of my Destroyerfunction. The pure Rajoguna demi-God Indra, who is King of Heavens; is the manifestation of my Rajoguna nature (Emotions and Passion) and is given the responsibility of managing everything created with the five elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). Although you will see Brahma managing the Generator function, Shiva managing Destroyer function and Indra managing the Operator function; it is me, Nirguna Vishnu in Saguna Vishnu form who actually performs the Generator, Operator and Destroyer function of the universe behind the scenes. The demi-Gods of Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Planets, Moons, Suns, Stars etc. are created on the similar lines and perform a specific function provided to them. Scientists have so far studied the properties of the matter part of these elements, but what they do not know is the fact that each of these heavenly planets and stars has consciousness as well. If a person meditates on any of them, the consciousness of these planets or elements can be tapped to attain the qualities and powers possessed by them. For eg. if someone meditates on Shiva to get mystical powers of destruction, he is bound to provide the same as per the duration and quality of the meditation done by the practitioner. In the same way, you can get control on the other demi-Gods by meditating on them. However, all this is created to divert a soul from achieving me. I have kept myself hidden from all this and can be meditated in a specific way only. Unless the motive of the meditation, decided in 5thlimb (Dhaarna) of Ashtang Yoga is not me, I cannot be achieved. I hope you understand this much.
Author: Hmm. I think I had read similar things through some scriptures, but I have never tried to meditate on any demi-God in this life as I never felt any inclination to ask for any material thing from any demi-God. In fact, whenever I visit any pilgrimage, I never ask anything material from the presiding deity there and instead ask for World Peace always. I don’t know why it is so, but I never felt any need to ask anything.
God: It is due to the effect of your past life that you have only asked for Project YugParivartan during the Dhaarnastage.
Author: I also feel so, but I still do not have any idea who I was in my previous life. Are you going to reveal that in today’s session?
God: As I said, I will keep giving you clues; you have to introspect to decipher that.
Author: Ok.
God: Let’s move forward. These demi-Gods as well as I, also always keep meditating on ourselves. Indra is the king of demi-Gods and is given the responsibility of managing the heaven as well as various functions to keep the life running on earth. However, as he is made from pure Rajoguna, you will find him to be very passionate and instable. He is also filled with jealousy due to his basic composition and many a times try to distract a selfless meditator from meditating on me, Shiva or Brahma. Shiva generally stays calm and composed, but when he goes out of control, he is very devastating. Shiva is the owner and controller of all Rakshash, Witches, Asuras and Satan etc, being the controller of my Tamoguna property of Material Energy. However, as he possesses several destructive powers, several souls meditate on him for those powers. Brahma is always available to provide suggestions and mentoring to all demi-Gods, whenever they go to him for any help.
Author: Hmm. Before we move further, let me ask one question. I have heard that people of Hindu religion worship these Gods. So, are these Devtas specifically managing the people of Hindu religion, or everyone on this planet? I mean, just like the humans identify themselves in relation to some specific religion, I am just curious to know if there is such division in heavens as well. Also, I have heard the concept of heavens and hell in many religions that I know, so is the heavens you are talking about is same for all religions or are there different heavens and hell for different religions?
God: First of all, let me clarify that there is no religion system in heaven. Secondly, the Demi-Gods explained above are not related to Hindu religion as these were created even before the creation of this Chaturyugi cycle. As I mentioned earlier, all religions, including the Hindu religion, are created only after the Mahabharata war at the end of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age), so please make it clear in your mind that whatever I am revealing to you is not for a particular religion and hence is applicable for entire humanity. Now, let me show you another picture depicting how these demi-Gods are related with Yoga. The picture has several labels to explain the same and hence is self-explanatory. Let me know if you have any question on this. Picture number 90 is now on your mental map. Read the labels in sequence, like always. It is depicting the three paths of Yoga namely; Yoga through knowledge (Gyan Yoga), Yoga through practice and devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and Yoga through actions (Karma Yoga). 
Author: Hmm. I think the picture is self-explanatory and we can proceed further.
God: Fine. Let me show you another picture where I have depicted the three paths of yoga with more elaboration. Again, I have labelled the picture in a manner that it will be self-explanatory to you and to the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. Here is picture 91 on your mental map now. Gyan Yoga is a subject of Mind consciousness (Intellect), Bhakti Yoga is a subject of Heart consciousness (Emotional Mind) and Karma Yogais a subject of Body consciousness (Ego). If a human achieves Karma Yoga, he selflessly works for the humanity and live with high values, even if he is not fully aware of the entire theory of creation, soul and me. This way the Ego is used for the betterment of the world. Similarly, when one is full of devotion for me and practices right spiritual technique of meditation, he is said to be in Bhakti Yoga. This cleans the impurities of Heart as the Heart is fully submitted to me. Finally, if someone achieves complete knowledge about me, he becomes a Gyan Yogi. Although I cannot be completely explained by words, a Gyan Yogi still comes completely out-of-the-box and can give extremely logical answers about self and God realization. A Gyan Yogi realizes Vedas internally, even if he has not read the entire collection of Vedic literature. Anything that such Gyan Yogi says or writes is anyway nothing but Vedas (wisdom) only. Unless a soul completes its Gyan Yoga, it cannot be liberated.
Author: Wow. It is a really beautiful picture. I did not find any sequence number on labels in this picture; however, I have read it in the sequence from left to right and can understand the essence of it. You have also clearly mentioned about the various branches of Vedas related with a particular path of Yoga. I can notice that Gyan Yoga means realization of Rigveda, Bhakti Yoga means realization of Samveda and Karma Yoga means realization of Yajurveda.
God: Exactly. Now let us move to the central topic of today’s session; Chaturyugi cycle (a cycle of four descending and ascending Yugas, hereafter referred as Chaturyugi or Chaturyugicycle). If you remember, I showed you a glimpse of Chaturyugi cycle in the session of Article 0.9 – Change Agent Network. I explained you how the collective human consciousness declines every era and how it is retrieved again. Now that I have explained you several terminologies and new concepts in the last few sessions, let me show you the relation of the five controllers of human machine and the Chaturyugi cycle diagram. Here is picture 95 on your mental map. See it thoroughly and try to visualize about the various eras. You were there in all these Yugas (eras) in a different human body, just like the several other human beings on the planet today. 
Author: Yes, I can see a similar picture as shown in session of Article 0.9.
God: The various coloured circles that you see are nothing but the various controllers of the collective human consciousness during a particular era. The controller between co-ordinate 1 and 2 is NirgunaGod i.e. me, depicting that during the descending Satyug, most of the people were able to achieve the full consciousness easily and hence incarnate me in them and get liberated from birth and death cycles. In descending Treta Yug, the virtues declined and the collective human consciousness moved to Sattvagunacontroller. Similarly, it moved to Rajoguna controller during Dwapar Yug and finally Tamoguna controller during descending Kaliyug. The current era ascending Kaliyug is still in hands of Tamogunacontroller. If you execute the current Project YugParivartansuccessfully, the collective human consciousness will move to ascending Dwapar Yug (purified Rajoguna controller. Over a period of time, the humanity will move to ascending Treta Yuga and in the hands of purified Sattvagunacontroller; and finally to the ascending Satyug again where everyone will complete their Yoga with me and hence become my incarnation.
Author: Hmm.
God: Now let me show you a picture explaining the same information in a different way. Picture 93 on your mental map is the Chaturyugicycle diagram in a parabolic view. Any questions on this? 
Author: Well, I think I can understand this and have no questions.
God: Ok. Now I am showing another similar picture with some additional information. Here I have shown the average age for which a normal human was normally able to live during the various eras. In Satyug, people were able to live for 400 years and those who stayed in meditation for several years at a stretch, used to live even longer. In Treta Yug, due to the decline in the consciousness levels of the people, the average age was reduced to 300 years. As the environment further declined and people stopped practicing Yoga, the average age during Dwapar Yug was reduced further to 200 years for a human being. In Kaliyug, the average age is reduced to 100 years due to environmental dis-balance and the distorted culture due to lack of understanding of knowledge of truth. In Satyug, people were in Soul Consciousness, in Treta Yug, humanity was in Mind Consciousness; in Dwapar Yug, it moved to Heart Consciousness and finally in Kaliyug, most of the people are living in Body Consciousness. Here is Picture 94 on your mental map now.
Author: Got it.
God: And now, it is becoming difficult for a human being to even live for 100 years in a healthy body. If the spiritual defects induced during the Kaliyug are not fixed now, it would become difficult to sustain human life for long, as my Material Energy will be forced to execute wide-scale devastation due to Global warming and the humanity will be reduced to a very small number of surviving people.
Author: But can’t you use your super-natural powers and fix the issues of Global Warming on your own and let the humanity enjoy the worldly pleasures?
God: Well, this is your Karmabhoomi (a place of work) and I do not interfere in the worldly affairs of human beings. However, as I said earlier, I keep inspiring people to become Change Agents for the localized changes needed by humanity in all countries of the world during all times. But on some special co-ordinates in a Chaturyugi cycle, I incarnate in human beings for GRAND CHANGES (Project YugParivartan); and time for one such incarnation has finally come where I will manifest through a human being.
Author: I am waiting patiently for that.
God: Don’t worry. If you have true determination to selflessly help everyone on this planet, it will surely be possible for you to incarnate me in you. Let me now show you a picture similar to what I showed in session of Article 0.14. Here is picture 95 on your mental map depicting the relation between Chaturyugi cycle and the Modified Maslow’s model. I will explain the relation of each Yuga separately with the levels of consciousness in the Maslow model. 
God: It is the same information as depicted in previous few pictures. Any questions on this?
Author: No God. I am fine.
God: Ok. So let me explain the pattern of collective human consciousness during the various eras, one era at a time. I have heavily labelled each picture that I will show you now. So, additional explanation may not be required, but still if you have any questions, you can let me know. Let’s begin with Picture 96 which explains the pattern of collective human consciousness at the beginning of Chaturyugi cycle i.e. Satyug
God: Any questions?
Author: No father. As you correctly mentioned, it looks self-explanatory to me. I can also relate to the stories told by souls of various eras during the sessions of Article 0.3 to 0.6. I really wish if humanity can be moved back to Satyug again.
God: That will eventually happen. In fact what you are doing through the Code of Citizen’s Conduct is nothing but setting up a strong foundation for achieving the Satyug consciousness for the entire humanity. However, this will happen progressively and the humanity will first move to Dwapar Yug, then to Treta Yug and finally to Satyug. Now see picture 97, explaining the similar information but with respect to descending Treta Yug.
Author: Hmm.
God: Similarly, here is Picture 98 depicting the situation of collective human consciousness at the beginning of descending Dwapar Yug; the post Ramayana situation of the world. The humanity lost 50% virtues by this time and people started becoming greedy. You can see other details in the picture shown now.
God: Now I will show you three pictures specifically for Kaliyug only. The next picture 99 shows the state of collective human consciousness just few years after the great but unfortunate battle of Mahabharatawhich marked the beginning of descending Kaliyug.
God: After the Mahabharata war, there was an acute shortage of realized seers of Vedas, who could pass on the wisdom of Vedas to the next generations and hence a stage came where the wisdom was almost completely lost. Although there were still few people knowing the essence of Vedas and several people in Bharat (India) cognizant of the Vedic literature; however, when you see it at the level of world’s collective human consciousness, the reality was that there was a void of wisdom between the descending and ascending Kaliyug. Nevertheless, the humanity cannot work without a value system and hence some of the souls from heavens descended on earth in various countries to explain the virtues, values and wisdom to various communities as per their mental level and slowly but steadily the wisdom started reappearing. I will come to it after showing picture number 100 which depicts the situation of the world at the end of descending Kaliyug and at the beginning of ascending Kaliyug.
Author: Hmm. Interesting and it reflects the same essence which souls of earlier eras explained me in previous sessions. But the addition of pictures by you is really helpful as I can now see its relation with the Maslow’s model and the various controller elements as well.
God: Now, we are approaching towards the state of collective human consciousness of today’s world. This needs more explanation because it is closely tied up with the needs of current Project YugParivartan. Although, humanity has retrieved most of the wisdom through various religions, faith systems, scientific theories and various philosophies of several countries of the world; however, the fact is that there is no benchmark Utopia theory through which the fragmented wisdom can be used productively for the development of all human communities and to save the planet from dying a slow death. This is exactly the reason why my Vishnu Avtar (incarnation of Vishnu, the highest of all demi-Gods) is the need of the hour. The Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct is the evidence of my Avatar and will save the collective human consciousness going into a wrong direction due to the confrontation between various communities, countries and religions. You can notice through various media that despite the best of universities producing best of the leaders and intellectuals, they have failed miserably in containing poverty, corruption, immorality, terrorism, pollution, Global Warming, inflation, recession, attrition, disengagements and crimes against women. Almost everyone in today’s world is living with one or more diseases of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul including you. The reason is that although the decisions of the leaders are intellectually admissible, they surely lack wisdom and vision in the same. This is the void that you need to fill by hosting my Kalki Avtar as Chief Yog Officer or Chief Mentor of the world. Here is picture 101 depicting the message that I just communicated to you. The Vedic way of living is the only solution to save the humanity from all the vices explained just now. See the picture 101 thoroughly and let me know your doubts.
Author: I think the picture and the explanation provided by you and my own assessment of today’s situation of the world are evidences enough to understand the same. I really had similar observations about the situation of today and this was the reason why I meditated on you to request you to incarnate in a human being fulfilling the promise that you did through Krishna to Arjuna. This is the reason why I wanted you to help me realize the two famous verses of Bhagwat Gita with which I started today’s article. I want to have complete realization of Bhagwat Gita including the above two verses. So, please let me know how far your incarnation now is.
God: Keep patience. Half knowledge is dangerous. There are still few more sessions where I will explain you the complete vision to change the world and become the reason behind the GRANDEST CHANGE of this Chaturyugi cycle. I will show you some pictures, giving evidences of my Kalki Avtar (incarnation). However, before that, let me complete the topic of collective human consciousness and its relation with Maslow Hierarchy of human needs, for the ascending Dwapar Yug, Treta Yug and the end of Chaturyugi cycle (Satyug). The picture 102 on your mental map depicts the vision of ascending Dwapar Yug.
God: Similarly, here is picture 103 depicting the vision of the pattern of collective human consciousness at the end of ascending Treta Yug.
God: Finally here is picture 104 of the final destination of this Chaturyugi cycle, like all previous ones. As soon as everyone completes their Gyan Yog, the next Chaturyugi cycle will begin and everyone’s memories will be washed out. This is an endless system of descending and ascending Chaturyugi cycles as designed by me.
Author: All of this looks logical to me; however, I am not able to visualize the “endless” nature of the cycle system. This is difficult to visualize that there can be something which has no beginning and no end.
God: A finite human cannot perceive this completely. This is the reason why I am explaining everything in context of current Chaturyugi only. Anything beyond this is anyway not part of the current Project YugParivartan and you should not bother about the same.
Author: This is ok, as long as my wish to see the world moving toward highest human values of Vedas is fulfilled.
God: So, now let me explain you the logic of my incarnations near the end of every Yuga (era) as indicated by Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharata. I am showing you a picture depicting the entire Chaturyugi cycle in a parabola form. See the picture 105 now on your mental map, try to understand the various labels marked there and then I will explain this further to you. Take your own time to gaze through the picture as it is one of the most important pictures of this session.
Author: Wow. This is quite amazing picture again. Please explain it in detail. I am very curious to know the complete details about the incarnations for Project YugParivartan.
God: See the label marked as number 1. As you can see that during the beginning of Chaturyugi cycle, everyone was in Yoga consciousness and was connected to me directly. Most of the human beings were created by directly inviting the souls of heavens through meditative techniques. There was no need of sexual union as independent souls could be meditated to take birth on request. Everyone’s soul energy was fully charged.
Author: Oh I see. Now I understand the reason and logic behind several mystical stories in Vedic literature. But the scientific and intellectual community of the world have coined a term “mythology” for all these stories. So, please enlighten me the reason why humans of Kaliyug(present era) do not possess such mystical powers and why the scientific community is not able to understand the logic behind the same.
God: Most of the people in Kaliyug are in Body consciousness zone and do not do long meditations to achieve such mystical powers. It requires a single point concentration on object of achievement and the same can be achieved once the time becomes ripe. Scientific community is very far from understanding the logic behind all this as they have not yet explored the power of their internal ten elements. Mostly, the researches done by scientific community is restricted to objects created through mixing of five gross elements of creation (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). Some philosophers and management consultants have researched on element number 2, 3 and 4 (Intellect, Ego and Emotions) as well, however they are also far from understanding the element number 0 and 1 (God and Soul). Unless a person completes his Yoga with me, such things can never be revealed. The only possible way to understand how one can incarnate in me is through Ashtang Yogaonly. Eventually, every soul has to complete its yoga with me; otherwise it won’t escape from birth and death cycles as explained in previous few sessions. Don’t worry, now that I am revealing the process of incarnating me in you, it would become easy for other souls to follow the path created by you. You have to lead by example and become the first complete incarnation since the last Project YugParivartan.
Author: Hmm.
God: So, to summarize, the picture 105 clearly depicts my incarnation as Apantartama at the end of descending Satyug, then as Rama near the end of descending Treta Yug and finally as Krishna near the end of descending Dwapar Yug. The incarnation of various prophets and founders of religious systems were my partial incarnations to elevate the consciousness of human communities in various countries from time to time. It was important to restore some part of the wisdom otherwise people would not have reached to today’s situation where they can understand the utopia theory that you are creating based on the meditation sessions with me.
Author: But as you would already know that I have not yet completed any university graduation, I have not even studied a single verse of any of the Ved Samhitas (collection of Vedas) available with humanity. I have not even completed my studies on other Vedic literature like Brahmanas, Upnishads and Purans. In fact I have not yet studied the central books of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion as well. So, how would I claim that I am a realized soul of Vedas?
God: I already know this. However, as Bhagwat Gita is a collection of discourses spoken by Krishna who was my last complete incarnation and hence whatever he preached to Arjuna was nothing but summary of Vedas only. After completing the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct, you can go through the entire Vedic literature and all books of all religions to elaborate on the Utopia theory that you have started documenting. In fact, this will be the exact role the Chief Yog Officer has to play for the current Project YugParivartan. So, if you host my incarnation in your soul, you will exactly be doing the same. I will show you the logic about current Project YugParivartan after explaining the logic of my previous incarnations as Rama and Krishna.
Author: You have not said anything about Apantartama. Why so?
God: Apantartama was my direct incarnation who reiterated and elaborated on Atharvaveda by the end of Satyug. During those days, almost everyone was already in high consciousness and hence the incarnation during Satyug was meant for fixing specific quality defects only and hence was not fully related with Project YugParivartan. I will include references about him wherever I feel necessary.
Author: Oh I see. I think I understand what you mean.
God: Ok. So, let me explain you the logic of Project YugParivartanfrom Treta Yug to Dwapar Yug (incarnation of Rama). I am showing you the picture 106 on your mental map. The picture has several components in it. Go through the labels, the dotted circle and the Evidence. Let me know if you have any instant questions, else I will move on to explain about the incarnation of Rama.
Author: I have seen all the components mentioned by you. However, I think this time I need more explanation to understand this picture, as I feel that it has some deeper meaning than it looks from the surface.
God: You are right. Pay great attention to it otherwise you will lose the essence. As the labels suggest, by the end of Treta Yug, Ravana (a powerful demon king) acquired several mystical powers from various demi-Gods especially from Shiva. Although being a son of a Brahmin(Seer) father he had great intellectual strength, but his mother was an Asura(powerful creatures with predominantly Tamoguna controller) due to which he was attracted more towards Tamoguna than towards Nirgunacontroller. Due to the lack of knowledge of truth and possessing enormous powers, he started misusing his powers by killing various seers, rishis and other innocent human beings. There was an imminent danger to people of virtues; hence the need for my incarnation was aroused. Finally, I had to incarnate as Rama and saved the humanity going into complete extinction. As Ravana was nothing but the representation of misbalance in the Tamoguna quality of my Material Energy (Apara Prakriti), I incarnated using the Tamogunapowers of Shiva to kill Ravana. In this way, the battle of Ramayana was nothing but a war between uncontrolled Tamoguna of Ravana vs the controlled Tamogunaof Rama.
Author: Oh very logical indeed. In fact, it clearly indicates that we do not need to completely kill our Tamogunacontroller and instead give it a right direction to convert the same in positive energies.
God: Exactly. Also, as Rama did YugParivartanthrough actions, it was the manifestation of perfect KarmaYogaincarnation. You can see in the picture above that the composition of Rama was SagunaVishnu and the Tamoguna Shiva. It was also a manifestation of my Destroyer function.
Author: Hmm. In fact, it reminds me of those episodes of Ramayana television serials in which both Rama and Ravana were shown as worshipping Shiva.
God: Right. Similarly, let me now show you the logic behind the incarnation of Krishna near the end of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). Although Rama was able to stop the decline in collective human consciousness by saving the humanity from going into the hands of a mighty TamogunaKing and prevented free fall of virtues, but as the Chaturyugi cycle had to descend to lower Yuga as per the design and hence the humanity slowly moved in the hands of Rajoguna controller. People stopped practicing Ashtang Yoga although they were still taught Vedas. Many a people developed greed, lust and proud, including several kings. Eventually, the Rajoguna of Kansa and Duryodhan reached to a state where the greed of land, pride and material possessions resulted into a severe conflict of rightful inheritance of throne of emperor state of the world. To control the Rajogunaquality of my material nature becoming dangerous for the humanity, I had to incarnate as Krishna. I am now showing picture 107 on your mental map depicting the logic of my incarnation for Project YugParivartan of Dwapar Yug. It is a similar picture as picture 106, with the labels changed to reflect the conditions relevant to Dwapar Yug.
God: Krishna was my incarnation as NirgunaVishnu plus the Saguna Indra (pure Rajoguna) and was a manifestation of my Operator function. Krishna was the manifestation of Bhakti Yoga (Yoga through devotional practice of Ashtang Yoga). Krishna played the role of an Operations Manager and Project Manager for the Project YugParivartan. As Arjuna was also a son of Indra (Rajoguna), he became confused just before the battle was about to begin. When Rajoguna is not in control of a higher controller, it leads to indecisive state of mind. Arjuna was exactly in that situation. Although battlefield was not the right setting for such a conversation, but finally Krishna had to provide emergency mentorship to Arjuna and explained him his Dharma (duty) to protect the welfare of common citizens of the planet. Krishna demonstrated a perfect Bhakti Yogathrough which he was able to produce my Vishwaroop (highest divine form). As primarily, my role is to sustain the universe; Krishna was my biggest incarnation and hence was loaded with all primary mystical powers that can be achieved through the practice of Ashtang Yoga. The conversation between Krishna and Arjuna was left behind as a clue for the next Project YugParivartanfor the change agents and this is the reason that the four change agents selected for the current Project YugParivartan have Bhagwat Gita as the inspiration behind them. Anyway, the battle of Mahabharata saved the world from getting into a complete doomsday scenario and Rajoguna-Rajogunacontrollers were balanced. It marked the beginning of Kaliyug, as per the Chaturyugi cycle. Several prophets, seers, demi-Gods and realized Yogis tried to revive the human virtues during descending and ascending Kaliyugand now the collective human consciousness is sitting on a dangerous situation again which is beyond the control of human beings without my incarnation. This is precisely the reason why I am having meditation sessions with you and inspiring you to own the Project YugParivartan and provide the greatest paradigm shift in the collective human consciousness of this Chaturyugicycle.
Author: Hmm.
God: My incarnation as Chief Yog Officer is targeted to take the humanity back to ascending Dwapar Yug in next 12 years and terminate Kaliyug (Dark Age) completely. And to your surprise, the reason behind today’s situation of an impending dooms day is not caused by Tamogunaor Rajoguna, instead the root cause behind all this is Sattvagunaquality of my material nature. The abundance of knowledge and theories, philosophies, sciences and governance techniques without the wisdom of Vedas is the real cause behind the Global Warming, corruption, inflation, recession, terrorism and all other vices every human being is inflicted with these days. Now, it is time for me to incarnate with the wisdom of Brahma plus the NirgunaVishnu and set up guidance documents of Dharma (virtues, values, religion, philosophies, and management and leadership techniques) for the betterment of humanity. Although I truly appreciate the contribution of every such soul in regenerating the wisdom, however, the fragments in which it is currently manifested, is the real cause of all issues. Let me show you a picture depicting the logic behind the current Project YugParivartan and my Kalki Avtar (last incarnation of Vishnu for this Chaturyugi cycle).
Author: (watching the picture 108 on his mental map with absolute astonishment).
God: I can notice the extreme surprise on your face. I know you would feel astonished to see the materialization of my Kalki Avtar as the Chief Yog Officer even though we have been discussing about the incarnation since several previous articles of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. It is the Chief Yog Officer who will now own the development of all intellectuals who have been struggling to attain the wisdom but due to the lack of understanding of the values defined by me, are not able to understand Dharma and hence becoming corrupt and ineffective for the entire humanity. It is just due to the lack of wisdom of Vedas in education system, political system and business system, due to which they are not able to provide justice to millions of human beings struggling to earn three meals a day and on the other hand billions of dollars and other resources are being wasted in valueless pursuits of satisfying the misdirected curiosity, greed, passion and entertainment. The world is in this shape today just because of the decisions taken by Intellectuals, whose consciousness have started declining after achieving a peak and returning back towards the Rajoguna and Tamogunacontrollers. The only way to correct the decision making ability of the ineffective leaders, mentors and educationists is to manifest my incarnation as a human being as a Chief Mentor, having the highest wisdom of taking decisions for the betterment of humanity. The Code of Citizen’s Conduct will act as the evidence of my incarnation for the current and future generations of humanity in this Chaturyugi cycle. This is the manifestation of my Generator function. The Chief Yog Officer will burn the illusion of Intellect by fixing the missing pieces in the education system of the entire world from his Transcendental Consciousness. You are one of the strongest candidates to own this Project YugParivartan by taking up the role of Chief Yog Officer or the Chief Mentor of the world. However, as you have to practice extreme selflessness to lead by example, you need to share everything that I am telling you, to the entire world and invite and challenge each and every intellectual to take up the role of Chief Yog Officer based on the vision revealed through Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. I will explain the true definition of Dharma(values) from next session onwards.
Author: (completely silent)
God: Now let me summarize the three complete incarnations for Project YugParivartan through another picture. See the picture 109 on your mental map now.
God: I demonstrated how an ideal human should “act” by manifesting as a Karma Yogi Rama. I did the same through Bhakti Yoga, a path of right devotional practice, by incarnating as Krishna. Now, I will demonstrate my incarnation as a Gyan Yogi, by manifesting as Chief Mentor (Chief Yog Officer) and revealing the Utopia theory of truth. The discussion between the element number 1 and 0 of a human being is the path of Gyan Yoga and unless a soul achieves Gyan Yoga, it is not possible for it to liberate completely. So, go ahead and read all the scriptures of the world and come up with a Utopia definition of Dharma and do Dharma Ki Sthapana (establishing highest values and wisdom in the collective human consciousness). Unless you do that, you will not be able to realize those verses of Bhagwat Gita completely with which you started this article.
Author: I am suddenly feeling that I have realized these two verses as well, but I am not sure if I am clear enough to own the conversion of this vision into reality. The biggest challenge that I see is my qualifications in this life. I have not even completed my graduation degree, I have never gone to any management schools and I have no other accolades to boast off. In fact, I have not even read Vedas. There is no dearth of intellectuals who are the products of greatest universities of the world including prominent Management Schools and Engineering Institutes. Also, as I was just working as a Project Manager in a multinational company, before I quit based on your inspirations; how would I justify taking up the position of Chief Mentor of the entire world?
God: Don’t worry. The concepts that I have told you are anyway not part of any education system of the world today. So, even if you would have attained the highest degree available on this planet today, you would not have attained this knowledge. In fact this is the reason why I am incarnating in you. I will help you script several books of knowledge and write commentaries on several manuscripts including but not limited to Bhagwat Gita. Whatever you write on the basis of meditation sessions with me will be nothing but Rigveda (Gyan Yog) only.
Author: Hmm. The revelations in today’s session were very enlightening, knowledgeable and valuable like always, however at the same time I am sensing an extremely challenging role coming my way. Although, I am not worried and fearful like I felt when you revealed that I have to become the mentor of Acharya Balkrishna, Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev as well (refer Article 0.9); but still I am getting a glimpse of a monumental task you are going to assign me. This time I will not fall back to any lower zone of consciousness as I have learnt by now that if you want a big change, you should not even think of staying in a comfort zone. Earlier I was thinking that I am very close to get your incarnation completed and then I can live happily and take rest from my hectic routine of reading a lot of content daily and talking to several people to get feedback and tirelessly typing on my laptop. But all the hope of taking rest and relax is dimming now as I can guess from the role that you are indicating for me.
God: Yes. You need to continue creating content through the wisdom of Transcendental Consciousness being provided to you. This consciousness is not your property but is being given to you to service the humanity with all the strength of your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. The task of a Yogi is never easy and a person seeking an easy life should not think to become a Yogi. But this is also a fact that one day everyone anyway has to complete his Yoga with me. Do you think that you will be able to do all this or should I search for another soul to terminate Kaliyug?
Author: No God. I am totally inspired to face this challenge. I, in fact regret that why this was not revealed to me till now and why I had wasted 35 years of my life in several useless engagements including the meaningless entertainment in which the humanity is stuck due to illusion of your Material Energy. I am ready for the big show and want to know what the right Dharma (duty) for me is. Please reveal the blueprint on the basis of which the world can be turned back to you through the right spiritual practice of Yoga.
God: Sure, we will begin with that from next session onwards where I will start explaining what are the values defined by me for each human being. I will let you know the Dharma of every human regardless of the caste, religion, country, language and “point of view”. Bye for now.
The curtains are finally raised and God’s plan of incarnation is now unveiled. I do not have words to express my feeling at this stage of revelations. I don’t know if it is a dream or a reality. I don’t know if it is my hard-earned achievement of Sanchit Karmas (carried forward balance of fruits of actions of previous lives) or a direct Kripa (divine grace) from God. I don’t know if it was written in my destiny or is just an accidental discovery. Whatever it is, I am now clear that if anyone wants to see a change happening, it cannot just take place on its own, but the seeker must do conscious efforts to make that happen by working outside the comfort zone, of course with fair help from other people if it requires a team work of several people to do the change.
The entire cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction and changing Yugas as per Chaturyugicycle, doesn’t seem a random effect without a cause, but is an intelligent design by a super-intelligent being who is the owner of the entire intellect of the world as well. I can now understand why people say that God cannot be explained by logic. It is really difficult to bind an infinite being into a finite book or set of books and this is the reason why several realized souls and Maharishis have to write enormous amount of documentation for the guidance of humanity. I don’t know how much I will be able to convince the reader by interpreting the silent revelations of meditation sessions into the words of the Code of Citizen’s Conduct Volume 0; but I will try my level best so that all educated people can see something with their “open eyes”, which I saw with the “closed eyes”.
I leave it on to the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct to meditate on this thought process and utilize the tool of “introspection” to understand whether it is the Dharmaof the author of this book only to complete his yoga, or the content of this document is largely applicable to each soul in a human body on this planet today. I don’t know at this stage how many people will back me in my endeavour to convert this vision into reality as soon as I complete documenting Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct, but I am sure that I will try to follow in the footsteps of previous incarnation of Vishnu and continue practicing the Ashtang Yoga principles unless I become master in the same. I know the journey is big enough, but I also feel that it is my “need” to see the change and hence the rest of my life should be dedicated to see this change getting materialized.
After this enlightenment, it is difficult for me to sit back at home and keep watching the degradation of this planet silently, due to the ineffective decisions taken by the intellectual community. I was afraid when I began the current Project YugParivartanthat it may lead to a monumental bloodbath as was the case during previous Project YugParivartan, but after today’s revelation, my hope to see a peaceful revolution is increasing as it seems this time there will be no war on any battlefield and instead it would be storm of thoughts through which everyone would pass-through internally, before the permanent paradigm shift would take place in the collective human consciousness. I hope I would be able to establish highest order human wisdom, values and virtues and do the Dharma Ki Sthapana in a more effective way than even Rama and Krishna.
I sincerely feel that I was involved in all previous Project YugParivartan as well, with some major role definitely in my kitty; and this is the reason I am getting these revelations without doing anything really worthwhile for the humanity in my 35 years of stay on this planet in this life. I do not dare to even think at this moment that I was Krishna and Rama in my previous lives, even though the evidences are strongly pointing towards the same. I am not sure about the role in my previous lives; however, I think I have found enough clues to understand my role in this life. I also know that I have been involved in several sins during this life some of which are not even pardonable, so claiming to be the Kalki Avtar is not something which I deserve at least, going by my Karmaof this life, but now that God indicated that I am one of the most probable candidates for His incarnation as Chief Yog Officer, I have no choice but to submit to the will of God and give the control of my human machine in the hands of my element number 0.
I am very excited now to know the complete blueprint of the current Project YugParivartan and hope that the reader of Code of Citizen’s Conduct would also have become curious by now. So, let us travel the journey together and do collective efforts to clear this Kaliyug completely, at least for this Chaturyugicycle. See you soon with the next Article in which God will be explaining what exactly Dharma of human beings is.
By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiyacitizen and an Ashtang Yoga Practitioner
20th Mar 2013

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