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Bharat Ki Yeh Kahani, Sadiyon Se Bhi Puraani,
Hai Gyan Ki Yeh Ganga, Rishiyon Ki Amar Vaani

The essence of the above lines is that “The story of Bharat is as old as the creation of time and is full of wisdom and knowledge and is an immortal voice of ancient Bhartiya Rishis(seers) who happen to be the people of very high levels of consciousness.”

One of those Rishis (learned of Vedas) was Maharishi Ved Vyas, also known as Krishna Dwapayan who had authored the greatest Epic of humanity; popularly known as Mahabharat. He is my favorite author as he was the author of Bhagwat Gita (my mentor), which actually is part of Mahabharat itself. He also happens to be the author who first documented the Vedic wisdom on Bhojpatras(Leaves) near the end of Dwapar Yug(Era). Before he documented the same in written form; the entire education system of learning Vedic wisdom (True Knowledge) was done through listening from a Guru (mentor) through Guru-Shishya parampara (mentor-disciple teaching methodology).

The above two lines are taken from the title song of the Mahabharat TV Serial created during later part of 1980s AD by the enlightened Mr. B.R. Chopra. I was 11 years old when the serial was first released on Television. During those times, we had only one TV Channel “Doordarshan” in Bharat; which looks like a pre-historic channel these days due to the proliferation of media in last few decades. The impact of the serial on Bhartiya people was such that a curfew like situation used to get created when the program was on air; due to the large number of humans it was able to attract regardless of the caste, region and religion. The serial has become as big an Epic as the original Mahabharat; proving the timeless importance of the Mahabharat story on the people of Bharat. Each actor of the serial had played their roles with such perfection that it seemed as if the actual souls of the people of the times of Mahabharat had incarnated in each of their character in the TV serial and wanted to give us some message; soma Gyan (wisdom). The title song of each episode of the serial had above two lines which culminates with the two verses of Gita mentioned in the previous article. The serial was really the Gyan Ki Ganga (river of wisdom) as indicated by the above two lines.

As you know from the previous article “Need for Change” that my request to God to incarnate as a human being and save this planet from the decline in human values was put back as a question on me that why don’t I propose my name and desire to become the transition person myself to terminate the Kalyug (Iron Age and an Era of chaos) and reestablish the highest values in human societies. As these were the words of God, I could not doubt on His intentions and the authenticity with which they were said. He left me thinking on these lines and went away as He had to attend other meetings in meditation. I knew that being omnipotent and omnipresent; He could have attended the 1-on-1 meetings with several people simultaneously. However, He wanted me to think over it and hence left the scene. I wanted an answer from Him, but He replied back with a question. I did not have any clue why the question was put back on me. 

My thought process took me to multiple directions but I was not finding an answer. While watching one of the episodes of the Mahabharat serial on DVD, my wandering mind stuck on the above two lines and an idea strike my mind that the souls of ancient seers could help me know about how the earlier Change Agents were able to do the “YugParivartan” (Bringing back the Golden Age from the present Iron Age). As the essence of the song says that Mahabharat was a “Rishiyon Ki Amar Vaani” (Immortal voice of learned), so I thought that the voices would probably be alive in space and I must tune my mind in meditation to those voices. I liked the idea and started meditating on the souls of those people who became the cause of the Grand Change during Satyug, Treta and Dwapar Eras (Era of Knowledge, Governance, Businesses respectively; or Golden Age, Silver Age and Copper Age respectively).

I was totally surprised with the outcome of the meditation session. I was surprised to know the story told by the souls of the Change Agents. It was amazing. Let me try to explain the same in my words based on the information revealed in my neurons during meditation session. They told me that they could do all this due to the power of “Yog”; which literally means “Integration”, “Unity”, “Summation”, “Oneness”. They told me that God would only be able to help you if you complete your Yog; without which you will remain in illusion throughout your life. The ideas of how to do the YugParivartan will automatically get revealed in your mind if you complete your Yog, like the other Change Agents did during their times. They told me that the YugParivartan is not happening just due to the fact that I am not completing my Yog. They insisted that it is my laziness and lack of knowledge of truth and I am the reason behind all this mess.

I have heard all good things about Yogthese days. I could easily see that Swami Ramdev Ji is able to uplift the consciousness of the large number of people of contemporary Bharat due to the power of Yog only. I was able to see that Anna Hazaare Ji is able to lift the consciousness of the people being a practitioner of Yog only. I was also able to notice that Acharya Balkrishan ji is able to heal the people through power of Yog only. Anyways, I could not doubt on the voices of the ancient seers and hence I believed whatever they told me; to be full of wisdom, which fits to my logical reasoning skills to a great extent. Here is the snapshot of my discussions with the souls of earlier Change Agents. They actually played some mental PowerPoint presentations using the technology of their times including some graphics and images, which made it easier for me to understand the process behind the YugParivartan and gave me enough clue to propose my name for being the Change Agent in front of the God in the next meeting with Him. The senses of the people of Kalyug work in a manner that if something can be shown as images or presentations rather than plain text or words, then our understanding becomes deeper.

There is a famous quotation from Mohammad Ali, an eminent boxer. He said “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, and a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

After talking to souls of earlier Change Agents who worked on the “Project YugParivartan” during their times; my “will” to do the YugParivartan became a lot stronger than the skill that I have today. Hence I apologize to all of you and those souls if an element of inefficiency is introduced in these articles while presenting knowledge gathered during the meditation session; due to the limited writing “skills” that I have today. So, here is the discussion which raised my “will” to become the CHANGE AGENT so high that for a while I forgot that I am just an ordinary Bhartiya citizen.

Author: O’ immortal souls of ancient Bharat, I need your help.

Author: O’ doers of earlier YugParivartan, please help.

Author: I can’t see decline in human values any further, so, please give me Knowledge Transfer (KT) on how you did YugParivartanearlier.

Author: O’ immortal souls, please give me your voices as I believe that the voices of immortal souls never die. Please help me.

Unknown Voice: Yes, dear. What happened? Why are you calling us so restlessly?

Author: Saadar Pranaam (Greetings with humility). I am in the need of that knowledge which can give me some clue as to what is needed to apply for a Project Manager position for the Project “YugParivartan”. I want to plan and execute this project and be the Change Agent, but I have no prior experience of the same. And I want to execute it in a perfect manner without any defect, so just wanted to know from people who have worked on such projects earlier, so that the knowledge can come to my help during project planning and execution. Can you please let me know who you are and point me to right contact points who can help me?

Unknown Voice: Sure. We were actually waiting for someone to call us since the times of Mahabharat; but unfortunately no one called us with this curiosity earlier. Everyone showed their concerns in their heart about the declining morality standards and wished if a Change can happen; however no-one came to us with a “Will” to become that Change Agent himself. As we have already exited from our physical bodies and hence can’t do anything ourselves; we all were watching from here helplessly, since the times of Mahabharat. But as we are just pure consciousness without any physical body, it is not possible for us to do anything ourselves. The only thing we can do is to inspire people to do the Change and provide them the knowledge that we have; however, no one desired the same so strongly earlier.

Author: Sir, I am not sure if I can do this Change as I am not experienced and skilled, but in my last meeting with God, He asked me why I am not becoming the Change Agent myself. He told me that He is giving me time to think-over to become the Change Agent but He wants a strong curiosity and “will” for the same. So, I need your help to develop my “will”. I would also need to know about the skills required to do this Grand Change.

Unknown Voice: Don’t worry; I will provide you that knowledge through which your “will” can be strengthened. I will enhance your “will” so that you can get the required “Strength”, “Courage” and “Wisdom” to do the YugParivartan. But before I do that, let me tell you how the earlier “YugParivartan” projects were executed.

Author: Thank you very much, O selfless soul. Please let me know how my strength, courage and wisdom can be improved. I am an ordinary Bhartiya and know that I am not capable of doing this Grand Change, but the desire of seeing this Change is so strong that I do not want to die before I see this happening. It is not that I want to earn name, fame or money out of this. I just want to see the Change, whether God does this, I do this or anyone on this planet do this. I want to resolve every problem from the root and want to see the establishment of Dharm (values) as the human values is accelerating towards the declining pattern since last few decades. On one hand I can see that human mind is growing, people’s intellect and knowledge about the things is growing; however on the other hand, their souls are setting lower standards in all fields day by day. I don’t think it was ever a case like this during the times of Satyug, Treta and Dwapar. I don’t think even the Ravan, Kans or Duryodhan would have been people of such vices than the people of today. (We will talk about Ravan, Kans and Duryodhan in subsequent articles, if you have not heard about them).

Unknown Voice: You are right to some extent, but not completely. The gravity of a sin and its impact on the human societies is in direct proportion with the level of person who has committed the sin. Ravan, Duryodhan and Kans were all Kings and hence the gravity of their sins was higher; even if you see that there are large number of people today who are doing much graver sins than what was done by Ravan, Kans and Duryodhan during their times. So, from the overall perspective of morality; the destiny they got was good justice to their action. But, for today’s person doing the sins, crimes and corruption; the punishment should not be that greater as it is only due to the declining collective consciousness of the humanity and the genetically inherited errors since the time of last YugParivartan. Kalyug is the Era where this was bound to happen. However, it is the right time when the declining trend would stop and a U-turn would surely take place. And for those whose minds are corrupted; they should all be given one chance of correction as was done by the Change Agents during the times of Satyug, Treta and Dwapar. The light of truth must be spread to all those people and they should be given a chance to introspect. It is the fault of the overall human education system during Kalyugwhich is the reason behind all this chaos. The education system of Satyug was the best, it declined during Treta, then further during Dwapar. However, the Kalyug is the one where most of the people lost soul consciousness and are making decisions and taking actions from the body consciousness only and hence all these chaos and corruption. The process of this declining trend keeps happening due to “genetically inherited errors”. You just need to introspect to understand the root cause behind all this. Once you understand the root cause and explain it to humanity; I am sure that most of the people whose minds are corrupted will understand the same and Satyug can again be started.

Author: Oh I understand what you mean. So, can you tell me the story of earlier YugParivartan and also tell me the story of Bharat which surely is the pure Ganga (Ganges) of knowledge and wisdom? Can you tell me how the consciousness was declined during earlier Eras and how the earlier Grand Changes resolved the problem?

Unknown Voice: Ok. So, let me first introduce myself. I am one of those initial souls who were given human life at the start of this creation. It was just the beginning of creation of life so God was setting up the infrastructure required for all of us to live.

Author:  So, that means you are a soul of Satyug (Era of Truthfulness and Knowledge, Golden Age). Do you mean that the creation of life was just happening and the humans were created along with the other life forms? But, I have heard since childhood that we were all originated from a single cell amoeba which later converted it into multicellular being, from which different species evolved. Then through the process called as “Natural Selection”; slowly but surely monkeys, Neanderthals, Homosapiens etc were evolved that eventually resulted into the modern day human. Isn’t it how we were “evolved” as human beings?

Soul of Satyug: It is all very funny and untruth. Darwin was not able to complete his Yog and hence what he postulated was not truth and was an outcome of a much lower consciousness. People lived under the illusion of this theory since long, which has no logical basis. If that is the process of evolution, then why don’t today’s monkeys become human beings, why today’s amoeba is not taking different shapes and why the humans are not transforming into other species? Of course the process of evolution as such is not an illusion and it happens, but this is not the way it can be defined. All the species have the same creator and have the same soul, but the bodies they get is due to the state of Yog their souls have achieved. Out of all these species only human beings are the ones who can ask questions, win over the illusions created by the different configuration of the natural elements of their bodies and can become learned and hence progress towards their Yog? The other species are pre-programmed and cannot win over the nature they are configured with. Some of the species, however, can be trained to perform certain tasks as per the consciousness levels provided to them. Still they cannot become learned and cannot become a Yogi.

Author: I know this is debatable and today’s people will definitely have different opinions/explanations about the same. However, for now I believe in you, as you are the Soul of Satyug (an Era where no one speaks untruth).

Soul of Satyug: Anyways, this is not that significant at this moment, so let me continue with the story of Bharat. So, I was saying that God created first human beings along with other species which were required by the human beings; for eg. Cows and Horses. He continued with the creation and then created all other species which were in millions of forms. The entire land mass on earth during those times was located at one place only, as it should be, at the start of the soul’s journey. So, there was only one country, one continent and rest was just ocean. All humans first inhabited Himalayas. They all were full of knowledge and the ego was under complete control. The natural elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space) were all pure and had very good impact on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health of all the species. The human needs were at minimum, as they all were in soul consciousness and knew that they have to die one day and there is nothing material that they can take with them. The only thing that they can take with them is their “Yog”. So, all of them were focused to keep their Yog intact.

Author: Why Yog? How come one can take his Yog when he dies? What exactly is the Yog? I think when a person is cremated or buried, all compositions of his body (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) goes back to their original sources. Then how come taking Yog would be possible when a person dies.

Soul of Satyug: In order to understand that, you must know what “Yog” actually means. Yogis nothing but the reunion of a soul with the supreme soul. It is the completion of journey created for each soul.

Author: But, why should one reunite with the supreme soul and not continue enjoying his human life.

Soul of Satyug: Good Question. Let me try to explain this with an example. Suppose you are going to a great country called as America; a country where many citizens of many countries dream to settle down due to the standard of living and opportunities it provides to people. Now, if a person is going there in a Business class flight with a great level of hospitality, how would one feel?

Author: Well, this would be like dream come true for a person. He will fully enjoy the journey.

Soul of Satyug: Now, the average journey to USA from Bharat is around 15-24 hours, right?

Author: Yes, it depends upon the route one has taken.

Soul of Satyug: So, now suppose that instead of 24 hours, the flight gets slower, and the flight attendant announce that it would take 24 hours more. How enjoyable the journey would be now?

Author: Well, I think the person will utilize this as an opportunity to enjoy more, as the flight staff may be intending to keep them engaged by providing them more of what could entertain their passengers.

Soul of Satyug: Exactly. So, now imagine, the same flight, same journey, same hospitality, in fact improved hospitality, would that give the same satisfaction if the journey becomes say 100 hours or even more than that.

Author: I am not sure what exactly you are trying to explain me; however, logically I can understand, the journey will lose its charm and finally the person would want that he should reach to the destiny as soon as possible. The person will have realization that his goal is to reach the destiny even if it means cutting down on all the luxuries that is provided to him. He will just be focused on asking only those things which are required for him to remain alive as he knows that the resources are limited. He will take all actions which are required to reach to the destiny as soon as possible. He may even stop asking for services and would start self-help and will develop a bond with other co-passengers. He will start helping other passengers in order to keep them calm and united as he internally would realize that if other people are not made educated they would anyways harm the flight and everyone’s safety will be compromised. So, the person will take steps towards right goal whether he gets the respect or insult while doing so. He will only do those acts which can keep the flight safe and all other co-passengers at peace and stay united. He may educate others to have restraint and to use the remaining resources wisely so that they can survive till the time journey is continued.

Soul of Satyug. Exactly. This is the realization which makes a person selfless and a Yogi and keeps him away from false luxuries and false entertainment. However, if the person won’t have the realization as you mentioned, what could be the other behavior.

Author: Well, it is not a rocket science to understand. If that realization won’t happen, the person may start thinking to claim the ownership of the remaining resources, may steal the things from others, may involve him more towards the entertainment so that he can feel refreshed and forget for some time that he is in real trouble and his mind will eventually get corrupted and force him to do the things which are not only immoral but unwise as well. He will lose focus from the destiny and will demand more and more possessions and enjoyment only. If a word of advice is provided to him, he will carelessly say, that “anyways we have to die now, so why not enjoy till we are still alive”; without even thinking to co-operate with the enlightened ones.

Soul of Satyug: This is what I was trying to explain. The souls who started their journey of lives and deaths must complete the journey and reach to their right destiny else they start feeling irritated, bored and low in consciousness, no matter how good facilities you provide to them. They will keep on engaging themselves through different modes of entertainment even if it means at the cost of taking away even the necessities from other people. Their personality may start improving due to the material possessions; however their character and values will keep declining. During such times, the self-realized people (Yogis) are the ones, who become the saviors. Unless the real purpose of human life is realized, the real blissful state of mind where solutions to all problems lies; cannot be achieved. People of our times were full of knowledge of this fact and hence their bodily needs were lesser and they had high moral standards and values. Entertainment through the material things were the last thing that would come to their minds. They knew the real blissful entertainment for which the human body is designed and used to live life in a state of meditation. Everyone was speaking truth and hence we had no commotions. The message that was transferred from one person to another was nothing but truth and hence there was no corruption of mind at all. However, when the knowledge was transferred from one generation to another, whatever consciousness the teacher had lost during the lifetime, transferred to the next generation as “genetically inherited errors”. However, during the times of Satyug, the errors per generation were negligible. 

Author: Oh, it looks logical. There is always a chance that whatever element of untruth is induced during this transfer of knowledge might have resulted into errors. And also the ability, interest and will of the student also play a role into what was understood by him/her.

Soul of Satyug: There is always a purpose behind everything created in this world. There is a purpose behind creation of human life as well. Now, coming back to Darwin’s theory of evolution and “Natural Selection”; let me try to explain this with another example. Take a sample of human beings who are all very learned and people of high knowledge, wisdom, skills and even the “will”. Now, let them have babies and then leave those babies in forest. No one teaches them anything, will they ever become learned? Will they be able to search the knowledge of truth themselves? Will they transform into other species due to “evolution” and “natural selection”?

Author: Well, I guess, they will never be able to learn anything other than what their bodies would want such as Food, Water and Shelter. In fact, I would doubt if such babies would survive at all.

Soul of Satyug: You guessed correctly. Even if you assume that due to “Survival of the fittest” if some of them survive, still they would be mostly concerned about his bodily needs only, no matter how hard they try. You can also assume that some of them may develop bond/emotions with others and may realize their heart related needs as well. Some of the intelligent/inquisitive ones may learn to develop their shelter and may develop tools to protect themselves from animals; however they will never become learned and educated. Now, a non-learned, uneducated person will never be able to realize his soul unless someone teaches him about the same. Overall the soul consciousness would not be achieved by any of them.

Author: Again, it seems logical to my mind; however this can be debated that if a person can understand his bodily needs, his heart related needs and develop his intellect to some extent as well; then why can’t he develop the soul consciousness in the same way.

Soul of Satyug: If that would have been the case, why doesn’t people of today’s world who have all facilities at their disposal; who have great colleges and universities and are very highly educated; who have enormous amount of literature available and what not; are not able to realize the soul consciousness. Why then they are living in an illusionary world without the knowledge of truth? Why can’t so many high esteem people of this planet are not able to save this planet dying a slow death due to global warming? Why then 36% of Bhartiya (Indians) and 30% of Americans are suffering from depression? If such elite, highly educated people are not able to find a solution to it, how can you imagine that people living in forests who were “evolved” from monkeys will be able to achieve knowledge of truth?

Author: Wow! Amazing! I am impressed! I never gave serious thought to it. Darwin’s theory, which we have considered for long as the true theory of evolution was built on such an imperfect basis. And in fact, it is due to the consideration of this theory of “survival of the fittest” as the universal truth, that humans became cruel to others.

Soul of Satyug: Also, you are an educated person and have developed a lot of technical and managerial skills, why couldn’t you develop your soul consciousness then. This was the essence behind God’s insistent in your last meeting with Him that you must learn about the right human values, you must learn about your real value in this world, you must realize that God has already given you everything; it is you, who is becoming selfish and lazy and not giving back what you have received from the gooses who give you the “Golden Eggs”. It is you, who is not completing your Yog, due to which the YugParivartan is not happening.

Author (with a deep sigh): Now I understand why God and now you are pointing it back to me. I can very well understand that first humans were not un-intelligent descendants of monkeys, but the people of knowledge of truth, wisdom and soul consciousness and God must have taught them directly.

Soul of Satyug: Exactly. You are now thinking in right direction. So, are you ready to do the YugParivartan now?

Author: I think you are right, but again, I do not have the right “skills” to do the YugParivartan as I am just an ordinary Bhartiya. I am not very educated as well, there are people much highly educated, skilled and learned in the country and the world, how would I claim to them that I am the one who can do the YugParivartan. Please suggest what I should do then.

Soul of Satyug: Don’t worry. If your intentions are true, then the information that we share with you will definitely increase your curiosity and the “will” to BE THE CHANGE and propose your name as one of the candidates, as challenged by God. We will provide you the “will”, but you need to take a thorough learning and development course to develop the “skills” from true mentors.

Author: Thank you O’ pure soul. I am confident that if you help me develop my “will” and “skills”, I will surely be able to do this YugParivartan. However, please continue with the Story of Bharat. I am becoming more and more curious to know about other Yugs as well.

Soul of Satyug: I think you should take some pause here. We are fine and will not feel tired. But your mind is not developed yet to a level where you can absorb so much in a day. I will continue coaching you once you absorb this much. Till then, you can document this in your own words for later reference and share the same with other people as this is not your Intellectual Property. I will bring the Soul of TretaYug, DwaparYug and KalYug with me one by one to explain about how the human consciousness worked during their times. Till then, I am leaving you with a point to think that “Why Yog” is the only solution to all this chaos. Bye.


So, this is how Soul of Satyugleft me amazed with more questions than the answers provided during the session. I am very curious to know about the other Yugs (Eras) from the voices of the souls of those times. This would definitely help me understand the way human consciousness works and will help me explain the same to those humans who think that they are descendants of monkeys and also to those who know that they are the immortal souls travelling from one life form to another based on the Yog they have completed till now. I had heard that the Yog is meant to achieve the salvation; but I had no idea how Yog would be able to help me do the YugParivartan. So, let me think over it, till my next meeting with Souls of different Eras.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

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