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Yeh Vishwa Bharti Hai, Veeron Ki Aarti Hai,
Hai Nit Nayi Puraani, Bharat Ki Yeh Kahani

The above two lines are part of the same title song of the TV serial Mahabharat, with which I started the previous article. The essence of these lines is:

“This is where the whole world meets in a nest. It is the education for all human beings of this planet. This is the hymn in praise of all the brave soldiers. This is timeless knowledge and is newest and oldest at the same time. This is the story of Bharat.”

The story of Bharat is so grand that it will take enormous amount of time, efforts and pages to document the same. In fact, this is not the story of Bharat alone; it is the story of world and humanity itself. The soul of Satyug (Golden Era of humanity) told me in the previous article that the entire world was a single country during their times; as the country borders were not defined in Satyug. In fact, all the continents were also joined together and there was a single landmass. So, this story is as important to each citizen of other countries as it is for the citizens of today’s reduced Bharat. This seems logical also as recently even science has proven through the DNA technology that all humans have very small variation in their genetic code “DNA” and hence it can be deduced that all humans are descendants of the same race and hence should have the same creator regardless of what name we use for Him.

Allah, God, Ishwar, Bhagwan are some of His names given by human beings. I used to think that if God is one and only one, then what is the need of using so many names and why can’t we call Him with just one common name. I always felt that it is due to the different names used by different religions and communities for the same God, which is becoming the root cause of people not getting united. This is the reason why each religion thinks it to be superior to others and hence common human values (Dharm) could not be established. However, after attending the training course from God; based on which I have got inspirations to write this book, I realized that if God is infinite, then why should I feel surprised if His names are infinite as well. However, the world must subscribe to the common human values defined by the same God and should stop arguing who is superior and who is not. The world should follow the same “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”, so as to contribute in removal of all conflicts which has resulted into the declined state of collective human consciousness that we are witnessing today.

As all names of God are different ways to express the same omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent God; same is the case with human languages. All languages have equal value in the eyes of God as all languages are created by the human machines; a machine which is the finest of God’s all creations; and hence every language is equally respectful. The first human language; just like first humans; was the direct creation of God Himself. The first language of human communication was called as “Bhasha”, which literally means “language” and was nothing but the spoken form of Sanskrit. Sanskrit was the first medium of studies given by God to pass on the knowledge of truth from one generation to another. Sanskrit was the language in which the Bhartiya Sanskriti (Indian Culture) was first spoken and written. All important scriptures Vedas, Brahmanas, Upnishads, Shashtras, Ramayan, Puran, Mahabharat including Bhagwat Gita were written in Sanskrit only. Some of the Mythological Purans written during a very later stage but boasted of as one of the oldest documents were also mostly written in Sanskrit; albeit with a different flavor of the language, due to the genetically inherited errors in the language syntax. I have chosen English as the language in which this book is originally being written and I am using the name “GOD” for my Allah, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Parmatma or any other name given to the almighty God. English is the language of today and has a mass reach to educated human communities; most of whom are the product of defective human education system having extremely high “genetically inherited errors” accumulated over a long period of time. However, I am confident that a day will come when this book will be translated in almost all human languages of this world. I would love to see a translation of this book in first human language “Sanskrit”. In fact, after writing some of my books, I would surely learn Sanskrit so that I can re-write Vedas (Knowledge of Truth) in English from my point of view.

The subject covered in this book doesn’t belong to a particular community, religion, region, country, race or culture and hence it is important that the same is translated by Self Realized people only (people having Transcendental Consciousness), so that “translation error” is not induced in the essence of the subject, which further may lead to “genetically inherited errors” like it happened in past. It is my humble request to the translator to use utmost caution while translating this text into other languages. I may or may not be living when some of the translations will happen, however, I will leave my consciousness in the form of this book for the current and future generations of humanity after dismantling of my body-elements due to the death in this life.

Anyways, coming back to the main subject, the above two lines from Mahabharat TV serial give some clues to the solutions of the problems faced by the contemporary world. The above lines say that history of Bharat is newest and oldest at the same time. This means there would definitely be some clues from the history of Bharat which can be utilized for solving all the problems of the world and to end the Iron Age (Kaliyug) that we are currently in. The existence of this book can be taken as an indication that the YugParivartan has already started and we are in the period of convergence of Kaliyug with Satyug(Iron Age with Golden Age). Each article of this book will unearth the right “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” for each citizen of this world, so that together we can save this planet dying a slow death due to “Global Warming” caused by lack of knowledge of truth in human communities. There is a popular saying that “Charity begins at home”; and hence we must start this transformation from within the home of our soul in the current life, which is the human body that we possess today.

With all these thoughts in mind, I started meditating on the soul of Satyug. I was very curious and eager to know the complete story of Satyug as the previous meditation session was terminated midway by the soul of Satyug due to the reason of my lack of ability to learn more in a single session. Anyways, as I reached Samadhi state (state of mind where the knowledge of truth is revealed in the neurons of the practitioner), the soul of Satyug arrived. Here is the interpretation of my conversation with her, in my words. Again, as this is my first book and I am not a seasoned author, please forgive me if I am not able to explain the subject in the best possible manner. I will come back to it once my consciousness, knowledge and skills get further improved and will release an updated version of the same. For now, please forgive me for my impurities.

Soul of Satyug: Hello. I hope you must have digested the learning that I provided you in the previous meditation session.

Author: Yes. I was really touched by your revelations about the lack of wisdom in Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection. I am very enthusiastic to know more secrets of story of Bharat as I want to repeat the history and bring the Satyug back by reuniting all countries. Please let me know the remaining part of the story of Bharat during Satyug.

Soul of Satyug: Today, I have not come alone. I have soul of Treta Yug (Silver Age) also with me who will tell you about how human consciousness worked during their times. Once I complete the remaining part of the story of our times, I will hand it over to soul of Treta Yug. So, let me continue from where I left in the previous session. By the way, have you thought through on the question that I gave you last time that “Why Yog” is the solution to all these problems?

Author: Well, I tried thinking about it; however, I don’t think I understood it correctly. I have heard that Yog is helpful in keeping people healthy and also helps to de-stress. Many people say that Yogwas done by Sanyasis (renounced) to achieve salvation. But, I could not relate the Yog with the YugParivartan (Grand Change). I am afraid that if I start thinking too much about Yog, I may also leave the family life and become a Sanyasi (renounced). I wanted to do Yog to keep myself healthy, however, please let me know how Yog will be helpful in doing the YugParivartan.

Soul of Satyug: Hmm. I can understand that you are also unaware of the power of Yog like all other people and must have thought that Yogis a combination of physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation only (Aasan, Pranayam and Dhyan respectively). Actually Yog is much more than that. Anyways, you will come to know of the same at an appropriate time during your training. So, let me begin from where I left it last time. As I mentioned that all people were truthful in thoughts, words and actions and hence commotions between the people were not there during our times. The humanity was categorized into 4 different functions during Satyug; the same is true till today and will always remain true. Any organization, country or world cannot function effectively if any of these 4 functions are not nourished well. These 4 functions were “Education”, “Governance”, “Businesses” and “Services”.

Author: Hmm.

Soul of Satyug: Accordingly, humanity was categorized as per 4 roles “Mentors”, “Leaders”, “Managers” and “Workers” according to the functions mentioned above respectively. The primary task of the mentors was to remain in high consciousness by concentrating their minds to the highest levels by doing long meditation. Their task was to explain the knowledge of truth in their words to the entire humanity based on the understanding levels of the people. This was important to pass on the knowledge from one generation to another in the most authentic form. This group of people was responsible to maintain knowledge in its pure form so that each person in the country can achieve a path to attain the highest value of human life. These people were called as “Brahmins” in Sanskrit. It was utmost important for the mentors to remain in Soul consciousness or Transcendental Consciousness. The SQ or Spiritual Quotient, which is the sum total of SQ, IQ, EQ and BQ was very high in this group of people. This group of people was responsible to ensure the “Defined Values” to all 4 sections of society.

Author: Hmm. I have heard something about it from some of the scriptures I have read and I have even noticed in the TV Serials based on Ramayana and Mahabharata that even the mightiest of Kings were afraid of these people and never tried to bypass their orders as they had some super-natural powers. I have even heard that they were able to live for several hundred and sometimes 1000s of years. I am just curious to know the average age they were able to live.

Soul of Satyug: As the nature was in its pure form, it had a great impact on the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual wellbeing of a person and there was very less wear and tear of human cells and hence the ageing was slow. An average human being was able to live for 400 years. The amount of time that a person remained in the Samadhi Stage of Yog (deep state of meditation) was not counted in the ageing and hence long term meditators were able to live even above 400 years, some of them upto 1000s of years. In fact, we had knowledge of several methods through which the ageing process was very well controlled.

Author: Oh, you have been speaking scientifically as well. I really enjoyed this explanation. Please go ahead with the description of other sections of societies as well.

Soul of Satyug: The science that humanity has developed today is in a nascent stage till now and is not guided by the right values. Although there is no doubt that it had made things much easier for the humanity and connected people like never before in this era, however, because it is not guided by the right human values and true mentors, the application of most of these has resulted into the degradation of environment and morality, resulting into slow death of this planet, which was exceptionally beautiful during our times. Today’s science is mostly dependent on “Yantra” (Machines); on the contrary our sciences were guided by “Mantra” (power of thought and consciousness).

Now, let’s come back to the second section of humanity i.e. “Leaders”. The primary task of leaders was to remain under the complete guidance of mentors to execute their vision and people management policies. They were responsible to ensure that justice reaches to each and every human being on the planet. Hence, it was important that they remain highly intellectual and develop the will and the skills in accordance with the need of the country to safeguard it from external intrusion and internal conflicts. They were generally very powerful in physical strength as well. The Intellectual Quotient of these people was very high and they were able to provide a conducive environment to the entire humanity to achieve the high value in life. The mentors were “visionaries” and leaders were “executers”. This section of humans were called as “Shatriya” in Sanskrit. The “Shatriyas” were responsible to ensure the “Defined Contributions” from all sections of the society and ensured that they lead by example, even if it means dying while executing their duties.

Author: Oh, I see. I had read this type of division in Bhagwat Gita as well. So, was this division based on the family of birth of the individual or were there some different criteria. I mean, if you say that people were true in thought, words and actions, I would assume that they should all be at the same levels, then why this division of society in different categories was all about.

Soul of Satyug: The division in society was essential as not all the four functions can easily be done by the same person. It is not the optimum utilization of resources. Also, this categorization was not done to divide people; in fact we lived like an integrated family of individuals working for the common cause of providing health and welfare to all people. Even if you re-establish Satyug as you desire to do the YugParivartan, it won’t be possible for you to break this arrangement. It was not a question of who is superior and who is inferior, but was a question of responsibility and accountability. The higher the responsibility, the higher was the accountability and higher the consequences of the ineffectiveness. Also, it was a matter of choice based on the will and skill of the people to choose their category and everyone was given a fair chance to prove themselves.

Author: Hmm. I can see logic in this. Even when the people of today’s world consider them as modern, highly intellectual and advanced than people in your times; they are also not able to do away with this broad categorization even in the most advanced countries of the world. Please go ahead with the explanation of third section of society.

Soul of Satyug: The third section of society was of “Businessmen”. The Primary task of this category of people was to take care of the fulfillment of all 4 sections of the society and arrange food, water and other necessities. They were mostly the cattle keepers, farmers and the managers of other functions. They worked under the strict observance of the high value leaders so that they would not become greedy and self-centered because of having the resources under their management. They ensured that the food and other necessities reaches every home and no-one is deprived of anything required for living a valuable life. However, their responsibility was more of getting the things done by 4th section of society instead of doing it themselves. They were mainly Project Managers and Operations Managers. They were exceptional managers who were able to utilize the services of the 4th section of society in the most optimized manner. They were responsible to bring the “Defined Benefits” to the entire humanity. These people were called as “Vaishya” in Sanskrit.

Author: Hmm. I would surely love to understand how the operations and project managers of your times were able to extract work from people in the most optimized way. As I am also in the profession of Project Management, this is the area which will surely help me in executing “Project YugParivartan” after getting the knowledge from you and God. I will keep this in my checklist of questions when I will have next meeting with God.

Soul of Satyug: The Project Management, leadership and people management are the specialized skills which are there since our times. Although, people of today’s world have rediscovered some of the principles of Project Management, they are still not able to document an important piece of knowledge, which will add further effectiveness in their working and make their knowledge complete. You can ask God to provide you that knowledge before you take up the Project Manager role for “Project YugParivartan”. Anyway, coming back to the role of 4thsection of society; the “workers” were responsible to provide services to all the professions established by the other 3 sections of the society, in terms of the physical support to actually do the task. They were the workers who were given the equal opportunities to develop into Managers, Leaders and Mentors and based on their hard work they were given the role matching their skills and the will. These people were collectively termed as “Shudra” in Sanskrit. These people were required to ensure “Health and Welfare” to all sections of society.

The division of the society into 4 sections was done to create a conducive environment for everyone to achieve their “Defined Value”. It was not done to show anyone superior or inferior. It was considered that if any of the “Shudra” (Server) was not happy with their life; it was due to the fault of managers, leaders and mentors in the increasing order of responsibility and hence the issue was amicably fixed every time such a situation arrives. This way we were able to achieve a system which was a win-win for each of our people. However, due to the passage of time and genetically inherited errors creeping in, this situation was bound to decline in quality, after a long time and the collective humanity consciousness was declined to Treta Yug (Silver Age of Humanity).

Author: This was really enlightening. Before this discussion with you, I was envisioning a world where everyone is given the same role as I do not want any differentiation between humans based on this “caste” system. But now, I can clearly see that the “varna” system was not “caste” system and it was done to establish a well-coordinated system of justice to every human being and was a method to match the skills with the roles. But how, why and when this “varna” system declined into “caste” system?

Soul of Satyug: Well, this did not happen during our times and hence I would want soul of Treta Yug (Silver Age) to provide you further information on this. Let me handover the baton to soul of Treta Yugwho will continue with the knowledge transfer session (KT session). She will explain you how these 4 systems worked during their times.

Author: Thanks O pure soul. This was really enchanting. The more you have told me; the more curious I have become. I hope the soul of Treta Yug will fulfill my appetite to know more.

With this the soul of Satyug became silent and the soul of Treta Yug took charge as my coach.

Author: Greetings O soul of Treta Yug, please quench my hunger to know more about Story of Bharat; a Veeron Ki Aarti(hymn in praise of the soldiers).

Soul of Treta Yug: Good wishes. Let me know what you want me to start with.

Author: I can understand what soul of Satyug has explained so far. However, I forgot to ask which area of earth the civilization was consolidated during their times. You can start with this.

Soul of Treta Yug: Well. The initial creation of human beings by God (Daiviya srishti) was on Himalayas. After the initial creation and setting up of the infrastructure required for life, the role of expanding the humanity was delegated to humans itself. This creation through procreation (Maithuni Srishti) resulted into increase in number of people and hence we required more space to live. So, generation over generation people started moving to other places. However, as all of them belonged to the same family, the value system still remained the same. Slowly, as the number of people increased to very large, the decline in the value system increased due to “genetically inherited errors” generation over generation. This resulted into termination of Satyug and the humanity moved to Treta Yug. By this time, the areas that you call as Rishikesh, Haridwar, Manali, Kashmir etc were inhabited. During the Treta Yug, the civilization expanded to entire north India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South India, Nepal etc.

Author: I am skeptical about the consolidation of civilization on Himalayas only during Satyug. I have heard that Mohan-Jo-Daro and Indus Valley civilization are one of the oldest ones along with Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt and some people say that human civilization was originated somewhere in Africa.

Soul of Treta Yug: No, this is not true. These two civilizations and what was found in Africa were not even present during our times, so how could these be there during Satyug. All the traces of Satyug’s civilization are wiped out due to the effect of time. If humanity thinks that whatever they can get as physical evidence is only true and the things which cannot be seen physically do not exist, then they are definitely living in an illusion.

Author: But scientific community says that if they cannot test something in laboratory or if there is no physical evidence of presence of something, then the existence of those things remain doubtful and should not be believed. And hence it is difficult to believe that there were civilizations and cities before the Mohan-Jo-Daro and Indus valley civilization. With the same reason, they don’t believe the presence of soul in human body and many of them also don’t believe in God. They say, if God is there, then why can’t it be seen and show His presence.

Soul of Treta Yug: Ok. If today’s humans think so, then ask them can they see the physical presence of “love” or can it be tested in laboratory. Can they develop morality, ethics, good-behavior, selflessness and all such things in laboratory? If that is the case, then why you are not able to resolve the “Global Warming” through a test in laboratory and also the world peace? You are given “mind” as instrument to process any information that your limited senses of knowledge provide to you. Do you think that your senses are fully developed and there is no way their power can be enhanced? The macrocosmic world can be understood with the outward faces of your senses and the microcosmic world can be understood only when the inner doors of senses are opened. There is a definite process through which this can be done. If the educationists and scientific community has their inner doors closed, they won’t be able to comprehend the spiritual world and hence will keep searching for a physical evidence and explanation of even the non-physical things. A human has to develop higher levels of consciousness to understand this; otherwise the ignorance cannot be eradicated.

Also, till sometime back even the Mohen Jo Daro and Indus Valley civilizations were not discovered. So, the scientific community had some other explanation of origin of human civilization. What if tomorrow they discover remains of another ancient city which is much older than Mohan Jo Daro and Indus valley civilization on the earth? What will happen to their theory then? Also, have they tried excavating the entire earth and the oceans before concluding this? Have they tried excavating the Delhi, Meerut, Kurukshetra and Mathura? If they do that they may get something or the other as a physical evidence of the Indraprastha and Hastinapur which were the cities inhabited during Dwapar Yug?

Author: Oh I never thought that. It may quite be possible that we will get some physical evidences of Mahabharat in these cities if these are excavated or a scientific methodology through which we can discover the perished cities without even doing the actual excavations.

Soul of Treta Yug: Anyways, when you will have a detailed training course later from true mentors, you will learn the process of learning itself and you will start seeing evidences of all those non-physical things that do exist, but cannot be seen due to the body consciousness you are in. For now, let’s focus back on the story of Bharat during our times.

Author: Sorry, I digressed from the story of your times. But I thought it to be important to clarify some of my doubts at this stage so that I can have right set of questions while listening to the Story of Dwapar Yug (Copper age of humanity).

Soul of Treta Yug: Yes, I will let you know of the story of our times and then hand it over to the soul of Dwapar Yug to narrate the story of their times. So, during the tail end of the Treta Yug, we had kings to rule the world which was divided into various states and one emperor of the entire earth so that common value system could be sustained and genetically inherited errors could be minimized. There were Self Realized people appointed as mentors (sears) to every king. Kings were supposed to consult them before making any important political decisions. The strong kings were able to create a business environment in which all the businesses could flourish without any corruption. The businessmen were honest and did not have profit as the sole motive. Instead, they were focused to bring prosperity to all sections of the society. The workers were all dedicated to their masters and had a great service attitude. Thus, all the four systems of Education, Governance, Businesses and Services (Brahmin, Shatriya, Vaishy, Shudra) were very well coordinated and hence resulted into goodwill and welfare of each of the world’s citizen. Most of the humans were able to live up to 300 years and that also with almost no diseases. Human needs were less and most of the people were able to achieve the Self Actualization in the field of their choice. People were still strong on their commitments. The education system was pure and the knowledge of truth was imparted to the pupils by the Self Realized souls (Rishi and Maharishi) only; through Guru-Shishyaparampara (mentor-disciple custom). So, primarily ours was the time when the second section of society which we call as “Shatriya” grown in large numbers than the “Brahmins” due to the need of providing extensive governance systems as the kingdoms were divided. There was not much business between various kingdoms as the needs of a community were mostly fulfilled in-house. But this doesn’t mean that we did not have any communication between kingdoms. Various Brahmins had the duty to travel across the world so as to ensure that people are still following the common value systems. It was also done to share the inventions and new techniques with each other.

Author: Oh, it was very intelligent way to manage humans and ensure happiness to everyone. I am considering this as a scenario wherein the Multinational Companies today need to upgrade their systems when they go global from a single location or single country operations. Whenever this happens, the need for high quality leaders gets increased. I really wonder how you were able to manage this exceptionally well even when you did not have the technologically advanced systems that we have now.

Soul of Treta Yug: Again, you are living in a prejudice that science has advanced during your times only. Please note that the sciences were always there, the only thing was that its form was different from what you have today. You do everything through machines invented by the scientific community and we did several things through the Yogic techniques that Rishi Munis(Yogis) invented through meditative techniques. In fact, we were successful in ensuring that the scientific inventions would not be misused as they were guided by high values; unlike your current times where several scientific inventions are becoming harmful to the human communities rather than adding any value to the improvement in life. It is due to the reason of decline in collective human consciousness and the values system during contemporary world. Also, due to the effect of time, the knowledge about several of our inventions is lost and could not be passed on to new generations.

Author: Although it is difficult for me to imagine what could be the form of scientific inventions during your times; but I can deduce from your explanation that we are definitely doing something wrong due to which we are not able to save this planet dying a slow death. Can you explain me what exactly were the events due to which the Treta Yug was terminated and resulted into the start of Dwapar Yug (Copper Age of humanity)?

Soul of Treta Yug: Of course, in fact I was coming to that only, so that I can conclude my part and introduce you the soul of Dwapar Yug. So, at the convergence point of Treta Yug with Dwapar Yug, the human values declined to a great level as per our standards during those times and a great war took place between the mightiest prince “Ram” of Ayodhya and egoist King “Ravan” of Lanka. Although both Ravan and the Ram followed the same value system (Vedas), but as the realization of human values were higher in Ram and he was closer to the truth than Ravan. He finally defeated Ravan in the war and the truth prevailed. After the war, Ram gave the throne of Lanka to Ravan’s brother and returned back to Ayodhya to serve the humanity with his exceptional governance skills. Ram then initiated the process of consolidation of common human values system and became emperor of the world for several years. This was end of Treta Yug and the collective human consciousness moved into Dwapar Yug.

Author: Thank you O soul of Treta Yug. I have read the stories of Ramayana and watched television serials based on that and had some idea about the same. But your description has provided me a better insight into the sequence of events that resulted into expansion of kingdoms and decline in human value system. I really appreciate that you took time to explain me such details. Can you also let me know why Ram is given this special significance than any other Kings who might have defeated bad kings and re-established world peace? Is there a specific reason or is it just due to the fact that we have Ramayana as the only surviving book of those times and rest of the contemporary history is lost?

Soul of Treta Yug: Well, I am leaving you with the same question that soul of Satyug left you with at the end of first session with her. This was due to the power of Yog that Ram has a special significance than other kings of his times. Think again, why Yog is the only solution for executing “Project YugParivartan”? Bye for now, I will come back again with the soul of Dwapar Yug in the next session.

With this, the soul of Treta Yug went away from my meditation session and I was left alone to think on the same question again that Why Yog is the only solution to execute the “Project YugParivartan”? I will surely start my session with the soul of Dwapar Yug with this question only, as my curiosity about the secrets of the Yogis increasing day by day. Is there some clue which the soul of Satyugand Treta Yug wanted to give me which I am not able to comprehend? I don’t know, I will think of it later as I am very tired. It took me several months to write this article since the article on Story of Satyug. As I am told that it is not my intellectual property (IP), I need to share it to as many people as possible. I am very excited to meet the soul of Dwapar Yug in the next session.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

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