Article 0.5 - Story of Bharat - Bronze Age (Dwapar Yug)

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Atha Shri Mahabharat katha, Mahabharat Katha
Katha Hai Purushartha Ki, Yeh Swartha Ki, Parimartha Ki
Saarathi Jiske Baney, Shri Krishna Bharat Parth Ki

Here is the literal meaning of the above lines which are taken from the same title song of Mahabharat television serial with which I started the previous two articles:

“Let’s begin the story of Mahabharat. It's a tale of manliness, greed and the ultimate truth. The flag bearer of this story was Krishna, who played the role of the charioteer of the prime warrior, Arjuna.”

In the previous two articles I have covered some details of the conditions prevailing during the Satyug (Golden Age) and Treta Yug (Silver Age) based on what was revealed by the souls of Satyug and Treta Yug respectively, in my neural connections during meditation. They told me that the civilization expanded to regions outside the present day Bharat and the people started inhabiting other countries during their times. However the value system still remained the same albeit with a lower levels of realization of truth in humanity in general as compared to what it was at the beginning of Satyug. The last two articles also provided some glimpse that the story of Bharat is very significant in understanding the complete story of the entire humanity. The Great World War of Mahabharat actually took place during the tail end of Dwapar Yug, post which the current era Kaliyug (Iron Age) was started. As the above two lines depict that the story of Mahabharat is about “manliness”, “greed” and “ultimate truth”; it is important to critically examine these three parameters so as to understand the collective human consciousness during the Dwapar Yug.

Mahabharat is a story of the grand war fought between cousins (Kaurav and Pandav) for the rightful inheritance of the throne of Hastinapur, which was the emperor-state during the tail end of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age of humanity) and is a region near today’s New Delhi. The above two lines provide some clues towards the significance of this war story on the humanity in general and Bharat in particular. The primary significance of this story is the involvement of Mr. Krishna Yadav, who played the key role in guiding the humanity about the righteousness, human values and the path towards realizing the truth; which was hidden from the mankind since a long time, due to the genetically inherited errors induced in the education system over a period of time. Krishna was a learned of Vedas and realized the ultimate reality of creation by the strong practice of the vedic wisdom.

Krishna tried his level best to peacefully arrive at a win-win formula to resolve the conflict of rightful inheritance of the control on emperor-state, but the eldest brother of Kaurav i.e. Duryodhan did not heed to the advice provided by Krishna and several other elders. Due to his arrogance and greed, the war became inevitable.

However, when the battle was about to begin and the armies of both sides had taken their positions in the battlefield; Arjuna became nervous and preferred earning the livelihood through begging, instead of fighting with his own relatives for the piece of land. The Pandavs were noble people who were the living examples of true followers of teachings of Vedas and hence it was important that they win the war and save the humanity from the greedy prince Duryodhan. The weakness shown by Arjuna due to the attachment with the relatives, instead of fighting for the justice to the humanity, was greatly criticized by Krishna because it was too late to take that decision. The battleground was not the right place to think like that. Krishna was also aware that Arjuna was the prime warrior from Pandav’s side and it would result into drastic consequences for the humanity if Arjuna could not be convinced to continue with the war with full vigor. He had a long one-to-one communication with Arjuna to remind him to execute his duties with complete selflessness. This communication between Krishna and Arjuna was later documented by Maharishi Ved Vyas as part of history book Mahabharat and was also separately published as Bhagwat Gita; which happens to be my mentor as well. In fact, as I mentioned in “Article 0.2 – Need for Change” that there are numerous people in history of humanity who have Bhagwat Gita as the prime inspiration behind their effective and meaningful lives.

Finally, Krishna was able to convince Arjuna that it was his duty to fight for the cause of righteousness. The war finally took place which Pandav had won by defeating the greedy and unjust Duryodhan. However, the consequences of this war were drastic for the humanity anyway and resulted into dismantling of vedic education system to a great extent. The Guru Shishya parampara (mentor – disciple teaching methodology) was reduced to a very small portion of the entire world and the collective human consciousness declined further to a great level. However, it was still less drastic than the consequences of not fighting that war by running away from the one’s duty like a coward. Even though this war had engulfed several people, it had also left behind a trail of knowledge and wisdom, which we can utilize to resolve all the problems of today’s world. This was the essence that I could understand after my discussion with the soul of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). I was exactly looking for this knowledge from the history of Bharat as I wanted to understand how the four pillars of humanity; Mentors, Leaders, Managers and Workers worked during previous eras so that I can understand the pattern and come up with a solution to save this planet dying a slow death due to the lack of wisdom in human communities these days.

In the previous article, soul of Satyug and Treta Yug explained me how the human management and leadership worked during their times. I also got some understanding of the four pillars under which the humanity was categorized based on the roles and primary functions. As the readers must already have some idea by now that I want to see a change; a GRAND CHANGE (YugParivartan), which I documented in “Article 0.2 – Need for Change” based on my discussion with God during the meditation session. God revealed during the meditation session that it is just due to my lack of will and skill that the world has reached to this state and it was just because I have not completed my Yog that 840 million people in present day Bharat and several others in almost all countries, are living below the poverty line. On the other hand, it is also visible to me that there are so called educated people who are spending millions of rupees on things which are adding no value to the humanity. I always wondered why people waste useful resources instead of utilizing the same for the betterment of masses who are struggling to fulfill even the basic needs to keep them alive. I admitted my lack of understanding about the Yog in front of God and the souls of Satyug and Treta Yug. However, instead of providing me the answers, even the souls of Satyug and Treta Yug have put this question back on me to think “Why Yog” is the only solution to all the problems of today.

Anyways, my curiosity to know about Yog and its significance in executing “Project YugParivartan” is increasing day by day. I am patiently waiting to understand the story of Bharat during Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) and Kaliyug (Iron Age), as I feel that without understanding the history, I won’t become confident enough to propose my name in front of God to become the Project Manager of the “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE) this time.

With heightened curiosity about how Yog is the only solution to bring world peace and what exactly is theYog; I started meditating on soul of Dwapar Yug. I was feeling myself more and more curious after each meditation session. This curiosity to know complete truth has started acting as a catalyst towards increasing my will to sit down quietly for long meditation sessions to collect material to write next articles of “Code of Conduct” that I as a citizen of this lonely planet “earth” must learn, so that I can become an effective Project Manager of “Project YugParivartan”. As I was becoming more and more experienced in meditation, the time it takes to connect to the soul I was meditating on, was reducing day by day. Within few minutes of meditation, the soul of Dwapar Yug arrived at the scene. Here is the snapshot of the knowledge revealed in the neural network of my brain by the soul of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age).

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Hello. I hope you are not surprised by seeing me so quickly.

Author: I am definitely not surprised as I was waiting for you only. But I expected Soul of Satyug (Golden Age) and Treta Yug (Silver Age) to accompany you as well. But you seem to be alone.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Well, I asked them to come along with me, but they said that their role is over now and I should take the charge of telling the Story of Bharat during Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). They have also given me some glimpse of what they have told you so far. So, let’s get started.

Author: Hmm. I can understand. I am fine with this as I have got a fair idea of Satyug and Treta Yug by now. You can go ahead with the story of your times.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Ok. So, here it is. The end of Treta Yug was marked by the Great War between Ram and Ravan. Although this war was fought between the prince “Ram” from north of Bharat and the great king “Ravan” from Lanka; you can consider this as world war of those times. Ravan had a lot of earth under his control and he was a very mighty king. He had current day’s Australia, New Zealand, Lanka, Maldives, and Mauritius all under his control. The capital city of his reign was located in today’s Sri Lanka. He had several spiritual powers which he accumulated due to his endurance and tapasya (long duration meditation). As the education system during those times was common throughout the world, he was also a great learned of earliest education system of humanity which you know today as the Vedic Literature. In fact, Vedas is a synonym of “knowledge”. A learned of Vedas was called as “Vidvaan” (a person with wisdom). However, it depends upon the right practice of the values prescribed in the Vedas, which decides the respect level and effectiveness of a person. As Ravan was highly educated and a great warrior and hard worker as well, just like Ram; he also had a great influence on the world during those times. You can read more about Ram and Ravan and the Great War between them through the various versions of Ramayana available in printed form these days.

Author: Hmm. I will surely read some of them. Thanks for the suggestions.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: The reason why I have started the story of Dwapar Yug mentioning Ram and Ravan war is due to the fact that this war actually acted as the “Project YugParivartan” for Treta Yug. The correct essence of value system was again re-established and the truth again prevailed. As soul of Treta Yug had already told you that after winning over Lanka; Ram donated the Kingdom to Ravan’s brother, as the intent behind the war was to restore the value system and punish the grave sin of Ravan of abducting a married woman. The brother of Ravan to whom Ram donated the throne of Lanka, was also a learned of Vedas and hence the bipolar society that was created due to the different interpretation of values by Ravan; was again corrected and the correct value systems were again established.

Author: Hmm. I can relate to it as I have grown up watching the street plays based on Ramayana since my childhood, which we call as “Ramlila”. The greatest festival of today’s Bharat, “Diwali” is celebrated on the occasion of home coming of Ram after defeating Ravan.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Exactly. The day also marked the completion of 14 years of Ram’s exile as ordered by his father due to reasons as mentioned in Ramayana. After returning back, Ram integrated all kings by the process called as Ashwamedh Yajna. The times of Ram’s reign as an emperor of the world is known as “Ram Rajya” these days to denote the perfect Governance system where the people of the country were given more importance than the Kings. The Kings lived a very simple life and used to meditate a lot. Anyways, after the end of Ram’s rule and his final Samadhi (final Communion with God); no other king could match with the might and wisdom of Ram and hence the collective humanity moved to Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age); an era where businesses flourished more than the kingdoms.

Author: Businesses? But, I think businesses flourished more during Kaliyug (Iron Age) and are a very recent phenomenon. And also, I think that even during the Dwapar Yug, it was Kingdoms which expanded like it did during Treta Yug. Isn’t it?

Soul of Dwapar Yug: You are right to some extent. During the Satyug, it was the “knowledge” alone which expanded; during Treta Yug, it was “knowledge” as well as “kingdoms” and during the Dwapar Yug, it was “knowledge”, “kingdoms” and “businesses” which were expanded. So, accordingly, the Satyug was an era of Brahmins (true seers); Treta Yug was an era of Shatriyas (leaders) and Dwapar Yug was an era of Vaishya (Businessmen). And as you move forward in your coaching and soul of Kaliyug takes up the role to guide you; she will let you know that the Kaliyug is the time when most of the humanity have become Shudra (People without knowledge of truth) and even the highly intellectual people lack the wisdom due to which this planet has reached to such a chaos and nuisance. And if this decline in values is not stopped further, it will result into the Grand Dissolution. That is why it is important for you to complete your Yog and set the things right.

Author: Just like the Soul of Satyug and Treta Yug, you are also increasing my curiosity to know why Yog is the only solution to save this planet. Can you please let me know what you all are referring to as Yog as my understanding about Yog is slightly different?

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Well, it has been time and again revealed what Yog is and infact, Maharishi Ved Vyas has already documented the same through the Bhagwat Gita; although Krishna was telling Arjuna that this Yog is a secret. The real essence of the Yog was not understood by masses during the Kaliyug, although several people have written commentaries on Bhagwat Gita.

Author: Well on one end you are saying that Krishna mentioned Yog is a secret knowledge and on the other hand you are saying that Maharishi Ved Vyas opened it in front of humanity by documenting the one-to-one communication between Krishna and Arjuna in the form of Bhagwat Gita and hence opening this secret in front of the world. I am slightly confused about what is that which you are trying to keep secret from me just like the soul of Satyug and Treta Yug have done so far? If you say that only Yog is the solution to it then why you are keeping it secret and not revealing it in my neural connections. How could it help me execute the “Project YugParivartan”, if you don’t reveal what Yog actually is?

Soul of Dwapar Yug: The reason why I am just hinting on Yog and not letting you know about why Yog is the only solution of all this mess is due to the fact that I am not entitled to let you know about the same. Only God can do so. You need to have a strong curiosity to know this knowledge and hence the only help we can do is to increase your curiosity to the highest level by telling the story of our times so that you can understand the pattern of decline in consciousness. Only God or a true Yogi can let you know about the Yog. Higher the curiosity, the higher is the potential to know the truth. So I, along with soul of SatyugTreta Yug and Kaliyug will provide you that curiosity through which even God can be forced to reveal the knowledge of truth in your neural connections.

Author: Hmm. I can understand your intentions. This was the reason why I meditated on you people. But initially I thought I will get the answers about Yog from you, but I never had an idea that you will give me more questions than providing answers, in order to prepare me to reach to right questions. I apologize if I have crossed my line of control and did any indecency.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Never mind. Although several people during our times developed ego as a habit; but as I am a liberated soul, I do not have any trace of that. But this was not the case of several souls who had human bodies during our times. They developed ego due to which the knowledge of truth declined to a great level. The collective human consciousness declined and most people started thinking of their own benefits without doing the right contributions guided by the right values. The human education system of learning the Vedas (true knowledge) through the learned Acharyas (enlightened teachers) was still there; but even the teachers and mentors were not able to realize the knowledge of truth completely as the greed started affecting them as well. In fact, everyone started becoming greedy and even started fighting for Pride, Women and Wealth (Jar, Joru, Jameen). This could not continue for long as the human values declined to a level where the brothers started fighting with each other on these three root causes of commotion. This was an indication for the need of “Project YugParivartan” of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age).

Author: I think you are pointing towards the conflicts between Kaurav and Pandav and hinting about the molestation of Draupadi by Dushshashan and the quarrel between Kauravs and Pandavs for the throne of Hastinapur. Isn’t it?

Soul of Dwapar Yug: You got it right. I am pointing to that only. This was the reason why Mahabharat took place. Let me now summarize how the four pillars of humanity worked during our times.

Author: I can guess from the discussion with Soul of SatyugTreta Yug and now you; that it is important to understand the declining pattern of collective human consciousness and the working of the four pillars of society during earlier eras. So, please let me know how these systems worked during your times.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: The first pillar “Mentors” (Brahmins) got corrupted and could not keep their consciousness too high and reduced the duration of meditation, due to which they were not able to reflect the high human values. This had impacted the human education system and hence due to the absence of true mentors, even the kings were not taught correctly and hence their consciousness levels also started declining. During the Treta Yug (Silver Age), Kings were mostly happy with their lands and were not usually waging a war with other states for the want of land. But, during the Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age), as the number of people increased and the quality of education system declined, it started creating greed in human beings. Their wants increased and hence the individual states were not able to fulfil that increased demands. This resulted into businesses with other states to exchange the things based on the local “demand and supply” gap. This arrangement which you call as “barter system” became prevalent during our times. Although there was a currency system as well, but that was limited to purchasing goods within the state boundaries where the common currency was recognized due to the state stamp. This was done to ease the exchange of goods. But this currency system of gold coins resulted into further increase of greed to get more of these due to the attraction of this metal. But, as the state laws were strict, there were not many crimes such as theft etc and people were more or less safe with their money. Hence there was no need of institutions that you call as “banks” these days.

Author: You know, the best part in the discussion with you and souls of other eras has been that you explain the things in such simple terms that even a limited educated person like me can understand it easily. And your usage of today’s terminology has also proven that even when you all have exited from your bodies and live in space, still you keep yourself updated of the knowledge of today’s world. So, can I ask you what technology you use to update your knowledge? I keep myself updated by watching news on television and browsing through internet and reading books; what was the technology used during your times?

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Again, let me tell you that the liberated souls like us know everything. We know everything that happened in past, we know everything that is happening today and we know everything that will happen in future. This is the reason why people meditate on us to know about something which has not yet happened. They meditate on us to get the vision for the future. In fact, you are also doing the same thing. You are meditating on us to know the solution of today’s problems and this proves that you have belief that we know the future.

Author: Sorry, my bad. Actually I forgot that you are pure souls and are staying with God so you must know everything. It was just that you are telling me the story of the different times so that I can get a clue towards the solution of today’s problems. So, I will not further distract you with these childish questions anymore. Please continue with the story.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Not an issue. We are here to answer any query that you have. As soul of Satyug (Golden Age) mentioned before revealing her identity to you; that we all are also waiting helplessly from here since Mahabharat for someone to declare that he wants to execute the “Project YugParivartan” and we will let him know of the story of our times in order to help him. We are pure consciousness and have no physical bodies, so all we can do is to increase the consciousness of the people meditating on us. Anyway,  I was telling that people started doing rigorous business with each other as the human wants were increased on all fronts. Some of the people even started to travel to other states to do the business so that they can fulfil the wants of their local states. The businesses between the states worked on the basis of barter system as the currency of one state was not valid in another state. The business was done with the intention that the useful things produced in abundance in one state can be exchanged with other states in order to create a win-win situation for the people of both states. This group of “Vaishya” (Businessmen) were able to serve the humanity with their great management skills under the strict law enforcements by the Kings and there was a great tab on corruption. However, the kings by this time became greedier and started fighting with each other for the want of land, animal resources and gold. This had resulted into further decline in the collective human consciousness levels and the corruption of human mind finally achieved its peak and the need for “Project YugParivartan” was felt.

Author: Hmm.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: The human civilization by this time spread across the world and almost all places on earth were inhabited. But as the education system got corrupted to a great level, due to lack to true mentors and the genetically inherited errors; several other faiths, religions and value systems started getting developed. However, this was still not an issue as more or less every religion or value system was preaching the good moral conduct and righteousness. So, there was still no issue of wars due to religions. Finally near the end of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age), the cousins Kaurava’s and Pandava’s fought a deadly war which is popularly known as “Mahabharat”. Almost all countries of the world participated in this war and hence you can consider this as the first full scale World War of humanity. This war was unfortunate and had seen a great devastation of humanity, but it became essential to have this as the value system had to be re-established. It was fought for the rightful inheritance of the throne of Hastinapur, which was the capital city of the emperor of the world. Almost all kings had to take sides of either Kaurava’s or Pandava’s due to the importance of this war to re-establish truth. I would not go too much in details about the background of the war as it will take enormous amount of space and time; but just want to conclude by mentioning about the three prime characters of this war.

Author: Yes, I have read Mahabharat to some extent and even watched a television serial created based on this grand historical event of the world. Although I could remember a large number of important characters of this war, but I am curious to know which three you have chosen as the prime characters.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: It was not me who has chosen these three persons as prime characters of this event; but it was God who inspired them to execute “Project YugParivartan”. The termination of Satyug (Golden Age) needed only one person to execute the “Project YugParivartan”; the Treta Yug (Silver Age) required two people to do the same and Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) required three people for executing “Project YugParivartan”. Similarly, if you want to terminate Kaliyug (Iron Age), you would require four people to re-establish the value system. Three of the four people have already aspired to be the change agents. You can play the role of the missing fourth person and complete the Jigsaw puzzle, if you desire to complete your Yog and submit yourself to God for the same. You can ask for more details about the Change Agent network from God in your next meeting with Him and can also understand your role in this GRAND CHANGE process. In fact, every thoughtful citizen on this planet today has a role to play.

Author: Hmm. I don’t know about others, but I definitely want to play a role as per my will and the skill. My desire to see this change during my lifetime is so strong that I can’t wait for others to take charge and do the same. I just need right knowledge, direction, guidance and path to do the same. I know I am too small to do it and have no match with the earlier change agents; but as God challenged me that why I am sitting idle and doing nothing to revive the values; I have no choice but to keep introspecting about the logic to do this GRAND CHANGE. Please go ahead with your story.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: Fine. The change agents for executing the “Project YugParivartan” during Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) was Maharishi Ved Vyas who is your favorite author as he is the author of your favorite book Bhagwat Gita; the second one was Mr. Krishna Yadav, as he is the person through which the Bhagwat Gita was delivered by God to Arjuna; and third one is Mr. Arjuna Pandav, who got this rare opportunity to listen the wisdom of Vedas in the form of Bhagwat Gita from the mouth of God Himself through Krishna.

Author: Hmm. I knew it to some extent that these were the real Change Agents, but I was counting few other people as well. I can understand some rationale behind short-listing these three people as the prime change agents although I can see that almost everyone who participated in Mahabharat war directly or indirectly was indeed a change agent.

Soul of Dwapar Yug: I cannot deny that. Almost everyone is a change agent in changing the configuration of the world, however the impact and effectiveness these Grand change agents were able to produce during the end of Dwapar Yug is unmatchable. Anyway, you know the rest of the history that after the Mahabharat war Mr. Yudhishthir Pandav (eldest brother of Arjuna) became the emperor of the world for many years to come and re-established the value system to great extent. However, after his death, the human value system declined further and the humanity moved to Kaliyug. There were a lot of significant events that took place after the great world war of Mahabharat which you can ask from the soul of Kaliyug. With this, my role in the current “Project YugParivartan” is over and I leave it up to you to meditate on soul of Kaliyug to understand the collective human consciousness during their times, so that you can understand the current situation of the world and ask God to appoint you as Project Manager for “Project YugParivartan” this time. Good luck and bye.

So, after this discussion, I had to break my meditation session as the purpose of today’s discussion was over and I needed a break before I get ready for the next meeting in meditation which is with soul of Kaliyug (Iron Age). We all are in Kaliyug era and the decline in value system has again achieved its peak. So, the consciousness of Vedas will again descend on earth to elevate the collective human consciousness back to the consciousness levels of Satyug (Golden age). Although this time it is the biggest task as the need is not only to put a further stop  in decline of the human value system but also to elevate it back to the highest levels as there is no further era in this Chaturyugi (four era system of human consciousness). A mini Grand Dissolution may take place to set the things correct if humans do not become aware and save this planet dying a slow death due to Global Warming. Some of the effects have already started showing up. Although the intellectual levels of people and their knowledge about the things is achieving its peak, there is no stopping in decline in value system as is evident from the chaos the world is passing through.

So, see you during the next session with Soul of Kaliyug, post which I will meditate on God to learn the scope of “Project YugParivartan” from Him, if at all I qualify in the eyes of God for applying for a Project Manager position for the “Project YugParivartan”.

Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner
10th Dec, 2012

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