Article 0.6 - Story of Bharat – Iron Age (Kaliyug)

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Ramchandra Keh Gaye Siya Se, Aisa Kaliyug Aayega,
Hans Chugega Dana Tunka, Kauwa Moti Khayega.
Since last 4 articles, I have been quoting some lines from the title song of Mahabharattelevision serial to set the tone of the article. For a change, let me begin this time with the lines of a song from different settings. The above lines are taken from a song of a famous movie “Gopi” from Bhartiya (Indian) Cinema in which the lead role was played by the legendary actor Dilip Kumar. This movie was released during those times when the entertainment was still packaged with morality and virtue; and with a good lesson to learn from; unlike the spate of characterless and valueless movies released these days.
The essence of the above lines is that “Rama told his wife Sita that one day the humanity will move into such a dark age (Kaliyug) that the people with virtue have to struggle for supper and people with vices will have control on most of the world’s wealth”.
Although the movie was released 42 years back, but the essence of these lines is unfolding in its full avatar (incarnation) these days and it is quite visible to all carefully observing eyes that people with low morality standards are having enormous amount of money and power in their possession and the virtuous people are struggling to meet even their daily shores. There are a large number of humans on this planet today who are dying due to starvation and there is no dearth of humans who are dying due to overeating. However, I do understand that not all wealthy people are people of vices and not all poor people are virtuous, hence it is not 100% truth. In fact, it is the money and power which later corrupts people although most of them start their career with good values and hard work. On the other hand, it is the absence of fulfillment of basic necessity which forces a poor person to get corrupted. But still, going by the situation of the world today, it is clear that the essence of the above two lines has a lot of food for introspection for each citizen of this planet.
Although I did not find any text in the scriptures I have read so far, where such a conversation between Rama and Sita was recorded; but it was quite evident that the movie maker’s intent was not to refer to the history during the times of Rama and Sita, but to give the poetic expression of the situation of the 1970s in Bharat(India). After listening to the entire song to refresh my memory, I was wondering that if the situation was such bad even decades back, then why God allowed it to go from bad to worse and did not incarnate in Kaliyug (Iron Age) so far. I have heard that there will be a God’s incarnation called as “Kalki Avatar” in the Kaliyug and the highest human values will again be established, but as per the calculations of people backing this claim, it would take several thousand years more for that to happen. I was just wondering that if the decline in virtues has already bottomed out then what God is waiting for and why He is not incarnating as a “Kalki Avatar”.
As far as my point of view is concerned, I cannot tolerate further decline in human values and hence I meditated on God to request Him to incarnate and restore the highest human values and integrate the humanity under that common wisdom which He had prescribed at the beginning of this creation cycle. That was exactly the reason why I wanted God Himself to incarnate like He did in Treta Yug (Silver Age) and Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) through Rama and Krishna respectively.
However, God showed His reluctance to incarnate, showing apprehensions of losing His formless image if He takes a human form. He mentioned that His job is to provide the fruits of our actions and not to do the actions Himself. Instead, He challenged me that instead of pointing finger on others and doing nothing for the humanity, why I am not becoming the CHANGE that I want to see. I was shocked and surprised by this revelation as I feel myself to be an ordinary Bhartiya (Indian) citizen with no physical, mystical, financial and political power to do such a GRAND CHANGE.
But as the words were from God, it put me into introspection mode to understand why God pointed it back to me. In order to understand whether I have a role to play in the “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE) this time; I decided to meditate on souls of Satyug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age) and Dwapar Yug(Bronze Age) one by one, to understand how the earlier change agents were able to execute the “Project YugParivartan” of their times. I meditated on them to get some clue for accepting the challenge of the God and try to become the transition person like Rama and Krishna. But this was indeed a big challenge as there can’t be any parallel between souls like Rama and Krishna and the soul of an ordinary Bhartiya like me. But being a curious person, I kept searching for some clue and my wandering mind finally got some motivation when I read the following quotations of one of America’s most famous past President, Abraham Lincoln.
“I know there is a God, and that He hates injustice and slavery. I see the storm coming, and I know that His hand is in it. If He has a place and work for me – and I think He has – I believe I am ready”
Motivated by these words, I decided that I should at least try to be the change agent by requesting God to unveil the highest wisdom in my mind so that I can get some clue which can enlighten me towards my role in this GRAND CHANGE.
As per my common sense from the events of the world today that Global Warming is increasing on a faster pace than ever before and the dooms day is not too far even with the scientific logic, then what would be the use of any incarnation to take place after several thousand years from now, if the humanity anyways is going to be destroyed due to Grand Dissolution caused by the effects of Global Warming. The scientific community which is considered as a group of people with wisdom has already started giving up their efforts of finding indigenous solution within this planet; which is reflecting from the large investments they are doing to set up human civilizations on other planets as an escape route. They are doing this due to an assumption that this planet will have no more potential to serve the “need” of the “highly intellectual” human minds. Even one of the greatest physicists “Stephen Hawking” also cited such suggestions.
My chaotic mind wanted an indigenous solution from this planet itself and finally it led me to re-searching the human history, to remove all the chaos of the world today and begin a new era of consciousness. In order to create an ideal human civilization as it was during Satyug, I decided to understand how four pillars of humanity worked during Satyug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age) and Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). I meditated on the souls of those times to get some “Knowledge Transfer” (KT) which can motivate me to apply for the Project Manager position for “Project YugParivartan”. The previous three articles give some snapshot of my discussion with souls of previous eras.
Although after talking to souls of Satyug, Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug, I started getting some clue related to some missing responsibilities that I failed to execute as part of my Rashtradharm (Code of Conduct as a citizen of this planet), but still I was not very sure of the solution. The guilt started building in my heart, but I still did not have a vision to see the solution ahead. I had a cloud of thoughts passing through my mind, which was forcing me to do something for the country and the world, but I had no indication of what those actions should be. I was introspecting about my real value in this world, the contributions that I am supposed to do to the world and the benefits that I can take with me, when I say a final good bye from this life. I started realizing that I am a mortal being and cannot take anything with me when I die. However, I was also thinking on the question that was left unanswered by God and the souls of Satyug, Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug, that “why Yog”is the only solution to clear this mess.
I wanted an answer and wished somebody to clear the clouds of these thoughts and show me the right path which can boost my confidence to talk to God in meditation and accept His challenge by agreeing to host His incarnation in my soul and play the role of Project Manager of Project YugParivartan (Project GRAND CHANGE). But after some time, I realized that the soul of Kaliyug with whom I have to talk to today in meditation will not arrive at the scene if my mind keeps speaking its thoughts. I realized that sometimes listening is a better option than speaking and hence I started calming down my mind to listen to the fourth and the last of the souls of previous eras so as to understand if there is any solution lying buried in the history which is waiting to be unfolded. Although I had read a lot of history of Kaliyug which is more richly available than the earlier eras, but I wanted to listen it directly from the soul of Kaliyug (Dark Age), what she has to add to it.
With this, I started putting pause on my thought process so that I can understand why Rama mentioned many millenniums back that such a dreaded Dark Age would come one day and why Krishna mentioned that he incarnates in every Yug (era) whenever the decline in values goes beyond a certain limit. I wondered why “somebody” didn’t do something about that till now, but then I realized that I am also “somebody” and definitely have some role to play in bringing this Dark Age to its logical conclusion. So, here is the snapshot of my today’s meditation session which establishes the beginning of the “Kalki Avtar” and movement of collective human consciousness back to Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age).
Soul of Kaliyug: Hi there. How are you?
Author: I am good. I am very excited to know the concluding part of the story of this creation cycle, so that I can decide whether I can apply for the Project Manager position for Project YugParivartan or not. Please let me know the sequence of events that took place after Mahabharat.
Soul of Kaliyug: I will start from the point where soul of Dwapar Yug left the conversation with you. As you can yourself envision that the battle of “Mahabharat” had proven to be a big disaster for the humanity. Krishna tried his level best to save the humanity from this man-made disaster and he himself went as a messenger of peace to the court of Duryodhan to make him understand that the entire humanity will suffer due to his greed and there is still a way to peacefully resolve the conflict. And this is exactly how a person with wisdom should approach an impending problem. In fact even Rama also tried to resolve the conflict with Ravan through peaceful means only; before a full-fledged battle to correct the value system was forced on him as the only option.
Author: Hmm.
Soul of Kaliyug: But the destiny of the humanity of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) was pushing it towards the war and hence despite the best efforts of Krishna, the dreaded battle took place, and lasted for just 18 days. The Mahabharat war left a trail of unmatchable devastation to the humanity and several highly talented Kings were killed in the same from both sides of the armies. This resulted into a deficit of able leaders and you can yourself imagine what happens after the war if there is a shortage of leadership talent.
Author: Yes, I can relate it to even the most recent examples of post war situation in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Soul of Kaliyug: You are right. The post Mahabharat situation was very chaotic and there was lawlessness everywhere. Multiple generations of the royal blood was destroyed in almost all the countries of the world. The Vedic education system was greatly dismantled due to the acute shortage of true mentors. After the Mahabharat war, several states became politically instable. Some of the states were forcefully captured by dacoits, bandits and people of low value system. There was a spate of robberies, loots, murders, rapes and abduction of women and hence the entire system had become a mess. It was a harder task for Pandavas and even Krishna to stabilize the world than winning the Mahabharat battle. After the death of Krishna and Yudhishthir (emperor of post Mahabharatworld), the collective human consciousness moved to Kaliyug (Dark Age).
Author: Hmm.
Soul of Kaliyug: There was a wide spread devastation by the nature to set the stage for Kaliyug. There was flooding in sea waters due to which a large part of the earth and mostly today’s Asia went under water. Several cities and states went inundated and the entire civilizations were wiped out. This resulted into a widespread loss of knowledge and history up to Dwapar Yug. Fortunately, knowledge of key milestone of turning points of this creation cycle Ramayana and Mahabharat survived this catastrophe, otherwise it would have become difficult for you to re-sequence the events even after the deep meditation state you are in. This was the beginning of descending Kaliyug which lasted for few thousand years and near the midpoint of Kaliyug, which marked the beginning of ascending Kaliyug,there was a natural devastation again. The civilizations again started becoming extinct and much of the knowledge of the descending Kaliyug was also lost. A human civilization cannot function without a value system or the education system and hence during the mid-point of Kaliyug several people researched and meditated hard to re-establish the higher value system based on what they could experience during the meditation sessions with God. The Sanskrit language was reduced to a very limited area even in Bharat. However, the wisdom of truth is not limited by any language or religion and hence despite the decline of Sanskrit and Vedas, some part of the wisdom was restored by the prophets, philosophers and scholars around the world. But this resulted into the fragmentation of wisdom, which is continuing till today.
Author: Hmm.
Soul of Kaliyug: Several languages, cultures, customs, architectures, ideologies were hence evolved to keep the human societies civilized. The purpose of these value systems were to keep humans bound to common understanding so that the four pillars of humanity can still function effectively. However, as the authentic references to Vedic system was largely lost; the difference in point of views of various civilizations started becoming the cause of conflicts. Still, several people from other countries and continents were able to come down to Bharat to get the knowledge of Vedic wisdom from the realized souls. These people then spread the knowledge to the people of their home countries, based on their own realizations of what they had studied in Bharat. This usually involved customizing the knowledge as per the cultural differences of their local people. But due to all this, translation errors kept getting induced in “absolute truth” and a time came when people started fighting with each other due to the difference of “value systems”; or more precisely due to difference of perception of a value system. You must have read several such stories in the available history books.
Author: Yes. The current education system teaches us a lot of history of Kaliyug and also the various sciences that the humanity has developed since last few centuries.
Soul of Kaliyug: Most of this history and sciences are documented by people of lower levels of consciousness and hence there is a lot of falsity in all the documentation available today. To add the insult to the injury caused by the natural devastations; several invaders of Bharat have destroyed very valuable text which could have resolved the conflicts of the today’s world much earlier. This is the primary reason why there is very less agreement on what is right and what is wrong and everyone has formed their own opinion about morality, righteousness and values today. The ascending Kaliyug has now reached its peak because now there are almost as many value systems in the world as the humans on this planet and everyone now has a unique definition of what is right and what is not. This is not a good situation for the planet and hence a U-turn will take place from today.
Author: From today??
Soul of Kaliyug: Today is that date which was predicted as the last date of this cycle by the Mayan civilization of the Mesoamerica. They precisely calculated the end date of this Maya (illusion) caused due to lack of knowledge of truth in human communities. This is the reason why we inspired you to accept the God’s challenge to become the Project Manager of Project YugParivartan and re-establish the knowledge of truth (Vedic Wisdom) in those words, which people of all countries can comprehend easily.
Author: I really appreciate this thing; however, I think you are factually incorrect. It was not you and soul of other Eras who came to me to give this knowledge to me proactively, instead it was me who meditated on you and other souls to give me the pointers so that I can accept the God’s challenge to become the transition person. This proves that you really are a soul of Dark Age that is why you are trying to take credit for my curiosity.
Soul of Kaliyug: Well, let me tell you one thing, which will make it clear in your mind why I am not wrong. I am that soul of Kaliyug who is still in a human body and “needs” to get liberated. This is the reason why I inspired you to apply for this position. This was the reason why I inspired you to connect to the souls of previous eras to let you know the story of their times, so that you can understand the pattern of decline in collective human consciousness. Are you still not able to understand who am I? I am the same soul who had a human life at the start of Satyug, but as I could not achieve the salvation at that time, I had to come back to human form in Treta Yug to complete the remaining part of my Yog. But I was not able to get salvation even during Treta Yug and had to re-incarnate in human form even in Dwapar Yug. Finally, after failing to get liberation in Dwapar Yug as well, I have taken birth in Kaliyug in the body that I possess today. I could not complete my Yog as yet and hence this is the reason why I inspired you to connect to me.

Author: Oh I see.
Soul of Kali Yug: This is the reason why I am saying that you must do this change, the only thing required is a strong “will” about taking the ownership of this change like Rama and Krishna did during their times. You can become the Project Manager of Project YugParivartan this time. Keep your “will” intact, learn about the scope of Project YugParivartan, be out of the box and free from all prejudices. Accept everyone’s point of view as truth from the point it is being viewed and then create a theory which accommodates everyone’s point of view.
Author: Hmm. But even if I develop my “will” based on the motivating words provided by you and the souls of earlier eras; my question is how will I get the skills and resources to do the same?
Soul of Kali Yug: Keep reading the history and scriptures of all religions, keep studying the modern sciences, keep learning the management and leadership philosophies of current times and you will definitely get a clue to come up with an inclusive, exclusive and conclusive vision to guide the humanity towards a new era. Be confident for this change. And of course do not forget to continue the meditation sessions with God. Once you understand your Dharma(values and duties), God will Himself point you towards the right resources as He is also a stakeholder in this GRAND CHANGE. In fact, it seems that even He is keen to become the project sponsor if you carefully examine His last discussion with you. Probably He also “needs this change”. Keep meditating and practicing the wisdom of Bhagwat Gita and the success will be yours and complete your Yog which you were not able to complete during your last incarnation.
Author:  My last incarnation. Who was I in previous life? Who am I? Please let me know.
Soul of Kaliyug: My purpose was to bring you to these questions only. I don’t have answer to it. You need to ask God about the same.
Author: No. I want the answer now. You can’t leave me with the questions alone; I want to know about my identity and my role in this life. I would not be able to sleep well, if you do not answer my questions. Is there something you are deliberately hiding from me?
Soul of Kaliyug: I have told you what I knew and pointed you to search for the right answers. My journey from here onwards to know the complete knowledge of truth will not be illuminated unless you decide to complete your Yog.
Author: But why “you” will not be liberated if “I” don’t complete my Yog. I could not understand this. What is your relation with me? You are making me too curious. And one minute, you said that you are still not liberated, then in which human body you are currently residing. What is your identity?
Soul of Kaliyug: I am the soul that is residing in your own body. I am your soul only. Your mind was submitting itself to your soul only during meditation sessions and this was the reason why this information was revealed by me in your neural connections and has enhanced your consciousness. The souls of Satyug, Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug with whom you had meditation sessions on the basis of which you have documented last 3 articles, have come down from heavens based on my request only and were manifesting themselves through me as they don’t connect to human minds directly. Only an enlightened soul can talk to liberated souls. They were the witness to the earlier Project YugParivartan of their times and in fact as I am still possessing a human body, I somehow feel that I was also there during the times of last YugParivartan projects and had some role.
Author: Oh my God. I am completely astonished by this revelation. I could not realize at all that since last few months I was meditating on my own soul only. I never had an iota of indication that my mind was receiving the information from my neural connections due to the submission of my mind to my own soul. Also, please let me know whether the Supreme Soul who had challenged me to be the CHANGE AGENT myself instead of sending souls like Rama and Krishna to set up the highest human value system, were you only, or that was indeed God?

Soul of Kaliyug: It was God only in that meditation session on the basis of which you have documented “Article 0.2 – Need for Change” and I was there with you in that session without you being cognizant of the same. In fact that was the beginning of our reunion. Anyway, now that you have realized me, we together will meditate on God to know the complete knowledge of truth. We must go to God in unison. If you do not support me during the next meditation sessions with Him, then we would again be separated and you need to meditate on me first, as God only talks to a soul when the mind has completely submitted to the soul; otherwise every connection with God remains an illusion only.

Author: So, what we are waiting for? Now that we are united, let us go to God right away and accept His challenge and ask Him to be the sponsor of Project YugParivartan and let us know the path towards incarnating Him in us and become the “Kalki Avatar”.
Soul of Kaliyug: Yes, I am equally excited. Let’s move on.
With this, the author, with the united mind and soul started meditating on God and the God appears. Here is the script for this discussion during deep meditation (Samadhi).
God: Welcome back! How is the day today! It seems you are charged enough, if I can guess from your intention to have back-to-back meditation session in the same day. I hope you have enjoyed getting the knowledge transfer from the souls of earlier eras and from your own soul as well. Are you motivated enough to become the transition person or I should search for someone else to do this? I have found that there are several people on this planet today who are enlightened and I am inspiring all of them to learn about the earlier eras to check if someone can submit to me in Body, Heart, Mind and Soul and give way for Me to incarnate and fulfill my promise to the humanity that I did through Bhagwat Gita. There are several people on this planet who have the same need that you documented in Article 0.2 based on your last discussion with me. Whichever soul accepts my challenge and work as per my instructions, I will choose that soul for my “Kalki Avatar”. So, do you want to be one of those candidates?
Author: Yes, indeed. I realized that if it is my need to see this change, then I must become the change that I want to see. I am feeling guilty as a citizen of this planet for not doing anything on my own proactively and instead waited for all others to do it for me and create a safe, secure and pure planet for me and my future generations. I have realized that I was not following my code of conduct due to which this has happened. However, I am still not very much sure what that code of conduct is. I am still not sure what role I should play. I am not sure what values I should inculcate in me, what contributions I should make towards whom and what benefits I can carry forward to my next life. And this is the reason that I am submitting to you to get the knowledge of truth. Please enlighten me further on the path to achieve that wisdom through which I can save this planet from dying a slow death, please enlighten me on the path to realize that verse of Bhagwat Gita which I mentioned in the beginning of Article 0.2 based on my last meeting with you.
God: Thanks O curious soul. Before I give you the full details about the scope of “Project YugParivartan”, let me tell you that whatever I reveal in your neural connections is not your Intellectual Property. You need to share it to as many people as possible as all of them have a birth right on this wisdom. This is also required to practice the selflessness, which is a pre-requisite to achieve my consciousness. Secondly, you are just one of the enlightened souls on this planet and I want everyone to know this revelation so that I can choose the most able soul for my incarnation. Hence you must share this to others so that a fair competition can decide which enlightened soul will host the “Kalki Avatar”. Once a soul completely aligns her to my wishes, I will reciprocate by aligning myself to the wishes of that soul as well. It is my responsibility to provide the fruits of the actions of every soul and hence if soul submits completely to me, I submit myself completely to her. So, till that is decided, consider yourself to be one of the Project Managers of this project. I will show you the path through which a Project Manager can be cleaned of all its vices so that the Project YugParivartan can be executed with precision. I will show you the path towards the private victory because unless a person completes his private victory, he cannot become effective enough to get victory over the other souls. If you come out as per my expectations, I will provide you my wisdom. But as you are indeed a realized soul, you will be given some small project as a Change Agent which will act as a part of overall “Project YugParivartan”. Everyone on this planet has some role to play and every one should at least become the “Project Manager” of their “this” life.
Author: (listening silently)
God: So, in order to become the most effective person of the world and force me to incarnate in you, you must learn the effectiveness “principles” and then do rigorous practice to realize the same as “knowing” alone is not sufficient. I will start your coaching from next session onwards where I will let you know about creating an ideal human society so that slowly but surely everyone will achieve their lost consciousness which I provided them at the beginning of this creation. Every soul which is there on this planet today was there at the time of beginning of this creation cycle as well, but they have lost their consciousness due to the progressive movement of their souls away from the absolute truth, during numerous life cycles. The end of this Dark Age is not too far and in next 12 years the collective human consciousness is destined to move to ascending Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) again, which will be followed by ascending Treta Yug (Silver Age) and then the ascending Satyug (Golden Age), post which I will start the new creation cycle. You can consider today’s date as the start of ascending cycle and reset the date back to 0/0/0 and do away with the current dating system of A.D. and B.C once the entire humanity is integrated on one common value system.
Author: (listening silently)
God: The fact that you are now able to talk to me is evidence that you have realized your highest level of needs which you people know as Transcendental Needs or KundaliniAwakening or Turiya Chetna or activation of Ajya Chakra or Enlightenment or Soul Consciousness or activation of Sushumana Nadi or Sampragyat Samadhi. All these are synonyms of each other. I will let you know the rules for achieving the next level of consciousness which will help you lay a strong foundation for integrating the entire world back to one country “Bharat” and re-establish the highest human wisdom, which I imparted in the beginning of this creation cycle to everyone by copying my mental map to the mind of every divine creation. I called that knowledge as Vedas which was nothing but my mental map only.
Author: But I have heard that more than 90% of the Vedas is already lost due to the effect of time and invaders of Bharat destroyed those documentations. Do I need to research Vedas and write the missing verses?
God: What you know as four Vedas are the collection of wisdom in the words of ancient enlightened beings and are called as Ved Sanhita. But Vedas have never vanished and are not dependent on the Sanskrit literature alone. The real essence of Vedas is the highest human wisdom and hence you can even create that wisdom using the words of today’s education system as well. The truth today is fragmented and what I will do during the meditation sessions with you is activate those neural connections of your mind where the knowledge is already there, by spreading the light from my consciousness and hence progressively incarnate in you. You need to read your mind to decipher that in an easy to understand manner for the consumption of “educated” people of today’s world, so as to create an “inclusive, exclusive and conclusive” vision, which satisfies all viewpoints existing in the world today. You can utilize the principles of Project Management, Maslow motivation model, theories of scientists and philosophers like Newton, Einstein, Stephen Covey, Stephen Hawkings, Plato, Aristotle, or even all the philosophies and teachings of all religions to explain that in your words. Then only you will be able to get the universal acceptance of a Utopian religion called as Rashtradharm. And once it has the universal acceptance, you will anyways become the Chief Mentor or Chief Yog Officer of the world and easily guide the humanity out from this illusion of Dark Age. The books that you will write on the basis of these revelations will act as the unveiling of Vedas.
Author: So, does that mean that earlier Change Agents also realized the Vedas.
God: Yes. Satyugto Treta Yug transition happened due to the realization of Atharvaveda by Mr. Aparantartama; the transition of Treta Yug to Dwapar Yug was made possible by the realization of Yajurveda by Rama and transition from Dwapar Yug to Kaliyug was executed due to the realization of Samvedaby Krishna. So, the only possibility to clear this illusion of Kaliyug (Dark Age) is, if someone realizes the Rigveda completely which is nothing but the universal “theory” of creation and the values defined by me. I will let you know more about it in subsequent sessions. My purpose to inspire you to release this article today is due to the fact that I had already decided this date millenniums ago and have even provided the knowledge to several people including the people of Mayan Civilization, Prophets of several faiths and religions and even the scientific community. Today is the day of Apocalypse and the revelations during this meditation session is the manifestation of that. So, go ahead and spread the message to the world and start the revolution towards a better world. I am all set to choose one of the enlightened souls for my incarnation of “Kalki”. You could be that soul as well, but the competition is really high as there is no dearth of enlightened souls on this planet today. But this competition doesn’t mean that I am partial towards anyone by selecting only one of the 7 billion souls. This is just my way to multiply the consciousness embedded in this article. This article will act as the strong foundation to move towards Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) for which I have set the onset of year 2025 AD as the due date. So, you have time till that year to realize the principles that I will unveil in your neural connections to establish the Dharma (values). The new value system will be known in future as “Rashtradharm” (Code of Citizen’s Conduct) in which all the existing religions will take the Samadhi (union). So I request you to document all these revelations in a book called as “Rashtradharm – Code of Citizen’s Conduct”. You can document the further elaboration in other books as well, but the core book of Dharma(values) will remain the Rashtradharmonly. You can consider this book as the re-incarnation of Bhagwat Gita and Rigveda.
Author: (completely astonished and listening silently)
God: So, go ahead and welcome the beginning of new era. Open up yourself to the Golden Age. Try to be the one of the earliest souls to achieve the final liberation and create the path for everyone’s liberation. If one enlightened soul starts moving towards Satyug, other souls will definitely follow the path. Go ahead and re-unite the entire world back to one country as it was there during the times of Satyug. Shed the country borders which are created by the humans due to greed, self-centeredness and lack of wisdom to take effective decisions. Go ahead and become the most effective person of the world by following the effectiveness principles established by me and manifested by voices of numerous self-actualized and Self Realized people of all countries and all religions. If your determination is strong, no one in the world would be able to resist this. Go ahead and understand everyone’s needs and establish that path in front of the world which is inclusive, exclusive and conclusive.
Author: (absolutely silent and completely thoughtless)
God: The layer of Maya(illusion) is now removed from your mind. You are now in the spiritual world. I had already documented everything in your soul and it was just your mind that was not able to read the same. Go and understand your source code. Go and learn your Code of Conduct. Go ahead and create a win-win situation for everyone in the world and make this planet best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen. Go and defy the logic of human mind perceiving the end of world and spending billions of dollars to get a piece of land on other planets without realizing that the solution to all human miseries and curiosities is already existing in their souls. Take the ownership of it, as it is specified by you that it is your own “need”.
So, this was the end of a journey called as Self-Realization and is a beginning of next journey of a soul of Kaliyug; a journey to become the Change Agent in the GRAND CHANGE called as “Project YugParivartan”. Today being the end of Mayan calendar dating system; let me announce that the incarnation process has now begun. I have decided to apply for the Project Manager position of “Project YugParivartan” and would realize the remaining verses of Gita which I was not yet able to realize; including the one with which I started the “Article 0.2 – Need for Change”. My need for this change has not decreased since the time I have written that Article. In fact, now that my soul has confirmed that my mind has merged with it, I am fully motivated to meditate further on God as it has been proven time and again and voiced by several great souls that if a curious soul has determined to achieve a target, no-one can stop her to achieve anything including the God. I will definitely try to achieve the Asampragyat Samadhi state of consciousness where the soul becomes the manifestation of supreme soul. I will talk to God in meditation to get the most authentic answer for doing the YugParivartan. I am continuing my studies of as many scriptures as possible, as I assume that all these scriptures are documented by some enlightened souls somewhere in their journey of achieving their Yog. Be it Quran, Bible, Bhagwat Gita, Vedas, Mahabharat, Ramayana and other literature; all are written by enlightened souls for the humans only and hence it is everyone’s birth right to go through these scriptures to realize at least their own soul even if they are not able to realize the God in one lifetime. The consciousness of their soul and answer to all their worries and queries are definitely available in one of these documents.
With this, my soul consciousness has taken a U-turn and has started to move back to Satyug where there was only one education system, which was Vedic system; and it was not exactly a religion or a faith system, but the education system alone. I am sure that I will learn a lot along the way while I regain my lost consciousness of Dwapar Yug and Treta Yug on the path to become the soul of Satyug. With this, I start the “Bharat Nirman Yatra” (a journey to re-unite every country into Bharat) and make the world one single country. Are you coming along?
If yes, please go to my blog “” and join me at one or more co-ordinates to give me a tough competition for incarnating God. Also, as I am a finite soul with finite knowledge regardless of the realizations I had in the meditation session; and as I am also not a seasoned author, so there is always a chance that being a human, I make errors while documenting some of the facts properly. So, I welcome every learned person in the world to challenge my theory and send their criticisms so that I can refine my literature to accommodate their viewpoints as well. Unless a theory satisfies every viewpoint, it cannot be called as a Utopia model. So, please contribute with what you can visualize from your point of view. I have no authority to claim that what I write is only true and all other viewpoints are not true. With this revelation I am putting myself on a step up role of the Chief Mentor of the world and will learn my responsibilities as one of the Project Managers for this GRAND CHANGE. I will keep myself open for appraisal feedback from each soul of this planet.
I will connect to your souls again through my next article on This address is destined to become the highest visited URL of all times very soon. I can envision this truly from my soul consciousness itself. I don’t know at this stage whether I will be successful to do this change in one lifetime or not, but I would still continue to work as per the orders of my mentor Krishna and will try my level best to become an even higher change agent than the Krishna Himself was. The true Guru Dakshina(education fee) for any Guru (mentor) is to see that day when his disciple overtakes him and become even more skilled than him and I am sure Krishna would be happy to see this in heaven that one disciple of Him has started working on the path He had created for the humanity thousands of years back. I will try my level best to realize the following verse with which I started the “Article 0.2 – Need for Change” to fulfill Krishna’s intention to incarnate under a special situation similar to what we are currently passing through. The “Judgement Day” has come and all the falsity will now perish and the “absolute truth” will prevail. Be prepared for the human incarnation of God and a YugParivartan (GRAND CHANGE). He may manifest through me or through “you”.
Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharata,
Abhyuthanam Dharmasya, Tadatmaanam Srujaamyaham,
Paritranaaye Saadhunaam, Vinashaaye Ch Dushkritaam,
Dharma Sansthapanarthaya, Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge.
"Whenever and wherever there is a decline in Dharma(righteousness/values) and pre-dominance of unrighteousness, I manifest myself in the form of a human being. To protect the virtuous; to destroy or cleanse the wicked and to re-establish Dharma(values), I manifest myself, through the ages."
The destination still seems far, but the journey is as enjoyable as the destiny. Unlike the previous Project YugParivartan, this time I will do it in as peaceful way as possible. For the citizens of current Bharat, this article will act as the restoration of Swabhiman (Self Esteem) and a step towards becoming a citizen of “Sone Ki Chidiya” and “Vishwaguru” country and for the people of rest of the countries; it is a welcome for homecoming.
By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

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