Article 0.7 – Project YugParivartan

Seekh Hum Beete Yugon Se, Naye Yug Ka Karein Swagat
Karein Swagat, Karein Swagat, Karein Swagat

The above lines are again taken from the title song of the Mahabharat television serial. The essence of the above lines is:  

“Let’s welcome the movement of collective human consciousness in a new era by learning the lessons from the past eras of humanity. Let’s welcome the new era.”

The last four articles provided a brief summary of the four eras of human history and the working of the consciousness of the four pillars of humanity; “Mentors, Leaders, Managers and Workers” during various eras. In order to build a vision for the “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE), it was important to understand some background of the history of the world to learn the valuable lessons from it, which can help us in putting a strong foundation for the new era in the making. I hope the readers would have got a fair idea about the previous four Eras of the current creation, sustenance and destruction cycle of the universe.

So, let’s take some clues from the pattern of previous eras and welcome the new era ascending Bronze Age (Dwapar Yug) in which we have now entered after the Apocalypse of Dec 21, 2012 AD. It would still take minimum 12 more years to clear the Dark Age (Kaliyug) or the age of ignorance, from the collective human consciousness completely and hence we can consider the duration Dec 21, 2012 to year 2025 as the transition time for this GRAND CHANGE. Although the literal meaning of the Apocalypse is understood by humanity as “Destruction”, but God clarified that it also means a “divine revelation”. He said that it also signifies the milestones where He incarnates in one or more human beings, bypassing the laws of nature; so that He can guide the humanity towards His whole vision of this unending cycle system. He mentioned that this is the reason why He wanted someone to document the entire story and share it with people of all countries of the world. He also confirmed that He needs several Project Managers and one Chief Mentor (Chief Yog Officer) through which He can co-ordinate the entire paradigm shift process. He said that He has chosen me as the person who can document His revelations and help the humanity coming out of this Dark Age. Now that the process is started, someone has to take the position of “Chief Mentor or Chief Yog Officer” as well. Until we find an able person who can take up the full time role of the Chief Mentor, I am putting myself on the step-up role for the same as a caretaker for this coveted title. As soon as I get someone with a greater vision to unite the world, I will hand over the task of mentoring the world to him. If I don't find anyone, I will do it myself.

A lot of information was shared by God in today’s meditation session. I hope I am able to document the meeting notes in as concise manner as possible.

So, here is the snapshot of today’s meditation session.

God: Welcome to the new era of wisdom. I hope that you are enthusiastic to know the scope of “Project YugParivartan” for which you have been striving very hard since many months. I appreciate your commitment, hard work and focus. I am sure you will at least understand the complete scope of the project, even if you decide later to just play the role of a Project Manager in one of the sub-projects in the overall GRAND CHANGE and do not wish to be the Chief Mentor or the Chief Yog Officer.

Author: Thanks God. I really thank you for appreciating my efforts till now and agreeing to reveal the scope of Project YugParivartan in my neural network. I don’t know at this stage whether I would be able to become the Chief Mentor or the Chief Yog Officer for integrating all countries into one single country and become the reason behind this GRAND CHANGE. But, I am confident enough to at least play the role of a Project Manager for any sub-Project which can contribute in the overall GRAND CHANGE process. I don’t think that I can ever become a true Chief Mentor, as I feel that a human cannot become a Chief Mentor of the World and only you can play that role. However, I will definitely try to be on a step-up role and continue my journey towards you and request you to incarnate in me.

God: That’s a good spirit. As I mentioned in our last discussion that every enlightened soul has a role to play in this GRAND CHANGE and as you are also an enlightened soul, you also have a major role. The scope of the current “Project YugParivartan” is to sow a seed of thought into the collective human consciousness in order to take it out of this Dark Age (Kaliyug) to the ascending Bronze Age (Dwapar Yug).

Author: Oh, so does that mean that we can’t enter into Satyug (Golden Age) directly.

God: No, that can’t happen. Although, this Chaturyugi cycle (4 era cycle) will be marked as “completed” when the collective human consciousness moves to Satyug, but that will happen progressively. First the humanity will move to ascending Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age), then to ascending Treta Yug (Silver Age) and finally to the ascending Satyug (Golden Age) and then each one of you will enter into heavens together, post which I will send you back to earth for a descending Satyug; and a new Chaturyugi cycle will begin.

Author: Oh. Does that mean that there will be a GRAND DISSOLUTION after we all move to heavens after spending time in Satyug?

God: No, the GRAND DISSOLUTION is required only after several Chaturyugicycles (a cycle of four descending eras and four ascending eras). Everything that is created through nature or matter including sun, moon, planets or solar systems has a lifecycle and is re-created after its lifetime is completed. The scope for my meditation sessions with you is to document the source code of citizen’s conduct and is limited to explaining the “theory” of current cycle of Chaturyugi only, so that you can become an effective “Chief Yog Officer”, if you choose to be so.

Author: This is fine. Although I am open to listen about the whole creation as well but I want to concentrate towards the solution of removing the humanity from this Dark Age only. Please guide me further.

God: Now that you have decided that you want to become one of the Project Managers of “Project YugParivartan”, let me remind you few concepts related to the project management which you are already aware off. It is also important to explain these, as not everyone who will be reading the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” would be from Project Management background, so we need to take care of discussing some of the basic concepts of Projects and Project Management so that no-one feels left out. And as I mentioned earlier that it is not your Intellectual Property and hence you must share it to the world. Whatever I tell during meditation sessions to anyone should not be patented and this is why inventions made by Transcendental Consciousness people were never patented and is made available for the benefit of the entire humanity. However, some patents can be done in the larger public interest in order to avoid misuse of the knowledge.

Author: Hmm.

God: It is utmost important for all realized souls to practice the virtue called as “Selflessness” without which they won’t be able to stay in Transcendental Consciousness for long. So, you also need to be cautious about it. The moment I see that you are becoming greedy; I will stop the incarnation process and will choose some other selfless soul for the revelations. Also, it is quite a possibility that you lose your integration between your mind and soul as well; and once the mind separates from the soul, the mind has to first meditate on soul to complete the Self Realization again. My realization can only happen when the mind and soul meditate on me in unison. I hope you understand all this and will abide by this principle.

Author: Yes father.

God: Let me begin with removing some of your prejudices which are created based on what you have learnt so far through your Education, Environment and Experiences. These are the 3Es through which a human being learns and acquires knowledge. Let me show you a picture to depict the same. Can you see a picture with label as “Picture 1 – Development of Knowledge”?

Author: Yes father. I can see a triangle with Education, Environment and Experience as its edges and Knowledge written in the center.

God: Good. These are three Es through which any human learns. A human gets knowledge through formal and informal Education; environment of his family, friends, classmates, city and country he lives in and the political, economic and social Environmentof the entire world. The third learning source is the unique Experience that a person gains throughout his lifetime.

Author: Yes, I can relate to it as I feel that these are the three sources through which I have also learnt so far.

God: Ok. So, let me give you some thoughts for introspection. Do you think that the education that you have received so far is the complete education to attain complete wisdom? Do you think that the environment in which you have lived your life so far is the best one and there can’t be a better configuration of that? Do you think that the learning you had through your own experiences are true and what other people learn through their experiences is not true?

Author: No father. I don’t think so. There would definitely be some better education system than with what I have studied and similarly I do accept that the environment I have lived into so far was not perfect and also my experiences may be true for me, but others would have different experiences and must have learnt something different from that.

God: Here’s the point. Just like yours; the Education, Environment and Experienceof each person on this planet is unique, which forms a unique mental map and hence the perception of everyone about this world is unique. This mental map forms the “viewpoint” or “point of view” of a person and is not always a true picture of reality. This implies that everyone on this planet lives in an illusion throughout their life unless they achieve the realization of their “self”. Once the Self Realization is completed, the knowledge of truth starts getting revealed in the neural connections of the practitioner by me during meditation.

Author: Oh I see. But, I have heard since my young age that the Self Realization and spiritual development should be left for old age and a human should keep enjoying the material world as long as he can.

God: You are right to some extent. I have designed all of you to “enjoy” your human life, but unless the Self Realization is achieved, a person cannot understand the real meaning of enjoyment and hence keep suffering due to the illusion created by the nature. Once a person achieves the Self Realization, his mind moves into permanent enjoyment and bliss throughout the day and night. So, in order to enjoy life to the fullest, a person must achieve the Self Realization or Transcendental Consciousness as soon as possible. The reason behind the misconception that “maturity comes with age” is due to the absence of Self Realization coaching in the formal education system of the world. During the times of Satyug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age) and Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age), this was not the case. The students were shown the path of self realization during their student life itself. The absence of the knowledge of truth due to fragmented wisdom is the root cause of all the chaos around the world today and almost everyone is spending the major portion of their life in illusion.

Author: But God, I have also heard that a person becomes a Sanyasi (Ascetic) if he thinks too much about the Salvation and Spiritual Development. Isn’t that true?

God: This is also not correct and is a perception created due to lack of knowledge of correct theory about the spirituality. The theory of spirituality is currently fragmented due to the fact that all religions, faith systems, philosophers and scientists have come up with their own theory of universal truth. This has led to several misconceptions about the spirituality and hence several parents around the world keep their kids away from knowing about me. The fact is that, I am not a subject of anyone’s faith; I am the subject of true Educationthrough which the true Environmentcan be created in the world, so that everyone can Experience the truth.

Author: So, does that mean that all spiritual missions, religions, philosophers, scientists are propagating the untruth?

God: No, I don’t mean so. They are all correct from their “point of view”, which is created due to their “Education, Environment and Experience”, as I told earlier. They all are stating the truth from the point they are looking at me. Let me show you another picture, which will clarify this further.

Author: Oh I understand. But if all of them are correct from their point of view, then how would we know the absolute truth on the basis of which we can develop a utopia model?

God: As the point of view of today’s world is fragmented to an extent that everyone has a different opinion about the truth, the only possible way is to create a benchmark theory through which they can do self-evaluation of their own point of view and then fix the missing pieces to realize the Absolute truth. And this is the purpose for which I have to finally incarnate in one or more human beings to create a utopia model of truth. And this is the reason why I am having discussions with you so that the humanity can get the most authentic knowledge about me.

Author: It’s my pleasure to get this rare opportunity, but what if people say that whatever I am documenting is also on the basis of reading several books and not due to the realized knowledge? They may claim that it is me who is writing these articles on my own without having any real discussions with you. How would I provide them the evidence?

God: My evidence of my presence can only be tested in the laboratory called as “human soul”. And everyone currently having a live human body has a soul as well. So, people have to test the truth of this book into their souls only.

Author: But there are several schools of thought who do not even accept the presence of a soul in a human body. How would they be convinced?

God: If someone subscribe to a view that there is no soul in a human being, then he can safely reject this theory. Similarly, even after self-evaluation, if someone cannot see the truth in this theory, he also has all rights to reject this theory. `

Author: But then, how would the utopia model be created if people don’t accept this theory? How would it be inclusive, exclusive and conclusive?

God: This is the real litmus test it has to pass through. If majority of people think that this theory is not true, then you need to really do introspection to fix the defects in it. If the theory is truthful, people will anyway subscribe to it, as it is their basic “need” to know the absolute truth. And you need to be patient about it. A change of the scale of “Project YugParivartan” (change of an era) does not happen overnight. I have already given a minimum timeline of 12 years for that to happen. So, you should be patient enough till 2025 AD for this to become a utopia model. And “patience” is one of the virtues that I am going to teach you. Anyway, now let me tell you the process of converting any knowledge into realization, so that the “knowledge” that you are documenting based on discussions with me can be converted into “realization” by human beings.

Author: But you mentioned that we acquire knowledge through our education, environment and experiences. Isn’t that the realization in itself?

God: No, there is a marked difference in “knowing” and “realizing”. Unless any knowledge reaches to soul, it remains a function of your mind only. Please note that “knowledge” is a subject of mind and “realization” is a subject of soul. Both seem overlapping to some extent but there is a thin line between them. A knowledge cannot be brought to much use, unless it is converted into a realization. But this doesn't mean that "knowing" something is useless. The "knowledge" is important too. So, let me explain how “realization” works. First of all, you need to understand the “theory” through your intellectual faculty. Once the theory is understood, you need to “practice” that theory till the time you understand the correct “actions” that can lead you towards complying with that theory. Now you need to consistently introspect to evaluate your actions and their  results. If the results are not achieved as expected, it indicates some errors or defects somewhere. You then need to fix the defects and start the iteration of “theory->practice->actions->defect fixes” again, unless the desired results are achieved through your actions. As soon as the expected outcomes are achieved, it results into “realization” of that theory and becomes part of your “destiny”.

Author: Destiny? I am able to understand the entire concept; however, can you explain the last word “destiny”?

God: Park this for now. We will discuss this later.

Author: Ok.

God: Now, in order to show you how “realization” works, let me point you to a quotation of US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld. This quote became controversial to some extent, but was later accepted as words of wisdom by several people.

Donald Rumsfeld said:

“There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things that, we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don't know.”

I have tried to plot that through a picture again. Are you able to see it?

Author: Yes Father. I can see a triangle again with some labels out there. But I don’t think that I can make out too much from it although the terms look somewhat familiar.

God: Ok. So, refer to point no. 1 “Unknown Unknown”. There is a lot of information and knowledge that remain under this category for every human being, no matter how much learned he becomes. The entire universe is a manifestation of me. As I am all-pervading and omnipresent, the knowledge about me is also all pervading and omnipresent. So, a human must realize this fact that there will always be some knowledge which remains in “Unknown Unknown” zone even till the time of death, no matter how many facts, information and knowledge a person acquires during his lifetime. Hence, a human should never think that whatever he is saying is the only definition of reality and what others see is not truth. This is the first step in looking beyond one’s pride and prejudice and keeps a human out-of-the-box. It results into development of the ability to understand a situation from others point of view as well. This also implies that everyone should keep themselves open towards learning something new throughout their life. This is what Stephen Covey (a leading management guru and author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) wanted to convey through the 7th Habit of Effectiveness; “Sharpening the Saw”. A human must keep sharpening his saw throughout his life otherwise he gets trapped in the box of his own “knowledge” and cannot see the solutions with “wisdom”; irrespective of the achievements in life. I hope if you have agreed to develop yourself as one of the Project Managers of the “Project YugParivartan”; you will keep sharpening your saw even though I am revealing the complete theory of truth in your neurons.

Author: Yes father, I can relate to it. I understand that even if I acquire a lot of knowledge and collect enormous amount of information, I will remain a finite soul, unlike you who is infinite. I am ready to stay out-of-the-box and give proper hearing to anyone’s point of view on the literature of this article. In fact, although you are revealing these secrets of truth in my meditation, I agree that there will always be chances of error due to an unskilled human like me documenting the same.

God: Hmm. Let me now summarize this; for any realization to happen, you must understand the theory behind it, practice the theory and finally once the practice is perfected, then taking actions in your life in compliance to that theory. Similarly, in order to realize me, you need to understand my “unified theory” which satisfies everyone’s viewpoints; then practice that theory and finally live your life in accordance with the "principles" set up by me.

Author: Yes father. I am excited to know about that unifying theory from you. Also, you mentioned that we learn through Education, Environment and Experience. How can we relate the 3Es with the Theory-Practice-Action-Realization model? And how is this related to the “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE)?

God: Well, I was coming to it. Unless the “Education” system of the world includes the right “Theory” about me, the right way to “Practice” that theory and the right “Actions” to be taken in the right direction, this chaos will continue and world will never be united. Although I do appreciate the diversity of cultures and customs around the world, however, several of these customs and cultures have become useless today and are degrading the overall environment to a great extent and hence the Global Warming is increasing year over year. As the warming of the planet has reached to a danger proportion, it is high time that the “theory” of truth be corrected, so that everyone practices it well and take the actions in compliance with my will. Otherwise, time is not too far when the nature will begin the “Project MINI GRAND DESTRUCTION” at her level. She goes by her own laws and I don’t interfere in that most of the times. But there are certain co-ordinates during a Chaturyugi (creation, sustenance and destruction) cycle, where I interfere so that I can avoid abandoning that particular cycle midway.

Author: (listening with silence)

God: Let me show you the picture of entire Chaturyugicycle system at a quick glance. I will further elaborate this at an appropriate time. I have marked the various co-ordinates where I intervene and empower one or more humans to execute “Project YugParivartan”. These are majorly the points where major Apocalypse occurs. Point no. 1 is the starting point of this Chaturyugicycle. Point 6 is where the humanity is now. You all are currently at the transition point 6 where the ascending Kaliyug (current Dark Age) is going to end and ascending Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) will begin. The entire cycle will be abandoned through a mini GRAND DESTRUCTION, if the “Project YugParivartan” is not executed as per the scope specified by me; as you can yourself understand by your common sense.

Author: Oh, this is indeed a great revelation.

God: I will elaborate more on this later. Let us cover some more concepts related to projects and project management which we will keep referring to, in later sessions as well.

I will now point you to the definition of a “project” which is widely accepted by the Project Management community. It is essential for everyone who agrees to be a Project Manager in this GRAND CHANGE process, to understand these concepts. So, here we go:

“A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives typically to bring about beneficial change or added value”.

If you apply this to human life, it also is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet some goals and objectives, which can bring a beneficial change or added value to a soul’s existence. Having said that, almost all people know about the beginning date of the project called as “human life”, but they don’t know the end date. Moreover, many people set up unique goals and objectives and some times people even live without any goal or objective at all. Unless a person introspects about these missing variables, he won’t be able to bring in beneficial change or add value to the overall creation process in which everyone has a role to play.

Author: I agree with this, however, is it possible to know about the end date of a human life in advance? And how would someone set the goals to add value to their life and to the humanity? I think setting the goals is one of the most difficult things to do.

God: As the end date of every human being is a hidden variable, a person must set meaningful goals and objectives as soon as possible, so that he can bring in the beneficial changes to add value to his own life as well as enhance the value of life of other human beings co-existing on this planet. If a person has this realization, he can become a good project manager of the project called as “human life” and will have a successful as well as a meaningful life.

Accordingly, like any project there are four primary expectations that a person should fulfill in his life so as to meet the expectations specified by me during the beginning of creation itself. As I am the project sponsor of everyone’s life, every project manager of a human life must comply with these expectations. Let me show you another triangle which depicts the triple constraints diagram of Project Management with "human life" taken as a project. Can you see the triangle now?

Author: Yes father.

God: Ok. In order to realize a high quality human life, a person must know the scope (theory), cost (investments for practising the theory) and the coordinated actions (schedule), to achieve the fourth expectation “Realization of Quality” in life.

Author: But this is the biggest challenge of today’s world. As the theory itself is fragmented, the practice and actions are fragmented as well and hence the quality of human life is lost for almost all human beings today. And also, if Mother Nature begins the “Project Mini GRAND DESTRUCTION” as a result of Global Warming, I am sure that she will indiscriminately harm the humanity, no matter who was at fault and who was innocent and regardless of what faith system a human subscribe to.

God: This is what I am trying to say. See, you are composed of two types of elements; the ones which are given by me and the ones which are given by your mother nature. So, in order to live your life with fulfillment  you need to understand the properties of both. Unless people understand the design and blueprint on which I have created them; the illusion will not be cleared. And due to the genetically inherited errors generation over generation,  this pattern leads to a situation where the injustice starts reaching to a proportion and a GRAND CHANGE becomes inevitable. I keep on creating the Change Agents in various parts of the world as per the local needs; however the GRAND CHANGE agents to change the world are selected when the situation starts going out of everyone’s control. This is the time when I need to incarnate in one or more humans to show the right direction to the humanity.

Author: I think I am able to understand this. But can you now explain the expectations from human life in detail?

God: Let us keep it for future sessions. My purpose is not to give you the "knowledge" alone, but I also want you to "realize" this theory. For that to happen, the thought must be sown progressively. So, go back and document the discussion we had today and share it to everyone. Bye for now. We will meet again once you are done with documenting the meeting notes.

As I mentioned at the end of previous article, my soul has decided to take a U-turn and move towards the ascending Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) in a run-up to finally achieve the Satyug (Golden Age) consciousness. So, I invite all curious souls to come along with me and play a role of at least the Project Managers of your own life even if you do not intend to take up the role of Chief Yog Officer or the Chief Mentor of the world. I would greatly appreciate if someone can take up that role as well, as I understand that it is important to get these changes done, no matter who do the same. I invite each person of this planet to take the ownership as I feel that the scope of changes mentioned in this document is the need of everyone in the world today. We all are on the same ship called as Mother Earth, who is all set to execute the “Project Mini Grand Destruction”; if someone doesn’t execute “Project YugParivartan”. One can easily notice from the ground reality of the situation of this world that Global Warming is continuing unabated despite leaders of the world trying to do all that they can to save us from an impending dooms day scenario. Let us make this book a real "Code of Conduct" document for each human on this planet today. Let us continue testing this software on our souls.

As I am also one of the citizens of this planet, I cannot see further decline of human values which is the root cause behind the Global Warming trend. I wish to propose my name as a Chief Mentor of this world on a step-up role unless I find someone who owns the development of all human beings on this planet. I have  submitted myself in Body, Mind, Heart and Soul to God so that He can see a probable candidate in me for His “Kalki Avatar” (Incarnation of God). I am very excited for the next meeting with Him where I will ask Him His expectations from us in more detail.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

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