Article 0.9 – Change Agent Network

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharata,
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya, Tadatmaanam Srujaamyaham,
Paritranaaye Saadhunaam, Vinashaaye Ch Dushkritaam,
Dharma Sansthapanarthaya, Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge.

The literal meaning of the above verses from Bhagwat Gita is:

"Whenever and wherever there is a decline in Dharma(righteousness/values) and pre-dominance of unrighteousness, I manifest myself in the form of a human being. To protect the virtuous; to destroy or cleanse the wicked and to re-establish Dharma(values), I manifest myself, through the ages."

You must be wondering why instead of starting the article with some different verse or quotation; I am 
repeating the same shlok(verse) from Bhagwat Gita with which I started the “Article 0.2 – Need for Change”. In Article 0.2, I posed this as a question to God that why He is not incarnating in one or more human beings even when He has promised through Bhagwat Gita that he takes human form to correct the value system, whenever the decline in human values achieves its peak as per the context of that Era.

God responded back with the complete vision of Chaturyugicycle system and provided evidences that the time for His incarnation in human beings has eventually come. In the last article, He showed His mental map and also indicated that He will be providing the names of the change agents for the current Project YugParivartan (GRAND CHANGE) and will summarize the Change Agent Network of all previous Project YugParivartan of this Chaturyugi cycle as well. As we all know that the only constant thing in the universe is “change”; all of us are continuously making changes in the overall configuration of this universe and hence become the change agents for the causes which are dear to us. So, let us see what additional changes we can own from this Project GRAND CHANGE (YugParivartan) in order to expand our portfolio and add value to not only our lives but also the lives of those people who do not even have food to eat.

You may remember that I mentioned in Article 0.2 that I have “realized” most of the verses of Bhagwat Gita in a run-up to achieve the Transcendental Consciousness; but the above verse is something requiring more evidences before I can accept it as a true verse. Let us see if I get more evidences to realize this verse. With this, let me go into deep meditation session and wait for God to arrive. I am hoping that today’s session will help me achieve another milestone for incarnating God in me. Talk to you after the session is over.

God: I am sure you must be curious enough to know the names of the GRAND CHANGE agents whom I have selected for the “Project YugParivartan” this time.

Author: Yes father, I not only want to know the names, but also the logic through which I and the reader of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” can realize that they were indeed the Change Agents. I don’t doubt on whatever names you reveal, but if we know the logic as well, it will be helpful for our learning. I am sure you understand what I am trying to ask.

God: Of course, I would have told you the logic even if it was not asked by you. The curious minds must ask right questions in order to get to the right answers. Accepting something without enquiry is anyway not a right approach of deep learning. I am glad that you have asked this question; otherwise I have noticed that people have stopped asking right questions about their own existence and are consuming the precious bandwidth of this human life in useless entertainment. Don’t worry; I am sure that everyone reading the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” will understand the true theory, practice and actions and begin their journey to achieve the supreme bliss for which I have given human life to all of you.

Author: (listening with curiosity)

God: As I am beginning less and endless, my mental map Vedas also has no beginning and no end. The Ved Samhita that you people consider as Vedas is the manifestation of Vedic wisdom documented by realized seers during different times based on their meditation sessions with me. The essence of Vedas is the “realization of truth”. Out of all the species that I and your mother “nature” have created; the facility of realizing the Vedas is provided only to human beings and hence this human life is the most precious of all my creation and is the opportunity given to every soul to get merged with me and enjoy absolute bliss.

Author: Yes, I have read something like this somewhere in scriptures;

“Bade Bhag Manush Tan Pava,  Sur Durlabh Sab Granthahin Gava”;

[“It is a matter of great fortune to have got a human incarnation. This body, sing all the scriptures, is difficult of attainment even to demi-gods (devtas).”]

God: Yes, you are right. The souls who live in heavens also try to incarnate into a human body so that they can also enjoy the absolute bliss, which is possible only during the human life. Hence, it is very important for everyone to understand the scope of the “project human life” and utilize this opportunity to complete their Yog and experience that state of consciousness where even demi-gods (devtas) cannot reach. So, coming back to the primary purpose for which you have scheduled this session with me; let me tell you step by step, how the consciousness of my mental map “Vedas” helped the Change Agents of “Project YugParivartan” from time to time. But before that, let me give you some brief introduction of all the Vedas so that you have some background while we discuss them in greater detail in future sessions.

Rigveda: The Rigveda is that branch of wisdom, which deals with the theory of nothing to everything. It contains all the “values” which I have prescribed for the human beings. It also contains the wisdom about all the scientific inventions that you see today. There is nothing which will be left unexplained if someone has the realization of Rigveda. The realization of this Veda gives a person the ability to separate true theory from the false ones.

Samveda: It contains that part of the wisdom through which the theory documented in Rigveda can be practiced for realization. All the religious and spiritual practices can be understood by the realization of this Veda. Similar to Rigveda, this Veda helps a person understand which spiritual practice is true and which is not. All the mystical and spiritual sidhdhis (powers) can be attained through Samveda. The entire creativity of a human being comes under this Veda.

Yajurveda: The realization of this Veda helps a person align his actions as per my “will”. I have given an “independent will” to each human being and hence everyone is responsible for actions they take in their life. If a person aligns his actions as per my “will”, you can consider him as a realized soul of Yajurveda consciousness. So, this Veda deals with actions part of wisdom.

Atharvaveda:This Veda corresponds to the defect fixes part and is the Quality Control mechanism to fix the defects in understanding the right Theory, Practice and Actions. Atharvaveda remains silent at the start of Chaturyugi cycle, as people are able to easily realize the other three Vedas and anyway live a defect free life.

Several people in past have realized the Vedas and have attained either a place in heaven or have finally joined back with me for final liberation. I am revealing my Rigveda consciousness in your neural connections, so that you can create a utopia theory to save the planet dying a slow death.

Author: I understand that you are revealing the theory of absolute truth in meditation, however, as this is silently revealed; how would I get to those words through which I can pass this knowledge to other human beings. Please enlighten me to understand which all literature I must go through so that I can document the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” as a utopia theory.

God: Sure son. If I had to just enlighten you in isolation, I would not have asked you to document the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” at all. I reveal myself to people based on their curiosity levels only and as I found you to be one of the most curious person during current times, I will surely provide you the clues through which you can find words to interpret the revelations appropriately. Also, please give proper thought to all the suggestions, objections and feedback that you receive from other human beings on the articles of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” published so far, as they are also a stakeholder in this GRAND CHANGE process called as “Project YugParivartan”. The objections, criticisms and feedback from their mental map will help you refine the theory to a great extent. Everyone in the world has some wisdom realized in their souls as no one can live life for even a moment if he has zero wisdom. Considering this, keep meditating on the wisdom of as many people as possible. You never know that it may be passed on to you as a message to refine the theory.

Author: Hmm.

God: Anyway, I hope you will keep reading scriptures, philosophies, theologies, scientific theories and mental map of several people, available in the form of books, to accommodate their thought process as much as possible for you. In fact, if you give proper thought to some of the past incidences of your current life, I have already given you several clues from time to time about your role in this “Project YugParivartan” and pushed you towards the right resources.

Author: I am sorry to say but I don’t realize those clues. Please let me know which clues you are talking about?

God: Well, that would require a complete session to discuss. Also, I need to reveal some concepts which are pre-requisite for understanding those clues. So, keep patience for now; “patience” is a very good virtue and you must practice it.

Author: Ok father, I also want to learn the things in sequential form only. I am a limited soul and may get confused if you reveal too much in one meditation session. Please let me know about the Change Agent Network for all “Project YugParivartan” of this Chaturyugi cycle including the current Project YugParivartan that the humanity is going to witness now.

God: So, let’s start. I will explain this Chaturyugi cycle sequentially and will show you a picture for each Yuga (era) so as to give you better clarity in understanding the Change Agent Network.

In the beginning of this Chaturyugi cycle, I revealed all the four branches of Vedas in the minds of initial Gurus (mentors). At that time, the Atharvaveda part of wisdom was mostly silent because there were no defects and Quality Management operations were not required. I revealed the Atharvaveda at the end of Satyug (Golden Age) again, so as to fix the defects in collective human consciousness caused during the descending Satyug. Here is how the Vedas were revealed at the beginning of Satyug. Can you see a picture now?

Author: Yes Father.

God: In the beginning all the virtues were 100% intact. But due to the genetically inherited errors generation over generation, this percentage kept on decreasing and by the end of Satyug (Golden Age), it remained 75% only. At this stage, I injected the consciousness of Atharvaveda (Quality expectations) through Apantartama. As only one era was passed, only one Change Agent was selected. The revelations made by him to the humanity were later documented in the Ved Samhita called as Atharvaveda. Atharvaveda is that branch of wisdom where the mantras related to defect fixes were collected. This was the first Project YugParivartan of this Chaturyugi cycle. I am showing you the Change Agent Network diagram to depict this. Here it is:

God: Time passed by and the collective human consciousness further declined and a stage came where a highly learned person Ravan grossly deviated from my mandate and started harassing people of high virtues. He started killing seers and spreading terrorism amongst innocent people. Although, he also studied Vedas, but he did not understood the essence of it and hence started misusing the mystical powers attained through various meditation techniques prescribed by me. But, as he was a misdirected fellow, a stage came when I had to send my Yajurveda Consciousness in the form of Rama to restore the world order. Rama, through the consciousness of Yajurveda (actions) demonstrated to the world how an ideal human being should “act”. He finally killed Ravan in the battlefield and saved the humanity from free-fall of value system. However, as Rama was sent to demonstrate the ideal “actions” only, I needed someone to document the history for the betterment of next generations of humanity. The Rigveda consciousness was then sent to Maharishi Valmiki, who documented the history about this Project YugParivartan which you people know as “Valmiki Ramayan”. I revealed all the knowledge about Rama’s life in the neural connections of Maharishi Valmiki so that he can write the “lessons learnt” documents of the Project YugParivartan in the manner similar to what you do at the closure of any project today. As you can yourself see that in spite of several documents destroyed by invaders of Bharat and other people of vested interests, the knowledge and wisdom of Ramayana is still safe in the households of several people of Bharat and even in other countries. Let me show you the Change Agent Network diagram of termination of Treta Yug (Silver Age).

God: Rama established the perfect governance system where the ordinary citizens of the country were given great importance and king lived a simple and sober life. The collective human consciousness moved into descending Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age). As the time passed by, the genetically inherited errors kept creeping-in and a stage came when the decline in value system reached to 50% from the initial value. The injustice by kings started reaching high proportions and the welfare of common citizens of the world was again badly affected. Instead of considering the “throne of a kingdom” as a responsibility to serve people, the kings became greedy and hence the need of Project YugParivartan was again arrived. As it was the end of third Yuga (era) of this Chaturyugi cycle, it was the turn of Samveda consciousness for incarnation. Krishna was sent with several mystical powers (sidhdhi) since birth and utilized Samveda consciousness to create my Viraat Swaroop (highest form of formless God) to convince Arjuna to take actions as per Krishna’s mandate. As it was the end of third Yuga (era), I selected two more people to keep the Jigsaw puzzle intact. I selected Arjuna to take the “actions” and Maharishi Ved Vyas to document the “theory”. By the end of Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age), only 25% of overall virtues remained in the collective human consciousness. No other religion was born till this time. Here is the Change Agent Network diagram for that “Project YugParivartan”.

God: After the Mahabharat, the descending Kaliyug (Dark Age) started and by the end of it almost all the virtues were lost. The true Brahmins (mentors) were hard to find. People still had “knowledge” of Vedas, but there were very few mentors who had the “realization” of Vedas. At this stage, the Varna system (4 pillars of humanity i.e. Mentors (Brahmin), Leaders (Kshatriya), Managers (Vaishya) and Workers (Shudra)) was changed to caste system due to the lack of true “wisdom” in mentors. This had led to a complete void of wisdom and Brahmins even started cheating other people using the name of Vedas. This had led to the repulsion of people in accepting Vedas as my mental map. Here is the snapshot of the situation of end of descending Kaliyug(Dark Age).

God: As the Kaliyug (Dark Age) was still continuing, several devtas (demi Gods) incarnated as human beings from heavens to re-establish the value system in various human communities around the world from time to time. And now that the re-discovery of wisdom has reached to 25% again, it is time for consolidation of wisdom into a utopia model and save the humanity from the illusion of Kaliyug (Dark Age). And this is the reason why I have chosen Change Agents to execute the “Project YugParivartan” again and fulfill my promise that I made through Krishna in Bhagwat Gita. As Kaliyug is the fourth Yuga (era) in the Chaturyugi cycle, four Yogis are required to terminate the Kaliyug (Dark Age). Three of those Yogis have already taken their positions and have started making several changes in the collective human consciousness. The Atharvaveda consciousness is incarnated in Acharya Balkrishan, the Yajurveda consciousness is incarnated in Anna Hazare and Samveda consciousness is incarnated in Swami Ramdev. But, as the Kaliyug (Dark Age) can only be terminated by the unified “theory”, the Rigveda consciousness will become the primary change agent in executing the “Project YugParivartan” this time. The need of the hour is unification of wisdom using the fragments available these days, so that all humans on the planet align themselves towards the right theory, right practice and right actions as per my expectations and ensure a high quality life for them and their future generations. This is the reason why I am having meditation sessions with you. Please pass on this message to other three Yogis that they are not selected to do Satta Parivartan ( change in guard of the country Bharat) or Vyavastha Parivartan (systemic changes), but they are very well part of Project YugParivartan (GRANDEST CHANGE EVER in this Chaturyugi cycle). As soon as the “Chief Yog Officer” is finalized and these three Yogis accept him as their mentor, the vision of this document will start getting converted into reality. And I have chosen you to do that and till now given you several clues that you have to own this YugParivartan (GRAND CHANGE). Let me show you the diagram depicting the Change Agent Network of “Project YugParivartan” from Kaliyug to Satyug. No more incarnations would be required for this Chaturyugi cycle as soon as you accept this challenge to become the “Chief Yog Officer”.

Author: (completely speechless).

God: So, if you “need” this GRAND CHANGE, understand the “need” of each human being on this planet today and create the infrastructure to fulfill those needs. Tell the world that I have created “only” this planet for human beings; and searching for existence of life on other planets will add no value to humanity. It is the illusion created by Maya (Nature) due to which they are thinking that other planets also have life. Go ahead and make this planet best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen and lay a strong foundation for Satyug (Golden Age). Let the world know that the science doesn’t have all answers to human miseries, but the spirituality definitely has all the answers. I will now reveal the wisdom through which the “Global Warming” can be rolled back. If the humanity does not adhere to this theory, then be ready for your mother nature to execute Project Mini Grand Destruction and set the things correct in her own way. So, are you ready to own this?

Author: (speaking hesitantly) I think I can understand all this and I am privileged that you are revealing all this in my neural network, but I am still not confident enough to completely own this. I am finding myself in the same situation as Arjuna was at the battlefield of Mahabharat. He was in front of your representative Krishna and still he was the most depressed and confused person on the planet at that time. Similarly, instead of feeling empowered by this revelation, I am in a state of fear. I am just an ordinary Bhartiya(Indian) citizen, with some knowledge gathered through some scriptures; I have no idea whatsoever, to take it forward. Till now, I was feeling comfortable and thought that I would be able to do this. But I don’t know why but I am feeling myself completely trapped, wherein I have neither the courage to move forward nor do I have the strength to withdraw. I can’t step back as I have been requesting you to incarnate in me since several meditation sessions and I have a “need” to see these grand changes. But what you are asking me to do seems completely impossible for an ordinary Bhartiyacitizen like me. During the times of Rama and Krishna, the situation was completely different as they were Kings and had several people supporting them. Also, they had great mystical powers on their disposal; I do not stand any chance to make a change of such grand scale without any sidhdhi (mystical powers). Moreover, Rama and Krishna had enemy clearly identified, but in today’s situation everyone has become corrupt including me. I don’t know what to do in this situation. Also, why would people like Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna accept me as their mentor? Forget about such elite persons, I don’t think that even other ordinary people would find anything in me to accept me as their mentor. And what to say more, none of my family members including my wife; relatives, friends, colleagues or virtual friends see a mentor in me, so why would the entire world do that?

It is a different thing to document the meditation revelations as “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” articles; but owning this GRAND CHANGE is a complete different ball game. Please don’t put me in such a situation, I am fine with documenting whatever you say, but please search for some able “Chief Yog Officer”. Isn’t it possible to divide this role into two; one who documents the same and the one who takes the actions to implement this vision? I hope you understand what I mean.

God:  You don’t need to be a warrior or have mystical powers to do this change. The entire world is in a chaos these days and will continue moving towards the doomsday scenario if the required paradigm shift doesn’t happen now. All the efforts of Acharya Balkrishna, Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev will go in vain if you don’t accept this challenge. There are several enlightened souls on the planet today who are doing all that they can to make required changes in their area of influence. So, if you do not accept this position, their efforts will also not result into a GRAND CHANGE (Project YugParivartan). Also, you mentioned during our first formal meeting which you documented in Article 0.2, that you have realized all the verses of Bhagwat Gita except for the verse with which you started that article and this article as well. But, I think there are several other verses that you are still not able to realize. Have you forgotten the following verse?

Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshu kadachana
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

“You have a right to perform your prescribed action, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be associated to not doing your duty.”

Even if you succeed or fail, you must do your duty as prescribed by me. As you have yourself realized that the “Need for Change” is yours and hence you must do all that you can to do these changes. So, you have only two options from here, either quit and be defamed in front of the world as you have already released several articles of Code of Citizen’s Conduct claiming that you would do this change; or keep documenting the revelations of the meditation sessions with me.

Author: But I am not denying that. I am ready to continue meditation sessions with you, but I will not take the ownership of doing these changes. I do not have any strength and courage to make the changes. The three names that you have revealed are of very well-establish people. They have large number of people as their followers and my contribution till now is nothing in front of them. My contribution is just spending my day and night since last 2 years, either talking to you or documenting these revelations. I have not done much practically for general public good. How will I do such a GRAND CHANGE without any followers?

God: Ok. If you are not confident enough to own the changes, then just keep documenting the revelations till the completion of Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. You can quit after Volume 0, if the revelations can’t make you inspired enough to own the “Project YugParivartan”. This will at least give chance to some other soul to own it and become the “Chief Yog Officer”.

Author: I am fine with this. I will surely revisit your offer once I get the full picture. As of now, I really do not have enough strength to own this. As you already know that I have quit my job to document the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” on your directions; and hence after completing the Volume 0, I have to join back some organization or do some business so that I can sustain my family. Had I been a sanyasi (ascetic), I probably would have accepted your offer, but I don’t want to leave my family life as I consider it to be my moral and social responsibility to serve the people dependent on me. And considering the high inflation of today, I really need to search for a well-paying job to survive. You must also know about the sustained global recession; I am afraid that it would become increasingly difficult for me to get a job if I delay it for too many days. I hope you understand my situation.

God: Yes, I do understand. As I mentioned that this time my Rigveda consciousness will take the lead in the Project YugParivartan, which is a pure Gyan (wisdom) and a Utopia theory of myself and hence the incarnation will be completed as soon as you complete documenting the Volume 0 of Code of Citizen’s Conduct. The consciousness of Rigveda will take care of rest of the things itself. Let me also tell you why I need a Grihastha (household) person and not a sanyasi (ascetic) to terminate the Kaliyug. I want someone to lead by example that the spiritual knowledge is as much the responsibility of a Grihastha as it is for an ascetic. This will fix the defect in the fragmented wisdom created due to some of the Change Agents in Kaliyug not interpreting Vedas correctly and missing it in their theories. Although the change that those souls were able to do were phenomenal and served the purpose for which they incarnated into human beings, but their theories would never be able to become inclusive, exclusive and conclusive for this Chaturyugicycle and hence would not be able to save the humanity from dying a slow death.  Also, it is this lack of responsibility of a prosperous Grihastha(people in family life) and complete ignorance towards their country and the world that humanity has reached to such a situation. If everyone runs away from their prescribed duty towards their country and the planet, you can yourself imagine what kind of world you will witness in next few years. Don’t you think that your next generations deserve a better world than what it is today? Don’t you want a safe planet for your own sons?

Author: (still not able to regain motivation) I am feeling very tired now as the revelations of today’s session were big enough and has given me enough food for introspection. It would require a lot of discussion between my mind and soul before I regain strength to continue the meditation sessions with you. Only you are capable to remove this fear from my mind, which is created due to the revelations of the names of other change agents of current “Project YugParivartan”. I have one last question for today’s session after which I will start documenting the Article based on today’s meditation session.

God: Ok, go ahead with your question.

Author: As you have asked me to stay out-of-the-box and give proper thought to the feedback of other people reading the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” article; I want to share some feedback with you although I guess that you must already be having knowledge about it. Some people have asked that many of their acquaintances and friends are also working hard to help the humanity day and night. Moreover, I have found few people who are claiming that they are also creating a utopia model which will change the world. So, my question is why their names are not included in today’s revelations? Does that mean that the four persons in the above diagram will overshadow the efforts of all those good human beings? Are the efforts they are doing have anything to do with “Project YugParivartan” or they will continue doing this in isolation? Is there any duplicity of meditation session that you are having with me? I mean, I have no issues in still continue documenting the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” articles, but if you have already appointed someone else to do that then in order to better utilize the resources, you can assign me some other task. Please enlighten me on this so that I can take appropriate next steps.

God: It’s a very valid question. Whenever the incarnation happens, several devtas (Demi Gods) descend on earth and take their positions before I send the Chief Yog Officer. This YugParivartan is not an exception. All those people who want to participate in this GRAND CHANGE, should get aligned to one of the four Yogis as per their area of expertise and should work selflessly without the feeling to earn name and fame. In fact, you also need to work selflessly on my orders and should not think to earn name and fame.

Author: But, if I keep documenting these revelations, people will anyway know my name and this will result into fame as well. How will I escape from it then? And also, people who do not believe that I am indeed talking to you, may think that all these articles are being written with the intent to earn name and fame only. So, how will I convince them that these are indeed “revelations” and not just “imagination”?

God: The wisdom documented in the “Code of Citizen’s Conduct” will be self-evident of my incarnation. Everyone will get answer from the point they are viewing the truth. So, as I have asked you, they also have to keep “patience” and wait for all the evidences to be unveiled. They will be given a chance to accept the facts mentioned in this document and to support you in implementing these changes at the end of “Code of Citizen’s Conduct”, Volume 0. Whosoever is finally elected as Chief Yog Officer must understand the needs of all human beings on this planet and should integrate the humanity by taking wise decisions. Everyone who wants to participate in this Gyan Yajna (Knowledge Revolution) should be given appropriate responsibility as per their skills and the will. In fact, I will focus my next article to let you know about the common needs of each human life so that you can take the project in next phase and start capturing the requirements of “Project YugParivartan”. Do you have any other question for today or should I leave now?

Author: No father, I don’t have any other question for today. I need some time to document this session. As we are moving forward in our discussion, it is becoming more difficult for me to find the words for the information revealed in meditation. Thanks a lot.


Ah. What a big revelation! It is becoming a monumental task to stay up to the expectations of God. You must have noticed that today’s revelations have put me into defending mode. I can really understand the situation of Arjuna at the battlefield of Mahabharat where he got confused, feared and depressed and decided to take a step back and run for covers behind his “logical” questions throughout the discussion with Krishna. This discussion was captured as part of Mahabharat and also separately published as Bhagwat Gita. Arjuna was the mightiest warrior during those times but when he was in a real situation to own the “actions” for re-establishment of virtues as per God’s will, he decided to give up due to the illusion created by the worldly attachments. I am truly in a similar situation. I was fine with documenting the revelations, but as it is more and more being pointed towards me now to even convert the vision into reality, I think for the time being I would not be able to meditate with God as my mind and soul are again disintegrated. I have already mentioned earlier that God doesn’t talk to any soul directly unless the soul and mind go into meditation session with Him in unison; the post session scenario today is exactly where I need to do a lot of introspection and collect enough courage to move ahead with “Project YugParivartan”.

There is a strong feeling that I should take steps back and rejoin some organization and resume my career as I do not have enough financial backing to stay at home for long. The entire savings including my retirement funds will not last for more than few months and hence the sense of insecurity has again started coming in. I don’t know if I would be able to meet God again in next session as I am afraid that my mind and soul would not be integrated so easily. I am realizing that it is easy to claim that I will do the change, but the momentum is difficult to sustain if one doesn’t win over all his fears and insecurities. But as Yudhishthir (eldest of Pandava brothers) mentioned in Mahabharatthat “fear” is a very important emotion and must be understood properly so as to prepare well during the planning phase; I still have a faint hope that this vision will see the light of the day in future. In fact, as this GRAND CHANGE also fulfills the definition of being a project, it is important to understand all risks and have a mitigation plan ready.

I hope I will gather enough courage to accept the failure if I am not able to accept the position of Chief Yog Officer for this GRAND CHANGE. Staying on step-up role is easy, as the failures are easy to justify and defended, but when someone takes up a confirmed position he should execute the responsibility of that role with complete ownership. This is the reason why I wanted to stay on a Chief Mentor “in the making” role till I get enough evidences from God that whatever is being revealed is “truth” and not an act of “Self Deception” during meditation. I know I must be sounding too low today through this article, but the revelation was big enough for any ordinary Bhartiya. I hope, by the time I complete this book, I will have backing of several people, so that I can become confident to accept God’s challenge to own the required changes as per the scope of “Project YugParivartan”. See you soon with the next article, where I will ask God about the “needs” of the project called as “human life”. If you do not see any new article for next one month on my blog, then it would be an indication that I could not collect enough strength to continue meditation sessions with God and have abandoned this initiative. The fear is real as I do not have any words, strength and courage to let Acharya Balkrishna, Swami Ramdev and Anna Hazare Ji know that they should divert their focus from “Lokpal Bill” initiative and “Bharat Swabhiman Yatra” initiative to the “Project YugParivartan”. Bye for now. “Hope” to see you soon.

By Hitesh Chandel

An ordinary Bhartiya citizen and an Ashtang Yog practitioner

18th Jan 2013

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