Article 2 - Confessions (Rashtradharm - Code of Citizen's Conduct)

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Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Na Milya Koye...
Jo Dil Khoja Aapnaa, Mujhse Bura Na Koyee...

In my previous article, I mentioned that every citizen in one form or the other has started becoming corrupt. However, this may not be completely true; probably I have no right to call anyone else as corrupt. Following Kabir Ji’s words of wisdom above, when I tried searching for the most corrupt person of the year in Bharat, I end up coming back to “myself”.

I have heard somewhere that remaining silent witness to injustice is equivalent of doing injustice itself (Anyay sehna anyay karne ke barabar hai). Accepting this as a word of wisdom and Kabir Ji's verse above, I did some Swadhyay (Introspection) to evaluate where all I remained silent and unknowingly participated in doing injustice. I thought I would get one or two such incidences, which I will confess in Church and will be freed from those sins and will feel lighter. However, when I closed my eyes and started Meditating, I was finding no end to my sins. Due to the space constraints, I cannot mention all of them here, but still list some of the major ones which can strengthen my stand to be selected as the most corrupt Bhartiya.

So let me take this opportunity to claim that I am the biggest corrupt of the present day Bharat. With this article, I present my candidature for receiving the “Bharat Ratan” for being the "Most corrupt person of Bharat" this year. This is an extra-ordinary claim, isn't it? Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996), a well-known Author and Astronomer quoted many times that "Extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidences". So, in order to substantiate my extra-ordinary claim, I am trying to present extra-ordinary evidences in front of public through this article. Please go through this article, and vote in favor of or against my candidature for the coveted title of "Bharat Ratan". So, let me present the extra-ordinary evidences.

Evidence 1 - Common Wealth Games: I thought that these games are something which is going to be an achievement for my country. I was happy that guests from around 70 countries would be coming to my birthplace city; Delhi. I was convinced that these games will bring laurels to my country. I was convinced that we have enough technical, managerial and financial support to conduct these games, considering the fact that this country is currently the mother of many sons/daughters who are very well educated and are developing and supporting many IT and BPO projects of entire world. I was convinced that many people in my country are certified PMPs and 6 Sigma Black Belts. I was convinced that my country's rulers very well know that this country is known for its hospitality (Atithi Devo Bhava) and will take great care of guests. I was preparing myself to watch some of the nail-biting games. It was all giving me proud to be a Bhartiya. However, once the guests went back to their homes and it seems the games are over, I found the second part of the games getting unfolded. The second part was actually the real "Common Wealth Games"; a "Game" where most of the organizers thought that the budget provided to them was their "Common Wealth". The organizers played a "Game" where they thought "Common" person's "Wealth" to be theirs. However, as I wanted to become a bigger corrupt than even them; in order to win the "Bharat Ratan for Corruption"; I decided to keep silent. After all, I was convinced that it was not affecting me anyways.

Evidence 2 - 2G Spectrum: I was silent when many elite, educated, iconic people, some of whom were elected by Bhartiya people to provide new networking technology to my countrymen, were exploring a new type of networking; a team of second generation (2G) of corrupt people as older generation is more or less already eliminated by God. I kept silence as at least my mobile still had connectivity and my internet connection was still running.

Evidence 3 - Satyam: I kept silence when a highly learned, iconic person running a huge IT organization having the name "Truth" (Satyam) was found to be "Lying" for a decade. I kept silence as I earlier rejected a job offer from that company and did not have a risk on my job.

Evidence 4 - Bofors: I kept silence when the very senior leadership of my country was buying cannons for the safety of my countrymen, and at the same time, also preparing for the financial safety of themselves and their generations to come. I kept silence as at that time I was too small to pay taxes; and the money they robbed was not mine.

Evidence 5 – Farmers Suicide: I kept silence when I found that on one hand there is a food crisis in the world, and on the other hand, many Bhartiya people who produce food for me were doing suicide year on year. I kept silence because I was still able to buy fruits and vegetables from nearest vegetable shop.

Evidence 6 – Bharat in Depression: I kept silence when I read WHO report that 36% of Bhartiya people are suffering from depression although it is my country that had showed the wisdom of remaining depression-free to the world and achieve bliss and salvation. After all, it was none of my business as my family was not part of that 36% as yet.

Evidence 7 – Fodder Scam (Chara Ghotala): I kept silence when someone was eating the fodder of the domestic animals which gives us milk. I was silent because the cows and buffaloes, from which I get the milk, were still able to get the fodder and the milk supplied to my house was not affected.

Evidence 8 – Black Money: I was silent when I found that potentially Bharat is the richest country of the world considering the humongous amount of money stashed abroad by corrupt Bhartiya. I kept silence thinking it is Swami Ramdev’s or Anna Ji’s job to get that back. I was silent as I had enough money to fulfill my basic needs ignoring the fact that millions of my countrymen could have been provided with food, water and shelter if that money comes back.

Evidence 9 - Dictatorship in Democracy: I kept silence even when peaceful protesters demanding their “right of living” in Ramlila Grounds were mercilessly beaten in the middle of the night, by those people whom we pay to keep ourselves safe. I kept silence because at least me and my family was safe; ignoring the fact that many of my countrymen including women and Sanyasis were being beaten. I kept silence as it was a holiday and I had a party at home.

Evidence 10 – Inflation: I kept silence as the commodity prices were spiraling upwards. Although, it became expensive to buy basic things; however, I kept silence as I was amongst the privileged ones to have cushions to bear the same. After all, me and my family was still able to afford 3 meals a day; even when there would definitely be millions of people who would have reduced eating from 2 times a day to once a day.

As per Roman Catholic Church, if a person confesses in front of a Priest or Bishop, he/she will get free from sins. My addition is that, if you confess your sins in public, then the removal of sins would be faster and permanent. With this, let me confess in broad public view that I have missed all opportunities to show the love towards my Bharat Mata. I regret that I forgot Rashtradharm knowledge studied in schools; remembering only the technical and managerial skills. It is my fault that when many of my countrymen were dying of hunger, I was busy having dinners in parties. It is my fault that when my country was being looted by the people who were supposed to be saviors, I was busy enjoying my life with my family and friends. It is my fault that I forgot all those people, who sacrificed their lives for my independence. It is my fault that I thought that I am done with my Rashtradharm just by paying taxes and nothing else was my duty. It is my fault that I kept forwarding words of wisdom and Rashtrabhakti through emails; but when it comes to demonstrating the same, I give the reason of being a busy man. I confess and plead guilty of silently watching everything, thinking that I will only speak if the problem reaches my home. Can there be any one more selfish and corrupt than me?

With this, I am done with my confessions and apologize to my country and all countrymen that all my technical and managerial skills were not able to make me confident enough to say even a word when my motherland needs me the most.

Please send your suggestions, feedback and criticisms at And if you feel so, you can send “confessions” as well. Watch out for the next Article, where I would spread more light on how this most corrupt person can still be improved.

By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner

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