Article 3 - Commitments (Rashtradharm - Code of Citizen's Conduct)

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Mann Samarpit Tan Samarpit, Aur Yeh Jeevan Samarpit…
Chahta Hoon Desh Ki Dharti Tujhe Kuchh Aur Bhi Doon…

I heard the above poem during my childhood and like many other children, always thought that in what all ways I can help my country. The essence of the poem is that the poet, being a Bhartiya; is showing a commitment that my mind and body is committed to you my Bharat Mata and still I want to give something more to you. I always thought it to be a difficult task and it actually is; however, I just wondered what was different in people of those times when the poem was written and the people of today. What would that difference be between Rani Laxmibai, Veer Sawarkar, Sarojini Naidu, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandrashekhar Azaad, Ashfaq Ulla Khan and other Change Agents; which is missing from today’s rulers and ruled to a great extent? There must definitely be something which I may not know; knowing which, could make a difference. There must definitely be something to know which could bring a clarification in my understanding and make me committed enough towards my country, just like the poet of the above poem. With the feeling of regret on being designated as the biggest corrupt Bhartiya, I started my journey of thought process towards finding the right “Code of conduct” (Rashtradharm) that I must follow towards my Bharat Mata. All this made me curious enough to know about right values that I should inculcate in me in order to be able to do really something for my country instead of letting people loot the same continuously and remain silent on the same to retain the “Bharat Ratan” title of being the biggest corrupt. I knew that I was too small to bring a radical change; however, there would definitely be some small changes that can add value to the country.

A Pashchatap (regret) is not complete unless it is followed by a Prayashchit (remorse). Although you may find their meaning overlapping with each other; however, the difference is that the Pashchatap is just a feeling of regret of “not doing something which should have been done” or “doing something which should not have been done”. On the other hand, Prayashchit is the commitment for not repeating the mistake in future. With this in mind, I started searching for answers on how I could add value to this country, whatever small it would be and get rid of the title of “Bharat Ratan for being most corrupt”. I definitely needed some mentor who could guide me about what I should do. With this thought, I started searching for a Guru (mentor). But after a while I found that even the teachers, doctors, scientists and even spiritual gurus are not subscribing to a common value system; so there will always be a chance that I select a wrong Guru, due to my incapability of judging them. This made me pause for a moment and think more. Many thoughts came into my mind and went away. Finally I decided that if I am planning to commit to my country, wouldn’t it be a good idea to directly ask her what she wants. I liked the idea and decided to talk to Bharat Mata in meditation. I started meditating on her and after some time she came talking. I am giving here the conversation that I had with Bharat Mata in meditation.

Author: Bharat Mata, I truly regret being the most corrupt and now really want to do something for you and get rid of this title.

Bharat Mata: I am happy that you have realized your mistake; realizing your mistake is first step towards your development. (Subah Ka Bhoola Shaam Ko Ghar Aa Jaaye To Use Bhoola Nahin Kehte)

Author: Thanks Mother, I knew you have a big heart and you would forgive me; however, I want to talk about “your” development and not mine.

Bharat Mata: Oh son, your development is no different from mine. If you develop yourself and be a good citizen, it would add to at least one good citizen count. Isn’t it?

Author: Oh I see what you mean. But I feel that if I focus on my development only, it would again be the same thing which I am doing till now. I have always been thinking about my own growth only. I always thought to grow physically strong, mentally more developed so that I can get more promotions and increments, develop my technical and managerial skills and take control of my career development. After getting married and having kids, my focus shifted to my family as well and I started thinking their development as my development. Now I want a house for me and my family, good education to my kids, good health management facilities and all other good things in life. As the things are settling down now, I have become aware of my future needs like saving for my old age, having insurance policies to safeguard my family against any emergencies. So, what difference will it make if I continue developing myself? I am sure, slowly but surely I am moving towards my old age and then I won’t be able to anyways do much for you. So, kindly enlighten me, I have come to you with a true feeling of doing something for you and you are directing it back to my development. Tell me something tangible that can help you come out of today’s situation.

Bharat Mata: Son, being a mother, I will always be happy that you achieve all these things in your life based on your capabilities. I do not want to stop you from achieving this. I would even encourage you to achieve more such things in life and do not want you to run away from your family and dedicate your life just for me. That’s why I am saying that “Own Your Development”.

Author: Oh mother, this is taught even in our management lessons and soft skills training, but again 
please give me straight answers on how can I contribute towards “your” development. Till now I have been thinking that paying taxes would be sufficient for your development and rest of the work should be done by the ruling parties and the government machinery. I am confused. I know I am too small to match with what other Change Agents, Spiritual Gurus, and Martyrs have given you; but still I feel that as I am educated and technically qualified and in fact recently became a Project Manager in a reputed MNC; I can contribute something which many other common men would not be able to do. And please give me something which matches my Self Esteem as I have a good place in society. If you ask me to do something very small like “Owning my development”, which I am anyways doing; it would be like underutilization of resources. I want to match with the thought process of the poet of the poem above and really want to contribute something in addition to support through my body and mind.

Bharat Mata: Son, your body and mind are given to you by Mother Nature and she will anyways take it back from you once you die. However, I am impressed that you have admitted your sins and want to truly help me. As you yourself have realized that you cannot keep pointing to others mistakes unless you have clarified yours. So, if you really want to help me, then help me clarify at least one of my citizens; and that is you. If you commit to me that you develop yourself to the fullest, cleanse your vices, understand your duties and rights well and live by the values defined by your father (God), under all circumstances, then only your remorse will be complete. So, are you ready or should I go back?

Author: Mother, now I understand the essence behind your insisting me on Owning My Development and not yours. I am ready to commit to my development to fullest and want you to be my mentor throughout, until I realize my true potential. I really want to own my development and be a good citizen. Although I do not want to achieve any material “Bharat Ratan” award, but I still want to become a “Bharat Ratan”; a good citizen and a jewel in your heart. I commit to “Own my development” and be a true Bhartiya.

Bharat Mata: I know you have been thinking all through since many days and have not slept well since weeks. It is too late in the night and you should go to sleep now, we will again meet tomorrow. I will let you know of all the values that your father has prescribed for you; and at the same time, your real value as well. I will also introduce you to your real mother in future sessions. Bye.

So, this was the discussion I had with Bharat Mata. I will be back with the next article in few days after talking to her in Meditation and share the same with you. The Agenda for the next meeting with Bharat Mata is to ask her in detail about what “Owning My Development” means as I am still not very clear about it and want more clarification from her.

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By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary citizen and an Ashtang Yog Practitioner.

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