Article 4 - Own Your Development (Rashtradharm - Code of Citizen's Conduct)

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Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har takdeer se pehlay,
Khuda bande se khud puchhe, bata teri raza kiya hai.

"Increase your selflessness to such heights that before creating each destiny, God himself would have to ask you 'What is your opinion about this' ".

This is an Urdu couplet by the Urdu and Farsi poet Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938). In the previous article "Commitments"; I had a discussion with Bharat Mata in meditation, where I committed to her, that I will get rid of “Most Corrupt Bhartiya” title and truly own my development. Although it was good to hear; but I had no idea about my true potential and the path to achieve the same. So, I was waiting for the meeting with Bharat Mata to discuss this. All this was making me curious enough. In the last meeting, we had to stop the discussion about owning my development; as I was too tired and probably she wanted me to take such serious issue with full energy and not in a lethargic condition. So she asked me to take rest; with an assurance that she will clarify the same in another meeting. After being recognized as the biggest corrupt Bhartiya; the only option left with me was to do the remorse to an extent that I should get rid of all the selfishness and achieve the selfless state of mind.

I was excited to "Own My Development"; but not in the way I was taught in the corporate trainings as that had to be under a constrained environment of an organization, its business and the opportunities in the organization. I wanted to own my development in the real sense and in the way that Iqbal's couplet can drive my mission statement. But as it was a long journey from being the most corrupt to become the most selfless; hence I knew it will not be an easy task. However, I had assurance that Bharat Mata could help me in this.

With this, I started meditating few minutes before the scheduled time; to take guidance from Bharat Mata to become such a selfless person, free of all ego; so that God, Allah, Bhagwan, Parmatma; whatever name you use for almighty God; Himself would come to me and ask about my opinion. I wanted nothing less than "World Peace" to achieve and no one other than God has potential to fulfill such a big wish. In the midst of my thoughts, I found Bharat Mata arriving; off course at scheduled time, as she was not undisciplined like me. Here are the discussion snippets:

Author: Good evening mother.

Bharat Mata: Good Evening son. How are you! You are looking fresh; I hope you have taken enough rest to discuss such a serious matter.

Author: Yes mother. I am quite excited for this meeting, as this meeting will drive my further actions in my life and may act as a turning point. I want to develop myself to an extent that God Himself asks me about my wish. I want to see a United World because as per me, all people are created by the same God and are brothers and sisters to each other; but due to the different points of views about the truth; they keep on creating Lose-Lose, Lose-Win and Win-Lose situations, instead of arriving at a Win-Win formula. I think they have not taken any Management and Leadership Effectiveness training where it is taught that we should always create Win-Win situations in order to become effective. For eg. a corrupt Bhartiya who has done a scam of thousand crore rupees just forget that the money he has robbed will not come to his use anyways; he will anyways die one day like everyone else. The people who are doing such acts are more or less already having enough money to live a decent life; I don't know what drives their thought process; that even with no guarantee of any value addition to their lives, they keep making the needy more deprived than ever. I think they should take Management and Leadership Effectiveness training from Franklin Covey Company which teaches "7 Habits of the Highly Effective People"; and become effective. That is why I want a world order where everyone thinks about the impact of their actions on the other people; before committing such sins. They must think what legacy they will leave behind when they die. I want a world order where everyone becomes effective by inculcating good habits based on highest human values and wisdom.

Bharat Mata: I am happy that you have not changed your mind. I get many such cases where people just talk once in a while to help me and promise me to change themselves; but when it comes to actually coming out of their comfort zones to do anything; they start making excuses in one or the other way. I know everyone is busy in today's fast-paced life; but they forget that they are unknowingly cutting the same branch, on which they are sitting. They are killing all those gooses which lay the golden egg for them. Anyhow, let’s not discuss about anyone else; as I had clarified, it is about your development, so let us focus back on the same.

Author: Right mother, I want to purify myself to an extent that one day I can schedule 1-on-1 meeting with God, so that He asks my opinion for every destiny that I want to reach in my life. I have many ideas to revive the country and the world; however even though my circle of concerns are high, the circle of influence remains small. I would ask God to increase my circle of influence by accepting my wishes.

Bharat Mata: That is fully possible as many people have done so in past from time to time; whenever there was a decline in human value system. So, don't worry; you can become highly effective, you can choose your destiny and you can become the reason behind the world peace this time. However, a planned and focused development plan should be created. You need to fight this battle and come out as a victor.

Author: Mother, I have a query. I am wishing for restoring world order and achieve world peace and your words are pointing towards “a war, a battle”. Please clarify.

Bharat Mata: Basically I meant that you have to win over yourself. It is the most difficult thing. Winning over our own ego is not that easy. It takes years and sometimes many lives to achieve that.

Author: But I do not have time, I want to cleanse myself as soon as possible. Isn’t there is a quick win formula?

Bharat Mata: No, there isn’t. However, all depends upon your capacity, capability, dedication and focus. It is your independent-will that will decide the timeline.

Author: Well, I know it will not be a bed of roses, but I have seen people doing such tasks which at first looked impossible. I want to give it a try. There must definitely be some clue left by all Change Agents of the past, which could help me do that. Logically, I see all possibility of this happening. A man can show favoritism; however, God cannot. So, please guide me to realize my true potential and help me be the Change Agent to create at least one good citizen.

Bharat Mata: Sure son. Your coaching will start with next meeting. Meanwhile, I will prepare a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for you as you have not been performing very well as a citizen, off late. I will help you become more effective by each day. It will not take much time on a daily basis; 20 minutes of introspection during meeting will be sufficient.

Author: Should I buy a notepad? Do you want me to take meeting notes?

Bharat Mata: Well, the way; me, Mother Nature or God teach during meditation is slightly different from your classroom coaching. I will directly activate your neural connections and store the information in your brain. What you need to do is, to retrieve that information from your neurons and based on your previous education and area of specialization, write that as one Article per meeting. Remember, you cannot claim this as your Intellectual Property (IP) as that will not teach you to be truly selfless and hence you need to share the same with anyone and everyone you meet in your life. You can solicit feedback, criticisms and suggestions on your understanding, however.

Please send your feedback, suggestions and criticisms to I have owned my development, if you feel so; you can “Own Your Development” as well. See you in next article very soon; the Agenda of which is, Human Quotients (BQ, IQ, EQ, SQ).

By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary citizen and an Ashtang Yog practitioner

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