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Tan Ki Shudhdhi Snan Se, Hriday Ki Shudhdhi Samman Se,
Mann Ki Shudhdhi Gyan Se, Aatma Ki Shudhdhi Dhyaan Se

“The body can be purified by bathing, the heart can be purified by mutual respect; the mind can be purified by the knowledge and the soul can be purified through meditation”

According to above statements of Swami Ramdev Ji; a human has four dimensions of existence. The measure of these four dimensions defines the personality, nature, intellect and character of a person. The International Management and Leadership Guru, Stephen Covey of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” fame also agrees to the above four dimensions of our existence. This is anyways not a rocket science and all of us can understand this through our common sense. When we talk about owning our development, it means development of these four dimensions of existence only. Swami Ramdev Ji and Stephen Covey are more or less on the same page as far as the means to develop these four parameters are concerned. A human learns something or the other throughout his life and keeps learning until the time he dies. This essentially means that we die, if we stop learning; so we must keep all channels of learning open in order to have continuous improvement in us. Learning doesn’t always mean that a person must be educated or even a literate. Everyone learns on a daily basis and this process never stops. A human learns through the 3 Es; Education (formal or informal), Environment (family’s, organizational, country’s or even the world’s) and finally we learn by our Experience, when we have the realization of any theoretical knowledge that we have.

These four dimensions of our existence can be measured as BQ (Body Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) for body, mind, heart and soul respectively. Development of all the four parameters is vital for our growth. When I promised Bharat Mata to own my development in previous article; it essentially means that throughout these sessions, she will be unearthing all those secrets which can help me develop these four dimensions of my existence to a level where my consciousness becomes so high that I can read God’s mind and God will ask my wish before deciding destiny for me. Selflessness comes, as our consciousness grows and I wanted nothing less than the highest consciousness that a human mind can achieve. With this thought in mind, I started meditating again as I was not a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on this and was just a student; and needed Bharat Mata’s guidance. She clarified most of my doubts about these four quotients during the meditation as you can see in my conversation with her below:

Author: Mother, welcome back. 

Bharat Mata: Thanks son. I hope you are prepared for today’s session and have gone through some existing documents on the topic that you want to learn today.

Author: Yes mother. As I am committed to own my development; I would not leave any stone unturned to gain that consciousness level where my Independent-will submerges with the God’s will and my mission of life to make this planet best place to live and work for everyone; and achieving world peace, is fulfilled. I will come back to life and take rebirth if I am not able to develop my consciousness to the fullest in this life.

Bharat Mata: Don’t you say so. You must complete your consciousness development in this life only. You already had developed most part of it during your last life and got the same given to you in this life as a carried forward balance. This country and this world need your contribution. You have assumed this life for a special purpose and you have been allocated a special role to play by your creator; God. Don’t think to postpone it for next life. So, let’s start. I think you already have a fair idea of these four dimensions as theoretically you know the same. Let’s have this session in a Question-Answer form. You ask me what you want more clarification on and I will reply.

Author: This sounds good. So, my first question is; is bathing alone means development of BQ as Swami Ramdev Ji mentioned.

Bharat Mata: Well, the literal meaning of bathing is to take a bath regularly to keep your body clean. However, the essence behind it is different. It means keeping your body clear of all diseases; keep it clean from outside as well as inside; keep it healthy through physical exercises which may include Aerobics, Yoga-asan, Gym or other types of exercises. It is in the hands of a person to maintain his physical health. God never wants anyone to fall ill; however, due to the lack of knowledge and will of doing the things which keeps one healthy; a person keeps falling ill. Having good eating habits and good sleep is vital to achieve good physical health.

Author: Got it. Thanks. Next is “Heart”. Swami Ji says that the heart can be clarified by mutual respect. Is that enough?

Bharat Mata: Again the essence is that the one who has full control of his own emotions are considered as strong heart person and a person with high EQ. However, this never means that a person should never think rationally. It means that a person must think about other’s emotions well; even if a strong message has to be delivered. One must be empathetic to people in order to have a high EQ score. I will explain this in detail in future sessions. For now, consider this as that part of thought process which is called as “feelings”. You must learn to manage your feelings. It is this dimension which helps a person developing a good bond with people.

Author: This is fine. The next is IQ or the development of rational thinking. Although I have a fair idea of this; however just one question; does this mean that a highly educated and well placed person is having more IQ than a person who is not that educated; does that also means that an illiterate person has no IQ.

Bharat Mata: Not exactly. Although the right education can improve one’s IQ score; but is not a guarantee to be higher than the ones who are not highly educated. IQ is the measure of thinking logically, rationally and the ability to learn or understand. It has nothing to do with the amount of knowledge a person may have on one or more subjects. A high IQ person would however be able to learn faster than the ones with lower IQ.

Author: Ok. This is clear. Now, tell me something about the SQ. This is something which requires more explanation as the scientific community does not accept SQ fully. They say SQ cannot be measured and improved. Please clarify.

Bharat Mata: Son, it is that Quotient of human existence which is the root of all other quotients. The more a man knows about his soul; the better human he becomes. It is this quotient which unites people. It is the knowledge of this quotient which will help you become the selfless citizen. It is this quotient only which has considerably gone down these days; and is the real cause of all the corruption of minds that you see today. If the SQ of a person is enhanced, the BQ, IQ and EQ automatically get improved. A person becomes a personality and a personality achieves its existence. It is the development of this quotient which sets up the 1-on-1 meeting with God. You must keep this in your goal plan to have special focus on this. This quotient can be improved through meditation. The conversation that you are having with me will keep increasing your SQ and when you share this with others, their SQ will also get increased. It is this quotient only; the development of which will take you to your right destiny.

Author: Oh, although I appreciated the fact that we should be spiritually good, but I never thought that it was so important. One last question for today; I have heard that if a person has more SQ, he will renounce the world and become a saint and leave the family life. Is that so?

Bharat Mata: No. It is not the case. The high SQ is important even in professional and family life. You will appreciate this when I will open up more secrets in future about this quotient. Bye for now.

So, Bharat Mata went away from my meditation as soon as she responded on all four quotients of my existence. I hope I would keep learning about my SQ and achieve a selfless state of mind one day. Please send your suggestions, criticisms and opinions to If you want, you can start developing your “Quotients” along with me.

By Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiya and an Ashtang Yog practitioner

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