Choose your 3 ideals

Think of 3 persons living or past, who you regard the most (other than your family and friends) and why? These can be someone from History, mythology, India's freedom struggle, politics, sports, spiritual leader, or anybody. Explain in about 100 words for each explaining how your life is influenced by them, what is that which you like in them and what has changed your life.

Let me start with my answers

1. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna: I am totally fascinated by the 700 Shlokas (verses) of Bhagwat Gita, which is considered as spoken by Shri Krishna and documented in the poem format by Maharishi Ved Vyas (Krishna Dwapayan) as part of Bhishm Parv in Mahabharat (The greatest of all Epics of my country Bharat). Each and every Shlok is full of knowledge and secrets are unfolded about the creation, sustenance and dissolution of my own life cycle, or rather all life cycles of me and all other Jad and Chetan (matter and conciousness) objects of the universe. I have read this book many times and every time I get more secrets getting unfolded. This book is kind of a Kamdhenu (The magical cow which fulfils all your desires). This book helps me every time I need an answer to any question or whenever I feel lack of motivation. The magical words spoken by this great soul always comes to help me in time of need. I consider Krishna not as Lord but as a Guru, a mentor, who is always there to help whenever you are in doubt. I can keep writing about Krishna and Bhagwat Gita at lengths till the end of my life, but I would never be short of words. No amount of words can do justification for the guidance provided by Gita since last 5500 years to many great known and unknown souls of Bharat (India) and many other countries.

2. Swami Dayanand Saraswati: Again, words cannot describe the contribution of this person to the present day Bharat (more popularly known as India these days). During the times of British ruling India through the dubious East India Company on the pretext of doing business with various states of India, one of the prime focus of them was to use the "Divide and Rule" policy to the extent possible. Around 175 years ago, the then British tried to destroy various Ancient Indian scriptures and also tried to malign them by adding impurity texts to them so as to prove the scriptures wrong and establish their own culture and way of living in India. This was a planned strategy to hit Indian culture at the root so that people won't remain integrated. However, Swami Dayanand took it over him to reestablish the Ancient Vedic Literature in the education system and showed the way to people to keep the knowledge of the scriptures alive. The outcome was again a great book called as "Satyarth Prakash" or "Light of Truth", which it actually is. This book and hence this person has also played a key role in influencing my "this" life a lot. Hats off to the contribution of Swami Dayanand Saraswati that we can still read about Vedas, otherwise East India Company might have totally destroyed the same.

3. Swami Ramdev: People come and go, however the truth remains truth. It may get enveloped with dust for some time, but God keeps on sending His messengers to reestablish "Dharm" (righteousness) to this planet to save good people and punish or cleanse the guilty. Same is true with this person. He is one such soul which can be considered as next to God during current times. He is such a "purusharthi" (hard worker), who never gets tired and keep doing the good things to people, even if he is beaten or thrashed while doing a great job for common man by the very own saviours popularly known as "Government", by using the corroded laws which have liven up their useful age. He is a Karmayogi, who has assumed this life, for helping people coming out of the clutches of bad planning, short sightedness, laziness of the present and Independant India's all Governments till date. He is fighting against the causes which are very dear to our very own countrymen being deprived of their basic human right of living. With the proliferation of media, it is becoming difficult for the people to realize that we have a very clean soul available with us presently, due to the false propaganda spread by media due to the vested interests of the people, who actually are responsible for the eye wash of development and growth being presented to us. The number of people who are living animal type life is not small. It is almost thrice the population of America. Swami Ramdev is one such soul who is determined to actually live the Gita. Again, I would fall short of words in praise of this man at this moment, however I will keep on writing about him on my Blog.

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