Delhi Belly - A disastor

This Friday, I happen to visit one of the multiplexes in Gurgaon for watching a newly released movie "Delhi Belly". I am not a regular movie buff, however, this one was part of team outing and as such was part of my job. Generally, I watch movies either for my team at office or for my wife as she is a homemaker and this is one of the ways to keep them engaged.

In my personal opinion, spending 3 hours in a movie hall is one of the best ways of wasting this precious human life. I know I would sound contrary to what is desired in the societies across the world these days, but I must be truthful in saying this. There are a lot more things that I can do during these 3 hours rather than wasting time and hard earned money for senseless movies. Moreover, there are just no movie released in recent times which is worth spending 3 hours and couple of hundred rupees, be it "Dabang", "Once upon a time in Mumbai" or few other movies released since last one year.

In my opinion, entertainment at the cost of morality, ethics, corruption of mind, wastage of precious time and money is wisdomless action. Although it was the day of release of "Delhi Belly", but some of my colleagues already warned me that this movie was not something which I would like. But still, as the team was in mood and they had booked the tickets, I had no choice. I made up my mind, and just because the movie was produced by Aamir Khan, who is considered as a genius in his work, I still had few hopes to keep myself comfortable till the end of the movie.

Few years back, I saw a multi-starer movie "Kyun Ho Gaya Na". Till last Friday, this was the most horrible experience of movie watching. However, I did not had any idea that the worst is yet to come in the form of "Delhi Belly". So, after watching this movie, I updated my records.

The movie started with a disgusting scene, it kept on introducing more disgusting ones as the movie proceeded. Every scene in the movie was competing with the other one on the parameters of disgust. Be it dialogues, scenes, songs, script everything was in the same tone. Half past the movie, it was difficult to keep myself seated. It was difficult to understand whether the movie was a comedy or a tradegy. It was difficult to understand whether I should instruct my Endocrine System to secrete hormones for laughing or crying or disgust or patheticness or anger or sorrow or loss of sense or something else. I think disgust was the best one and yes it did the same.

If this has become the standard for comedy, then I would rather wear a boring outlook throughout the day, it would be much better.

However, many of the occupants of the auditorium may have different opinion, as most of them were laughing like anything during most part of the movie. I really wonder which way the senses of educated people are going. If they have heard that laughing is a good medicine, then they should definately explore healthier way of doing so. These types of movies may make people laugh for sometime, but their sub-conscious mind keeps on getting corrupted without their being cognizant of the same. I can suggest one priceless, free of cost way of laughing and keep themselves healthy. Just try "Hasya Aasan" during morning Yoga session. It would be much better for the body and mind's health.

One of the other person in my team who almost had the same opinion about the movie as myself, was sure after noticing the responses of the people out there, that next days newspaper will definately rate this movie as 4 Star on a scale of 5. Such has become the level of understanding of critics, even some famous ones like "Nikhat Kazmi".

The thought pattern of movie makers is setting lower standards on each new release. Most of the recent films have no character actors including the lead role. All of them sounds like villains or at least characterless people. Once a great industry to entertain people in a healthy fashion with a good lesson at the end of the movie, now Bollywood is moving towards a direction where character and morality are the last thing that comes to their mind while making a movie. They have even coined a term "moral policing" to safeguard their freedom of expression from anyone who speaks in a different direction of what they think. They don't realize that they are contributing in making our youth corrupt, weak and characterless and the future generations will have a hard time defining morality for themselves. They forget that this country has produced many great people and there can be many ideas derived from our heritage and history for making movies. In the name of showing truth and the stories of the current times, what they are showing is just a limited view of the people they interact to, on a daily basis. They are surrounded by these kinds of people and hence think that all people in Delhi are like this. Even if there is a truth in this, showing this in the form of a movie, is actually untruthfulness and will add to the chaos of the people's mind.

I am not personally against any of the moviemaker, but I had high hopes from Aamir Khan production. I really have to do a lot of "aatmamanthan" (Introspection) before watching any movie from Aamir Khan now, which till now I had good faith on.

I would suggest all sensible people not to promote these kinds of movies and make them a candidate to be a 4 star rater movie. However, this is my personal opinion and people are free to decide about the same themselves. But please watch out, be sensible, be responsible for our current and future generations before promoting these kinds of movies. Our netas, babus, and other people who rule us, have already displayed a lot of corruption, let us not allow getting this demon of corruption enter into pure entertainment.

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