Human Life As A Project

I would not write too much of text in this Blog, unlike my other blog postings; and would let the pictures do the talking. The senses of this Era of machine (Kaliyug) works in a manner that if something can be shown graphically or through an image, the learning becomes deeper than if the same knowledge is shown as a text. As it takes a lot of time to publish a text based article because I have to meditate an article around 50 times before publishing it for public consumption, the next article will take some time before I bring it to the blogspot. Also, I am in the process of finalizing the powerpoint presentation having the blue print of People Management and Leadership of the next Era "Satyug" (Golden Period of Humanity) in the making so I wanted to keep my focus intact. However, as several of my blog readers might have read all the existing blog postings and would be waiting for the next ones, I thought to share some part of the presentation as is. So, here are some of the slides from the presentation on the consciousness development of human beings. I will explain each of these slides with text, in the book "Rashtradharm - Code of Citizen's Conduct" at an opportune time. So, here we go.

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