Improving Employee and Customer Engagement - Part-1 (Introduction)

Dear Employees, Managers, Leaders and Mentors,

As promised in my blog article “Invitation to all HR Professionals and CxOs of the business world to truly own their development”; I am hereby releasing the Part-1 of the recorded presentation of the “inclusive, exclusive and conclusive” solution towards management and leadership effectiveness for all corporate organizations of the world. Let me also take this opportunity to elaborate why I have termed this training module as “inclusive, exclusive and conclusive” vision towards the people management and leadership effectiveness.

The training is “inclusive” as it does not rejects any of the management and leadership effectiveness theories presented to the world by highly learned people from time to time. The training module is not to criticize any of the earlier training courses; and accepts the authenticity and validity of all those trainings towards improving the management and leadership effectiveness, resulting into the improvement of employee and customer engagement to a great extent. The training is also called as “inclusive” as it accepts the "point of views" of several eastern and western philosophers, management gurus, spiritual leaders and other Self Actualized and Self Realized people, who have left a lot of legacy for all of us to learn from. I will use references of several high consciousness people in my presentations and text content from around the world, to make it easy for all educated people of the world coming from different education, environment and experience backgrounds; to easily relate to the content presented. This training course will develop the spiritual faculties of the human beings; an area which is often confused with the prevalent religious beliefs of a country, region or religion. This training course will not criticize any religious belief and will borrow a lot of knowledge from the teachings of several religious books of all religions in order to bring the commonality of their thought process in front of the world.

This training is called as “exclusive” because it is one of its kinds and presents something in front of the business world which was never ever thought off in this manner. I invite all research scholars of the world to come up with any fact or evidence they might have encountered during their research, which can challenge the “exclusive” nature of this training course. This training module fixes the missing pieces of all the existing leadership philosophies and is my attempt to complement all of them. It however is not targeted to show anyone down. It is an attempt to let people know of those unexplored secrets of leadership effectiveness which remained out-of-bounds from the entire humanity in general and corporate employees in particular since last 5500 years. The last revelation of this knowledge to the world was done by a very high consciousness author “Maharishi Ved Vyas” and was presented in the form of a question answer session between the world’s best archer of those times (Mr. Arjuna Pandav) and a Self Realized Yogi of highest order Mr. Krishna Yadav, in the form of a book known to the world as “Bhagwat Gita”; which is part of the greatest epic of the world popularly known as Mahabharat.  Although that discussion happened in the battlefield, however, the basic premise was that a highly learned and powerful prince Arjuna was in a state of indecision and needed a mentor who can guide him to take the right decision, in the most difficult stage of his life. The primary task of leaders of the world whether in business arena or political stream is to take “decisions”. It is this decision making ability which forms the basis of effectiveness of “leaders” in particular and every human in general. All the effectiveness trainings are provided to improve just this “skill” of a leader (and of-course the “will” as well). The decisions taken by leaders affect the people at large and hence it is utmost important for all the leaders to continue improving their decision making abilities without the prejudice of their past achievements. This training program will train the participant right from the root about; how the decision making process of a human being works; how the point of views are formed and how the wisdom to see the things from several point of views can be developed.  This training course will open up the blue-print on which all humans are designed and hence the ineffectiveness in decision making  can be fixed right at the root. As I mentioned in my previous article, the Leadership Quotient (LQ) of a human being is the sum total of his Body Quotient (BQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and the Spiritual Quotient (SQ); this training course focuses on developing all the 4 dimensions of a participant so that his Leadership Quotient can be put into a continuous improvement mode forever. The training course will also demonstrate what the maximum potential of a human being is and how the same can be developed in a step by step manner.

Bhagwat Gita has been an inspiration behind several self-actualized and self-realized people of the world during different times. With reference to information posted on internet resources and from my research on several other books, here is a brief list of people who had Bhagwat Gita as an inspiration behind their “Self Actualized and Self Realized” thought process;  Swami Ramdev, Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Ramswaroop, Prabhupad Ji Maharaj (ISKCON founder), Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi (Man of the century), Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (ex-President of India), Swami Vivekananda (Leading thought leader of India), Bal Gangadhar Tilak, J. Robert Oppenheimer (director of Manhattan project), Charles Wilkins, Albert Einstein (Man of the century), Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Aldous Huxley, Henry David Thoreau, Herman Hesse, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rudolph Steiner; and several others as I am limited by my knowledge of listing all of them here.

I hope this will give enough evidences of the inclusive and exclusive nature of this training course which is completely based on my realized knowledge of Bhagwat Gita. In fact, I will re-write “Bhagwat Gita for the IT generation” so that it can provide evidences of its relevance to the context of today’s situations of the world. This knowledge was hidden from the masses since last 5500 years although several people realized this during their lifetime on individual level from time to time. But now, it will come to the masses, infact it will become the de-facto standard for leadership and management philosophy of the world’s most effective business houses for times to come.

The training is called as “conclusive” because it presents a healthy challenge in front of all employees, managers, leaders and mentors in the business world today to come up with a philosophy which is more advanced than even this. The purpose of challenging is not to again show anyone down, but is an attempt to make people curious enough to deeply think of those guiding principles which can even add to the principles presented in this training course so as to improve it further if it also lacks at some of the places. The training course is also called as “conclusive” as this will form the foundation for providing permanent solution to recession and inflation for at least several next millenniums and will conclusively pave the path to save this planet from dying a slow death due to global warming, which is a common concern that every citizen of this planet share today. Over a period of time, this training module will be accepted by all organizations of the world as a de-facto standard for leadership development in their organization; including the organization that the reader of this article works for. Although it is specifically highlighted to improve the leadership and management effectiveness, however, it touches upon all aspects of human life and hence will be equally beneficial for people who do not work in corporate organizations and also for those who are homemakers. Some of the terminologies used in the training module are taken from scientific and philosophical world and hence the education background of the people may play a role in the speed of understanding the essence of this training. However, wherever you feel that there are few things you find difficult to comprehend, please do not hesitate to ask for relevant resources and links by writing an email to

This training module takes the realized knowledge of several iconic people to the next level by building upon the knowledge they have left for the humanity to learn from. The training content extensively uses references to Mr. Stephen R. Covey (Author of signature program “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) and Mr. Abraham Maslow (inventor of Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs model) in order to make it easier for the people in corporate organizations to easily relate to the knowledge. Every attempt has been made to not use any proprietary content and any of the copyrighted material, however if anyone finds anything which may have conflict of interest with anyone and seems to be infringement of copyright; I am open to remove the same from my literature after healthy discussion with the owner of the copyrighted material. This is an outcome of my memory and learnings from “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training provided to me by my previous employer, my own research through resources available on internet and strong practice of Yoga philosophy. If Franklin Covey and company has objection to any of the content which I have included from the realized knowledge of the learning acquired by attending their training course; I am open to practice Habit 6 (Synergize) of the 7 Habits program with the Franklin Covey and Co. as well to create a win-win situation with them as well. I am open to form a strategic business partnership to synergize between the expertise of any organization and my vision of the "inclusive, exclusive and conclusive" solution for development of all humans on this planet today. Apart from the learnings from 7 Habits training course and my understanding of Maslow Hierarchy of human motivation and needs; this training course will take the research findings of several other Self Actualized and realized people to t he next level including but not limited to Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Covey, Stephen Hawkins, Samuel Smiles etc.

As Stephen Covey's quoted as saying;

“Like the top of the tree, our personality is what people see first. Although image, techniques, and skills can influence our success, the real source of lasting effectiveness lies in strong character - the roots”

So, I request the people going through the presentation to ignore the “personality of the presentation” (voice quality, the way of presenting and the rawness of the recording) for the time being and focus only on the “character of the presentation” (intent and content of the presentation). Please consider this presentation as a tribute to just departed great soul Stephen R. Covey, who lived like an ideal human being and is a source of motivation for several people on this planet today.

I would also like to acknowledge the works of Mr. Abraham Maslow who has provided a great model to understand the human motivation which is widely used around the world in management education and to some level in the corporate environment as well. I will take his model to that height, from where everything in the universe will be easy to understand. It is this model of human motivation which is at the root of the training course. Through this training module, I will open up Pandora box of opportunities for each human on this planet to actualize in the field of their interest and will mentor them to lead a meaningful life aligned with the cosmic agenda for which they are created by the creator of all “Almighty God”. I hope the 34 minutes invested in going through the Part-1 of the presentation will create a strong foundation for further learning and will be the best investment of the entire life for several people who will go through the presentation. Thanks to all those people who contributed in making my blog article “Invitation to all HR Professionals and CxOs of thebusiness world to truly own their development” an instant hit and my highest read blog article so far. The article is being read around the world in several countries and is being widely appreciated. I would strongly recommend everyone to go through it once again in order to connect back with the content of the presentation. For the new comers, I request you to read the above mentioned article and the other articles published on my blog as well. The number of page hits it is getting these days is phenomenal without a big formal advertisement. I would also request the readers and people going through the presentation, to let the people in your circle know about the knowledge resources available on my blog so that the word becomes a viral and my mission to “Make the planet earth best place to live and work for each of its citizen” will pick up more pace. I will come back with Part-2 of the presentation very soon. 

Although I have termed this training course as "inclusive, exclusive and conclusive"; I do not want to claim that I have nothing else left to learn. In order to lead by example, I must say that whatever I am writing in my articles and presentations is an outcome of meditation sessions with almighty God and I am too small to claim it to be my intellectual property. I am still learning and would continue to learn till the moment I am alive. I consider myself as a student of life and hence would love to hear back from you if you see any area needing improvement. As the universe is unlimited and infinite, its knowledge is also unlimited and infinite. I am a finite being and hence can never claim that whatever I have said is the final word and there can't be anything better. I hope people understand that the real essence of the training content being called as "conclusive" is to  take the collective human consciousness into an ever improving mode for next several millenniums; as it is evident from the situation of the world today, that we definitely are on a declining collective consciousness trend.

Bye for now. Please do write to me for any question/query/feedback that you may have. You can find my other co-ordinates on Join the mission link.

Hitesh Chandel
Developing everyone into a leader
Founder and Chief Mentor - Defined Values Consultants

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