Introduction to Ashtang-Yoga

First of all I would like to inform the group about the right way of pronouncing "Ashtang-Yoga". Actually, it is "Ashtang-Yog" and not "Ashtang-Yoga". However, when we spell it in English, the "A" needs to be added. The Ashtang-Yog, as the name suggests is  "Asht + Ang Yog" which means eight limbs or 8 parts or 8 groups or 8 stages. The 8 stages of Ashtang-Yog hereafter referred to as "Yoga" are Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Pranayaam, Pratyahaar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi. It is by practice of these 8 stages can a practitioner achieve the complete Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual development.

These are the four dimensions of human existence (as accepted by noted motivational speaker Stephen Covey and also by Maslow through his theory of human needs) and must be nourished continuously to keep us alive, healthy, strong, courageous, talented, humble, moral, peaceful and whatever good human quality you can think of. It is not just a religious custom or tradition but a scientifically proven practice to keep us healthy, motivated, stress free and well focussed on any work that we do in our professional career and family life. It is that Vidya (Knowlegde), the practice of which makes a person Vidvaan (Learned).

It is this knowledge which was practiced by ancient civilization of the world since many millenniums which proves that the knowledge developed/discovered by them was much advanced and authentic than many of the scientific inventions performed by our modern scientific community. No doubt that many of the modern day scientific inventions are boon to the human race, however, there is no dearth of inventions which have proven fatal and disastrous to the human existence and has started taking dangeorous proportions these days in the form of Global Warming of this planet. The "Yoga" knowledge will bring to the forefront those secrets which can peacefully solve all the existential sufferings and make this planet livable again.

I would, through this text, try to bring in that pandora box of knowledge in front of you, which will take you to a state of mind where the direct cognizance of universal truth can be witnessed by the practisioner. Each article in this Blog Group will unearth those secrets of human existence which had never vanished but could not be witnessed due to some virus infections to our mind. I hope that you would enjoy it to the fullest and feel motivated as you proceed.

Scientists and medical fraternity have also started accepting that most of the diseases that we see today are due to the stress. It is this stress developed through the daily mechanical life, which keeps on accumulating in our mind and reduces the quality of life, the life expectancy, the relationships at home and at office, lesser productivity, decreased engagement, low motivation on a Monday morning and so many other symptoms. The practice of all 8 parts of Yoga slowly but surely remove all this stress and will make you feel rejuvenated from morning till close of business and you go home as an ever refreshed family member as you were, when you left the home in the morning.

I will keep writing articles on this blog and bring this secret knowledge in front of all of you in a step by step manner. So, are you ready to unearth the secret of developing all 4 dimensions of your existence and excel in whatever you do in your professional and personal life?

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