Invitation to all HR Professionals and CxOs of the business world to truly own their development

Dear Employees, Managers and Leaders and Mentors,

As mentioned in the Making of a Chief Mentor blog, I own the development of all employees of all organizations of the world; ensuring their high engagement and also the engagement of the people working with them, or directly or indirectly reporting to them. The literature that I have written till date and the one that will be coming out from my mental map in future; will provide the guidance to all human beings to develop their consciousness in a systematic manner in order to actualize themselves in the field of their choice and to live a highly valued and meaningful life. The literature will provide that philosophy of leadership and people management to the world which is inclusive, exclusive and conclusive. Over a period of time, I will make this a de-facto standard of managing the business houses across the world and develop them into highly productive, meaningful and valuable institutions.

The mission of my life is to make the planet earth best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen, by integrating all people under a common human value system of highest order. So, all the people of all the organizations around the world automatically come under the purview of the scope of my mission.

However, as it is a known fact that extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidences; I cannot claim to become the Chief Mentor of all the businesses around the world unless I provide enough evidences for this career goal. The literature that I am publishing on my blogs or through other media, is my attempt to provide those extra-ordinary evidences to all the people on this planet, so that no-one will have any doubt left in their souls. But, as I mentioned in the Making of a Chief Mentor blog, that I would need several employees, people managers, HR professionals and CxOs of several organizations, to provide appraisal feedback and recommendation for my promotion as Chief Mentor of the Business World, before I take up that coveted title and start serving the humanity in the most effective way. Hence I am inviting all of them through this blog to go through my literature and send me their feedback/suggestions/criticisms at 

The leadership philosophy that I will be coming up, through the various mediums to connect with the human souls; will provide clear guidelines as to what should be the configuration of consciousness levels of four pillars of an organization; i.e. employees, managers, leaders and mentors, so that an organization can be converted into a highly effective institution. The training course will cover the systematic development of four human faculties which are required to take effective decisions; BQ (Body Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), IQ (Intellectual Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). The collective score of these parameters define the Leadership Quotient of a human being.

Several people around the world have undergone various educational courses and management and leadership trainings. The hard work of several people has resulted into their appointment as the leaders of various business houses; to provide useful products and services to the mankind. However, it is a given fact that if a human stops learning and upgrading him; it is highly likely that the effectiveness of the decisions taken by him starts decreasing over a period of time regardless of the position achieved in life. This is exactly the philosophy behind the “7th Habit – Sharpen the Saw” of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training course by Franklin Covey and Company. So, this implies that we should continue learning till the time we die, otherwise we will not be able to serve the humanity with the  best decision making faculties, thereby becoming the reason behind low engagement of people working with us. If we do not sharpen our saw continuously; after a long usage, it is bound to create a box of Self Esteem, due to the pride of past achievements in life and hence creates an illusionary world around us. 

Achieving the Self Esteem should be the goal of every human being till the time he/she decides to become a leader. Once a person thinks that he is ready to become a leader, his job gets converted into developing the Self Esteem of the people working directly or indirectly under him. If a leader remains worried about his own Self Esteem and does not develop higher levels of consciousness; knowingly or unknowingly his actions/decisions hurt the Self Esteem of the people working under him, which results into the decreased motivation of the people. This affects the engagement levels as well as the productivity and hence the business results. The Self Esteem box is needed for the people at the level of Workers and Managers only; but not at the level of Leaders and Mentors. The leaders “need” to have the curiosity to know the truth of human life and should remain out-of-the-box; and the mentors “need” to have the knowledge of truth.

The workers of an organization must be able to connect with the organization through their hearts. Unless they are given the environment of Love and Belonging with the organization, it is highly likely that they will either work in a disengaged manner or keep searching for a job in another organization.

The people managers of an organization must have high Self Esteem and should work with high Emotional Quotient. It essentially means, that the people managers should be able to win over the weakness of their own emotions; then only they can win over the emotions of the people directly or indirectly reporting to them. The managers who are not able to control their emotional weakness keep taking unwise decisions and hence become ineffective in the eyes of the direct reports. Remember, it is important to be right; but it is more important to be kind. Every employee that leaves an organization or work in a disengaged manner, is only due to the fact that the Managers and Leaders have not truly owned their development.

The leaders of an organization should work outside the box of their Self Esteem which is created due to the attachment with the past achievements and lack of knowledge of natural truth. Remember, past achievements are never a guarantee to have continuous achievements till the time of Grand Dissolution and hence a leader should lack all sorts of prejudice, in order to truly inspire the managers.

Today, most of the business houses are working with these three sets of people only (employees, managers and leaders). In order to keep the leaders out-of-the-box and dedicated towards true service to the organization; every organization must have mentors to the leaders. The responsibility of these mentors should be to keep coaching the leaders and clarify the highest human values, so that the decisions taken due to the prejudice of a leader don’t become a limiting factor for the growth of the organization. Remember, the leaders must work with the principles of effectiveness and not with the pride and prejudice and hence the organizations must have the mentors to continuously remind the leaders of the effectiveness principles. This missing layer of mentors is the root cause of all the chaos that we are witnessing around the world today. The Self Actualization consciousness development program from my soon-to-be launched organization will clarify the highest human values to the leaders of all organizations now. CxOs of all the organizations are welcome to evaluate this training course by going through the Part-1 of the training course here. The link provided contains the description of what is there in the presentation which is embedded near the end of that article.

The Self Actualization Consciousness development program will ensure the continuous sustenance of the management and leadership effectiveness of an organization and will remove the possibility of a recession like situation disturbing the lives of several human beings, in future.

The only pre-requisite to understand this concept is the people’s readiness to take full responsibility of their actions and the results thus generated; and to truly “Own Their Development”. If someone is not ready to own his/her development, even I won’t be able to do anything for him/her. If there is a strong commitment to get the knowledge of truth, I will ensure that I will go out of my way to help the person to realize the truth. However, for a person to truly own his/her development, he/she must know the complete scope of development of a human being. The Self Actualization Consciousness Development Program from my organization "Defined Values Consultants" demonstrates the complete scope of human development.

Considering the fact that most of the organizations today foster an environment of transparency, innovation and knowledge sharing by inspiring the people to connect with other fellow colleagues globally; I request you to share this blog’s intent and the content to all people in your professional and personal network, so as to take the reach of this vision to as many people on this planet as possible. I will keep showcasing my vision to mentor the business world; in order to achieve everyone’s curiosity in the idea. Curiosity is the pre-requisite to achieve any knowledge or to develop any skill. So, in order to have the right answers, a person must have the right questions first. As a matter of fact, people do not have right questions these days and hence providing them right answers directly would be of no use. So, the next few blogs will focus on providing right questions to prepare the training participant and then through the classroom sessions or other blogs or recorded presentations, I will provide them the answers as well.

We are celebrating the Joy of Giving Week in India, this week. We celebrate this week every year beginning 2nd Oct. Several organizations and NGOs in India (Bharat) are celebrating this week in a big way. For the uninitiated; following is what wikipedia has to say about the Joy of Giving Week.

The Joy of Giving Week (JGW) is a "festival of philanthropy" that aims to become a part of the Indian ethos, with the Week being celebrated every year covering Gandhi Jayanti by engaging people through "acts of giving" - money, time, resources and skills - spanning the corporate, NGO and government sectors, schools, colleges and the general public.

I have chosen this week for dissemination of knowledge of truth to all the CxOs of the business houses around the world in particular and all other employees in general. 2nd October was the birth anniversary of Person of the Century - Runners Up selected by Time Magazine, i.e. "Mahatma Gandhi". I hope you must be familiar with this name as he is one of those icons which India has given to the world; and his unique philosophy of protesting against the injustice to humans through peaceful means, keep inspiring the people of the world even today. He had led the final pieces of independence movement of India with the unique weapons of Truth and Non Violence. Several people in India and the world have followed his footsteps to add to the world peace; by becoming peaceful themselves. Several people in contemporary India are inspired by him and are protesting against the injustice being meted out to several humans due to the lack of Knowledge of Truth in the leaders ruling the country today.

This blog posting is my attempt to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week by gifting to all employees of all the organizations of the world, the same knowledge of truth, which was discovered by Indians millions of years back; while our ultra-modern scientific community has failed to reach even after several centuries of sophisticated research and exploration. So, go ahead and test this knowledge of truth in your own souls, before yourself voting for my election as "Chief Mentor of the Business World". Let us create a history of sorts; by electing a business leader through general election by all employees across the world instead of selecting the same through interviews, discussions, negotiations and sometimes even poaching. So, let’s enter into the zone of infinite inspirations, infinite commitments, integrity, trust and loyalty to achieve the two objectives for which any business house is set up; employee and customer engagement. Let us celebrate the Joy of Giving Week by committing to contribute in the mission of making your organization Best place to work across the entire spectrum of companies around the world thereby contributing to make this planet best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen.

Coincidentally, we are also celebrating Customer Service Week internationally, this week. I really want to utilize this opportunity to present to all employees, managers and leaders of all organizations of the world, a clear path to really "Be the One".

Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honouring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism. Source:
In 1992, the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first full week in October.

As you all may be aware that we are passing through a difficult economic, social and political scenario around the world today; and hence achieving the two objectives of employee and customer engagement; is becoming more and more demanding. All the measures taken by the governments around the world are failing to bring the expected level of effectiveness; be it in controlling inflation; beating recession; handling price compression by the clients; employee and customer attrition; lack of motivation & inspiration while doing our day to day work; disengagement of people working or reporting to us; and our own occasional disengagement. We should not take all the above in isolation as these symptoms are pointing towards a common disease that the world is passing through these days and hence are various manifestations of the same root cause.

It is a matter of serious introspection by the managers and leaders of an organization to understand why the colleagues are not continuously kept inspired in the work they are doing; instead of giving more weight-age to "external" factors as the primary reasons. As a matter of fact, almost all people in the corporate organizations are earning much higher than most of the people on this planet; we all are amongst those privileged people who still have means to not only survive in this tough scenario, but also to maintain our luxuries to some extent. Similarly, it is a matter of introspection for each political leader to understand why they are not able to create an environment in their country and the world, where people can co-exist with dignity, and maintain peace and harmony.

A business house is set up for only two objectives; employee engagement and customer engagement. Any action that we do during our office hours, are directly or indirectly related to these two objectives only. All our Performance Goals and Career & Development Goals are related to meet these two objectives only. Hence, this becomes imperative that all employees have some responsibility to share, towards meeting these goals. As a matter of fact, we are not living in a primitive world; and have a lot of tools and techniques to address the above two objectives. However, in spite of all this and development of our intellectual faculties to new highs, it is becoming challenging to meet these two goals effectively. The lower engagement scores, challenges in revenue generation, low profitability and increased competition, is the testimony of the fact that a completely "out-of-the-box" approach is the "need" of the hour. The world definitely “needs" a "change".

As I mentioned in my other blogs, I have been working on developing, testing and refining a novel concept of people development, employee and customer engagement, improving operational efficiency, business development and leadership effectiveness since last 17 months (with an investment of 1700 hrs); untiringly and undeterred even though I was doing a full time job of 9-10 hours, 5 days a week. In  order to lead by example, I have shared the vision to the topmost level of my previous organization, before resigning for the larger public good. I will soon launch the Self Actualization Consciousness Development Program after writing some more content and giving it a generic shape for the consumption of any organization. 

With this, after having the required lessons learned, I have decided that I would become the change agent for the change needed by the corporate world in particular and the entire world in general. My literature will show the vision to each employee of an organization towards resolving all the problems of personal and professional lives and hence becoming highly engaged, so that all the customers can be made highly engaged as well. It will give the step by step guidance towards our private victory, which will make us an ever effective leader; individually, as well as an organization. 

I am in the process of creating a legacy of knowledge for all employees of all organizations for times to come. I also assure you that if I am not able to convince people to appoint me as Chief Mentor of the entire business world; I will not blame anyone but will consider this as my lack of skill to convince people, even if I have the will to make this change. I will continue introspection on how to develop my skills further to match my will and one day will definitely become the Chief Mentor of the entire business world.

I hope, employees, managers and leaders of an organization will truly own their development, once I unveil the overall scope of human development and engagement, in front of the world. It will surely be your biggest contribution towards the economic revival of the world in particular and also to the betterment of humanity in general. I hope my soul is able to connect to your soul through whatever I have posted on my blogs till now.

Courage is what it takes to Stand Up and Speak;

Courage is also what it takes to Sit Down and Listen.

Author: Winston Churchill

After presenting the voice of my soul through all the courage that I had at this moment, I am all set to sit down and listen to what the employees, managers and leaders of the corporate world have to say about my thought process and the mission and the vision. I don't know the outcome of all this; I only know that I felt it to be my responsibility towards each employee of all organizations and to each human on this planet; to speak the truth for the betterment of most beautiful creation of God, i.e. humanity.

I request all people agreeing to the essence covered in my blog posting; to share it with people in your group and make this blog the most famous one in the world. This would be your great contribution as a Change Agent to participate in the Project YugParivartan (Project GRAND CHANGE). If you agree with the vision, please join the coordinates on Join the Missionlink. I would also request you to forward the link of this blog posting to your HR Training and Development department and request them to go through the Part 1 of the inclusive, exclusive and conclusive vision to develop high employee and customer engagement.

Here is the Agenda slide from the PowerPoint presentation of next generation leadership development course. The training course covers all aspects of the personal and professional lives of all human beings in the world. 

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