LOC between Entertainment and Morality

Once upon a time there was a man named as "Mr. Wisdom" in the most sacred country of the world called as Bharat(India). He was in the profession of "taking decisions". Every decision that he took during the times when he was young and energetic resulted into perfect results and improved the quality of life of the people. There was a girl named "Ms. Humanity". She was very beautiful and was the subject of desire for many a learned people. She was of marriageable age and his father obviously wanted her to marry to the best man on the earth. So, he organized a Swayamvar (a function where the girl chooses groom of her choice from the invited participants). There were many good candidates in the Swayamvar like "Mr. Money", "Mr. Esteem", "Mr. Expensive Possessions", "Mr. Intelligent" etc apart from various others. "Wisdom" was also of marriageable age and wanted to try his luck. So, he also thought to participate in the Swayamvar and reached to the selection venue. The girl, "Humanity", looked at each of the candidates mentioned above and used the education given by her parents "Mr. Value" and "Ms. Goodness" and finally after doing due diligence, selected "Wisdom" over all others. As an outcome they got married and started living together.
After few years "Humanity" gave birth to their first child and named their daughter as "Morality". "Wisdom" and "Humanity" were very happy to be with "Morality". They have given her the best knowledge as per the definitions of their own names. One day "Morality" asked her parents that each of her friends are either having a brother or a sister. So, she wanted her parents to bring the same for her as well. It was a genuine request and hence after a year, the couple had another child, this time a boy. They named it "Entertainment". The boy, as per his name, was very entertaining for the parents as well as the sister. However, all actions of "Entertainment" were guided by the knowledge gathered from his parents and sister. He even chose friends wisely; they were "Knowledge", "Good Values" and "Righteousness". Years passed by and "Entertainment" became youth and very attractive. Most of the people wanted to make friends with him and spend time with him. This was the story of "Entertainment" and "Morality" till 1990s. Up till then, "Entertainment" was always accompanied by his family as he was a small child. "Morality", "Wisdom" and "Humanity" were needed more till this time and the "Entertainment" was a lesser need.
During 1990s and especially in the new millennium, "Entertainment" now became famous and made a friend called as "Pride". Due to the close association with this new friend, "Entertainment" started getting influenced more by him than parents, sister and childhood friends. "Entertainment" thus became more generous and allowed anyone and everyone to be his friend without verifying whether the person is worth making friends or not. His new friends were "Greed", "Lust", "Fame", “Violence”, “Fiction”, "Senselessness", “Double meaning words” and “Immorality" etc.
More time passed by and the year 2011 arrived. The "Entertainment" forgot that he was the son of "Wisdom" and "Humanity" and brother of "Morality”. He continued making friends and one day he met a person who is considered as a genius in entertaining people and has created entertainment packages with a mix of “knowledge”, “wisdom”, “humanity” and “morality”. He created a movie called as "Delhi Belly". Although many people created entertainment packages which lacked "Morality", but if it is done by a genius, then there are chances that the society will be divided over the entertainment product. This movie acted as an alarming signal at least to the people who consider "Wisdom", "Humanity", "Values", "Goodness" and "Morality" above the "Entertainment". It was obvious that this alarming signal did not go unnoticed by few people and they started raising their voice to gather people support so that the decline in the standard of "Entertainment" who happens to be the brother of "Morality", should not go beyond the limit that the next generations will forget the "Wisdom", "Humanity" and "Morality" altogether. A Line of Control was definitely the need of the hour.

“Delhi Belly” was just a glimpse of what was in store in the corrupted minds of the so called “Entertainers” who have forgotten that they have a larger responsibility towards the people of this wonderful country “Bharat”. They have forgotten that there are better and “moral” ways to entertain people as well. I could not imagine that the “Delhi Belly” would come out from the mind of that person whose dream project is to re-create the TV serial based on “Mahabharat” (The ancient Indian history book with lots of knowledge and wisdom). I could not believe that the “Delhi Belly” was an outcome from the same mind that has created a wonderful program “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth always prevails). I was totally shattered by watching him defending his movie in “Aap Ki Adalat” TV show and losing the wonderful opportunity to apologize publicly.

It was the insensitivity shown in this manner by the people of this sacred country, which has resulted into much more “characterless” movies getting released after “Delhi Belly”. A recent case in point is “Dirty Pictures” and “Cocktail”. I really wonder if we can afford to let handful of people destroy the entire Bhartiya Sanskriti (Indian culture) to such an extent that the concept “Bhartiya Naari” (Indian dignified women) will become part of the history books only.

The entertainment industry in general, is becoming more shameless as the time pass by and if some sensible people do not come forward to put a further stop in the declining standard of morality in the movies; please be assured that we will have hard time explaining the definition of “morality” to our next generation. Please be sure that the next generation “people managers” will have hard time keeping their subordinates “engaged” in work as they will tend to be dragged more towards “Entertainment” than “Morality”.

Now coming to the purpose for which this blog is written. The intent is to invoke the conscience of the people of this country “Bharat Mata” (Mother India); to introspect whether it is the appropriate time when we should take charge and stop this menace entering into our homes? 

Is it not the right time when we should spend more of our time in Self Development and country’s development and saving the planet from dying a slow death; instead of wasting this precious human life in “false entertainment”? Is it not the right time to think “why” do we require such temporary “entertainment”; and why shouldn't we follow the path which can take your minds to perfect blissful state where it can remain permanently engaged? Is it not the right time to think to save that country, for which several people have sacrificed their lives just few decades back? Is it not the right time to understand that unless thoughtful people come together, we will remain under the mercy of such entertainment packages with a shameless disclaimer that “we had already told the audience that this movie is A certified”? Is it not the right time when we should exercise our spiritual faculty and understand that the “extreme of Kaliyug (an Era of chaos)” has already arrived and a GRAND CHANGE (Yug Parivartan) is the need of the hour? Is it not the right time to understand our history and re-create the same and make this country “Vishwaguru” and “Sone Ki Chidiya” again? Is it not the right time when we should pledge to remove corruption of human minds from the root, by starting the same from our own mind? Is it not the right time to make a habit of introspection on daily basis for few minutes to understand our true role in this world? Is it not the right time to develop ourselves into a superhuman (Mahamanav) by practicing Ashtang Yog technique? Is it not the right time when we should segregate the good things from the bad and adopt only those things from other countries which are “moral” instead of adopting everything without applying our wisdom? Is it not the right time to do parenting of our children with a philosophy that we have been given the responsibility by God to develop citizens of “values” rather than the citizens of valueless “achievements and success”? Is it not the right time when we should stop customizing our “morality” parameters and instead follow the morality parameters already defined by people of high wisdom and high consciousness levels? Is it not the right time to free ourselves from the clutches of “idiot box” (read TV) and instead spend more time with “intelligent box” (read bookshelves)?

At least I cannot wait for the further decline of the morality principles and vow to stop this menace from the root. At least I cannot see the changing definition of “Bhartiya Naari” from “Seeta Ki Pavitrata” to “Shiela Ki Jawaani”. At least I cannot see a chirpy “Munni” of our households getting “badnaam” on the big screen. At least I cannot see this demon of “entertainment” ruining our culture of “dedication”, “hard work” and “selflessness”. At least I cannot see a “hero” getting praised for more ghastly acts on-screen which can even make “Ravan”, “Kans” and “Duryodhan” getting embarrassed. At least I cannot see a “Bhartiya Naari” (“today’s actress”) getting a national award by crossing all boundaries of “morality” to demonstrate her “exceptional acting skills”. At least I cannot see a “Bhartiya Naari”, who has contributed a lot in destroying the sacred culture of our country and still using the name of “God” for her “entertainment” company. At least I cannot see “some extremely cuss words” becoming part of vocabulary of “Bhartiya Naaris”, who were known to recite Vedic hymns even while preparing food in the kitchen. At least I cannot see the “cheerharan” of several “Bhartiya Naris” on-screen on their own on a daily basis, without even the need of a “Dushshashan” doing the same. At least I cannot silently watch these “infiltrators” crossing the “Line of Control” anymore and spread the “immorality terrorism” within the boundaries of my “Bharat Mata”.

I pledge to end this menace of immorality, by spreading the knowledge of truth in front of my countrymen. I vow not to “entertain” myself and instead will focus on “developing” my consciousness to those heights which were achieved by our ancient “rishi-munis” (seers) and that also while remaining a “Grihasth” and without leaving the family life, so that an example can be set that Spirituality doesn't mean becoming Sanyasi (renounced) but is very much required in family and professional lives. I vow to bring that knowledge in front of my countrymen which will show them the path towards the real entertainment for which this human body and mind is designed by the creator. I pledge to educate the movie makers, by peaceful means and protests; and invoke their conscience so that they can become responsible for their country; instead of just focussing on earning fast-bucks. I vow to create awareness amongst my countrymen by continuing my research on Vedic wisdom and develop everyone’s Swabhiman (Self Esteem).

YEH MERI BHEESHM PRATIGYA HAI(This is my undying commitment).

“Sometimes it is easier to give answers to the questions people may have, than providing the questions for the answers that you have”

-          Hitesh Chandel


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