Making of a Chief Mentor

Welcome to the beginning of New Era “Satyug” (Golden Period of Humanity). Now that Anna Hazaare Ji and Swami Ramdev Ji have completed their initial roles, let me unveil the plan for the new Era “Satyug” in the making as per the God’s agenda for “Re-establishing” the Dharma (Values Defined by no other than, but the God Himself). This will now solve the Jigsaw Puzzle that everyone is trying to solve since the times of last GRAND CHANGE some 5500 years ago (Mahabharat).

Today marks the 65th anniversary of Independence Day of this country Bharat; a country which is known as “India” these days to the rest of the world. Bharat is invaded several times and got Independence several times; but we celebrate this day every year as this is the day on which we got our last Independence from foreign rule. However, the Independence that this country had got 65 years back was just a "partial independence". Although the rulers were changed, the rules of ruling almost remained the same. The bubble that is getting burst in the form of multiple revolutions against the rulers today was bound to happen, as the collective consciousness of the humanity will not allow further decline in the human values. It is a promise from God that whenever the decline in values goes below a certain limit, God definitely chooses CHANGE AGENTS for Grand Changes. It is a famous proverb that "The only CONSTANT thing in the world is CHANGE". We all are change agents and continuously making changes in the overall configuration of the World. However, the GRAND CHANGE agents are selected only when the decline in morality and human values cross a certain limit. And now is the appropriate time for the same as Self Realised Yogis will not allow the human values to fall further.

As I have mentioned in the Mission Statement blog that although these revolutions are starting from Bharat, but these are bound to spread across the world very soon. Even God cannot stop it from happening now. The concept of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” (The entire universe is my home) will finally result into shedding of the country borders and the entire humanity will become one single country “Bharat” as it was during the previous “Satyug” (Golden Period of Humanity). However, this cannot happen unless everyone subscribe to a common human values system. I know people will definitely doubt that “Utopian World” is not possible to achieve and hence this cannot become a reality. However, before reaching to the same conclusion myself, I would like to try at least once.

In order to have a “Utopian World”, it was important to have a mission statement which is “inclusive, exclusive and conclusive” at the same time. Keeping that in mind, I have postulated the following as the mission statement for my life. It tries to cover all aspects of personal and professional lives of each citizen of this planet regardless of any parameter on which we have divided the humanity today. So, here we go. My Mission Statement reads:

“Making the planet earth best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen”.

A world renowned motivational Guru, Stephen Covey said in his training courseware “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” that “Highly Effective People are product of their choices” and “Not-so-effective people are product of their circumstances”. Although I am also the one who is affected by the high inflation and corruption these days; still I could have chosen to remain a product of my circumstances by not starting such a revolution; as I still have cushions to shield myself from the inflation and corruption like many other people. Although I could have achieved salvation from this birth and life cycles by the practice of Ashtang Yog and taking Samadhi (disambiguation); but I have chosen to take pains to read the enormous amount of literature and then writing it in the context of today's situation for the unification of humanity. 

I don’t know at this stage whether I will be successful to make this GRAND CHANGE in one lifetime or not, but I am really not bothered about the results as I have learnt from my mentor Sri Krishna that one should not think about the results; instead focus on executing the duties with the principles already laid out by the God.

I have also learnt from my mentors that “Rather Fail with Honor, Than Succeed with Fraud”. It would be a fraud to the citizens of this planet to hide this Knowledge any more and use it for my personal gains only. I have decided to become a “product of my choices” for whatever I do in my life and hence I choose to appoint myself as the “Chief Yog Officer” (Chief Mentor) of the world on a “step-up” role. I choose to become the one who will do the paradigm change from the one in which the world is operating today. Bhagwat Gita (True leadership book) was a Sandesh(Message) for me when I read it for the first time; it became an Updesh (Preaching) for me when I was practicing the same; but now it has become an Aadesh(Order) of my mentor Sri Krishna to prove that every verse documented in the same is 100% truth. So, as Krishna conveyed in Bhagwat Gita through “Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya …” verse, I will try my level best to give way to the God to “incarnate” on earth; no matter how much time and effort it would require to do that. I will not give up as long as I have really tried my “level” best.

With this mission in mind, I made 3 wishes to the God in the deep state of meditation:

“God give me the strength to change the things that I can change”

“God give me the courage to accept the things that I cannot change”

And above all 

“God give me the wisdom to differentiate between the two above”.

So, for now I am collecting strength to change all those things which I can change. This mission is not a test of me or the reader of this literature, but a test of Dharma (values) itself. I am no expert in making such GRAND CHANGES as I have no prior experience of the same; however, as I need to pay “Guru Dakshina” (Education Fee) to my mentor Krishna by proving his words as “Absolute Truth”; I have no choice but to follow His orders. I am too small today to become the “Chief Yog Officer” or the “Chief Mentor” for tomorrow’s leadership of the world; however, I am sure if my literature is able to convince people of all countries, this will surely become a reality.

Every project that is undertaken around the world is envisioned with a goal in mind; a goal to satisfy some of the human “needs”. There is no project in the world which is undertaken without a need statement being the foundation of the same. The “Project YugParivartan” (Project GRAND CHANGE) is also being undertaken to satisfy “human needs”. It is the need of millions of humans on this planet today to at least have food to survive. It is the need of the business world today to have such a vision created which can solve the employee engagement from the root. It is the need of the education system to have a path laid out to the students so that everyone can achieve their maximum potential. It is the need of the God to become United, as the humans have not even spared Him and divided Him under so many conflicting religions.

Mr. Isaac Newton postulated that “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”. So, it is my “need” that I should “Create the God” as He has already done the action to "create me".

There is a definite difference between Human “Needs” and Human “Wants”. It is due to the lack of clear understanding of the difference between the “needs” and the “wants” only, which has created all the chaos across the world today. This mission will now present the explanation of real “needs” of every human being. Almost all human beings fail to understand their “need” several times in their life and instead get attracted to the illusion created by the nature. The testimony of this fact is the realizations that we keep encountering in our day to day life. In most of the cases, people do not understand their real needs even till the time of death.

Mr. Abraham Maslow postulated a great model of human motivation and “needs” which most of the business leaders around the world are familiar with. However, there is one level of human need which even Mr. Maslow had not probably realized well. And I think I have realized that need. I have realized that it was my Dharma (duty) to re-establish the highest human values in front of the world. I have realized that it was my duty to integrate all human beings of the planet. I have realized that it was just due to my lack of “will” of doing this GRAND CHANGE that the world is divided today on so many parameters. I have realized that it was just because of my lack of Knowledge of Truth that everyone is slowly becoming a product of their circumstances and hence becoming ineffective. It was due to my lack of quest of knowledge which is not allowing me to complete my Yog (attainment of full potential and realization of truth). It was just because of my ignorance that the "World Peace" looks a distant dream.

So, with this declaration, I have taken initial steps to become a completely selfless human being so that I can align myself to the Grand Design on which I was designed by the Creator. It is important that if someone has a wish to become the “Chief Mentor” or the “Chief Yog Officer” of the world; he/she must be appraised in the public rather than a small group of direct and indirect managers doing the same in a confined environment. As I felt it to be my need to become the “Chief Mentor”, I hereby throw this open in front of all philosophers, scientists, managers, leaders and all human beings to do my appraisal on a platform which is accessible to all “educated” people around the world. So, I request all of you to go through my thought process published in the form of blogs on and provide me all the criticisms, motivations, encouragements, positive or constructive feedback, so that I can refine myself of all my shortcomings before taking up such an important role. 

I will do whatever is in my limits to achieve the position of “Chief Mentor” of this world in a most peaceful and out-of-the-box manner as possible; as this is the basic skill that should be there in a “Chief Mentor” of any organization or country.

I own to develop the consciousness of each human being on this planet including myself. I own to remove all sorts of corruption from the human minds created due to the lack of “Knowledge of Truth”. I own to bring the happiness to those innumerable people who are living below the poverty line and are dying due to starvation. I own to create a leadership course-ware so high for the next generation of business leaders; so that the world will not be deprived of highly effective leaders in any stream. I own to create that path in front of each human being of this planet so that each one of them can become a “Chief Mentor” in the field of his “choice”. I own to remove all sorts of corruption of human minds in the most peaceful way. I own to create a path which will enable the policy makers and economists to tackle the causes of inflation from the root; so that it won’t go unbearably high ever. I own to create a path for the business leaders and entrepreneurs of all businesses of the world so that there will be minimum attrition of employees and no fear of economic recession. I own to open up a path in front of employees, managers and leaders to remain highly engaged in whatever task assigned to them. I own to create a path for removal of all the miseries through which the world is passing through these days. I own to execute the “Project YugParivartan” and create the Satyug (Golden Period of Humanity) again, even if I have to take rebirth if the same is not completed during this lifetime.

(This is my undying commitment)

Seekh Hum Beete Yugon Se Naye Yug Ka Karein Swagat
(Let’s learn from the History to re-create the high human values as followed during the previous Golden Period of Humanity.)

If you have any questions or feedback/criticisms regarding any content of my blogs, please reach out to me at my email I will try my level best to answer all the questions. I will include the first 100 citations received through emails, in my Autobiography “Making of a Chief Mentor”. So, be the early bird and send whatever comes to your mind based on the literature you have read so far.

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