Making the planet earth best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen

I started my blogging journey last year with my experience of attending a peaceful agitation organized by Anna Hazare and his organization “India Against Corruption”. Since the last blog I have created enormous amount of literature to remove corruption not only from the minds of Bhartiya (Indian) people, but also from the rest of the world. You can consider my blogs and the books that I am writing as a third peaceful revolution of thought process after Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. I do not know these people personally; however they are very well connected with my soul through their souls. So, it is difficult to curb the voice of my “antaratma” (eternal soul) and hence even though I do a full time job of 9 – 10 hours daily; I am able to invest around 1500 hrs of my time since last one year cutting down on sleep and weekend entertainment; in working towards removing this demon of corruption from human minds. The entire logic of why the human minds are corrupted and what is the vision through which this can be eradicated; is illuminated in my mind in the deep state of meditation (Samadhi). You will see the reflection of the same in my literature so far and the remaining one which is in the making. Time is not too far when the knowledge of truth and the secrets of human creation and whatever we see today; will be presented in front of the world. And this paradigm shift was bound to start from Bharat (India) only; as this is the country which was always a “Vishwaguru” (mentor of the world) and “Sone Ki Chidiya” (Golden Bird) and its history has numerous examples to prove the same. The revolution that we are witnessing today in the form of Anna Ji and Ramdev Ji; is not an outcome of one public concern, but is an indication that the time for establishing Dharma (human values) and eradicating all corruption of human mind; has finally come, because the human values have already declined to dangerous limits.

I would also like to inform the people of the other countries of the world that the highest human wisdom is in the process of being re-established and the misery through which most of the world is passing through these days; is going to be over soon. Although these movements are starting from Bharat (India), but it is bound to spread across the world very soon and will give a lot of work to research scholars around the world to study this phenomenon. I can clearly see it due to the vision developed by the “power of Yog” (YogBal) under the mentorship of Bhagwat Gita (True Leadership book). You can go through my other blogs and book to get a glimpse of what is in store in this third thought revolution.

These revolutions will not only develop Bharat (India) into a completely new nation; but also will shed those numerous myths under which the humanity was living since the times of Mahabharat (Grand World War of Ancient humanity). These revolutions will also add the missing pieces in the explanation of scientific theories presented to us since last few centuries. These revolutions will explain the Newton’s law, Darwin’s theory, Higgs Boson particle, Theory of Expansion, Theory of Contraction, Big Bang Theory, Einstein Energy equation, Maslow model and several other philosophies which are the guiding force for the humans of today, to do what we are doing. However, as Bharat (India) is the one who will lead the “World Peace” effort as it always did; the intent of adding these missing pieces will never be to show anyone down. In fact, it will re-energize our belief that “War doesn’t decide who is right; the war only decides who is left”. 

So, the only way to achieve the “world peace” is the “inner peace” of every human; and Bharat(India) is the country which knows since millenniums; the formula of achieving the inner peace. Bharat will tell the world that the solution to all human being’s miseries does not exist on the planet Mars (as some prominent scientists of the world are thinking); but will be brought forward in front of the world indigenously from this planet only. And Bharat is the country which will do that.

As documented in Bhagwat Gita and Vedas (the collection of books where the Grand Design of this creation is documented) that there are 4 major sections in which the humanity can be divided based on the nature of work; Mentors (Brahmin), Leaders (Shatriya), Businessmen (Vaishy) and Workers (Shudra). All professions in the world come under one of these categories only. In the ancient civilisation (vedic period) this arrangement of managing humans was done with highest wisdom and hence there was a strong tab on the corruption of human mind and everyone was living a fulfilling and meaningful life. But, as per the phenomenon of decline in consciousness; we have reached to a state now, where further decline of human consciousness will completely destroy the world. You can easily vouch for the same by noticing the excessive disturbance in the weather conditions leading to the slow death of this planet.

We are all on the same boat and have equal responsibility to save this planet from dying else our own existence will be jeopardized. All the material achievements including the high place in society will be ruined by the nature in a jiffy. No amount of degrees from IIT, IIM, Harward, Oxford Universities will be able to help. No amount of PMP and Six Sigma certification will be able to do anything. The natural devastation does not see a person’s certificates, achievement, religion, caste and anything on the basis of which we have divided human race today. The natural devastation is done to bring peace by force.

The reason behind today’s sorry state in almost all fields is due to the fact that the country which has the potential to change the world; the country which has the deepest history of civilization; the country which is the spiritual capital of the world; the country who was the mentor of the world before it was invaded first time few centuries ago; the country which was actually the only country existing in the world during ancient human history; the country which has never invaded any other country of the world ever; the country which has the highest density of human beings; the country which is the root of all the countries existing in the world today; has been ruined by its rulers to the extent that it has completely lost its Swabhiman(Self Esteem). 

Now coming back to the reasons why these agitations are picking up steam; let me declare in broad public view; on a platform which has access by the entire world today; that Bharatis the country which will bring the “World Peace” and establish “Satyug” (Golden period of humanity). Let the entire world know that the phenomenon is started and no one on this planet will be able to stop this from happening. It may seem to be a mission of handful of people today; but it has the potential to become a mission of life for each of the world’s citizens. Swami Ramdev Ji is selected by God to clean the "Education system"; Anna Hazare is selected to clean the "Political system" and I will clean the "Business system"; so that together these 3 systems will be able to provide best services to the fourth category of people which we call as "Workers" (Shudra ). It is the service to these people only, which can bring back the quality of service in all spheres of human life for each citizen of this planet. It is the responsibility of the 3 upper sections of the societies to service the 4th section; otherwise the entire humanity will go in shambles very soon.
You can easily vouch that the entire world which is ruled by those people who have high intellect, people of great personality and image, people of high positions in society, people who are the product of great universities of the world; are together not able to solve this mess from the root. The world today is led by those people who are high in Intellectual Quotient (IQ), but are very low on “Emotional Quotient” and the “Spiritual Quotient”.

So, now, coming to the role that you have to perform as a citizen of this beautiful lonely planet of the universe regardless of which religion, caste, country, continent you belong to. It is not the time to spend your precious human life in meaningless entertainment and time-pass activities. It is time to invest your energies in saving this planet from dying. It is time to understand your Dharma (duty), it is time to do introspection, it is time to think to save all those gooses who have been giving you the Golden Eggs so far, it is time to come out of the comfort of your homes and support these 3 revolutions, it is time to act and exercise all those good human values that you have learnt through your formal education, it is time to raise your consciousness by practicing the Ashtang Yog, it is time to give homage to all those people who have sacrificed their lives for your independence, it is time to respect the living legends Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, it is time to save Acharya BalKrishan from the frivolous laws made by people who have forgotten their own country’s values and it is time to correct the leadership of the world. And please, my humble request to everyone protesting; is to be peaceful and do not use unkind words to even those people who are the reasons behind all this mess including the members of parliament who are there to represent us and sent there to serve us. It is time for the introspection for each parliamentary member as well and understand “why” this phenomenon is happening, rather than focussing on “how” this is happening.

We are seeing this extreme corruption today just due to the fact that the human history was corrupted by people of vested interests from time to time. Bharat was invaded many times during last few centuries and every invader tried to play with the history and corrupted the same. I have started correcting the human history and documenting the right code of each citizen’s conduct on my blog  

Please go through the same and join my email distribution list; if your life’s mission is also to “Make this planet best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen”. This is an appeal by an ordinary Bhartiya to all extra-ordinary personalities of the world to join this mission and empower me to bring those secrets of humanity in front of the world, which has the solution to every problem that the world is facing today. 

The famous boxer “Mohammad Ali” once said “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, and a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

Let us all join hands and add our “skills” to the people who have the “will” for this change.

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