Oh My God : Prove Your Existence

Bottom Line on Top: This article is not just a movie review, but is my attempt to invoke the thought process of the readers and make them curious to have right questions about their own existence and God’s existence as well. This article also contains my letter to God which I have sent Him exercising my Right To Information (RTI Act provided by Indian Government). Please do not get discouraged with the length of the article. You will definitely find the content as the time worth investing.

I am back with yet another power-packed article on Indian movies. It is for the recently released film “Oh My God”. However, this time I am not providing any constructive criticism like I did in my last two articles on Indian Cinema. The regular readers of my articles must already be aware that as per my “point of view”, the decline in the morality standard of Indian Cinema is happening at a very fast pace and I have pledged to remove the corruption of human minds involved in creation of such immoral entertainment. I have also clearly specified in my article “LOC between entertainment and morality” that the movie makers have already crossed the Line of Control and broken all barriers of decency by utilizing (or rather mis-utilizing) their right of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The constitution of Bharat (India) not only provides for the “rights” but also associates with it, the fundamental “duties”; and hence as a sensible Bhartiya (Indian), I cannot allow this demon of corruption entering into our homes, in the disguise of “entertainment”. If you compare the standard of entertainment of today’s Bharat with what we used to have some 20 years back, you can easily extrapolate where the entertainment industry would be 20 years from now.

The situation is much graver than just few movie makers’ minds getting corrupted. As I mentioned in the “Article1 – Introduction (Rashtradharm – Code of Citizen’s Conduct), that “As the King, so as the citizens” (Yatha Raja Tatha Praja); the same logic can be applied here that as long as these movie makers have audience to support them, they will keep claiming that whatever they are showcasing in their films is nothing but the trend of the country; and what they depict through the script is just a reflection of the reality of today. However, my “point of view” says, that the movies are not the reflection of the reality of a country; instead they are actually one of the major catalysts to set any trend. This is like a catch-22 situation and is the same argument that who comes first “a hen or an egg”. We should not forget the curfew like situation getting created in India when the Ramayana or Mahabharata serials were first went on air two decades back, due to the large number of audience they were able to attract; even when the serials were highly characterful and made with high wisdom.

The irony of today’s situation is that the “directors” of such movies are getting the awards for “misdirecting” the youth of my country. They are being given high honours by the government and other competing authorities, even when they are one of the prime reasons of spreading the immorality terrorism in my sacred country Bharat (India). This reminds me of the song of a good movie “Gopi” starred by the acting genius “Dilip Kumar”.

Ram Chandra Keh Gaye Siya Se Aisa Kaliyug Aayega,
Hans Chugega Dana Tunka, Kavva Moti Khaayega.

(“The Lord Rama once told his wife Sita, that one day such an era of chaos will come, that virtuous people will starve and the people with vices will earn a lot of money”)

I can clearly witness the essence of the song getting true with each passing day. Each actor who is doing ghastly acts not only on the screen but also in their real life, are getting large sums of money to do such acts and are being extensively praised and have millions of fans; while the people who are virtuous are struggling to save the “Bhartiya Sanskriti” (Sacred Indian Culture) from dying a slow death. I do not want to be a moral police or force my stand on the entertainment parameters of the people, however, I am reflecting from some situations which I have observed from my “point of view”. I noticed the auditoriums getting house-full for several characterless movies and I also saw with same pair of eyes that the classical singers, dancers and instrument players have to spend the money from their own pockets to arrange the shows to demonstrate their talent, but still getting handful of people as audience.

The population of this country is very large and hence most of the movies do brisk business on box-offices because they are able to capture their share of audience. Although, it is a very small percent of overall population of this country who represent as their audience; but still the movie makers do not shy away to claim that they are producing movies as per the demand of my countrymen. So, tomorrow if the xxx movies become a new demand of their audience and censor board takes more liberal view, going by the trend it has shown since last few years; then these people will not shy away showcasing even the xxx movies in Cinema halls and multiplexes. Today, they have started showcasing the movies on the MMS scandals with some fictitious elements added from their “creative” minds; tomorrow they will not shy away showing the real MMS clips and real life molestations and rapes as part of their movies. 

Nevertheless, as the old saying goes “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth only prevails); the truth will soon reveal itself and all the illusion that the world is passing through these days, will be cleared. However, this won’t happen on its own. People must have healthy debates (Shashtrarth) to re-establish the high moral grounds, backed by the actions of “leading by example”. Now is the time that this would happen and I own to change that paradigm.

The only reason behind making these movies is nothing but the human “greed” of getting more and more money and “fame”. Some of the movie makers even do not hesitate to pay a lot of “bribe” even to the God, so as to get the blessings from Him to make their movies successful. This has put me into introspection mode, that probably “God” is the reason behind the success of these people and the declining morality standards in the movies? Has the God also become corrupt like the leaders and many citizens of this country today?

So, coming back to the purpose of this article; as I mentioned that contrary to my other blogs on Indian Cinema, this time I am in full praise for the movie “Oh My God”. This movie has hit the right chord at the right time. For a change, Indian Cinema has raised a very valid point. It has tried to showcase those myths in most of the religions which has restricted the knowledge of truth from reaching to a common man since the times of Mahabharata (some 5500 years ago). Generally, I do not like to watch movies and only go to watch some of them as part of my “duty” towards my family and my team members in office, as I am still not able to convince them of the declining morality standards in movies that I can see from my “point of view” as I am still not skilled enough to convince them.

I consider today’s cinema as a sheer waste of time and money. I also want to be entertained and watch movies; however, I am helpless as today’s movie-makers are not making movies and television programs in-line with my thought process. The movies and programs are full of “immorality” and “complete lack of wisdom” as per my “point of view”. However, my Sitar Guru (Music Teacher) recommended this movie to me, as he is more or less aware of my thought process and found this movie to be matching my taste.

As I am working on the philosophy of Gyan Yog (Perfection of knowledge of truth), I consider myself as a student of everything. So, if I come to know about any movie or a television program which can enhance my knowledge, then I definitely watch the same based on what my schedule and budget allows.

So, having said that, let me try to summarize the theme of the movie “Oh My God” in a paragraph so that the stage for the matter that I want to cover in this article can be set. This movie showcases the various myths, useless traditions and customs of most of the religions, which have lost their significance during current times and have nothing in store for the spiritual enlightenment of a human being. However, people in almost all religions and faiths are still not able to get away with them and blindly follow so many things in their life without questioning the significance of the same as far as their religious or spiritual development is concerned. Due to such blind following, most of these are proving to be detrimental to the human life as either it is degrading the environment or giving a scope of proliferation to all those false prophets and priests who are capitalizing on the lack of knowledge of truth of the devotees.

The makers of this movie have taken a calculated risk by touching upon such a sensitive issue, especially in a country like India, but hats off to the skills of the director, script writer and the actors off course, that the movie is so balanced, it can easily silence many of the critics even before they pick their pen or keyboard to start writing a review. The movie opens up a Pandora box of questions to the citizens of this once sacred country in particular and entire humanity in general; which we have stopped asking during our “this” life. This is resulting into several people getting exploited by the “caretakers” of the various Gods who are holding the office as their representatives in the places of worship.

As per my “point of view”, every human is searching for something in life which can “entertain” him/her; be it a normal household man or a woman or a corrupt leader or businessman or even an underworld don. Just like morality; everyone also has a customized definition of “Entertainment” for them today. Due to this reason, it has become very difficult to debate with people these days about the Line of Control (LOC) between the “entertainment” and “morality”. Many of the people that I talked about the declining trend of morality in movies suggested me that I should keep my mind at home while going to watch a movie. They say that the movies are just for the purpose of “entertainment” and not for so much analysis. They may be right from their “point of view”, however, I always wondered if this is the way we should treat “entertainment”, then everything anyone does for the purpose of entertainment; should be considered as absolutely legitimate; be it watching the pole dance, or visiting brothels, drinking alcohol, using narcotic drugs and even the molestation and other ghastly crimes done by the people; because everyone does that for the purpose of “entertainment” or as part of earning their livelihood. Where is the question of morality then? Are we ready to be in a situation where everything done by anyone should be truly taken as moral and justified? Who will then be the authority to explain whether something done by someone is moral or not? Why should we have the police, judiciary, places of worship, schools, colleges etc. to restrict us in our mission to entertain ourselves? Why not allow everyone to do what they want to do, as “Entertainment” is their fundamental right? 

The purpose of this article is to develop a habit of Shashtrarth (a healthy and peaceful debate to establish the right moral ground). The ancient Indians frequently used this technique to arrive at a high wisdom to take effective decisions. There are broadly two branches of study for human beings through which we can do reasoning and get educated; science and spirituality. The modern science is still in its infancy as far as understanding the human “entertainment needs” and emotions are concerned. The science tries to explain the physical, chemical and biological reactions that take place inside a human being when he/she is in love, anger, greed, lust and other emotions, however science still could not reach to a level where it can produce gadgets through which people can control and trigger these emotions. This leaves us to knock the door of spirituality.

Spirituality has guided the world since time immemorial and off-late there are various explanations by high consciousness people in all religions, to explain the spirituality in the context of scientific phenomenon as well. However, every person has a unique viewpoint of spirituality based on the tradition, custom, knowledge, country, region and religion. This is where science scores higher than spirituality; at least it has lower ambiguity in its guiding principles which work in the same manner regardless of the culture, tradition, custom, religion or language. The science, however, gives due honor to the Mother Nature and customize its principles based on the weather conditions, altitudes and other geographical parameters.

There are examples in science where we have seen the theories getting overridden over a period of time; however, it is still less volatile than the spirituality and still show predictable results based on the actions taken using the guiding principles. However, the same is not true for today’s spiritual world. The spiritual principles that are lived in a particular community or religion find no place in another community and religion. Many a times such traditions are totally contrary to each other; and as per my limited understanding, if there is a clear contradiction between two things; one of them is definitely not true. This calls for introspection by each one of us that; are there some common principles in spirituality which are inclusive, exclusive and conclusive; so that spirituality can give tough competition to its counterpart “science”, which itself is becoming a bane to the mankind these days?

If the answer is “no”, then what is the purpose of having spirituality at all. And if the answer is “yes”; then why don’t we call an all religion meeting and identify those common human values which are highest in nature, highly enlightening and natural. Why don’t we have a common religion in the world so that the decision making can be evaluated with a common scale of morality, so that the truth always prevails?

The movie “Oh My God” raises such valid questions; but only in the minds of those people, who still take their “mind” and probably “souls” also to the movie hall; and are not for those who watch movies just for the sake of “entertainment”.

The biggest question that comes to the mind after watching the movie “Oh My God” is whether there is a God at all or not. If yes, then what is the sure shot way to see Him? And the other question that comes to the mind is that, even if we can see Him through some spiritual practice, “why” should we even try to see Him? What is the need of doing this whole exercise? Will it serve the purpose of smoothly running our livelihood or serve the purpose of “entertainment” or to save this planet dying a slow death?

Without the answer of these whys, there is no point believing in God even if He exists. The character “Kanji Bhai”, which Paresh Raval played in the movie, was fighting a legal battle with God, because the insurance company had denied his claim of losing his shop due to the earthquake, which was considered by the insurance company as “an act of God”. The insurance company cited the reason that they do not pay when the loss is due to the “act of God”, which includes any type of natural disaster. Now, the character “Kanji Bhai”, which Paresh Rawal meticulously played, had a very valid point, that if the religious people give donation to the temples and other religious places, to the representatives of God (priests and bishops) as a premium of the insurance for keeping them safe from natural and man-made disasters; then why shouldn't they be liable to pay for the losses incurred by the people due to the “act of God”. He had a great logic in his theory and hence he sued all those people who are sitting on large sums of unaccounted money collected on the name of God and are living the lives as kings although they were supposed to live the life of Sanyasis (austerity).

Every religion in some way or the other professes that whenever the human values decline and immorality increases, God appears as a human being to correct the things or send some messengers to set the things right. But, as we all are witness to the high declining morality standards on all fronts today; be it educational, political, businesses and services sector; and still no “incarnation” is taking place; it raises a question if the God exist at all, then what he is more waiting for? Is it the right justice by Him that 840 million people in India alone are living below the poverty line? Is it also “an act of God” and we should sue all the religious houses for this natural disaster; or is it something which definitely is “an act of human beings”? I was very curious to know about the answers to the above questions; however instead of filing a court case like what Kanji Bhai did in the movie, I decided to have a straight talk (seedhi baat) with the God. I wanted to know whether God exist at all or is it just an illusion created by the various heads of religions and spiritual missions to keep people afraid of the God, in order to safeguard their thrones and treasure of unaccounted currency and gold.

With this, I decided to challenge the God to prove that He exists and the humanity is not living in an illusion. However, again instead of going to the temples, churches, gurudwaras (sikh temple) or to the mosque, I decided to write an article on my blog. I have chosen this platform as it has a wide reach to those people whom neither I have ever seen, nor do I know. The God also fulfills these criteria because I have never seen Him nor I know Him and hence I consider this as a better platform to file the RTI (Right to Information act in India which is provided to ask any information from the government departments). I have found this platform to be more effective as my blog pageviews numbers grew to 13000+ hits including the 4900+ pageviews in just last 30 days. As my thought process is reaching to several unknown people, I guessed that this article and the letter that I am writing to God, would also reach to Him. As the God is supposed to be sitting in the “space” as several religions propound, I thought as this article will also be transmitted to the people through the satellites in “space”, hence God would find it easy to intercept the same and reply back.

So, here we go. Here is the content of my communication with so called God. Of course, this is one sided till now, as He has still not proven His existence to me. I hope that He will reply back with an answer to my allegations; otherwise I would again be forced to go to His “caretakers” in all religions and ask for a reply, just like Kanji Bhai of “Oh My God” movie did. So, here is the letter that I am sending to God.

Dear God,


First of all, as you are known by several names, it is difficult to decide which one to use here, but as I am writing this letter in English language, I am using that name of yours which is part of this language’s vocabulary.

As I can guess that you may have a very busy schedule, I will straight away come to the point. I want to file a court case against you for all your acts which are mostly detrimental to the human societies. Even the insurance companies do not pay for the losses that you indiscriminately make to the common human beings without any clear justification. I consider you to be the most cruel and irrational being in this universe. On one hand you do such big devastations and on the other hand you have sent your caretakers through all religions to collect a lot of tax for the services provided by you in the form of nature, good wishes, blessings and knowledge. However, your acts these days are not matching with the knowledge that you had yourself imbibed in human beings while you created our first forefathers. 

The entire concept of realizing you has gone down to either fearing from you or to please you to get some monetary benefits. If at all, fear and greed are the only things that you can give to the humanity, I would not consider you to continue holding such a prestigious place in our hearts, which results into wastage of our time, space, consciousness and of course money as well. In fact, as we have not heard back from you since long, I really doubt if you are still alive or not. I can understand that I am a mortal body and an immortal soul and do exist. I can prove my existence through several witnesses which you have aligned with me as friends and relatives. However, neither you nor any of your relative from any religion has proven their existence since long. I suspect there may be a natural devastation at your end as well, and probably you all would have died; otherwise I do not think that even after following so many religious customs; the peace and prosperity is not coming to the world.

All that you and your representatives seem to be doing is just dividing the people on various parameters and killing innocent human beings in your name. They are showcasing killing of innocent people as “Holy War” and hence putting the onus back on you by treating it as “an act of God”. In such a scenario, please let me know if these are the attributes that you carry, then why did you created the universe and the humanity at all? Are you doing this due to some compulsion or orders of some higher being than even you, which humanity may not know; or are you doing these “immoral” activities just for the sake of “entertainment” like the several people created by you are doing these days?

As I was working as a Software Engineer and a Project Manager in an IT firm; I do not accept anything unless my brain understands the logic behind it. So, please reply back on my following points and convince me so that I can also participate in all those religious events, which as per my “point of view” are done just for the sake of “entertainment” and have nothing to do with the spiritual enlightenment. So, here are my points:

·         I do not understand why some of your devotees immerse the idols of some of your relatives in river, sea or ocean. My logical reasoning faculty tells me that this action of theirs is polluting the water resources further; which anyways are not very clean these days. Why don’t your relatives whose idols are immersed every year tell these devotees that there are other people also on this planet who want to keep the planet safe and preserve the water bodies for future generations?

·         I do not understand why some of your relatives ask people to come to their so called abode (places of worship of all religions), where actually your relatives no more live? Why they have kept the caretakers at those places to collect a lot of money on their names? Is there a recession and economic crisis in your area these days? Can you please ask them whether they finally deposit the money collected by them to your account so that you can distribute the same back to the needy people on the earth? I don’t see this happening off-late as I still hear about 20000 farmers in Bharat (India) doing suicide every year, due to extreme poverty. I don’t think that you and your relatives are generous any more as I recently watched a news report that people who have lost their house and livelihood by “an act of God” had to stand neck deep in stale water for 14 days in protest, to get their worries resolved?

·         I do not understand why some of your relatives have asked people to worship their organs which we call as “private parts”. I don’t understand why such things keep getting revealed at some of the places and people thronging towards the same for the purpose of worship. Please ask your relative if it fits to any scale of decency? Also, why don’t you ask that relative of yours to educate people that He was never in a habit of alcoholism or any other intoxicating drink or smoking and was a complete Yogi; so that His followers do not justify their act of drinking and smoking citing the reasons that their God also did the same? Why don't you tell them that this was done by people of vested interest to earn a lot of money and the scriptures were altered to reflect the same?

·         I do not understand why people celebrate the biggest festival of Bharat (India) with alcohol and gambling, even when this festival is celebrated on the occasion of homecoming of one of your incarnation in which you showed the right code of moral conduct by actions. Why doesn't your that incarnation educate these people, if at all that incarnation was a truth and not a myth? Why don’t you take proactive measures yourself and ask people not to increase the air and the noise pollution every year on this day? Why don’t you educate them that there are other people on this planet also who not only get disturbed by high decibel noise but also are forced to live in a polluted environment, just for the need of "entertainment" of some people? Why don't you tell them that his festival was not celebrated like this till 800 years back and your incarnation never wanted it to be celebrated like this?

·         I do not understand why people burn large effigies of those people whom one of your incarnation had defeated in a war to punish the guilty and to establish the highest human values 1000s of years back. This not only pollutes the environment but also is not a right way to degrade such a soul who had anyway regretted in front of your incarnation before dying. Even your incarnation had forgiven him showing the large heart that He had. I do not see it a proper justice to degrade a departed soul like this. Please tell the devotees of your incarnation that this occasion was again not celebrated like this till 800 years back and hence is not a right way to demonstrate the victory of good over evil. Why don't you tell them there are several culprits these days who have done more ghastly crime than the people your incarnation had punished; and these culprits are moving scot free and hence the resources should be spent in bringing the guilty behind bars instead of wasting like this?

·         I do not understand why one of your relative requires the sacrifice of so many animals on a given day every year to give the blessings to His devotees? If He wants to teach the human value of "sacrifice", then why your relative do not tell His devotees to give their own sacrifice instead of killing innocent animals? Can it be called as a sacrifice at all if the people who do this cruel act to animals eat the same animal and enjoy? Why your relative has prescribed such a process to them; is it again due to the need of “entertainment”? Can you please discuss this with your relative and ask Him to incarnate in one of His followers and set the things right?

·         I do not understand why you have allowed so many customs and tradition to proliferate in human societies which not only have “no scientific, moral or spiritual basis”, but also are just a sheer waste of time, energy and money. Why I am forced to be a part of it because my relatives want that to continue? I do not understand why can’t you prescribe a better way of expressing the love between brother and sister rather than choking the city roads on two particular days every year, resulting into lots of wastage of fuel, time, money and energy due to the mad rush of the vehicles on the road?

·         I do not understand why almost all educated people on this planet today celebrate the onset of a new year so lavishly and with extravagance, ignoring the plight of millions of human beings who again sleep with empty stomach even on that day like all other days in the year? Is it done due to the so called basic human need of “entertainment” that you have given to them?

·         I do not understand why you don’t tell the spiritual leaders whom you have sent on the planet to preach people about you; to do that in small gatherings instead of bringing 1000s of them in a camp? Have they forgotten that this is not the effective way of teaching at all? Have they forgotten the correct ratio of teacher vs student should not be more than 1:25, so that the knowledge sessions can be interactive instead of no one coming up with right questions at the right time? Have they forgotten that if people do not come with right questions, they won’t go back home with right answers? The reality is that even these sessions have become a useless custom and an occasion to “entertain” people and no one is taking any knowledge back home to practice the same in their day to day actions? They call these get-togethers as Satsang (a company with truth); however the entire concept of learning and enlightenment is going for a toss? Why don't you tell them that even if you teach a person on how to drive for 20 years, he won't be able to drive a car unless an opportunity to practice the learning is given to him? Why don’t you tell them that such large gatherings are effective to deliver the “speech” and totally ineffective to deliver the “preach”? Why don’t you tell that it is an effective way of communication for the leaders and not for the mentors? Why don't you tell them that Satsang means to act with high human values and truth and not just a religious get-together? Do you know that due to the low impact on people attending the Satsangs, several people have stopped believing in spirituality altogether?

God, I have a lot of complaints for you and your relatives. I am afraid if I mention all of them here, I would end up writing a book with the examples. It is not that we don’t need you, but the fact of today is that you must demonstrate that you exist and all that you have prescribed to the human beings is not false. You have to bring the real knowledge of truth in front of the world, instead of binding us in so many religious customs which anyways are not able to unite people. I know you are an infinite being and I just have a small presence on this big planet; but it is the same intelligence that you have given me, which is not allowing me to remain a product of my circumstances anymore. I want to become truly effective and a product of my choices with the right knowledge of truth. Till now, I could see only one method as a scientifically proven technique to worship you and that method is the Yoga; because it is the only natural way which has the potential to unite all people of this world regardless of the current religion they are following. I have observed that people of all religions are benefited from this spiritual practice without even leaving their current religion and faith. Can you not make Yoga the unifying religion of the world, as it was during the ancient human civilizations?

Now, I would not take too much of your time and would wind up with some parting thoughts so that you can reveal only the truth in my neural connections based on the questions asked in this RTI application. The fact of the matter is that you yourself have become victim of the “need of entertainment” which you had provided to the human beings. The fact of today is that most of the people in today’s world worship you just for the sake of “entertainment” only and not for the sake of “morality” and "knowledge". The fact of today is that the Line of Control between the “entertainment” and “morality” is already broken on almost all fronts on the planet today. The fact of today is that you and all your relatives have become a subject of human “entertainment” as very few people bother about the “morality” and "values" that you and your relatives have prescribed to your followers through so many religions and spiritual missions.

With this I conclude the letter and challenge you to prove your existence by replying to this request and incarnate in a human being to set the things right. One section of your follower says that there will be an incarnation of you in Kaliyug (present era of machines and chaos), but that will take place 1000s of years later as per their calculations. However, I do not understand this logic of mathematical calculations for incarnation to take place, instead of the logic that you communicated through Bhagwat Gita as follows:

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharata,
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya, Tadatmaanam Srujaamyaham,
Paritranaaye Saadhunaam, Vinashaaye Ch Dushkritaam,
Dharma Sansthapanarthaya, Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge.

"Whenever and wherever there is a decline in Dharma (righteousness/values) and pre-dominance of unrighteousness, I manifest myself in the form of a human being. To protect the virtuous; to destroy or cleanse the wicked and to re-establish Dharma (values), I manifest myself, through the ages."

As per my calculations, it is time when you should incarnate in human beings and set the things correct because the human values are bottoming up now. And I request you not to take incarnation in a child who will take 25 years to grow up and bring any effect; and instead suggest you to do that in those human beings who are already grown up. If you do not find any human who qualifies for that today, then I submit myself in body, heart, mind and soul and offer you to provide me that knowledge which can remove the illusion from the minds of the entire humanity. And this offer is only valid if you come as one God so that I don’t get confused. I know you are known to people with several different names, but I can't accept the logic that there were multiple creators of this universe. I have only one vacancy in my body-heart-mind-soul and hence I want you and your relatives to unite first and incarnate in me, so that I can truly play the role of Chief Yog Officer of this world.

I am warning you that if you do not appoint me as the Chief Yog Officer of the world and do not give me the knowledge to become the Chief Mentor of the world; me and my articles would also become a subject of “entertainment” for the humanity, just like "you" have become for most of them. I have already shared this term “Chief Mentor” and “Chief Yog Officer” in front of all human beings through my blog articles and other forums and if you still decide to keep silent and wait for the mathematical date by which you will bring a transformation, then you will find the biggest atheist on this planet in "me". I know losing only one follower will not make any difference for you, but now that this article is published on a public platform; both you and I are under test. I have at least proven my existence to the world, now is your turn to prove your existence.

Unless you prove your existence, I would consider that all the actions being performed by all human beings including corruption are “an act of God” as these are performed by those human beings who are created by you. I do not consider anyone as guilty for all this extreme corruption of human mind as they are all correct from their “point of view”. I consider you as the most corrupt being as you are silently watching everything from there and taking no actions; and I consider this inaction as an “act of God”. I hope you will do some introspection and compensate the humanity with the right knowledge of truth and help me in my mission to “Make the planet earth best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen”; so that the precious resources on this planet are not wasted in searching for a place to live on Mars.

Bye for now, will talk to you in meditation sessions; if at all you exist and have answers to my RTI questions.

Yours Truly,
Hitesh Chandel
An ordinary Bhartiya citizen and an Ashtang Yog practitioner

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