Science and Spirituality - Chapter 1

Yogeshwar Sri Krishna says in Gita to Arjuna, “O Arjuna, if you want to know my reality then know me through elements (Mujhe tatva se jaan)

So, I am hereby trying to interpret that Tatvagyan or knowledge of elements of GOD in terms of all the views of GOD and universe existing from past to present and expected to be found in the future.

It is a simple Logic to understand if you understand the nature of each and every element. Everything is possible to understand in this universe, if you understand with knowledge of all the elements. The complete knowledge of GOD is documented in all the elements. So if you understand the elements, no doubt will ever come in your mind why the things are happening as they are, what is the nature of GOD and who you are and what is your existence all about?

No knowledge is complete unless it has taken care of all the views and possibilities and justifies all of them. I am hereby trying to integrate all the views into one simple logic that satisfies all the views. My idea is not to create disbelief in one view over the other, but to show why each view came into existence.  The presence of every view of GOD and Universe is true from the point where it is viewed. So, to understand all the views we must understand all the points from where it can be viewed.

Let me introduce you to the five physical elements of nature of God or whatever name you want to give to the Absolute cause of the universe.

Five Elements of Nature Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space along with various other forces of Nature sustain life and maintain equilibrium in this Planet. Imbalance in any of these Elements of Nature leads to chaos. An invisible equation operates within and outside these Five Elements of Nature to maintain the equilibrium on this Planet.

The products of these five elements are everywhere. Let us take an example of a building. It is made up of mud, bricks, and metals etc. which are all obtained from earth. So the earth element is there in it. While developing the building the water was involved to strengthen its structure. But that water is not visible. Where does that water vanish? The water is invisible to our eyes but it is still present there in the form of strength of the building, it gets embedded in the building. The fire element is also involved to evaporate the water in the concrete thereby giving strength to the building. The Air element is also involved to support the building from falling. The space element or the ether is involved in the form of the thought that the architects and engineers put in while preparing the blue print before materializing it and also in the form of dimensions of overall space it fills in this universe for its existence.

These five Elements of Nature viz. Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire exists in our body too. Like Nature, imbalance of any of these Elements of Nature in our body too leads to the destruction of our health or life. So, should we call the building to be human being? No, so what is that which distinguishes us from that building? Is the building a human like us as it contains all those elements which even we are also composed of? Why then it does not move, eat breath, excrete and study like we do.

GOD and universe are neither subjective nor objective, it is a simple logic which is incorporated in all the subjective and objective views that we have made till date. Let us find out through this literature, what is GOD and what is universe .There will be no question, no logic, no mystery of GOD and Universe left after you understand the logic behind it.

Science and Spirituality - Chapter 2

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