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Let me introduce myself before you read further. This is my introductory introduction. i.e. my introduction before you understand the logic of GOD, because  after you complete reading the book my introduction about myself will be different.

I am a software programmer by profession. My work profile is to work with the logic. We used to develop all the software through logic. The logic has become such an integral part of my life that I can’t see virtually anything without logic. My work profile includes preparing the object models of the real life things, finding their attributes and methods (properties of that object and the functions that it can perform). So the raw material I need to prepare the logic of real life systems is the knowledge of their properties and methods. So, I keep myself open to all the doors through which I can get the logic. The best knowledge of a thing exists in that thing itself, so I ask the thing itself the questions to prepare the logic about them. I used to ask the things the questions like, Who you are? What properties do you possess and what methods you can perform? I was so used to of logic that I have not spared virtually anything that I come across in my day to day life of their logic. I used to ask the tree who you are what you can do? What you are composed of? Where you came from? Where are you standing? Where will you go? What is your source? What is your destination? Who has created you? etc. There is no end to questions.

I asked the road, the car, the building, the land, paper, the pencil, the home, the office and virtually anything that is possible in this universe. I asked the Biology, I asked the Chemistry, I asked the Physics, I asked the Geography, I asked the Economics, I asked the Mathematics. I was finding no end to the questions. My questions started from zero and were tending towards infinity. So, in the process, I reached to those questions, the answer of which leads to the answer of all. WHAT IS GOD? WHO AM I? What is the logic behind GOD?  What is the logic behind me? Let us through this text find out the answers of these 4 vague looking questions. We are talking of logic so we will try to find through this text, the logic of nothing to everything.

While preparing the logic for the proposed computer software projects, we at our development center look into all the possible permutation and combinations of the system being developed. We keep ourselves open to all the ideas. We look at all the possibilities of the conditions that can arise during the operation of the software because for us the probability of the rarest possibility carries equal weight. So, to get the logic of GOD I have listened to all the possibilities before developing the logic of HIM. I have listened to the views of the eastern countries, the western countries and almost everything because He is omnipresent, HE is the complete knowledge. I have given equal ear to materialistic and spiritual contexts. I have given equal importance to all the permutations and combinations. I have listened to the outside, I have listened to the inside, I was listening in all directions, I have listened to all the integers, all the rational numbers. All the ions, the genetics, the mechanics. The money, the human beings, the finite, the infinite, the three states of time (past, present and future), the three states of consciousness (the waking, the sleep, the dream). The song, the river, the music notes, the day, the night, the friend, the enemy, the atom, the nucleus, the electric wire, the electric current, the good, the bad, the sex, love, the doctors, the engineers, the boy, the girl, me, you, we, they and all the possible permutations and combinations of the 26 characters A – Z, that is any possible word that these 26 characters can make. I have not spared the existing theories of universe, The Theory of Expansion, the Theory of Contraction, the Big Bang Theory, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the etc, the true, the false and the dots that follow these sentences……………………

I have given ears to the Einstein, the Newton, the Archimedes, and all those living and dead scientists, I have listened to all the sciences, all the arts, all commercial things and I have not even spared the Spiritual teachings, the Buddha, the Krishna, the Rama, the Bible, The Vedas, the Quran, Gurugranth Sahib. The newspaper, the bhajans, the pop music, the Karma philosophy, the atom bombs, The E=m * c * c, the mathematical equations, my father, my brother, my colleagues, my boss, the anger, the calm, the fear, the strength, the weakness. Whatever object, whatever subject I was asking the question was giving me the logic of Him as HE is present in everything, He is omnipresent. I was accepting all the views.

In the continuous process of finding the logic of GOD, I passed by the small temple in my home, I came across SRIMAD BHAGWATGITA. It was not read by anyone since its purchase; it was all covered by dust. I found that dust to be more sacred than me; it is at least giving all of it to the truth and in turn getting all of the truth. The scene of a law court I have seen in many movies came as a real time movie in my mind, where an attendant was asking the witness to vow a pledge of speaking truth keeping his hand on SRIMAD BHAGWATGITA. The idea struck to my mind; yes it can give me the truth, the logic of GOD. The first thing that I gave to GITA was the faith of its truthfulness. I accepted without reading a word of it to be the actual truth. As Gita is the Knowledge of GOD, spoken by the Lord.

I read the Gita from starting to end. It was bit difficult to understand at the first instance and quite boring and vague also. But the preface section carries those magic words which have increased my quest of knowledge to the maximum possible extent and the outcome is in front of you. It was speaking of the hidden logic of GOD and truth. The idea struck into my mind to find the exact logic of the universe and HIM.

As I have already said, that every object consists of two things, properties and methods in our programming terms when we prepare the logic for an object. Assuming GOD to be the object for which I have to develop an object model, the logical structure, I am hereby explaining GOD in terms of properties and methods only. Because most of the things are explained in three dimensions, I have divided the functions performed by Him in three dimensions. Throughout this literature, I have divided the logic of GOD into three parts as he is composed of three-letter word G for Generator O for Operator and D for Destructor. These are the three basic methods, which the GOD performs. Rest all the infinite methods are derivation of these methods only or are the infinite views of these three methods. Now let us talk about the properties of GOD. GOD has infinite properties so I need infinite space to list them, hence I divided all His properties as a permutation and combination of the ten elements; five physical elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space; 3 subtle elements (Mind, Ego and Intellect); and 1 conscious but limited element i.e. soul. The tenth element which is exactly the summation of all static and dynamic elements (Jad aur chetan prakriti ka Yog) is the SELF OF GOD, HIMSELF (the absolute nothing and absolute everything).

The idea of dividing Him in three methods and ten attributes of GOD is not to divide Him, but the idea is to present all the views about GOD and then unite Him at the end. With a BIG BANG I am starting the THEORY OF EXPANSION of GOD till the end pages of the book and then I will start concentrating all the knowledge of Him with THEORY OF CONTRACTION and with a BIG BANG again unite HIM with HIMSELF.

Neither of the view is complete unless other views are taken care of. So, the summation of all the three views is GOD. GOD is not only about Generation, not only about Operation and not only about Destruction. It is complete G O D. If GOD is everything, then everything must be equal to GOD, meaning GOD exists in everything, showing His omnipresence.

Now it is proved that GOD is everything, so I have tried here to explain Him through maximum possible sciences and field of studies, so that any person can find the logic behind Him according to his field of specialization. I have tried to present the spiritual context, the material context and their views and summed them up at the end. So, let us find out through this literature what makes us present so many views of Him and the Universe if He is everywhere.

I don’t find virtually any field where He does not exist. Let us start with the existing views of Universe and GOD.  I am not presenting any new view, but I am trying to integrate all the existing views and knowledge that is already explored and the remaining which is yet to be explored so that no one of them see the other’s view with disbelief. Because GOD is to believe. If you don’t believe in other’s view, then you are not eligible to make others believe in your view.  All views are true from one’s particular point of view. For example, take two person viewing Taj Mahal from different points of view. One who is seeing it from near says it is big. One who sees it from a large distance says it is small. So what exactly is the Taj Mahal. Is it bigger or is it smaller. Actually, Taj Mahal is neither big nor small. It is complete in itself. So let us consider everything to be complete, the universe to be complete, the GOD to be complete.

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