Science and Spirituality - Chapter 4

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Let us start the study of logic of GOD. We are talking about the logic which means study of binary digits (bits) in computer programming terms. The basic building blocks of any software developed for computer are 0 and 1. But as 0 comes before 1, let us begin with 0. As we all know everything starts with zero. So to study the Universe let us start discussing the properties of Zero. We are hereby trying to find the logic of GOD integrating all the existing views. So, let us take both the inner and outer views.

1.      Zero is the atom. The smallest particle of the universe, which can physically exists (outer view). At the same time, the nucleus of that atom is also zero (inner view)

2.      Physically zero has no direction. Logically, it contains all the directions in itself.

3.      One view says Zero contains nothing inside it as its magnitude is Zero. In other view it is enclosing everything inside it as it the summation of all the positive and negative numbers.

4.      One view says it has nothing outside it, the other one suggests it has nothing so there is everything outside it.

5.      One view says Zero contains no sign, it is neither plus nor minus. Other view says it is both plus zero and minus zero.

6.      One view says it is the highest possible angle i.e. 360 degrees. Another view says it is the smallest possible angle i.e. 0 degrees.

7.      One view says there is only mass at the nucleus having zero charge showing its neutrality and one view says it contains sum of all the positive and negative charges, neutralizing them in turn.

8.      Each and every heavenly body looks zero in 2-Dimension. The sun, the moon, the planets, the earth itself.

9.      A body at rest is at its zeroth place, the most stable state of anything.

10.  Summation of all the possible negative integers and positive integers, negative and positive rational numbers is zero. The sum of infinity and minus infinity is zero.

11.  Even if you see Zero from nearest possible it is Zero, if you see it with
Farthest possible it is zero. If you see it from any other place in between, it is zero.

12.  Zero is the highest symmetric figure in geometry. Symmetric from all directions and angles.

13. The zero is a circle. When you draw a circle on X-Y axis with equal dimensions and the origin taken as (0,0), it shows it is the cause of itself too and hence the absolute cause of everything.

14. Zero will remain zero if it is expanded to infinitely large size. It will remain zero if it is contracted to the infinitely small size.

15. One view says there are no starting and ending points of zero. One view says zero is composed of small zeros everywhere; any of these points can be taken as starting and end.

The list continues……………………..

So, this was the story of the Zero at its beginning or more precisely before any beginning took place. Now Zero was alone in the Universe and Universe was alone in Zero. So after a long loneliness, He got bored. He didn’t find anybody to socialize with, to share His sorrow and happiness. There was nobody to play sports with. Infact there was no sport at all. There was no action and consequently there was no reaction. There was no male and there was no female. So there was no love and no lust. There was no brother, sister, father, mother and in turn their was no relation of anybody with anybody. There was no element. There were no recreational activities to pass the time. In fact there was no concept of time at all. There was no subject, there was no object. There was no soul. There was no space. There was no energy. There was no physical thing to put something on. Infact there was nothing that can be put on something. There was no language and there was no one to use any language. There was no unity, there was no diversity. There was no integration, there was no differentiation. There was no mathematics; there was no physics, no chemistry, no theorems, no formulae and no science. There was nobody to write His story; there was nobody to read that story. It was an absolute nothing in one view. But in another view it is the cause of everything that exists today. There was no past, present and future.

In terms of science there was no theory of expansion and there was no theory of contraction. There was no big bang. There was no evolution, there was no genetics.

In spiritual view, there was no Generation and as such there was nothing to Destruct and hence no point to Operate something if nothing was there. There was no GOD, no Ishwar, No criest, No Allah, no Hindu, no Sikh, No christian, and infact there was no religion. There was no A, no  B …. No Z, ie, there was no character.  

So, getting fed up with His Zero ness and nothingness, an idea came into His mind to play logic with HIM, to become everything. But He was clever enough to maintain His own identity ie. The Zeroness. So, he has cleverly put His logic of zeroness inside everything.

So, it means everything Generates with Zero , Operates itself to be Zero ie. Tends to attain its zeroth state. And at the ends gets Destructed and becomes Zero.

Now here starts the story of formation of universe and GOD.

As I have already stated above, I am trying to present the three views of GOD, the inner view, the outer view and the third view which is neutral ie zero Himself. I will only present the two views, one in terms of material nature of GOD and other in terms of spiritual or dynamic nature (or chetan prakriti of HIM). The third view is the view which I leave up to you to decide after reading the book.

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