Vande Matram

I had created this blogging profile 4 years back as I was very fond of writing since I don't know when. I don't know what exactly resisted me in writing since so many years of creation of this blog, and now I again do not know why I am resuming it. Blogging has undergone sea change since then. Probably I was waiting for something worth of investing my precious and limited time for blogging. Probably this is the start of my blogging journey again, I don't know.

Well, not to be too philosophical, let me set the tone of the main content of this blog.

Last Sunday, there was an event organized by several Deshbhakts as a follow-up or reinforcement of the movement started by Anna Hazare ji which everyone of us would be familiar by now. Thanks to media for this publicity, and reinforcing the feeling that we still have some positive contribution from media for the public at large. When Anna Ji started this movement by sitting on fasting few weeks back, my plan of joining him and supporting by being physically with him remained as a plan only as I had to go somewhere else. So, probably this Sunday, I got an opportunity to convert my pashchatap into prayashchit. Thanks to the repeated SMSs from some of the true Bhartiya people, the plan was converted into an action this time. As I am not used to of anything of this sort, I had my obvious apprehensions. So, I wanted some of my own people to accompany me on this endeavor. I invited some of my friends and colleagues to join me for this, however noone actually turned up. I don't know what kept me going but I decided to move alone. May be a Bangla poem, "Teri Aawaaz Pe Koi Na Aaye To Phir Ekla Chalo Re" has given me motivation to move alone.

Well, I took a Metro to reach Jantar Mantar with a delay of 30 minutes. You must be thinking that I am not punctual, you may be right, but at least I was consistent. I usually get late to places :) Well, not exactly as the march from Jantar Mantar to India Gate was not started by then.

Ok, so I reached Jantar Mantar and started searching for the group with which I had to move. For 5 minutes, I kept searching, I found various other groups protesting for one reason or the other and in fact one group was protesting against Anna Ji itself. My dream of showing solidarity with a living legend started shattering. I started thinking that I have been fooled and there is nothing of this sort planned here and I was the only one who was showing Rashtriyata and came here. I started thinking that my friends and colleagues whom I had invited are luckier that they are not here, and in fact I am luckier in the sense that I will not be held responsible for wastage of their time.

Well, I am glad that I was proven wrong by the huge group of people already present there and probably waiting for me to join in before they move :). If I consider my estimates correct, there were around 5000-7000 people investing their hard earned Sunday from hectic work and family schedule and present there with full of vigor and probably lack of apprehension and shyness as was felt by me. A moment back I was thinking that I may need to march alone, but now I was with enough Bhartiya people helping me win over my apprehensions and not letting me feel shattered. It was then when I started thinking whether they have joined me in doing my job or whether I was there to add to their number.

Well the march started at around 6 pm with people from all walks of life, or more precisely many walks of life, as I wasn't sure if we had representations from all categories. Probably, there was no category on that day. Everyone came there with an identity of being a Bhartiya regardless of which religion, caste, creed, region, language, profession and social status they belong to.

I always thought as a child that in which all ways I could participate in formation, rather reformation of this country. Whenever I saw something wrong happening in our society and our country, I always thought what a shame it is that we have devalued the independence within few decades of achieving it. I always felt it to be injustice to all who have sacrificed their life for our independence. In fact, as I know the soul reincarnation, I knew that my hard earned independence during my previous life is fast deteriorating. Well the entire group started moving to India Gate. People were shouting slogans "Bharat Mata Ki Jai", "Vande Maatram" etc, but I was not able to win over my shyness although no one mine was accompanying me. Anyways, after generating the feeling of guilt in my mind, I started actually participating. Although in this life it was for first time that I was saying "Vande Maatram", but I sensed in my past life I did it for most of the lifetime. I don't know who I was in my previous life, but this is clear that I was definately a Bhartiya. The entire group gathered at India Gate with candles in their hands and probably in their heart as well. It was a wonderful experience, I have never witnessed such a high voltage soul gathering in this life. I realized, Anna Hazaare or Baba Ramdev and the people gathered there and the ones whom Baba Ramdevji is preparing, are not just bodies, they were pure consciousness sent by God to complete the show. It was like we are moving towards the end of negative vibrations and finally the ray of light is coming again. It was a direct cognizance of Astoma Sadgamay, Tamsomaa Jyotirgamay, Mrityoma Amritam Gamay.

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