Professional Leadership Training Programs & Seminars In Gurgaon

Self-Actualized Leadership Seminars

The SALN Business Unit of Defined Values Consultants organizes regular Self-Actualized Leadership Seminars at various locations in Delhi/NCR. The frequency of the Seminars is 1-2 times per month. These Seminars are conducted to give a detailed account of what the Self-Actualized Leadership Philosophy is and how a person can manifest his latent leadership potential into tangible actions in alignment with the Eternal Principles of Truth and become an outstanding change leader who can inspire a large number of people and leave a legacy that future generation would be able to cherish. Following is the glimpse of the SALN Seminars conducted so far.

Self-Actualized Leadership Summit

Defined Values Consultants and Self-Actualized Leadership Network, organized the Self-Actualized Leadership Summit, in Agra, Uttar Pradesh on 18th July, 2015.