Testimonials from the readers of "Code of Citizen's Conduct (Rashtradharma)"

“It’s a book of most coherent, logical and pointed analysis of the problems the corporate faces internal as well extramural influences damaging effectiveness in performance. The most satisfying aspect is the methodology adopted to explain complexity of the issues in a very simple style so as to hit your mind and enter your heart for the soul to feel comfortable. Every young manager, professionals and academicians must read it to kindle new food for intellect churning”

 – Prof. Subhash Kapoor, Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini 

“The ‘Code of Citizen’s Conduct’, authored by Hitesh Chandel with inspirational wisdom drawn from the Cosmic Powers, truly presents a path breaking treatise for a Universe mired in chaos, acrimony, greed and a brazenly self-serving, selfish mind sets, ignoring the interconnectedness of practically everything that exists in our planet today. Hitesh very systematically demonstrates how the problems facing our world today are not, as perceived purely social, political or economic in nature. These are only manifestations of a deeper “spiritual deficit” malaise that we suffer from. An ‘inner awakening’ that leads to pragmatic solutions for the benefit of all mankind is delved on by the author with a very scientific framework.”

– Ajay Sachdeva, Inpendent Professional Management Consultant, Ex-Managing Director, Hallmark India Pvt Ltd 

“Big intellect gaints failed to lead with assertion on the rich depth of Indian vedas application to management, but an ordinary looking man took the lead with a vision to add glory to the concept and I lovingly call him the leader with a difference.”

– Prof. Subhash Kapoor, Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini

“The other day, I was reading a book " CODE OF CITIZEN`S CONDUCT (RASHTRADHARMA). At the onset I was bit not serious, but as I read further, I realized that if I did not read it, I would have missed a rare wisdom, with vedic depth shared by the talented author Mr. Hitesh Chandel. This book addresses the ROOT causes of critical issues torturing the humanity today, including recession, global warming, inflation, retrenchment, attrition in the corporate, communal disharmony, family feuds, population and all other vices virtually damaging the society. The author has very effectively pointed out the deficiency of SPIRITUAL factors causing virtual damage at all levels. We are sitting on a volcano, without being aware of its magnitude in terms of devastating effects it has caused to corporate, society, family and the nation as a whole and how soon it will erode our existence from this universe. I strongly feel, all young budding managers, mentors, business persons and all concerned to save this universe must read it to understand the danger, as well work to seek solutions. ITS A RARE PIECE OF WISDOM FROM VEDAS WITH A CLEAR APPLICATION OF MIND TO THE PRESENT SCENARIO THE WORLD IS PASSING THROUGH . HATS OFF TO THE YOUNG TALENTED AUTHOR .”

– Prof. Subhash Kapoor, Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini

“I feel myself fortunate to read this book, NOT by CHANCE. It is a book for EVERYONE and of ANY religion/country, who feels himself a HUMAN (the most brilliant, civilized and intellectual species on this planet) and at the same time who want to enjoy his life, by making his/her each and every moment enjoyable; at the same time making it enjoyable for others too, who are directly/indirectly related to us. This book has been the source of all answers for all the questions/arguments and corrected all doubts with a valid reason, which I had about myself and others. The book has revealed the facts about how the eternal system works and why we exist in this Universe. The author has innovatively explained with the help of well elaborated diagrams, the "Root-Cause" of today's personal, professional, social, economic, political, international, religious, spiritual, educational, medical, governance, corruption, violence, riots, communal, etc. issue but also suggest the solution to all of them. How to vest our energy, power and strength in right direction with right intellect and "ONE-NESS". We are unfortunate not to have these fundamentals cleared it in any education systems of the world, but I feel very fortunate to read this. A recommended reading and applied MANUAL for everyone.”

- Himanshu Kulshreshtha, a senior software quality and test professional. 

“Firstly, I express my Compliments on the Grand Vision you have perceived. I went through your book and got the essence of it. No one can deny the fact that, the thoughts expressed in your book are the result of your heightened states of Consciousness. I need not tell you that if an individual’s efforts are guided by a Cosmic Will and within the framework of Dharma, God shall support that respective individual. I pray God to give you enough strength, direction and required refinement on your thoughts, to carry on with the conceived Vision in the days to Come.”

– Shri Pramod Kumar Atmajna, Founder, A Vedic World Movement

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